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For a bit of fun -- Happy St. Gertrude's Day


So, in addition to 17 March being the saint's day for the more well-known St. Patrick, it is also St. Gertrude's Day.

Info on St. Gertrude here:

St. Gertrude is the patron saint of cats, of repelling mice, and of people with mental illness.

Since Carys, in addition to being my beloved pet, is also my emotional support animal for my anxiety, it is only fitting to celebrate her today in honor of St. Gertrude.

Here is Carys, getting treats on "her" end table, after she purred while I trimmed her nails.

Please feel free to add any photos of your kitties for St. Gertrude!  ;D

I still can't  work out how to add pictures but Simba and Shere Khan send purrs.

As does Brandysnap.

Even if you don't have their pictures on Flickr or some other web based photo storage that you can simply link to, if you've got photos on your computer's hard drive (or on your phone), you can open a window like you're creating a new post, then right under the edit window you should see a link that says "Attachments and other options."  If you click on that link, you'll see a place that says "Attach:" and lets you choose a file to upload.  Just find your photo in your computer's photo folder or your phone's gallery.  The full sized photo won't be embedded in your post like it would if you directly linked to it, but a thumbnail version should be attached and others will see there is a paper clip on the post to show there is an attachment.  (Or at least they should. In the past this feature hasn't always worked for me.)  Also, the file has to end with one of the three letter extensions in the "Allowed file types" list, such as .jpg or .gif.  You won't be able to see the file is attached in Preview mode, because the forum has to actually upload the file, which it doesn't do until the content is actually posted.  But hopefully it should be attached to the final post. I'm testing this theory on this one.

ETA: Looks like it did work, but in order to view the attachment, you actually have to be in the "For a bit of fun--Happy St. Gertrude's Day" thread, not viewing from the series of "Most recent posts."  If you are viewing it from "Most recent posts to the forum," you'll see the text of the post itself, but not the thumbnail pic.  (It might show you the paper clip to clue you in that there's an attachment, but I forgot to check.)  So it's not an optimal way of sharing photos, but if you don't have a photo hosting web album like Flickr to link to, it's better than not being able to share them at all.

Second edit: Nope, it doesn't even show a paper clip to hint at an attachment if viewed from "View most recent posts." So if you read new posts from there like I do, your first hint that anyone posted an attachment might be if you start reading other people's comments on a photo that you can't see.  So if that ever happens to you, just click on the subject line for that post and it should take you to the actual thread that the photos are visible in.


--- Quote from: revanne on March 17, 2018, 04:48:17 pm ---I still can't  work out how to add pictures but Simba and Shere Khan send purrs.

--- End quote ---

In my opinion, the easiest way to post pics is to upload them to some sort of photo-sharing site and then insert the link.  Attachments seem to be a bit touchy as far as whether they'll deign to show themselves.  (I use PostImage because I have trouble getting Flickr to behave for me, but it doesn't really matter which photo-sharing site you use; if it works for you, go for it!)

You can also upload a photo to the Gallery here on the forum, and if you scroll down below the photo itself, there will be three boxes, BB Code, Direct Link, and Show HTML Link Code.  Copy the text in the BB Code box, and then paste it into your forum message wherever you want the photo to be.

Edited for clarity.


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