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Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Jerusha on September 11, 2018, 05:58:26 am »
A very nice furtherance of the plot.  Loved it!
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by revanne on September 11, 2018, 03:11:02 am »
Stunning writing again Laurna.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Laurna on September 11, 2018, 01:11:58 am »
Earl Brendan cursed the enemy. Fully understanding, Prince Javan finished forwarding his latest Rapport from his father. For Brendan, part of the news was dire. A spy had reported just an hour ago that the whereabouts of the youngest Morgan had been uncovered; somewhere in the mountainous high country of Meara, deep in the dungeon keep of the Pretender Queen. Also in the keep was the youngest son of the late Grand Duke Teymuraz, the self claimed Grand Duke Valerian Phourstanos -Furstan. Javan almost did not pass on the most confidential portion of this information. “The youngest son of Alaric has been changed. His memories are subverted. It is reported that he hates his family.” The pain on Brendan’s face hurt Javan’s heart. “Brendan, my father has told me to withhold this from you. He decided it would be best if you were not the one to go after your brother. Your position between Prince Albin and I is assured. I will send others to seek Washburn and to bait him out if we can.”

“Your Highness, you know I have to go. For my love of my mother, for Kelric, and for Washburn, I have to do this.”

“Do you? Are you sure? His Majesty insisted that I refuse to let you go. Just short of making it an order, that is. Lord Brendan, You and the king are really close, We are brothers by marriage. You know right well and trust the instincts of my father. You might not heed my orders if I hold you back, but I think you will do as your father's best friend asks of you.”

Brendan was stunned for a momement, then he stammered. “My King, nay my friend, asked me to find my brother, your brother by marriage, just yesterday! Just this little bad news and you expect me to sit back; let other’s handle this? What is the fear? That my youngest brother has turned against me, that I would not have the wherewithal to overcome him?” He stopped his pacing and stared at the royal prince for a hard moment. “At least I am motivated to not outright kill him, as others who have been sent out to find him might do. I presume this spy has orders to kill Wash, if it comes to the survival of the Duke of Corwyn vs the Corwyn Spare. Don’t look so shocked. Yes, we always called him the Spare, but it was in jest. Wash knew that, he never resented it. I can not believe an assassin could manipulate that jest into a vengeful abhorrence.”

It was Javan’s turn to bite his lip, not wanting to fully repeat what the spy had said about Washburn’s mind. “You have it right, the spy is under that order. The sons of Teymuraz are in no way to ever have influence over Corwyn. The survival of Gwynedd relies on our southeastern duchy. Kelson has already requested of Kelric to renounce Washburn from the line of succession.”

“What!” the earl of Marley came closer to Javan. “He won’t do that! There is no proof of treason in anything Washburn has done.”

“Not as yet. The renunciation is meant to reduce any chance of a future betrayal. Look, Brendan, we are talking here, just you and I, no one else knows of this. If I force you to stay with the army, you will stay? You will get to Kelric’s side that much faster.”

Brendan chewed his lip, turned and paced the small wooded area beside where the army had chosen to rest for an hour before finishing their march to Cuilteine. The army had moved much faster than anticipated, with only one eight hour break in the last twenty-four hours. All the men seemed anxious to get into Meara. There were no complaints thus far about the walking distance or the speed. The army was fit and that was something to be said for the Kelsonian training centers.  Training centers to which Sir Washburn had been a leading member.

“If Kelric renounces, Wash, our young brother is lost to us. He will have lost his value as ransom. The Mearan resistance will either subvert him to act under their banner, or they will kill him outright. All efforts of rescue will be pointless.” Brendan had hit on it, that is why the king had put a halted to his search. “No, I know Kelric better than that. He won’t do it. Not without cause. I am going north on the Cuitreine road. I am going to find my brother and I am going to bring him home. We will work out his memory problems after he’s back in Rhemuth.”

