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A Gryphon by the Tail Chapter 21
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Previous chapter:

Chapter 21.

Lily was the first to come round.    That evening, Richenda relaxed in front of the fire after her bath, enjoying Lily’s gentle ministrations as her maid dried her hair, carefully combing it out into a softly rippling mane that matched the colours of the flames.  After being unusually quiet at first, Lily eventually offered a shy comment that Richenda would truly be the most beautiful duchess.  She became wide-eyed with awe and amazement as her mistress allowed her to examine the betrothal ring, and finally admitted wistfully that yes, the Duke really was a very handsome man and he’d been so nice to Brendan that afternoon.  Richenda smiled gently and encouraged her to talk, for Lily had served her well for nearly two years and she hoped the girl would like to come to Corwyn with her.  It would be much easier to start her new life with one or two familiar faces.

As she readied herself for bed and Lily turned back the bedclothes, there was one final hesitant question.   “My lady, do you really like him?  The Duke, I mean?”

“Yes, Lily, I do.  I like him very, very much.  I am so lucky, and I’m grateful that the King has agreed to our marriage.”   Apparently reassured, Lily managed a smile as she said goodnight and left Richenda to her dreams.

Whatever her two maids discussed between themselves that night seemed to have had a good effect, as next morning Joan had mellowed, even going so far as to ask Richenda whether the Duke had written to Baron FitzEwan.   She and Lily bustled around fetching her mistress’s warm hat, cloak and gloves, for Meraude had suggested that she and Richenda go for a ride together after breakfast, now that their shopping expedition was postponed.

“I do like to get out of the castle occasionally.  Especially in winter, when everything inside starts to smell of damp furs and muddy boots,” Meraude said cheerfully as they guided their horses through the lower gate.  The morning was crisp and clear, and the horses snorted and jigged a little as they made their way to the south gate of the city and turned east along the river bank, breaking into a canter once clear of the city.   As was proper, the women had a small escort – Rory and a sturdy man in Carthmoor livery, and two Marley men, Giles and Pearson.  

They chatted happily whenever they walked their horses between periods of faster pace.   Meraude was a little regretful that Richenda and Alaric weren’t planning a large wedding celebration, but agreed that in all the circumstances, a quiet affair in Marley was more appropriate.  “Apart from a gown for the wedding, you will certainly need some new ones to take to Corwyn,” she said, her eyes twinkling. “You’ll be the centre of attention when you arrive there, my dear, so we mustn’t disappoint them.  I’ve sent messages to several merchants I know here in Rhemuth, and they will have some fabrics for us to look at when we go there later in the week.  And they can always bring others to the castle for us.   Have you any idea when you’ll be leaving Rhemuth?”  

“It depends on who is appointed Bishop of Marbury, and when he chooses to travel,” replied Richenda. “But I expect we’ll leave sometime next week, so there won’t be time to get anything much made before then. I have some very good seamstresses back in Marbury, so I thought to buy fabrics and a few smaller items.”

Meraude nodded approvingly, and made some helpful suggestions for suitable accommodation on her return trip to Marley.  Richenda thanked her, grateful once again for the royal duchess’s friendship and support.  After that, conversation turned to lighter matters, including court gossip and the likely reaction of her father to the news once it reached Rheljan.  “Poor father - he’ll get quite a shock when he sees a royal courier with letters from both His Majesty and the Duke of Corwyn.”

“He’ll probably read yours first, then.  Does he have any idea about your feelings for Alaric?”

“I don’t think so.  I mean, he knew we were acquainted, and of course Alaric was very courteous and pleasant at Twelfth Night court.  But nothing more than that.  Poor father took the news about Bran very badly – I think he somehow blames himself for choosing him as my husband, which of course is ridiculous.  He’ll be completely surprised, but he’ll be glad I’m happy.”

“Not to mention you’ll now be a Duchess whose husband is the King’s Champion,” said Meraude dryly, and Richenda laughed.  

“In the circumstances, this will be beyond Father’s wildest dreams.  His only regret is likely to be that Rheljan is so far from Corwyn, so he won’t be able to see much of Brendan and any other grandchildren.”

“Have you told Brendan yet?”

