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Sequel to King Kelson's Bride?

Started by Goscamber, January 10, 2015, 06:57:10 PM

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After reading The King's Deryni, I started rereading this series.

I enjoyed KKB, but wondered whether and hoped that KK will write a follow-up.  I want to see Kelson with an heir or two, find out how relations with Torenth and Meara are proceeding, but, most of all, whether Kelson is successful in locating any relics of Camber.  If so, what effect is has on everyone, especially the Council and humans, generally.

KK, if you read this, please write one (or more!) book/s about this.


I'm not sure how often she reads the board if at all, but she has said her next project is tentatively titled "Road to Killingford," so I doubt she's going to get back to the KKB era anytime soon.

Welcome, BTW!
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Welcome to the board Goscamber!

Just because we think KK's mind is elsewhere, please don't let that stop you from asking for more in that KKB time line. I would gladly love to hear more there, even if they a scattered short stories that KK may happen upon once in a while. My hope is that she is now in a writing mood and will want to put lots of ideas out for us to read. Share your thoughts during Sunday chat if you like.
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BTW, how do you like my name.  Like Gilpatrick (Gaelic) or Gospatrick (Welsh), it means (baptismal) Servant of St. Camber.  And my icon is the only image I could find of Camber of Culdi other than cover art.  Google Image Search from deviantArt, though I couldn't find it at dA now.


Thanks, DesertRose and Laurna!

The Camber of Culdi image:

WAYNE BARLOWE - Guide To Fantasy



Nice image, although poor Camber's expression makes me wonder if he was suffering from indigestion while posing for his portrait. LOL!  :D
"In necessariis unitas, in non-necessariis libertas, in utrisque caritas."

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Yeah, that occurred to me, too.  I Messaged Barlowe to ask if he had any others that a Search didn't reveal.

This doesn't seem to be a portrait of him as a cleric, maybe as earl?  He certainly appears to have a scholarly mien.


Or maybe Camber posed for this portrait shortly after one of Imre's dastardly deeds?
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