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KK Chat -- 9 June 2019
« on: June 09, 2019, 07:03:17 pm »
[18:04] --- KK ( has Joined #deryni_destinations
[18:04] <~bynw> hi KK
[18:04] <Shiral> Hello, KK
[18:04] <KK> Helklo, folks.
[18:04] <KK> Hello, too.
[18:04] <@Evie> hi
[18:04] <~bynw> i think we are all good at reading typ0s
[18:05] <Shiral> And understand the rented fingers concept quite well
[18:05] @Evie frees 21 mackerel in memory of Jemler
[18:05] --- kiwi_4 (kiwi_4@7F791F.1DE43C.7A71FB.35C286) has Joined #deryni_destinations
[18:06] kiwi_4 is now known as The_Bee
[18:06] <~bynw> hi bee
[18:06] <Shiral> Have you and Cameron been making progress this week, KK?
[18:06] <The_Bee> Hi all.
[18:06] <Shiral> Hi Bee
[18:06] <KK> 21 mackerels, indeed.  I was shocked and saddened to hear of Jemler's passing.  He will be much missed.
[18:06] <Shiral>  We'll all have to get better at punning
[18:06] <KK> Yes, we have, Shiral.  It all goes slowly but steadily.
[18:06] <The_Bee> It's strange knowing he won't be here again.
[18:07] <Shiral> Steady is good
[18:07] <~bynw> for the homepage for the chat network that included more chats that just this one, there is a memorial wall for our community members who have passed on. i've added jemler to the list
[18:07] <Shiral> Jemler was amazingly brave about his many health troubles. I admired him for that
[18:07] <KK> I take it that he had a kidney crisis?  Never knew exactly what medical challenges he was facing.
[18:08] <KK> It would have been rude to ask directly.
[18:08] <Shiral> I only know what he told us, but since he regularly needed dialysis, I think non or underfunctioning kidneys were a big part of his troubles.
[18:09] <The_Bee> Kidneys, yes.  apparently not being able to stand up and walk put a strain on his kidneys.  And he couldn't qualify for a transplant.
[18:09] <KK> He did manage to maintain a good-humored attitude, despite what he was going through.
[18:09] <Shiral> From what I remember, a botched surgery lead to his paralysis, but I'm very unsure of the details.
[18:09] <KK> Too many other issues to qualify for the trasnsplant?
[18:10] <The_Bee> IIRC, it was an aortic aneurism.
[18:10] <KK> How paralyzed was he?
[18:10] <@Evie> I think his overall health wasn't good enough, he was allergic to too many meds, had too many infections, etc
[18:10] <@Evie> And yes, then there was the aneurism
[18:11] <@Evie> Paraplegic, I think?
[18:11] <KK> Wow.  A brave guy.
[18:11] <The_Bee> He said something about being allergic to the medicines required post-trantplant;  and something about an infection.
[18:11] <Shiral> I think he could use his hands and arms, but couldn't walk
[18:11] <~bynw> he was wheelchair bound
[18:12] <KK> I'd gathered that.
[18:12] <~bynw> but in all the photos of him, he was always smiling
[18:12] <Shiral> And he could always find a joke or a pun.
[18:12] <~bynw> sometimes very bad ones
[18:13] <Shiral> Hence the flying fish sent in his direction
[18:13] <The_Bee> He was a master of semi-dirty jokes.
[18:14] <Shiral> And sly inuendo
[18:14] <~bynw> more reason for some flying fish or the dreaded IRC trout slap
[18:15] <KK> Never crossed the line, though.  I'd like to think he found a fitting community, in hanging out with us.
[18:15] <The_Bee> ditto
[18:15] <Shiral> If our company helped him, good
[18:15] <~bynw> yes he did find a fitting group
[18:16] <~bynw> never crossed the line but sure blurred it a few times
[18:16] <Shiral> He poked it plenty of times
[18:17] <Shiral> but there was never any malice in him
[18:17] <judyward> Hi, everyone. Signed on then the dogs wanted to go out. Thought I might have missed chat.
[18:17] <~bynw> nope none at all. just wanting a good time with friends
[18:18] <Shiral> Hi Judy
[18:18] <@Evie> Hi, everyone
[18:18] <judyward> Hi, Evie
[18:19] <judyward> It's not going to be the same without Jemler, is it
[18:19] <The_Bee> No it's not.
[18:19] <Shiral> Alas, no
[18:19] <Shiral> Who the heck can we slap with trout, now?
[18:20] <~bynw> we will find someone i'm sure
[18:20] <The_Bee> In hindsight, I think we should have realized things were bad when he was hospitalized so long.
[18:20] <Shiral> That's never a good sign
[18:21] <~bynw> the complete list of the server community's members who have passed on:
[18:21] <~bynw> listed in the following format: nick (first name) - chatroom/channel(s)
[18:21] <~bynw> .
