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Complete Set of Deryni Novels

Started by DeryniKingdomTraveler, June 28, 2023, 12:30:56 PM

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does anyone know where I could find a complete set of the Deryni novels- particularly the trilogies/KKB? my set is a mishmash of different releases, cover art, hardcover and paperback - and at this point many are falling apart/held together with duct tape

would love to get a new, matching set


Just glancing at Amazon.com, it appears that all of her books are currently available in Kindle editions. If you prefer bound copies, then most (or possibly all) also appear to still be available in paperback, although obtaining a full set of hardbacks might be more of a problem. You might have an easier time finding them if you are willing to buy a few used copies in good or very good condition. Aside from Amazon, I've also had good luck finding her books on Ebay or other online booksellers, or even at used book stores. (Regular bookstores such as Barnes and Noble or Books-a-Million might not currently have them in stock, but can usually order them for you to pick up at your convenience, or can have them shipped to your home.)

Personally speaking, as much as I love the feel and smell of a bound book, I've come to really appreciate my Kindle collection of Deryni books. For one thing, I can carry the entire Deryni library around on my phone or any other digital device I happen to have handy. For another, the Kindle versions are searchable, so if I am looking for a particular passage, all I have to do is figure out some key word that is likely to bring that scene up in the Find feature, and I can find it in seconds. (Assuming I remember which book that scene was in, of course. Otherwise it might take a few minutes.)
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I would recommend looking online at used bookstores. Check out Powell's City of Books in Portland Oregon. Type "Used bookstores" into the search box on Google and see what comes up. Or type Deryni books for sale, and see what comes up.
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eBay usually has Deryni trilogies for sale. and the availability of individual books makes it easier to just buy them one at time to match them up.


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