“No.   I hope it won’t be too difficult.  He adored Bran of course, and it took him a while to accept his death.  And that his papa did something very bad.”  She looked wistfully at Meraude.  “He likes Alaric, but I’m not sure how he’ll accept the idea of a stepfather.  I’m trying to find the right moment to talk to him.  Besides, how well do little boys keep secrets – if Brendan’s happy about it, he’ll want to tell everyone, and the news could be round Rhemuth in a matter of hours.  I’d rather my brother William heard it from Alaric and me rather than as court gossip!”  

“Yes indeed!” Meraude chuckled and they rode on in silence.

Richenda sat next to Alaric at the noonday meal: he’d had a busy morning and the afternoon promised yet more administrative work for Corwyn and Lendour. ”But McKenzie has finished drafting our agreement, so I’ll get Rogan to bring it down for you to read through.  I’ve got a few urgent matters to deal with, so let me work for an hour or two and then come and rescue me - we can sort out any changes.”

A starry-eyed Rogan brought the parchment as promised, clearly delighted to be of service once more.  “Are you going to be working with Duke Alaric this afternoon too?” asked Richenda, thanking him.  “He said he has a lot to do.”

“Yes, my lady,” he said softly.  “I make notes for him and help with the papers, but mostly I try to learn.”  He blushed once more at conversing with her, becoming a little bolder when she smiled encouragingly.  “His Grace has so many different things that he has to consider. But he tries to explain things to me as much as possible and he’s a good teacher.  And I’ve also learnt a lot from his chancellor, Lord Robert.  I’m glad my father sent me to Corwyn.”  Then as if fearing he’d said too much, he hastily took his leave.

Richenda checked the agreement and made several notes, after which she settled down to write a long letter to her Aunt Sofiana in Andelon.   It had been several years since she’d seen her aunt and uncle and their family, and nearly two months since her last letter to them.   She knew Sofiana had been concerned about her marriage to the human Bran, worried about Richenda’s Deryni identity and the welfare and training of her children.  But now with Alaric she could be herself, and Brendan and their future children could be brought up in the full knowledge of their Deryni heritage: there was so much wonderful news to tell.  

I can hardly find the words to express how happy I am, but I know you will understand what it means to me now that I will be marrying one of us, and can truly share myself with my future husband.  At times I feel as though I am dreaming, but then I look down and see his beautiful ring on my finger and I know that I am awake and that it is real.  

At present we are not going to let it be generally known that Brendan and I are Deryni.  Bran’s treachery means there are still many sensitivities about the role of the Deryni last summer, and it is going to be a long time before ordinary people accept that most of us are not like Wencit or Charissa.  Maybe in the years to come, things will improve so that we can all be more open about our powers   Duke Alaric doesn’t think it will be a problem in Corwyn, given that the Dukes there have always been Deryni, but for now we are only telling the few people whom we trust completely and who need to know.”

Of course, there would always be some full Deryni who would look down on Alaric for being a half-breed, but she didn’t think Aunt Sofiana would be one of them.  Indeed, given Alaric’s reputation, she suspected that her aunt would more likely be intrigued, especially when she learnt about his rediscovery of the old healing powers.  Not that she would be telling Sofiana about those in this letter: that disclosure was something she would first discuss with Alaric.   She would also need to write to her younger cousin Rohays, only recently married to the heir of Nur Hallaj, and who would be delighted at her news.   At least Corwyn was a lot closer to Andelon and Nur Hallaj than Marley, so maybe she would see more of her mother’s side of the family.  

She paused in her writing when there was another knock at the door, surprised when Lily admitted Rogan again.   “My lady,” he said, bowing politely and speaking his message with great care.  “His Grace sends his apologies, but His Majesty has called him away and he won’t be able to meet you as planned. He hopes to see you later at supper or Mass though.”

“Of course I understand,” said Richenda, thanking him. “His Grace’s duties to the King must take priority.  But I’ve read the agreement you brought down earlier and made some notes, so perhaps you will take it back to Duke Alaric with my thanks, and tell him we can talk about it when convenient.”  

The blush returned when his hand briefly touched hers as she gave him the document, and she hid a smile as he bowed, stammered goodbye and almost fled out the door.  Being the object of a twelve year old’s adoration was an entirely new and somewhat amusing experience.

She caught up with Alaric after Mass.  He looked tired as he apologised for not seeing her earlier.  “Did you manage to get everything done?” she asked as she took his arm.  

