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I'm not against it happening on cable either, especially as long as there are DVD releases that can be borrowed at public libraries (which is how I view GoT about a year behind cable broadcast). I do wonder how or when it would be available in other countries if it went to US cable first; I have the impression (which may be inaccurate) that cinema has mechanisms in place for international distribution and television less so (maybe because of the part about TV going into people's homes).

That said, I'm also partial to the cinema experience, particularly watching it in the dark and without other distractions, at least on first viewing. Since so much happens inside people's minds, I would want to use those aspects of movies to help draw the audience into the events. I would also want to have some things shot as if viewed through the eyes of the characters (like Barrett recalling how he lost his sight to Jehana in KKB); while I understand the convention of showing such flashbacks as if they were filmed (such that the person recalling the events is shown in the frame), that convention seems to me it might not be as conducive to putting the audience in the characters' shoes. Your Milage May Vary.


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