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Is it really wrong of me?

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That even before the cameras start to roll I'm wondering about merchandising?  I'd love to be able to buy a replica Camber medal. Some of the replica jewellery that was made for the Lord of the Rings films was really nice,  and while I think the signet rings etc. would be a bit OTT for me a Camber medal would be cool.  Anyone up for wearing the Eye of Rom in one ear?

Realised the flaw in my plan.  We don't see the Camber medal till Checkmate, do we?  Drat!

believe that there were some "deryni coins" made a few years ago -- They were such that they could have been made into a pendant.

I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm the sure The Noble Collection would love to do a line. Wouldn't Morgan's myriad fans want to wear his signet ring? (I know I would.) And as for when items appear, I don't see that as a problem, merely as a scheduling guide for producing new items in the line—there could be specific tie-ins for every movie release. Start with Morgan's signet, the Eye of Rom, and the Lion Brooch, then progressing with the series to the Camber medal, Maryse's shiral pendant, Duncan's locket brooch, Istelyn's/Duncan's episcopal ring, Kelson's wedding rings and the betrothal ring he gave his Haldane queen, and so on. And don't forget the weapons!

If we're doing merchandising for the Childe Morgan series, I'll take the Furstana emeralds....   :D


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