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Proposed plot for film sequel to KKB

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I once promised to share this with you, and at last i think I can get it up online. I wrote this stuff down several years ago; it came bubbling out when someone said in a forum thread that only the Chronicles should be filmed. I had to disagree (still do), but I pulled myself up short in spilling this so as not to hijack the thread.

This is designed as an eighth and concluding part after the Chronicles, the Histories and KKB. I think Kelson's reign is a good place to close in on the resolution of the myth arcs (Deryni-human relations and Gwynedd-Torenth relations).

I found the notebook and deciphered the pencil marks (that was dumb, writing it in pencil), and I've typed the thing at last. I've had to split it into parts in my effort to upload it here. I'm trying to attach the first pdf file to this post.

Hope you like it...

It looks like you tried to attach something (at least that's what the paperclip icon seems to indicate), but unfortunately attachments don't work for me on this forum, so I can't view whatever it is.   :(  Is there any way to put it in the body of the message?

Can you give me your email, so I can send it to you? I'm also having trouble even posting it in pieces. It's a pdf, so you should be able to read it.

Part 2

Part 3...


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