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So i'm Yann (a britton name) a.k.a Aang, 32, from Montpellier, Southern France. English language is not an exercise i'm familiar with so I hope you will forgive any future errors (and don't hesitate to point it at me by pm so I could progress).

I have been a fan since 15 years. I begin to read KKB when I was 16 or 17 and continue with the all serie. As a teen, the world created by Ms Kurtz  had something i could easely relate to. And the fate of the Deryni (for a Frenchman living un post-WW2 Europe and a History graduate) had something very palpable for me (as for many of us, i should say).
As written in my profile, i'm fond of Javan and Kelson, two characters somewhat similar that make the boy I was dream if kingship, chivalry, hardships and magic.

I am an avid fantasy reader (LoTR, french fantasy novels, Darkover).


And if you need English help, I majored in English as did another forum admin (Evie), so we can probably help you if you need/want.  :D

Aang, Hello!

I give you a very warm welcome to Rhemuth Castle. Please join us on the forum, AKA the castle's great hall, and listen to all the gossip, AKA stories, and ideas, and inquires about all things Deryni. We are a good group of people and enjoy good company.


Bonjour, Aang!  Bienvenue au château de Rhemuth! J'espère que vous apprécierez votre séjour avec nous.  I took French at university, but that was over 30 years ago, so you can blame Google Translate for any errors in the sentences above.  ;D  I have forgotten most of the French I once learned, and I was never fluent in it (your English is better than my French was even when I was studying it), but I managed to communicate in my very rusty French when I visited Strasbourg and Colmar last spring.  (My husband and I went on a Rhine river cruise that included some bus excursions into Alsace.)

Bienvenue Aang au Chateau de Rhemuth - (ou peut-etre ca devrait etre donjon car c'est du moyen age?). I hope you enjoy the stories and the conversations.


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