The royal prince of the realm studied the earl for a long minute. In the background his guards were getting anxious about this long solitary conversation. “That is what I told my father that you would say. That is why he left the ultimate decision in my hands. I won’t make an order you would be forced to disobey. That should not be on your conscience, too, not with all that you are going to need to deal with.” Javan pulled the wine skin off his belt, he took a long swig of the good quality wine. When it was half empty, he took a small blue veil out from his pouch. He poured the contents into the wine skin, capped it, and shook it well. Then he handed it across to his friend. “I think you know what I just put in here. If you do find Wash, and he is deranged, have him drink from this. Meresha may keep you from helping him, but it will keep him from harming you. The orders from my father are that I insist upon this much. If it comes to choosing between you or Washburn, you are the one who must survive.”

Brendan angrily took the skin from Javan’s hand. ”We will both survive! That is my vow!”

“A vow I will hold you too.” The prince began walking toward the guards and their horses beyond. “When we reach Cuilteine. I am sending Lord Jaxom north to assess the ruins where Lord Sextus holds guard on the portal. The ruins lie on lands bordering Trillshire. Jaxom knows the people and they respect him.” Unlike everyone on this march, Brendan could not help but think. Javan must have been thinking the same, for he gave a smile, the first one since his Rapport with his father. “Use Jaxom to help you find what you need. He is… well you know what he is… but at least he had some respect for your youngest brother. Those memories may not have been tampered with in Washburn, Jaxom may be the connection to finding the real Wash inside.”

Brendan shook his head and gave an irritated laugh. “So you found a legitimate means of freeing yourself of that pompous loot.”

“Why, yes, I believe I have!” Javan said, clapping the older man on the shoulder as they entered the company of the Haldane lancers.
General Information, Question, and/or Ideas / Re: Modern Day impact of Deryni
« Last post by revanne on September 10, 2018, 03:33:58 pm »
In some ways the Reformation Era was more backward and intolerant than the eras that preceded it. So it was the 16th and 17th centuries, not the middle ages, which saw the burning of large numbers of women as witches.(There is a fascinating though not strictly relevant line of research which suggests that the suspicion of wise women grew as the -strictly male-  professionalisation of knowledge developed) In England witchcraft itself was not a crime until 1536, prior to that one was prosecuted for the crime that was alleged to have been committed by means of witchcraft i.e. If someone was accused of killing someone else by witchcraft they were tried for murder not witchcraft.

I think the medieval church often gets blamed for atrocities the guilt for which rightly belongs to the early modern church - that would be true of the awful things you saw in South and Central America, Laurna. I'm not in any way seeking to justify them but to suggest that our view of the middle ages has been skewed by the view prevalent over the last few centuries that things must of necessity be getting better. The doctrine of progress whuch CS Lewis criticised as chronological snobbery.

Not sure if this rant belongs here -apologies if not. I think where it might be relevant is to suggest that modern Deryni would not necessarily be more ethical than their medieval predecessors.
General Information, Question, and/or Ideas / Re: Modern Day impact of Deryni
« Last post by Laurna on September 10, 2018, 11:43:18 am »
Nice Evie, that is good information.
Archbishop Duncan will go down in history as the founding Father of the Kelsonian Schola of Healing and Medicine.
General Information, Question, and/or Ideas / Re: Modern Day impact of Deryni
« Last post by Evie on September 10, 2018, 10:17:09 am »
So many things to comment on!

Medically - Europe went back hard at the end of the Middle Ages; as other posters have mentioned, contrary to propaganda the Medievals valued cleanliness highly. The various plagues such as the Black Death (which was wasn't even called that until centuries later) seems to have wiped out the cream of healers. Interestingly, this seems to have ended 'the age of miracles' - presumably most miracle workers died fighting the plague, with the result that the abilities could not be passed on, or where they were they weren't taught properly.

I'm probably about to go on a tangent here that might ought to go into a separate thread altogether--maybe one called "What Medieval Deryni Healers might logically have known" or something like that--but as you can probably tell from my previous posts on the topic, the subject of how so much ignorance managed to creep into the field of medicine by the Reformation period, when there are extant documents showing our medieval ancestors knew more than their 17th and early 18th Century descendants did in some aspects of the profession, has been a source of intrigued speculation to me for years.

