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Has anyone ever written a fanfic in this style?  That is, consisting of various people writing letters to each other about the events---each from his/her own point of view?  I'm thinking something like the account of the wedding of Lord Peter Wimsy and Harriet Vane at the beginning of "Busman's Honeymoon."

The Moonstone also comes to mind.

But no, I haven't used this style myself.

I find epistolary style to be difficult to write, myself.

Perhaps the art of writing letters at all is being lost in the age of email, IM, and text messages. :D

Part of the problem is to find a different "voice" for each of the letter-writers.

Here's a challenge--retell one of the canon novels or stories from the point of view of a minor character writing to a friend/relation.

That would be fun. But I can't even finish what I started so I am NOT starting anything new.


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