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Pretenderís Gambit- Chapter Seven

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No need to wait, Laurna.  Editing is something I'm able to do even if there are frequent interruptions (like when I'm working front desk, which is most of the time lately), since it doesn't require me to be creative, just detail-oriented, and I can pick it up right where I left off even minutes later. Writing original content is what takes the peace and quiet that I don't have very much of lately.  If I get interrupted every five minutes while trying to write a story scene from scratch, it will either turn out completely incoherent or will require the full day to complete a few paragraphs.  :( Although it would be best to have peace and quiet for doing both tasks, editing someone else's content is much easier under such circumstances. It just goes a lot more slowly than it would under optimal conditions.


--- Quote from: Laurna on April 18, 2018, 03:02:31 pm ---and not on my silly story telling

--- End quote ---

I wanted to call a little bit of attention to this phrase.  It's not a silly story, nor are you doing something silly by telling it.  Go re-read that poem I posted "Of Stories, Oft Repeated" for a good reason to tell stories and to read and re-read them.

You're a good storyteller, and it's important to write and tell and share stories.  :D

Lovely story Laurna. And thank you for sharing the fruits of your imagination with us.


--- Quote from: Laurna on April 18, 2018, 12:41:38 pm ---I want to thank our lovely Revanne for giving the prayer on Alister's gifted tile. Even a year after it was told to me, I still love it.
Thank you Revanne.

--- End quote ---
My pleasure

Thank you so much for this new chapter I so enjoyed reading it. Stories are important and you are a wonderful  storyteller. I hope you will continue to share your  stories with us.


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