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Since the game is still on going and we are advancing forward with it. There will be characters, both PC and NPC, who have or gain the Trait of Ritual Magic.

If you want to create your one ritual for use by your character in the game. This is the thread for it. Actual game rules would need to be posted here as well as what the Ritual does.

One such Ritual that we have already seen was by the bearded Deryni with this blood magic for use at the Rhemuth Portal. But the possibilities are endless. However please contact me directly to help with the rules to make sure that such Rituals are not godlike in power.

You can just post if some kind of ritual would be possible as a question too.

A ritual done early on was making a Ward without ward cubes. Aliset did this.  And Columcil knew how to do it from the country folks border magic.  Do we need a ranking on the strength's or duration of different Wards? Is the country folk Ward weaker than a Wards Major. Is a Wards Major of equal strength or lesser strength than the full ward ritual completed by Camber and family.  Or is it not the strength of the ward, as all wards have the same protection but rather the length of time that they could persist with out added energy to them? There were also the fear wards that were activated or enhanced by Feyd.  Or is the difference in wards the energy cost that it would take to tear them down. The fear wards came down with out too much difficulty but then I don't think of them as full warding.

Wards really aren't a ritual but they are used in most to prevent spillage of power or energy that has been built up.

But as a general rule of thumb. The following would be true.

All warding is powerful and difficult to breach.
Border Wards would be the weakest and easiest to breach, as that magic isn't exactly the same as the magic used by the Deryni
Wards raised by the hand, without the use of Ward Cubes (Wards Major) would be more powerful than border Wards. This warding is generally done in Duel Arcanes.
If an area is prepared in advance, such as a Ritual area, and Wards are raised without the use of Ward Cubes, these would be more powerful than Wards done on the spur of the moment.
A Ward raised with Ward Cubes is very powerful and almost impossible to breach or force down.
And a Ward raised with Ward Cubes and prepared for such Warding in advance is powerful indeed. Camber might be able to breach it as he his in Kelson's time but not when he was living. Divine intervention could breach it but nothing mortal.

As for the Wards that Feyd did at the ruins, those really weren't the same kind of Wards. Using the scale above, those would be like the Border Warding in power.


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