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I do not know if this is new info or not.  On th NYTimes movie website they listed a Jimmy Miller of Mosaic Media Group, as the producer of Deryni Rising.


It's not news that KK is trying to negotiate a movie deal for Deryni Rising, but that particular tidbit is new to me.  If you're interested, John, we have a fair few threads discussing dream-casting and dream-production for the film, should it make it to the screen.


I pray that a Deryni movie will be made in our lifetimes!  I hope!

I think there are more than a few people hoping that!

Go over to the casting thread, and post your suggestions.  KK has found an ideal Kelson, but we need "just a few" other key characters, so at least register your 'dream cast' ;)

I was including everyone who wants a Deryni movie to be made.  I made a few choices early on the casting thread, but I haven't given much thought since then.  Just made a couple a moment ago.


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