[18:21] <judyward> But we were hopeful
[18:21] <~bynw>     Angelsboi (Ryan) #dnd3e (#ENWorld)
[18:21] <~bynw>     Sedina (Kim) #Deryni_Destinations
[18:21] <~bynw>     Marnin (Marilyn) #Deryni_Destinations
[18:21] <~bynw>     Wrengl (Pat) #Deryni_Destinations
[18:21] <~bynw>     Unicorn636 (Susie) #Deryni_Destinations
[18:21] <~bynw>     Baastet (April) #dnd3e (#ENWorld)
[18:21] <~bynw>     ambush (Dawson) #Deryni_Destinations, #Teara-Adan, #Services
[18:21] <~bynw>     kirienne (Geri) #Deryni_Destinations
[18:21] <~bynw>     RezPhreak (Ron) #Services
[18:21] <~bynw>     (Scott)  #Deryni_Destinations Honorary Member
[18:21] <~bynw>     jemler (John) #Deryni_Destinations
[18:21] <~bynw> if you dont hang out in the other chats that exist down the hall, you wont know those members. but we have had a few of our own here :(
[18:23] <judyward> And how many that just disappeared. No one would know to tell you all if something happened to me.
[18:23] <The_Bee> I missedth.  When did she die?kirienne's deah
[18:23] <~bynw> well there are probably other chatters who have disappeared who maybe deceased but if no one tells us we dont know
[18:24] <The_Bee> mixed-up sentence, I hope you know what I meant.
[18:24] <~bynw> if i find out about them i add them to the memorial wall page for the entire network so they are not forgotten
[18:24] <Shiral> I can't remember exactly when Kiriennne died.
[18:24] <KK> It's been a while, though.
[18:24] <judyward> We are very melancholy tonight.
[18:24] <~bynw> yeah it's been a while
[18:25] <~bynw> not sure of the details on her passing any more
[18:25] <Shiral> We need some cheering up. Fortunately, there is the virtual sundae bar
[18:25] <KK> Shocking, how many of our chatters are gone.  But that's what starts happening, as we all get older.
[18:25] <~bynw> we should stop that
[18:25] <Shiral> Mortality... sometimes it sucks
[18:25] <judyward> I second that, bynw
[18:25] <The_Bee> I'll have to tell my family to notify you all when I die.
[18:26] <~bynw> no more getting older and the associated stuff that goes along with it
[18:26] <~bynw> i dont want to add any more names to that list
[18:26] <judyward> If we could turn back time (apologies to Cher.)
[18:27] <@Evie> Kirienne died while I was writing Visionaries, I think, or just after. I remember I dedicated Balance of Power to her.
[18:28] <The_Bee> Unfortunately, there's only one alternative to getting older.
[18:28] <~bynw> growing younger!
[18:28] <Shiral> That would be the neatest trick of the week
[18:28] <The_Bee> if only!
[18:28] Shiral passes out some balloons to cheer everyone up
[18:29] <~bynw> balloons! :)
[18:29] <@Evie> I have a file saved so my DH will know what online friends/groups to notify if something happens to me. That is, if he remembers I made that file.
[18:29] <judyward> Brings a platter of sopapillas, butter & honey to the table
[18:29] The_Bee takes a pink balloon and hands out multicolored flowers.
[18:29] Shiral also turns on the fog machine and blows irridescent soap bubbles to cheer up the mood and add some color
[18:30] <~bynw> lol
[18:30] <Shiral> Here's a nice Haldane scarlet balloon for you, KK
[18:33] The_Bee sends up an exaltation (exultation?) of sweetly singing larks. 
[18:34] <KK> I like that one, Bee.  (And I can't remember which it is, either.)
[18:35] <Shiral> Just checked on the dates. Kirienne (Geri Kittrell) passed in April 2014
[18:36] <KK> Exaltation, I think.
[18:36] <@Evie> I found a wooden storage organizer at Target that I have put on its back and painted to turn it into a small doll room:
[18:36] <The_Bee> Ah, ok
[18:36] <@Evie> Using a piece from a bamboo place mat for the hardwood floor
[18:36] <judyward> That is really cute, Bee!
[18:37] <Shiral> I have decided on my next building project.
[18:37] <The_Bee> Tell!
[18:37] <@Evie> Your next paper house?
[18:37] <Shiral> A gothic cathedral. Although it will be too small in scale for even little Duncan
[18:38] <@Evie> Ooh
[18:38] <Shiral> At least it would need some trick photography
[18:38] <@Evie> It could be put enough in the distance to look like it's down the road a bit
[18:39] <Shiral> Yes, Duncan always says Mass half a mile from the cathedral! Which could get inconvenient. =o)
[18:39] <@Evie> LOL
[18:39] <Shiral> Although my projects are always about the exterior, and I don't worry all that much about the interior
[18:40] <Shiral> It would make for  VERY long processionals
[18:40] <The_Bee> Duncan must know how to project his voice.
