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So.. If you were to play an April Fool's joke in the Deryni Universe, A: who would you play it on (it can be on more than one person), and what would your joke involve?


Well, I've always regretted that the story's internal chronology wouldn't allow this scene to happen on April Fools' Day:,747.0.html

So I suppose I'd have to settle for Sextus convincing Denis Arilan that there is a "Bird of Paradise" in his office in dire need of a bishop's attention, only to reveal a luxurious, imported potted plant sitting on his desk when said bishop charges in, stole in hand in case the bawd he's expecting to find has sought him out for confession, and some strapping guard on his heels in case she's there to seduce him instead and needs tossing out.

I thought we were being nice to Denis atm. It would be good though and not a thing Denis could do about it. Sextus was telling the exact truth.

I would like Derry with a little help from Richenda- to play a gentle joke on Morgan who just sometimes I feel is a little self-important in his feelings with them. Of course, he is very important and his word is law and they both accept that but he can be just a tad patronising. Haven't worked out the details and must rush now but something to do with a horse, methinks

Oh, I'm always nice to Denis! I gave him such lovely nephews and nieces, didn't I? ;)


--- Quote from: Evie on April 02, 2015, 06:09:57 am ---Oh, I'm always nice to Denis! I gave him such lovely nephews and nieces, didn't I? ;)
--- End quote ---

And more grey hair makes him look more distinguished, doesn't it?


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