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Pretender's Gambit- Chapter Five

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A moving chapter, Laurna. I'm still not sure what to think of Vince, though.  I fear there is something he is hiding.

(And "squeee" for a new story from revanne!)

Good morning Ladies, I thank you for your reading on and your continued support.

--- Quote from: Demercia on April 19, 2017, 06:50:31 am ---Better and better

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Thank you, Demercia

--- Quote from: revanne on April 19, 2017, 09:24:01 am ---It's  good to hear of Gilrae d'Eirial again. Strangely enough a descendant of his brother will appear in the story I am writing at the moment, although at the speed I write it'll be a while before anything is posted.

--- End quote ---
I hope you will see Bishop Gilrae d'Eirial more in the following story after this, (which may be a while yet in posting).
Your writing, neat!  I understand the speed, or lack-there-of. so no worries. But writing is GOOD!
And sorry if I made you cry.  ;D

--- Quote from: DerynifanK on April 19, 2017, 10:51:56 am --- Just when you think the Festils can't get any worse, they do! Methinks Imre will pay for his acts against the people. Not a good idea to make all the citizens of a kingdom hate you.

--- End quote ---

Imre II is a 55 year old bitter man brought up to think he should have more than he has. This Event and then the Killingford event (which is completely in KK hands) were the Festils major attempts to steal back the throne. (Before Kelson and Charissa). No caring for the common folk in any of these events.  :'(

--- Quote from: Jerusha on April 19, 2017, 11:16:10 am ---A moving chapter, Laurna. I'm still not sure what to think of Vince, though.  I fear there is something he is hiding.

(And "squeee" for a new story from revanne!)

--- End quote ---
Jerusha, Washburn has much to thank you for. You introduce him to Healers. Now,Vince too has much to thank you for.  I will explain later.  ;D

I will ask for a little of your patience for the next chapter.  I may be a bit late in posting it, there are rewrites involved.
When I first showed this to Evie, it was only a prologue for my other story. The trouble was it was two chapters long, and Evie was like: "You can not have a two chapter prologue." and it also ended in an abrupt spot. I had intended to tell the full of this story in flash back scenes throughout the later story, but then it became clear this was a stand alone. So thank Evie for all of her hard work in making me make this readable. And I thank you for indulging in my summery of all the info gathered from the Codex. I know I add a lot of people, but they are all there in the codex and they all wanted their moments on the page.

Your story is wonderful.

We will wait on your convenience, my lady.

How you keep all these characters in your head is an amazement to me.

Patience is freely given, for we know it will be well worth the wait.   :)

I'm glad I was able to provide what assistance I could for Sir Washburn.  After all, he got me to our destination without falling underneath the horse's hooves!  If only we could have arrived sooner....

I am wondering, of course, what it was I did for Vince....

All will be revealed when the time is right, I am sure.   :)

Will try to compose myself in patience but it is really hard. Wonderful writing, enjoying every minute


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