 “I think I’ve slain the worst of the dragons,” he sighed.  “Mackenzie has enough to keep him going while I’m at the funeral tomorrow, and the rest can be finished over the next few days.”   They said good night to Kelson and Duncan, and started up the stairs.    “You don’t have to come to the funeral, you know,” he said quietly. “No one would blame you if you stayed here.  De Lacey wasn’t your local bishop.  God knows, I’ve had enough of funerals – I wish I didn’t have to go.”

“Thank you, but I think I should be there and represent Marley.  Meraude has asked me to go in the carriage with her.  But I won’t take Brendan.”  

They reached her apartments, but he shook his head when Richenda went to pour some wine for them.  Instead he simply took her into his arms, and they stood quietly in front of the fire, enjoying the peace and their closeness.  “Dearest, I need to go - I’m very tired,” he murmured at last, and kissed her gently. “I’ll see you in the morning.  Sleep well.”  

We’ve both had more than enough of funerals, she thought as the door closed behind him.  But my place will be beside you when we are married, and the least I can do is be there tomorrow, even if we won’t be seated together at the service.  She went to call Lily for assistance with her gown.

*     *     *

“I wish I still had a Papa.”   Brendan jabbed his spoon into the porridge bowl, and stirred the blob of honey around.  

“I know you do, dear.”   Richenda kept her voice carefully soothing, hoping they were not going to re-visit Bran’s death yet again.  She’d decided to eat breakfast with Brendan, even though she wasn’t particularly hungry.  The funeral service would be long and full of painful memories, and attending on an empty stomach would not be advisable.  
“Can’t I get another Papa?”   Heavens – where has this idea come from?

“Another papa?”  

“Yes.  Robert has a new Mama.  His first Mama got sick and died but now his Father brought him a new one.  He likes her.”  Brendan shovelled porridge into his mouth.   “Why can’t you get a new Papa for me?”

Get a new Papa for him?   Richenda stifled an urge to laugh: it sounded as though she should place an order with a local merchant.   Could she request Alaric Morgan to be delivered to her apartments …

Hastily suppressing those dangerously entertaining thoughts, she reviewed what she knew about young Robert Sinclair, deciding that she’d ask Meraude about his background.  She hadn’t realised that the quiet young woman introduced to her as Lady Sinclair was a second wife.   But if Brendan was now asking about a new Papa …

“Well, one day I hope I’ll get married again too, like Robert’s father.  Then I’d have a new husband and you would get a new papa.  He would be what they call a stepfather.   That means he’d be just like a father to you.”

Brendan thought about it, then looked up at her, blue eyes carefully appraising.  “Would he like me?”  

“I’m sure he would.  I wouldn’t want to marry anyone who wouldn’t like you and be a good father, would I.”

“No.”  Brendan frowned.  “Why don’t you find someone to marry then?  Someone nice.”  

“I’d like to do that.   Maybe a nice man will ask me to marry him one day.”  

Brendan studied her, then nodded and dug into his porridge.  He made no further comment but she knew the matter would come up again, hours or even days later.  She wondered briefly whether she should have taken the chance to tell him about Alaric, but quickly decided her first instincts were correct.   Brendan liked to think things over in his own time, and if he decided it was a good idea for her to get married again, things would be so much easier when she did tell him.

“Where are you going?” he asked her some time later, watching as Lily helped her into her heavy cloak.  Dark blue over an equally plain dark blue gown, suitable for a funeral service, with Alaric’s lapis earrings somehow only emphasising the starkness.  

“To a special Church service in the Cathedral,” she replied, straightening his tunic and wondering if it were possible that he’d outgrown it even in the short time they’d been in Rhemuth.   “But you have your lessons today – did you tell Master Tremayne that you wrote a letter to Grandfather?”

“Yes.  Will the courier be there yet?”

”Not yet.  You saw the map, didn’t you.  It’s a very long ride, so he might get there tomorrow.”

“Oh.”  Even two days could be an eternity to a four year old.  “Mama?”

“Yes dear?”   Lily checked her mistress’s veil, and handed her some gloves and an extra handkerchief.

“Duke Alaric’s nice.   I like him.  Why can’t you marry him?   Then he could be my papa.”  Brendan regarded her hopefully, pleased at having coming up with a sensible solution.

