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OK, I remembered this website last night and have been having inordinate amounts of fun with it:

Ever get stuck trying to cast the Deryni movie, or trying to visualize a story character you're creating, because you can't think of any celebrity who quite looks the part?  Maybe the closest thing you can come up with is something like "Well, I think he'd look something like Hugh Jackman, only the eyes would be blue, maybe something like Paul Walker's, except he'd need red hair..."?   Well, this is a fun website to play with and see just how well those sets of features would morph together!  Just as an example, here's a couple of morphs I made:

My attempt to recreate Catriona, the Lady of Llyr from ANAMCHARA (see the Deryni Fanfic section for a link to that story)

and ...

I morphed a young blond male face onto the "Catriona" picture to get an approximation of what she might look like in her shapeshifting illusion as "Kyle."  

Neither is exactly how I envision them--for one thing, the eye color is still wrong, as both are described as having clear light green eyes--but the one drawback is that the morphing is limited to the existing physical traits of the photos uploaded into it.  However, I think if you want to morph someone's features into a picture and that person isn't in their photo database, you can upload a photo of your own, I think.  It just has to be a shot directly from in front rather than from the side, and with hair as much out of the face as possible.  But the morphing is a good way to at least establish general facial structure and get an idea of what a character might look like, and sometimes you can get lucky with the coloring as well.

Now I'm off to see if I can figure out how to make my own Alaric, Richenda, Kelson, Dhugal, etc.  (And yes, I've already experimented with a Duncan! *grin*)

Oh Man, you had to show me this, did you?   :) Why do I foresee hours of wasted writing time, ahead?

Been thinking of writing another fanfic after a hiatus of a few years.  And I have this mental image of Araxie, but haven't ever been able to create her adequately in my head or in paintings...



--- Quote from: Shiral on June 17, 2010, 12:55:58 pm ---Oh Man, you had to show me this, did you?   :) Why do I foresee hours of wasted writing time, ahead?

--- End quote ---

Happy to be of service.  *smirk!*

Would this work for Araxie?  The hair came out a little less golden than I'd hoped, but I seem to have managed gray eyes....

I tried this one for Alaric:-

Which is getting pretty close to my idea for the guy!  I just need to get the hair a little blonder ...


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