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The Miracles of Saint Jorian the Martyr -- Chapter 1

Started by DesertRose, March 24, 2015, 11:51:52 PM

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Quote from: Jerusha on March 26, 2015, 07:12:35 PM
I was never in agreement with Denis's plan to ordain Deryni priests secretly for the long term - to get a few in to pave the way, fine.  But at some point you have to quit living the lie or you perpetuate the problem. 

I don't think Denis' long term goal was for all of his fledgling Deryni priests to remain silent about their identity forever, though.  I think what he was aiming for was, as the "old guard" folks like Loris began to die out (and if you look as far back as DC and HD, it's mainly the older bishops who are ultra-opposed to Deryni; the younger bishops tended to be more neutral if not fully pro-Deryni), was to keep moving those Deryni priests into positions where they were most likely to move up in the Church hierarchy.  Once enough Deryni priests had been ordained, with their openly more moderate views, then they would begin to soften societal resistance to Deryni by their circles of influence.  At first this might just be due to noticeably not taking the hard line anti-Deryni stance (or any sort of anti-Deryni stance, obviously!) whenever the question came up, and stepping down hard on the persecutions that had become so much a way of life in cities and villages. But once the hardliners had become a thing of the past in the Church, and the society had started to calm down due to not having the anti-Deryni paranoia constantly whipped up by those in religious power (plus, seeing how well Deryni were working out in secular Court circles would also have caused some trust of Deryni to be raised, although in Denis's earliest days, he probably didn't foresee that side-benefit),  I think that's when Denis would have felt the time was right for the Deryni priests (by this time, many of them bishops) to repeal the Statutes of Ramos and allow the next generation of priests to be ordained openly.

Granted, had that happened, that would have been much longer series of novels with a whole bunch of behind the scenes political machinations....  :D
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Returning momentarily to the topic of Duncan and Dhugal's knighting, I think Kelson intended merely for Duncan to truly share in the moment of Dhugal's knighting, watch Dhugal close at hand and experience all the joy of that.  Things just...snow-balled from that point when Kelson decided it was high time Duncan should be knighted, given all his service to both Kelson and Gwynedd (I can't argue with that reasoning). Morgan clearly agreed.

And high on the emotion of being newly knighted and knighting his own son, Duncan for once, threw caution to the winds. None of it was really planned and all of them were acting on impulse on a joyful day for all four of them.  I think.... that had it still been Brion's Court with Brion still being stuck with Loris and Corrigan, Duncan wouldn't have even DREAMED of doing what he did.  Part of the reason he felt even close to being secure is because he knows both Cardiel and Bradene to be far wiser, better men and Archbishops who do not react out of unreasoning fanaticism, fear or hatred. 

  The extreme shakeup of the Church when Kelson became King and having Loris openly defy him, with the Curia being split apart freed Kelson to act far more boldly than Brion was ever able to do. As a result, he has two far better Archbishops and two better Privy Council members, and the Church of Gwynedd has evolved significantly because Kelson was able to get rid of his two very reactionary Bishops.  But as Cardiel said,  "Until I can get the bloody law changed, Goddammit, man!" Duncan  DID break a law of Ramos that was still in effect, and a pretty significant one. The leaders of the church of Gwynedd have changed, it doesn't mean the whole church is suddenly holding barefoot services on the grass instead of High Mass at the Cathedral, so to speak.  Cardiel doesn't want to see Duncan burn, but he can't afford to ignore what happened.

Denis, who has been keeping his nose clean, very much aware of the danger and consequences of discovery ever since  he was ordained, was understandably furious that Duncan abandoned all caution and so publically. So I  understand both their motivations.  Since Duncan is back in everyone's good graces barely a month later I have to forgive Kelson for not thinking things through on the day of his knighting when he's all of 18. It makes him more human to make some impulsive mistakes, once in a while.

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