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Owain Haldane, Tieg Thuryn, Joram & Ansel MacRorie, Camlin MacLean, Jesse

Started by MacRorie Fan, March 29, 2007, 10:56:33 PM

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MacRorie Fan

Owain Haldane, Tieg Thuryn, Joram & Ansel MacRorie, Camlin MacLean, Jesse MacGregor
Can anyone tell me if the story has EVER BEEN PUBLISHED regarding how these Characters [Owain Haldane, Tieg Thuryn, Joram & Ansel MacRorie, Camlin MacLean, & possibly Jesse MacGregor] died in 948?

I know Ms. Kurtz used to publish a magazine, etc. I just wondered if anyone knows if that story was ever written or published?

If you know the answer for certain, please respond and if Mrs. Kurtz hasn't yet written the story, maybe she will with another anthology or something?

thank you.  :) ;) :D ;D ???


We're all still waiting for that one..... Alas, it hasn't yet been written. Katherine will just have to live forever!

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i hadn't read all posts yet, and just asked the same question.  nice to know that others are curious about what happened.


on further review, in the CODEX, under the blip on Bishop Alfred of Woodbourne, it states that he died of the plague in the year 948.  I wonder if the plague will play a part in some of their deaths, as well as the Festillic Pretenders' attempt to reclaim the throne of Gwynedd.


I believe that it does. And I think the plague also causes a round of backlashing at the Deryni since they are less effected by it. A "Deryni" plague to wipe out humans.
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I think perhaps there's also another invasion in 948, but that could all be fan speculation that I've read over the years.

Much as I want to read that story, I'm not sure I want to read it...The idea of seeing Joram die is very distressing!



Aren't you referring to the Festilic incursion? There quite easily could have been some sort of border dust-up requiring some of these Derynis' presence. Maybe a new area/topic for additional books? We can only keep our fingers crossed.


Seven years is a bit late to reply but since it's not been answered in thread...

According to the Codex Derynianus, Marek I Festil makes his bid to invade Gwynedd since the death of Rhys Michael in 948. It seems to have been a fairly major conflict with the deaths also including the Dukes of Cassan and Claibourne. The Earl of Carthane has his title attainted, suggesting that Cashel Murdoch was rather naughty.

The Macleans seem to have been hard hit, not just the men but also two women of the family dying.


based on the number and who died, I assume it was some kind of magic standoff or sacrificial action, rather then disease or attrition from a long war.
It would be disappointing if this was never explained since it seems to be the defining point between the two time periods (ie why
the Camberian Council diverged from and lost track of Camber's heirs).
Even if it was only included in a brief epilog (but a short novel would of course be better).


I asked about this in another category and was told by more esteemed members that KK is in the initial planning stages of a book about 948 titled 'The Road To Killingford'.  So perhaps our wishes will be granted to find out about 948 (and the demise of one of my fav characters Joram)
"And as they tread the ruined Isle,
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They'll wondering ask, how hands so vile,
Could conquer hearts so brave?"
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Sorry Lochiel, but the Road to Killingford will be the battle of 1025, when nearly ten thousand men including much of the nobility of Gwynedd and Torenth get wiped out. It is the three day battle at the Shillingford river bank east of Valoret and just North of the Lendour mountains.
In the year 948, we know there was a plaque and then Torenth tries to use this to their advantage. However, we do not know much in the way of details. Perhaps, we will learn some of the history in Road to Killingford but personally I think it would be nice to have a 948 story out on its own.
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"And as they tread the ruined Isle,
Where rest, at length,
the lord and slave,
They'll wondering ask, how hands so vile,
Could conquer hearts so brave?"
Thomas Moore