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I just found in the library an old compilation of "The Best of Dear Abbey."  Remember her?  It struck me that it might be fun to imagine what various characters in the books might describe their situation in a letter to the Gwynnedian equivalent.  Here's my contribution:

"Dear Abby:

I'm a 14-year-old boy; my father recently died.  His good friend A. has been like a big brother or uncle all these years, but now all of a sudden--when I most need him--my mother has taken an intense dislike to him and does everything she can short of actually forbidding me to see him to keep us apart. How can I get Mom to see reason?


"Dear Abby:

I'm a widow with a 14-year-old son.  Shortly before he died, my late husband took a teenage boy under his wing; the boy had been orphaned quite young, and although he was left quite well-off, he had no near relatives.  The young man--let's call him M.--is now in his late 20s, and has been acting like an uncle/big brother to my son.

At first I was happy, and thought it sweet that M. wanted to return the favor, but lately it seems as though my son is becoming too emotionally dependant on M.  I'm trying to encourage him to find other companions, but he resists, and accuses me of trying to poison him against M., who has been so kind to him.  What should I do to get him to see that his dependancy on M. is not healthy?


@Evie--Edited to make it more congruent with the text; I was going by memory at first.

This looks like a fun idea, although I think you might be mixing up your boy kings of Gwynedd.  Brion died just a very short time (days, I think?) before Kelson's 14th birthday and subsequent Coronation, so Kelson would have no difficulty at all remembering his father.  Also, Jehana's animosity towards Morgan began even before Kelson's birth and was primarily due to him being Deryni rather than for any reasons having to do with Kelson looking up to him, although I can see her being rather evasive about those sorts of details in a "Dear Abby" letter.

Let's see if I can come up with one:

Dear Abby:

I've reached a crisis point in my career, and I don't know what to do.  I'm a traveling faith healer who has spent the past few years using the gifts God gave me to heal his people and to preach against the evils of the accursed Deryni race.  Now I've just discovered that some of that "accursed" race have been given the gift of Healing as well!  This has really messed up my thinking--can I have been so wrong for all these years?  My friend E. L. says I haven't been, but I'm beginning to think maybe he's too blinded by his own prejudices to see the light of new revelation....


Dear Abby:

I am so confused I donít know what to do.  For as long as I can remember, Iíve wanted to pursue a religious life.  Last year I entered a religious order as a Novice, but then a terrible thing happened that changed everything.  I had to leave the Abbey temporarily, and I met the most disturbing young man.  Heís very handsome and gallant, but also a little shy.   Now my heart is torn between what I thought was my calling and how much I might enjoy a life with him.  What should I do?


Nice contributions!  Now an extra challenge--answer somone else's letter.

"Dear W.

At one time humans and Deryni lived in this country in relative harmony, and their gifts, particularly Healing, were honored.  This is still so in some of our neighboring countries; our intolerance is one reason why some of our neighbors think we are the barbarians.  You are right to re-examine the prejudices you were brought up with, and E.L. sounds like the sort of narrow-minded bigot you don't need in your life.  I'd suggest getting away from him and anyone else who is trying to influence you and figure out what it is you believe yourself, not what others tell you.


(Our world's Abby was always ahead of the curve on matters of racial and religious tolerance, and urged acceptance of gays long before it was mainstream.)

Dear Abby,

On the face of it I have everything. I'm married to a nice man with a title and lands of his own and we have a lovely little boy. The thing is, I've met this gorgeous man. At least I say I've met him, but I don't even know who he is. But he's really handsome and when our eyes met there was a definite connection between us. I can't get him out of my head. I think I care more for this hot stranger than I do for my husband. I'm so confused.


*** if Abby can be ahead of the game on intolerance, RC can use the word "hot" to describe her mysterious stranger.


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