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In the original version of Tiny Dungeon, which is the ruleset we use in this game, it didn't have any way to gain experience or advance your characters beyond the initial Traits.

So I incorporated some advancement rules that another homebrewed Tiny Dungeon campaign used. That was the fail 6 times and succeed 6 times before you get a new Trait.

I also incorporated Hero Points, which are used in a lot of RPGs under various names, to help fight back against the "Torenthi dice rolls."

However there is a revised edition of Tiny Dungeons out now. And it does have official advancement rules. Using the age old (in RPGs) rules of Experience Points. I am going to have us adapt to the official system which wasn't that far off from what we were using with the Hero Points actually. And I'm going to incorporate some of our Hero Point rules into the Experience Point system.

So that means. Hero Points are no more. No one has any, no one gets any. They simply no longer exist. However everyone does have Experience Points now instead. And everyone will be getting more Experience Points in the future too.

The cost for things in Experience Points is a little higher than what we had in Hero Points but everyone will have more Experience Points anyway.

Here is the new break down:

2 Experience Points = Add 1 die to Initiative Tests. If the character already has Advantage, they do gain a 4th die but only the top 3 dice are used to determine Initiative.

3 Experience Points = This lowers the Test success threshold by 1 point. Thus instead of succeeding on a 5 or 6, you can succeed on a 4, 5, or 6. as an example. You may spend up to 6 Experience Points thus dropping the Test success threshold by 2 points. *NOTE* the success number cannot be lower than 3. If by spending Experience Points in this manner would lower the threshold to less than 3, then excess becomes extra dice. Example. If your Test would normally succeed on a 4 or higher and you spend 6 Experience Points it would drop it only to 3 and you would get 1 extra die to roll.

3 Experience Points = Once per combat, you can declare that the wound suffered was superficial and remove 1 hit point of damage.

4 Experience Points = Make a small change to their location (finding an unlocked window, finding something to help the current situation that would be reasonably available.)

6 Experience Points = Increase your Hit Points by +1 or Movement by +5 feet

8 Experience Points = A new Proficient or Mastered Weapon

10 Experience Points = A new Trait, GM's permission on some Traits is required

In a face to face game, I would hand out Experience Points at the end of every session. Since we have a play-by-post game, it is difficult to know when a session would begin and end. So I am open to suggestions on this part. I am still thinking of the best way to do award Experience Points in this type of gaming.

If we make a session being Monday to Sunday. That could work out too and just use the regular rules for awarding XP by the session. Most game sessions are once a week or so unless you are diehard and game every day. Not that I would know anyone like that ...

So the official rules are:

Experience Points
At the end of every session, the GM will award experience.
For the GM: Players should receive 1-3 experience per session, awarded to “the group as a whole,” meaning everyone in the group gets the same amount of experience for their individual character.
Experience is generally awarded as follows:
• 1 for the group as a whole for good roleplay.
• 1 for the group as a whole for defeating enemies (not per enemy, just if they defeated any enemies).
• 1 for the group as a whole for advancing the plot and their goals.
• 1 for the group as a whole if players contributed to the out of game enjoyment of the session (snacks, music, carpooling, hosting at their home).

Naturally we can't use the last one since we are all playing from different locations and some of them are a bit far apart from each other. But we could add:
• 1 for the group as a whole for surviving.
• 1 for individual players as the GM feels like giving out on his whim.
• 1 for one individual player from a random (chosen by the GM) player as they see fit to give but they can't give it to themselves.


We are going to go ahead and consider our game session to be weekly. So on Sunday's I will give out the earned XP for the group. It will be announced in chat and posted to the forum as well. Either in this thread or a new one that will be created for it.

The amount will vary from week to week. It will never be less than 1 XP unless there are no posts at all for an entire week. I will give out the XP that the entire group gets. Everyone will get the same amount, it's not split or anything.

If I give out any additional XP it maybe awarded to the group has a whole or it maybe awarded to an inividual player.

There is also going to be a peer XP award. It will work like this:
During the Sunday chat, I will roll 2d6 and consult a table that I've thrown together. All 4 players are on this table 8 times. with 4 "special" results.

The special results are as follows:
No bonus peer XP award, that is if the dice come up as 1,1.
No bounus peer XP award, but everyone gets DOUBLE the group award, that is if the dice come up as 6,6.
There are 2 spots on the table that will allow everyone to give a peer award, otherwise it will just be one random player.

The random player gets to give 1 XP to any other player of their choice if they are selected in the roll. Or the random player can decided to not give it away, but they can't keep it themselves. It will be lost. The random player can give the XP award to anyone they want for any reason they want or no reason at all. It can be random too.

I've attached my random table :)

Will it be possible for members to give experience points to another member of the team? I'm thinking of situations where a team member might draw energy or expertise from another team member. As an example Aliset goes into a trance to try and contact Washburn; having entered into rapport with Darcy and Columcil she draw energy from them enabling to reach further and deeper and prolong the contact. Is it possible for all team members involved to use up an XP to make this contact more likely, obviously by prior consent, or can XPs only be used on a team member's turn?

that's a good question. let me look it over for a bit.

Like if it takes three XP to lower the test by one point and three player characters join in Rapport to make that test, then One point from each player character.
I like that.


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