Before Richenda could reply, Joan had taken his hand and was firmly shepherding him out the door.  “Come along now, young master – your mother has to go, and we don’t want to be late for your lessons.”  His call of “Bye Mama!” was almost lost as the door closed behind them.

The funeral wasn’t as bad as she’d feared, perhaps because she didn’t know Bishop de Lacey personally.   Sitting in a pew beside the Earl and Countess of Eastmarch, she managed to discipline her mind into locking away the memories of other funerals – Rhiannon, Bran, her mother – and concentrated on murmuring the appropriate responses during the Mass.  

Afterwards, as members of the congregation gathered in small groups in front of the Cathedral, she paid her respects to her Uncle Thomas and Bradene, hoping that Meraude would want to return to the Palace as soon as possible.  She was just about to rejoin the Duchess when she heard her name called, and turned to find William.  They hugged each other happily, and he said that he’d just spoken to the Duke of Corwyn, who had asked to meet him that afternoon after dinner, so perhaps he could catch up with her and Brendan after that?  No, he had no idea what the Duke wanted, but the Earl had given him leave for the afternoon.

“Brendan will be glad to see you,” she assured him.  “Be sure to ask him about his writing – he’s very proud of his letter to father.   You’ll be lucky to stop him talking.  And he’ll expect a sword fight with you, so be prepared.  He’s been practising.”   William laughed, promised to ask Brendan all the right questions, and escorted her to Meraude’s carriage.

*     *     *

“We’ll have to tell Brendan after this, Alaric,” she said as they stood looking out the window in his day room, waiting for William to arrive.   “This morning he asked me about getting a new papa.”

“A new papa?”  Alaric’s eyebrow lifted.  “What did he say?”

She laughed, reaching out to link with him and show him the scene at breakfast.  “I wasn’t quite sure which merchant stocks new husbands so that I could place my order.  Or if I bought one at the local markets.   But at least he has suggested you would be suitable.”  

Alaric was still chuckling when Rogan announced Sir William FitzEwan.    

Despite having met Alaric before, William looked distinctly nervous as he entered the room and greeted the Duke with a deep bow.   It was only as he straightened up that he noticed Richenda, still standing near the window.

“Richenda?  What are you … I didn’t expect you here.”  “What are you doing alone in Alaric Morgan’s apartments?” he sent her, puzzled and slightly concerned at the apparent impropriety of her presence, unchaperoned.  He glanced from her to Alaric, as she came forward and kissed him.

“Please sit down, Sir William,” said Alaric cheerfully, holding a chair for Richenda and nodding to a nearby one for her brother.  

“Your Grace - ” he said, hesitantly, still looking at his sister.  “Richenda, what are you doing here?”

“Sit down, young man,” said Alaric gently but firmly, and William found himself sinking onto the chair as indicated.  “I assure you there is no impropriety involved in your sister’s presence here.”   He summoned Rogan with a slight nod, and the boy brought a tray with some wine and three goblets, which he placed on the table.  

“It’s all right, William.”  Richenda held out her left hand to him.  She’d placed the ring back on that hand, and the sapphire winked blue and white fire.  

“Sir William, I am delighted to say that your sister has done me the very great honour of agreeing to be my wife,” said Alaric, settling in the chair next to her and smiling broadly.  “We were betrothed the other day, and I am sorry you were not able to be present.   His Majesty and the Council have approved of course, and we’ve written to your father.”  

Betrothed?”   William glanced between Alaric and Richenda in bewilderment, before taking her hand slowly, his face a study in amazement and disbelief as he examined the ring.  

“Oh William, isn’t it wonderful!” she said softly.  “I almost can’t believe it myself.  We love each other, and to marry another Deryni – it’s as though both our dreams have come true.  Perhaps I could not even dare to dream it, until now.”    Their eyes met, and she sent him swift, intense surge of love and happiness.  “You asked whether I’d seen any more of him, last time,” she reminded him laughingly.  

William swallowed.  “Richenda, I …”.   “You are really going to marry him?  The Duke of Corwyn?”   He shook his head, ran a hand through his hair rather distractedly, and turned back to Alaric.   “Your Grace, I – I, er – I never expected– I mean …”

“I think you need this.”  Alaric poured him a goblet of wine, then did the same for Richenda and himself.  “Perhaps you will join me in drinking to your most beautiful sister, the future Duchess of Corwyn?”

