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Montpellier has a Mediterranean climate, does it not?

I lived just outside of Naples, Italy, for three years when I was a child.  (My father was in the US Navy.)  I miss living in a Mediterranean climate, especially this winter!  I live in Alabama, which normally has fairly mild winters, but not this year!


--- Quote from: Evie on February 05, 2018, 09:37:26 am ---Oh, I meant to ask, did you read Katherine's books in English or in French? If in French, how were the French translations?  (I know some translators do a better job than others.)  I always like seeing the different cover art that appears in other countries.  Sometimes it's better than what we see here, sometimes...very much not!  This set is especially funny....,905.0.html

I think we needn't even ask if the artist bothered to read the books....   ;D ;D ;D

--- End quote ---

I would be really interested in your reply Aang as, when I refound Katherine's books after twenty-five years or so, I bought the first Kelson era and the first Camber era books in French translation one volume trilogies as I like to read French to keep up my grasp of the language (in between all too infrequent visits over the channel). My impression was that a lot of the subtlety of Katherine's writing and characterisation had been ironed out but that may have been because they were in one volume. Of course it may have been there and I just missed it. The covers were a bit over-dramatic too - though it has to be said nothing like as interesting as the German ones.

Some of my early readings were in French (most of it actually since I was a teen when I began to read the Deryni series) but some books are very rare in French so I had to switch to English (Bishop's heir, the King Justice and all of the Childe Morgan books, the codex, etc).
I would say the french translation is indeed heavy. But you have to understand that fantasy wasn't very much looked for until recently with all of the GoTmania. So editors never put much effort in finding or awarding good translations...

As for the covert art, the major fantasy editor (Pocket) has (had) a similar policy (not too much effort...). So they have a very large data base unrelated to any of the books topics and choose the covert art who feels best, I think.

You can see covert art for Deryni Checkmate and High Deryni, below.

And yes, we enjoy Mediterranean climate, here in Montpellier (nothing like southern Italy but still nice).

you most certainly can not judge a book by its cover. LOL

At least this cover has story elements, but I am not sure it truly represents the work inside.

This is my second printing soft cover book from 1974. I think it is a different cover than the 1972 first addition.

Is that red lizard the stenrect? I always imagined it as a very large scorpion.  ;)

That is definitely a '70s style cover!  I'm pretty sure every cover artist in the 1970s was high, judging from the cover art style of the era, though at least that artist seems to have had at least a passing familiarity with the book's contents, unlike some.  ;D

I didn't discover the series until the early '80s.  This was the cover art at the time:

I'm not entirely convinced Bethane was given to slaughtering cattle in her parlor, but eh, whatever.   ;D


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