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--- Quote from: Evie on June 17, 2010, 01:26:48 pm ---Would this work for Araxie?  The hair came out a little less golden than I'd hoped, but I seem to have managed gray eyes....

--- End quote ---

Not bad... not bad at all!  She comes pretty close, actually.

But I need to do some experimentation of my  own....



This is getting about 90% towards my idea of Richenda.  Just needs the slightest touch more red in her hair, and perhaps slightly deeper eyes - but at least these are a lovely blue.

Or perhaps this slight variation?

Maybe someone could add some red tint via Photoshop?  I added red hair to my morphs by putting Ann Margret into the mix, but she can't be the last layer or the hair ends up too red.  Maybe, if you can remember the other woman in the morph, you can try putting Ann Margret about one or two layers from the end and see how that turns out?  Though she's lovely as she is now, and I can easily imagine the added red, especially in the second picture.  You did a good job of getting the heart-shaped face as well. 

Interesting - when you use Ann Margret, you can end up with something like this:-

But I think this ends up just a little older/harsher - or perhaps more Oksana style of 'sultry sex goddess'.  Richenda is 22 is HD, and still only 27 in KKB and so for her I prefer my previous one where I used Cameron Diaz, Milla Jovovich and Grace Kelly.   I could see Alaric losing his heart completely for her!   But Ann Margret may be a very good basis for Jehana ...

 *must stop playing, must stop playing*


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