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Adding the Deryni setting to Kindle Worlds?

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Apologies if I posted this in the wrong place, but I was wondering if KK had considered entering her Deryni world to the Kindle Worlds program to allow writers to write fan fiction and earn royalties on sales.

Here's the link to Kindle Worlds if you're not familiar with it:

Basically, writers write stories and submit them, they go up for sale, and each purchase nets the writer, Amazon, and the intellectual property owner a percentage of royalties.

Hi there,

Katherine is very receptive and generous about fans writing fanfiction in her universe, so long as it is for the mutual enjoyment of the author and their  fan audience. And as long it is on a not-for-profit basis. She does ask that if we use canonical characters, that we don't make them do things that go completely against their nature, literarily speaking. I'm not saying she would be immediately hostile to the Kindle Universe concept, but once money starts changing hands, things just DO get more complicated.  It also sounds like this arrangement would make intellectual property issues more complicated. Since the books are the largest part of Katherine's livelihood, I think it's fair to say she and her publishers would approach this idea with extreme caution.


So that's how that works!  I had wondered how Amazon was getting away with selling fanfic, but if the intellectual property owner gives consent and can actually financially profit from the sale of fanfic works, then that's a whole new ball game.   ;D   That seems like it would be a win-win scenario, at least if the intellectual property owner can set down rules as to how his/her world and characters may and may not be used.  (Just thinking back to the debacle a few decades ago when the Pern fandom Weyrs were nearly shut down because a few idiots thought it would be fun to publish pornographic stories depicting Anne McCaffrey's copyrighted characters....)

No, I have no idea if KK even knows about this option, but it sounds like an interesting question to bring up in chat, since I don't know how often she checks the forum for questions.

There are some big players in this market now, and they can set conditions. Hugh Howey has licensed his "Wool" universe, I believe, with the stipulation that people stay away from the silos he is writing about. There's also The Vampire Diaries, and Kurt Vonnegut, amongst others.

I can see where this type of arrangement would work in worlds where the original author is no longer contributing new stories. But if the original author still has plans to write new material, than that original author might suddenly feel constrained where a fan fiction story covered a subject or a time of interest. This is why so many fan-fiction sites recommend that original authors don't read the fan-fiction for their worlds. This contributed to(among other things) my own fear of putting something out on the web.

I'm not sure it would be in KK's best interested until she it completely retired from this world.

Also I noted that only 20% of the fanfic can be placed as free samples on a website or blog.  I personally found it more rewarding to share something free with people who are responsive, than to make a penny off of it and get criticized.


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