But here are some quotes I happened upon last night from a book I am currently reading about medieval daily life (Everyday Life in Medieval Times, by Marjorie Rowling) that help to illustrate the knowledge gap.

One bit of knowledge that seems clearly to have been lost along the way was the importance of good hygiene in addition to good bedside manner. From Instruction for the Physician Himself we see this portrayal of an eleventh-century doctor, written by Constantinus Africanus, a teacher at the University at Salerno who was born in Carthage in the early eleventh century: "Let the physician have clean hands and well shapen nails, cleansed from all blackness and filth." The passage goes on to advise using comforting proverbs and good tales to make his patient laugh and 'induce a light heart to the sick man.'" Some other bits of advice from this book seem just as applicable today as when they were written. "Use three physicians still--first Dr. Quiet, next Dr. Merryman, and third Dr. Diet."  And also "If you would health and vigour keep, shun care and anger ere you sleep. All heavy fare and wine disdain / From noonday slumber too, refrain. Each day to walk awhile you should, for this will work you naught but good. These rules obey and you will find / Long life is yours and tranquil mind." Not a bad bit of holistic advice there, and that much at least probably managed to get passed down to later generations, but sadly the handwashing and nail cleaning did not make the list of things that got passed down to later centuries of medical practitioners.

From a 1271 statute by the medical faculty of Paris, at a time when there was still a divide between the practices of surgery and medicine, and jealously guarded secrets within each branch (which, IMO, unfortunately helped lead to the future loss of knowledge when those who know the trade secrets were lost during the later epidemics): "Since certain manual operators do not know how to administer medicines or the relation which medicines have to disease, since those matters are reserved exclusively to the industry of the skilled physician...we strictly prohibit that any male or female surgeon, apothecary, or herbalist presume to exceed the limits of their craft, so that the surgeon engage only in manual practice, the apothecary or herbalist only in mixing drugs which are to be administered only by masters in medicine or by their license."   What fascinates me about this is the mention of female surgeons. We know that in the 1200s, the University at Salerno still permitted women to be physicians (and it would seem from this passage, there were also female surgeons), which makes sense because even in that more gender segregated time period, they recognized the need for female doctors for female patients. Yet in later centuries this would become a profession that women were barred from until the late 1800s, IIRC.  Women were still permitted to be midwives by the early 1800s, but they weren't going to medical schools.

Contrary to popular belief, the Church did not make dissection entirely illegal in the Middle Ages, although they did restrict the practice to a limited number of allowed dissections a year. Since the number of people allowed to view each dissection was also limited, and a student who had seen one dissection could not see another one carried out that same year, that also cut down on how many physicians and surgeons got a practical knowledge of anatomy in their university studies. Of course, this was inadequate, but that ruling was in part due to some backlash against the practice that developed during the Crusades of boiling the dead so that only their bones would have to be carried back home for burial. The Church, rightly or wrongly, thought that practice of desecrating a corpse (as it viewed it) for convenience's sake was abusive and therefore tried to restrict it, and the statutes passed as a result ended up spilling over into over-regulation of the disposal of corpses for dissection purposes. So while that over-regulation hampered efforts to learn more about anatomy and teach it to medical students, that seems to have been more of an unintended consequence than a primary goal.

We have extant Roman era surgical tools used for cataract surgery, for trepanning to relieve pressure inside the skull after a head injury, and they seemed to be fairly well versed in treating what we would call sports injuries, and some of that knowledge seems to have continued on into at least the earlier Middle Ages. Plastic surgery was known in at least some crude form; here is a description of a nose reconstruction done from a skin graft taken from the patient's upper arm in 1456:  "And he inserted the remains of the mutilated nose into the skin of the upper arm, and bound them up so tightly the man could not even move his head. After 15-20 days, Branca [Antonio Branca, the younger of a father/son pair of plastic surgeons in that period] little by little cut open the bit of flesh that adhered to the nose and reformed it into nostrils with such skill that the eye could scarcely detect where it had been joined on, and all facial deformity was completely removed. Branca healed many wounds which it seemed that no resource of medical art could cure."

