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Petition unto his gracious majesty and most good lord, King Kelson.

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May it please your majesty:

We who are living in turbulent and uncertain times do most humbly beseech asylum and refuge under your majesty's protection in your realm of Gwynedd. Though we be but human we have ever had the most profound admiration and respect for all things Deryni and can assure your majesty of our heart-felt loyalty and devotion towards your majesty and all your council, in especial towards his excellency Bishop Duncan and their graces Duke Alaric of Corwyn and Duke Dhugal of Cassan.

If it should please your majesty to incline with merciful assent to this our piteous petition, may it also please your majesty to send the aforesaid luminaries of your majesty's court to enable our coming to you by means of the portal at Rhemuth Castle, by which we have learnt much of the glorious doings of your majesty but have so far, alas, been unable to enter into your most blest realm.

Begging to remain your majesty's most loyal and obedient servants.

Those of us in the northern quadrants would humbly accept passage into your most noble realm. We do not fear your magic, but would welcome it with the mysteries of our own northern lights.

We of the western Provence do likewise ask if temporary asylum can be granted, at least until such time as our own people regain their sanity. At which point, we would humbly like to return home bringing all that we have learned from Good Gwynedd to our crazed friends and family.

Your majesty,

I commend to you those seeking sanctuary, and request your hospitality and compassion towards them until they feel - as only they may justly judge - ready to return to the honest welcome of those who remain within our lands.

To your, and their, very good health.

We sincerely hope you will consider our petition favorably and welcome us as loyal subjects in Gwynedd and allow us to offer our talents to your service


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