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For Katherine, who inspired me

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It seems like this might be the most appropriate method to contact Katherine if I'm not able to make the chats. I hope it works and that nobody will mind.

For Katherine: We met back in 2000 at PhilCon. I blubbered all over you about how you were my favorite author and inspiration, and later that weekend we and another of your fans got to tour the Masonic temple in Philadelphia. The next summer, you were kind enough to invite me for tea and fish and chips while I was doing my anthropological fieldwork in Ireland. Whenever I hear someone say not to meet your idols, I vehemently disagree with them and use my meetings with you as my proof that it can far exceed any expectation.

I never mentioned that in addition to being an anthropologist-in-training, I was also an aspiring writer. I didn't want you to think that I wanted anything from you. But I was, and I am, and soon, I will be a published novelist! My first novel will be coming out in June from Angry Robot--a mid-level U.K. publisher with a solid reputation. Think Trader Joe's in comparison to the Big Five.

These novels are pulp adventure fantasy set in San Francisco and China. They're about as different from the Deryni novels as fantasy can get, but you are still my inspiration. My goal as an author is to inspire someone like you inspired me. I'll be thanking you in my acknowledgments, but I also wanted to reach out and thank you personally. I wouldn't be here if not for you.

Thank you again for being a light, an inspiration, a gracious lady, and my all-time favorite author.


Alyc Helms

Welcome to the boards!

Your story is touching. Katherine is a very sweet lady who has inspired many. Paying it forward will indeed be a great tribute to her.

Congratulations on your upcoming publication. Best of luck to you.

Welcome, Alyc!  Katherine doesn't frequent the forum very often (although she is nearly always at Sunday chats), but I would be glad to forward this thread to her attention so she doesn't miss it.

Thank you both very much  :)

Evie, did you get a minute to call KK's attention to this?  If you haven't gotten around to it, I will, but I don't want to email her twice about the same thing.  :)

alyc, welcome to the forum!  We're glad to have you here.


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