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The stories "Pretense of Strength" and "The Mischief Makers" (aka the "Jon stories") are being removed at AnnieUK's request, although "A Leap of Faith" and "The Battle of Brendan" will remain for our reading enjoyment.  I didn't want anyone to panic and think these stories were inadvertently lost during the fanfiction board redesign.

ETA: Added "The Battle of Brendan" to the original post.

I am sorry to see 'Jon's stories' go. I just hope that means somewhere in the future they will be reinvented into something independent. Good luck, Annie.

I have always thought that Jon was the prototype for Silas in her Changers of Chandris series.  He might not be, but I found there were many similarities.

Well, they did overlap for a while, in terms of when they were being written, so that's maybe why. The main character I've got in my co-written series probably shares traits, too, honestly, but the characters in the two solo things I'm noodling around with are very different.

Fun, Fun Annie. One can not but love that which requires "noodling around".  ;D


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