[18:40] <@Evie> It's that diaphragmatic breathing
[18:41] <Shiral> Still very inconvenient in wintery weather
[18:41] <@Evie> He skates in
[18:42] <The_Bee> or skies. cross-country
[18:43] <The_Bee> skis?
[18:43] <@Evie> Skis
[18:43] <Shiral> The skiing bishop
[18:44] <@Evie> I might need bunk beds, since I have two 1:12 dolls now.
[18:44] <Shiral> Might be easier to control than ice skates. =o)
[18:44] <~bynw> have to travel in the winter somehow
[18:44] <The_Bee> He skis through the skies.
[18:44] <@Evie> One of those might be getting a different head eventually, or at least a wig, so she won't look so much like the other.
[18:45] <Shiral> They do look a little like they're Doublemint Twins
[18:46] <@Evie> :-D
[18:46] <Shiral> Since they're even dressed alike
[18:46] <KK> Post another picture, to refresh our memories?
[18:46] <The_Bee> Is one's hair long enough to braid?
[18:47] <KK> Wasn't paying attention.  Where did you get these, so we can be on the lookout for more?
[18:49] <judyward> We are about to get a quick storm through here.
[18:49] <The_Bee> Are your dogs back indoors?
[18:50] <judyward> Yes, they've had their dinner and everything
[18:50] <judyward> And neither is afraid of storms. Caesar was.
[18:50] <The_Bee> Are you in the flooded region?
[18:50] <Shiral> The  pygmy lions are sleeping off their supper downstairs
[18:51] <judyward> No, no floods here, except flash ones sometimes.
[18:51] <@Evie> The hair would be too thick and short to braid well
[18:51] <~bynw> i'm sitting in a hard backed chair because my sweet bengal kitty has my desk chair right now
[18:51] <@Evie> But I was trying to go for this hairstyle with the one with the haircut, but I might just have a wig made.
[18:51] <judyward> Kitties must be comfy!
[18:52] <Shiral> Kitties know how to do that.
[18:52] <~bynw> yes she likes it when i go find another chair so she can do her all important napping
[18:52] <@Evie> lol, that's Gigi
[18:52] <judyward> Do not deprive the kitty of naps!
[18:53] <@Evie> Luke wants to nap IN your lap
[18:53] <Shiral> It's why I got a cat tree for my office. There's a little square box on top where kitties can nap and still maintain close contact
[18:53] <@Evie> Gigi is fine with napping in your recently vacated chair
[18:53] <Shiral> But Dmitri has discovered that when he lies on my mousepad, I'm liable to remove him rather unceremoniously
[18:54] <Shiral> And if I sit in my comfy TV chair, but get up for any reason, Dmitri climbs right in and makes himself at home
[18:54] --- Derynifank ( has Joined #deryni_destinations
[18:54] <~bynw> i'm sure he is quite displeased with his staff when you do that
[18:54] <~bynw> hi Derynifank
[18:54] <@Evie> hi dfk
[18:54] <Shiral> Hi DFK
[18:54] <judyward> Hi, DFK
[18:54] <Shiral> Oh most definitely. He'd fire me if I weren't in charge of his meals
[18:54] <The_Bee> Dmitri's Russian; he expects to be treated like a czar, or at leat a Grand Duke.
[18:55] <judyward> I went out on the porch; cool, raining, thundering & nice breeze.
[18:55] <Shiral> Fortunately for us, the only thing he can annexe is my sofa
[18:55] <Derynifank> HHi all. Sorry to be late. Just got home
[18:56] <The_Bee> Hi DFK
[18:56] <Derynifank> Siunds lovely, Judy
[18:56] <judyward> Yes, beats the heck out of the 90s we had this afternoon.
[18:57] <Shiral> Cool breezes are good. Especially in summer
[18:57] <~bynw> its been very nice today
[18:57] <Derynifank> So true
[18:57] <~bynw> was able to turn off the A/C and open the windows
[18:57] <judyward> Yes, I always pray for some to come along during the hot months.
[18:57] <judyward> It smells great outside with the rain.
[18:58] <Derynifank> that is great bynw. I love a chance to air out the house
[18:58] <The_Bee> lovely weather here for our church picnic
[18:58] <KK> OK, guys.  Gotta go.  I've been watching The Spanish Princess on Starz, which my office TV doesn't get.  It's about Katherine of Aragon.  Pretty good, too.
[18:58] <KK> See you all next week,
[18:58] <Derynifank> have a good week kk
[18:58] <@Evie> Goodnight, KK
[18:58] <judyward> Have a great week, KK!
[18:59] KK steps onto her Portal waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[18:59] <The_Bee> Nighters, KK.  Thanks for coming.  Have a good week.
[18:59] <KK> Nighters!
[18:59] --- KK ( has Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)


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