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Features and Stuff
« on: November 08, 2018, 09:39:38 pm »

Some features on the forum and chat that you may not be fully aware of so I'll sum these up for you.

You can @mention a user. This does require not putting any punctuation directly after the usersname, such as @Bynw, wouldn't work. But @Bynw does work. This will actually send an alert to the other user that they have been mentioned in another post.

Post updates, you can of course subscribe to individual posts or boards and get an email anytime there is a new posting. This is a handy feature of any message board.

In the General Information and Links section there is  Newsletter Signup. This is a daily email of the post summarys from our RSS feed.

You can always use an RSS reader to get alerted when new posts are made as well. The RSS link appears at the bottom of the forum.

The shoutbox at the top of the forum's main page is not the chatroom. It's just a fast way of sending a message to everyone about something happening. Just shout it out!

The chatroom is open 24 hours a day. Sunday chat is when Katherine Kurtz usually appears but she has been known to come in at other times as well. There are several links below the shoutbox to the chatroom. Also there is a Discord server as well. And it too is now linked to the chatroom via a bot named "Eris" who will post messages between the chatroom on IRC and the Discord server.

We have a Twitter account. It's @RhemuthCastle of course. Follow us on Twitter please, you will seee forum posts being updated and if there is anything unusual it might be posted there, especially if we have any kind of server outage.

Also forum posts are now being displayed in the Discord server and chatroom thanks to the already mentioned bot that bridges to two services together.


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