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After seeing Evie's Morgan Haldane in a white tuxedo and pink bow tie, I purchased a leather jacket for Morgan from Ebay. I really want to put a green gryphon on the back of it. To that end, I took the Gryphon off the book cover of TKD  and I now have this:

I was hoping to digitize it for my embroidery machine, but alas, I can not get my old digitization program to function.

So I cut out the design on a green iron-on patch. I was not sure if this was good enough. So I thought I would try it on a new tunic for my own Deryni-Little Alaric.  After a mad search for good black fabric and I came up with an old beaded black sari I had purchased. Since yesterday, the Forth of July, was such a stressful holiday, I spent the day sewing for Alaric and Richenda. There are many errors in the sewing, so don't look to closely, but this is the results of yesterdays work.

So the question remains, do I cut out another one and iron it onto the Morgan Haldane's jacket? Evie, If you have a better Gryphon emblem I won't.  Let me know.

Oh, that is gorgeous!  I don't know if the  pleather (plastic leather) the jacket is undoubtedly made from is heat safe, so I can't recommend ironing it. The top layer may melt. I know it's definitely not washable (except maybe by gently blotting it with a barely damp cloth?). I  managed to ruin a bomber jacket because I tried to wash it. (The previous owner was a heavy smoker and I was trying to get the smell out.) I think the safest way to apply an appliqué to it would probably be fabric glue, with the possible addition of a thin line of fabric paint around the outline applied from a very thin-tipped bottle to seal the edge. I have both, so if you don't already have both items on hand, I could just add the appliqué once it gets here. Morgan is very excited about getting one; now I'll have to dig out his motorcycle from the basement shelves! ;D He can't very well wear it to fancy dress occasions like charity balls or state dinners at Court, though, so I'll still need to figure out appropriate formal wear for him. (Don't worry, though, his bow tie is no longer pink!)

And no, I don't have a better gryphon. I have a small one (not sure if it's the right size) that's printed on thick iron-on patch fabric, but it would still need to be cut out and glued in place due to the reasons mentioned above, and it's not as pretty as yours. Nice job in adapting the gryphon from the book cover!




Now if I could just get one put on the roof of my MINI Cooper....  :)


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