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A Leap of Faith - Chapter 24

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We don't know that Denis and Richenda had had the same teachers!!   :D   (In fact, if Richenda was trained by some of the people who trained Morag (and perhaps even Wencit), I'm not too sure their training would have been exactly parallel! )

But yes, Jehana's burst of power against Charissa would be a much better example of need-induced powers, given her attitude to the Deryni.  She'd had no training at all, yet was able to direct a pretty powerful blast.


--- Quote from: Alkari on January 12, 2011, 10:28:53 pm ---
--- Quote from: Elkhound on January 12, 2011, 09:21:59 pm ---... Richenda's attempted friccaseeing of Bran, or Rhy's healing of Cymber.  In the first case, Richenda had never been taught offensive combat magic, and only very little defensive; but her need and desire to protect her child called forth the ability.
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We don't know that she hasn't had that sort of 'offensive combat magic' training at all.  
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Not in KK's canon, but this is a discussion of "A Leap of Faith" and in THAT story it is canon that she didn't, for she says so.


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