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Greetings everyone!

      My name is Matt and I live in Phoenix, AZ with my wife. I have been following KK for a number of years and I had no idea a webforum like this existed up until a few days ago.

     I'm currently reading the Camber of Culdi trilogy and it has been very riveting so far. I have read the Deryni books out of order somewhat; but I loved The Adept, and Knights Templar series.

     Katherine is a wonderful and amazing writer, I love the way she delves into these worlds and characters. I actually cried a lot when Cathan was killed at the hands of Imre. I really have a heart for Camber.

      Thank you all so very much for this place. I look forward to being as active on here as possible.

Welcome to the Castle, JediMatt1000!

As you may have intuited by my username, I'm a native of Arizona (though way up north, Page), and I lived in Phoenix for a while when I was a kid.  I miss my desert (I live in Florida now).

Glad to have you here, and I don't think anyone (certainly not any active member) here came to the books in as backwards a fashion as I did.  I picked up Deryni Magic at a large book sale, read it and was both confused and intrigued enough to start accumulating the rest of the series in used book shops.

I am most fond of the Camber and Heirs trilogies; they make me sad and angry at all the lost knowledge that is evident in comparison to Kelson's (et al) time, but they're so well written!  I love the Adept series too, and I need to refresh my memory on the Templar books.

Again, welcome!

Welcome JediMatt1000, glad your are joining us!

Greetings from across the pond

Welcome Jedi Mat1000, if you love the Deryni Universe and Katherine's writing, you're in the right place.  Glad you found us.



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