“I will indeed!”  William seemed to have recovered himself as he raised his goblet and they drank.  “Your Grace, please forgive my manners.  May I offer you both my very sincere congratulations and best wishes.   I think we should also drink to both of you and your future together.”    

They sat and sipped their wine in friendly silence for a while.  “Do you think I’ll need to pour him into a bed here at the palace tonight?” sent Alaric in amusement, topping up William’s goblet and watching the young man take another gulp as he attempted to come to terms with the news.  

“Possibly.  You seem to have made a habit of startling my family,” she replied, sending him a glimpse of the magical gryphon banner incident, and she felt his swift laughter.

William seemed to collect himself at last.  “Has this been, er, made public yet?” he inquired.  “The Earl didn’t say anything to me this morning.”

“No, nothing’s been announced formally yet,” replied Alaric.  “The only people who know are the Council members, and His Majesty asked them not to say anything for the moment, so that we had a chance to speak to you, and also let your father and brother receive the news.  Ahead of the flapping tongues of gossip.”

“We did have a long talk to Uncle Thomas Cardiel before the Council meeting,” added Richenda. “I think he was even more surprised than you are, but he’s delighted.  I told him about being Deryni, too.”

“You told him?”  William looked startled.  “What did he say?”

 “I think it helped him understand.  About many things.”  Richenda linked with him again, sending him images of her discussion with the new Archbishop.    “Prince Nigel and Duchess Meraude also know.”

“Both of whom can be trusted completely,” said Alaric calmly.  “And for some reason, they seem to have a very high opinion of your sister!”  He flashed a grin before becoming serious again.

“Sir William, the banns will be posted in Marbury when Richenda returns to Marley.  For reasons that I am sure you will appreciate, we plan a small quiet wedding there on May Day.  Just family and those whom we count as very close friends.”  He paused.  “And also, I am sure you will understand that we think it is desirable that most people should be under the impression that this marriage has been ‘arranged’ by His Majesty and the Council.  It is, after all, an extremely appropriate solution to the situation regarding Marley, especially as His Majesty intends Brendan to inherit as Earl in due course.   It also avoids any questions as to how we managed to fall in love so quickly, given that she has only been here since Twelfth Night.”

“Richenda has observed the proper mourning period,” said William slowly.  “And she was invited to court by His Majesty, so that she could attend my knighting and also provide suggestions to the Council about Marley's regency administration.  Surely most people will think your betrothal was arranged following that.”

“We hope so.  But when the news gets out, you can imagine the gossip, and there is certain to be some jealousy directed at your sister by various women here at court.  A few of them have been trying to entice me into marriage for some time, so may not take kindly to the idea that 'a mere traitor's widow' has succeeded where they did not.   It will be a little easier for all concerned if those people think this has been ‘arranged’ by His Majesty.”  

“If we say that His Majesty and the Council have ‘approved’ our betrothal, most people will assume that this means ‘arranged’,” Richenda smiled.  

“Are you going to make any sort of announcement?” said William, his eyes glinting in wicked anticipation.

“It won’t be necessary,” Richenda assured him, equally mischievous.  “I haven’t been back to the ladies’ solar since the betrothal, but when I do, I am quite sure it won’t take long for my ring to be noticed.  Duchess Meraude’s only request is that she be there to witness the fun.”  

William grinned at Alaric.  “The Earl has arranged for me to be quartered here in the Palace until he returns home at the end of the month.  I rather think I am going to enjoy this.  The rumours will be fascinating.” He paused, assessing the Duke carefully.  “Er, forgive me Your Grace, but may I ask if you’ve sent your apologies to those nine virgins in Lendour?”

Alaric nearly choked on his wine, then leant back in his chair and roared with laughter. “I’m sure you and Lord Torsin will be able to compose a suitable letter between you when the news gets out,” he replied.  

Richenda shook her head at her brother’s boldness. “William, I think you and I should leave Duke Alaric for now.  Brendan will want to have a game with you before his bath and supper, and perhaps you can be there when I break this news to him.  I wanted to tell you first.”   She rose, as did the men, and held out her hand for Alaric to kiss.  “Alaric, I’ll see you at supper, and let you know how things go with Brendan.”

“I’d like to speak to him too,” he said softly. “I’m very fond of him already.”

“Of course.”   “And I know he will love you as his new papa.”

