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Proposed plot for film sequel to KKB

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I have BTE's file in PDF form, Laurna.  I'll email you the file.

Either Bynw worked his magic, or my Scottish laptop speaks the right language. I've been able to download all attachments just fine.

Now I just need to squeeze in some time to read them!  :)

An interesting point of Bryony finding she's a Healer.  Someone did a fanfic in which she found out inadvertently that she could when her kitten was hurt.  She was petting him and thinking very hard about him being well. . . .and suddenly he was.

I'm guessing that a lot of Healers find their talent that way, especially those not from Healer families.

^ That sounds like a callback to Rhys and the cat in that Archives story "Catalyst".

In this case, it's a reference to Rhys and Evaine's Healer daughter from the Codex, as well as being useful for reconciling Morgan to the fact of his little girl growing up and serving a subplot.

Yes, hello there. I've finally acquired an iPad (via lease), so I'm not totally out of reach. I don't know when I can rejoin the Sunday chats, since I can't afford wifi at home, and the public library doesn't allow IRC on its computers (and when they are open on Sundays, they close at 5:30 or 6:00 local time). As many of you know from bitter personal experience, poverty sucks.

Hi -good to hear from you. If you can make the chat room 1pm Eastern Time there's often someone there as it works for lunch time Eastern /central US and tea/supper time UK where a few of us lurk


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