William and Alaric exchanged polite good-byes; she took William’s arm and Rogan held the door open for them, this time without blushing.


Next chapter:
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A Gryphon by the Tail Chapter 21
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2010, 12:46:09 pm »
“We’ll have to tell Brendan after this, Alaric,” she said as they stood looking out the window in his day room, waiting for William to arrive.   “This morning he asked me about getting a new papa.”

“A new papa?”  Alaric’s eyebrow lifted.  “What did he say?”

She laughed, reaching out to link with him and show him the scene at breakfast.  “I wasn’t quite sure which merchant stocks new husbands so that I could place my order.  Or if I bought one at the local markets.   But at least he has suggested you would be suitable.” 

Oh, Jass's son Ciaran would say that you'll probably find that merchant just a couple of stalls over from the one that sells the babies....  :D

“Er, forgive me Your Grace, but may I ask if you’ve sent your apologies to those nine virgins in Lendour?”

I'll have to assume you mean ex-virgins, if Alaric was alleged to have been involved in a midwinter orgy with them?   If not, someone might want to have a bit of a fatherly talk with him before his wedding night.  Or is it just that young William isn't fully aware of how orgies are supposed to work?  ;D
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A Gryphon by the Tail Chapter 21
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Evie - fortunately they are still virgins.  Alaric refused to participate in that orgy, because he told Lord Torsin it required at least 12 to be a 'proper' one.

ETA:   Young William would have liked to tell Alaric that he would be interested in those nine virgins, but (wise lad!) didn't think that suggestion would go down too well with his older sister present  :D

Shame the dates for Ciaran and Brendan are nearly 10 years apart - they'd have fun going to the markets together.  Luckily for all concerned, Brendan's discussion about acquiring babies doesn't occur until they are back in Corwyn later in the summer :)
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A Gryphon by the Tail Chapter 21
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“We’ll have to tell Brendan after this, Alaric,” she said as they stood looking out the window in his day room, waiting for William to arrive.   “This morning he asked me about getting a new papa.”

“A new papa?”  Alaric’s eyebrow lifted.  “What did he say?”

She laughed, reaching out to link with him and show him the scene at breakfast.  “I wasn’t quite sure which merchant stocks new husbands so that I could place my order.  Or if I bought one at the local markets.   But at least he has suggested you would be suitable.” 

Oh, Jass's son Ciaran would say that you'll probably find that merchant just a couple of stalls over from the one that sells the babies....  :D

I've gone to that market stall HUNDREDS of times, but they NEVER have any dukes in stock. Much less any  Alaric Morgans. Nor do any of the Rhemuth merchants. There's no Duke-Making trade guild, even in the capital. Guess I'll have to wait for Kelric to grow up.... ;)

Nice that Brendan already approves of the man he'll get for a step-father! And that he's figured out what would be good for his mother and himself using his child's reasoning. Loved William's reaction to the betrothal news.

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Re: A Gryphon by the Tail Chapter 21
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I've gone to that market stall HUNDREDS of times, but they NEVER have any dukes in stock. Much less any  Alaric Morgans. Nor do any of the Rhemuth merchants. There's no Duke-Making trade guild, even in the capital.

I know, Shiral.   *sighs*   I've visited many fairs and market stalls, and never found any Alarics on sale.  Or Duncans.  Or even Derrys - and believe me, I've looked at lots of horse events for that model too.  :(

Though I fear Richenda will have something to say if we try to run off with her future husband - for some reason, she seems to be rather fond of him   ;D

Alkari's comment moved because somehow it wound up in the Chapter 15 thread. :)
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[September 19, 2019, 10:26:26 pm]

Re: Master of the Hunt terminology by JediMatt1000
[September 19, 2019, 10:24:02 pm]

Re: Master of the Hunt terminology by DesertRose
[September 19, 2019, 10:18:39 pm]

Re: Master of the Hunt terminology by JediMatt1000
[September 19, 2019, 10:11:02 pm]

Re: Master of the Hunt terminology by JediMatt1000
[September 19, 2019, 10:07:16 pm]

Re: Master of the Hunt terminology by Shiral
[September 19, 2019, 09:44:27 pm]

Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread by judywward
[September 19, 2019, 09:14:27 pm]

Re: War of Three Kings - Prologue by DoctorM
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