In the 14th Century, Guy de Chauliac describes the use of anesthesia. "Some surgeons prescribe medicaments such as opium, the juice of the morel, hyoscyamus, mandrake [aka mandragora], ivy, hemlock, lettuce, which send the patient to sleep so that the incision may not be felt. A new sponge is soaked in the juice of the above and dried in the sun; before use water is added to the sponge then held under the patient's nose until he goes to sleep."  That all sounds far preferable to just getting drunk and biting down on something to help with the pain! Guy de Chauliac is also one source of our modern knowledge of the forms of plague that swept through Europe in the mid-1300s, having come down with it himself and been one of the lucky survivors.

 So to attempt to drag this little tangent kicking and screaming back to the original discussion topic, in addition to Deryni Healers having some advantages regular physicians, no matter how well trained, would have lacked because of their inability to use magic, how might having Deryni in the population have helped to preserve medical knowledge over the passing centuries, despite various epidemics, periods of persecution, and natural disasters occasionally wiping out at least some of the best trained members of the various health-related professions? I would think even in a world that had dedicated Healing guilds, teaching orders, etc., perhaps by Kelson's day there would be enough of a lesson learned by the near-eradication of trained Healers that from that point on, there would be a concerted effort to preserve such knowledge as they managed to relearn from ever being lost again, no matter what. And that would have the eventual result in a modern-day Deryni society of having more advanced medical knowledge than we have, not just because of the natural advantages having a population of magical Healers would bring to the medical field, but also because they wouldn't have had to "reinvent the wheel" since the formation of the Kelsonian-era schola(s) of the early 1100s! Knowledge would just keep adding onto a foundation of earlier knowledge starting from that point forward, with little if any slippage back to a period of ignorance. (And what makes the Reformation even more maddening to me is that it was a period that prided itself on its superiority to the society that preceded it, even though in some ways it was so clearly not superior, yet that misconception still colors a lot of modern people's ideas of what the "backwards Middle Ages" was like. Modern historians are just now beginning to gain a greater appreciation of the Middle Ages now that we have a greater ability to study its writings and other artifacts directly.
General Information, Question, and/or Ideas / Re: Modern Day impact of Deryni
« Last post by Bynw on September 10, 2018, 07:22:25 am »

We keep coming back to these 3 aspects. Medicine, Crime and Police, and Transport.

Yes these things would be revolutionized in a modern setting with Deryni populations. Healing would expand to be able to heal the things that Deryni in Kelson's time cannot. And surgeries, recovery, everything about a hospital stay would be drastically changed. The need for some drugs just wouldn't exist because the conditions could actually be cured.

Yes with the Deryni detectives. They could Truth-Read or even Truth-Say an individual. But would something like the US 5th Ammendment exist to prevent self criminalization? The right to remain silent can easily be broken with Truth-Saying. Privacy rights would need to be addresses as well with scrying abilities able to peer into your life. And of course pulling out a memory and displaying it to an open court, like what happend with Camber's canonization. Very scary indeed. There would have to be very strong laws and means of course would come into existance to detect the use of Deryni powers in an area.

Crimes could be commited by mind controlled individuals. They could be acquitted of course but then the man hunt would be on for the Deryni who did it. Crimes could also be committed with Telekinesis. Including crimes in a casino. Roll those bones and get that lucky shot and bet at the craps table. There again, a little mind reading can tell you if a card player is bluffing or not. Which brings us back to the need to be able to detect such uses of power.

Transfer Portals are great things. But distance is always a factor. Long distance jumps are dangerous and energy costing. Although I would personally believe in a high Deryni society that public transfer portals would exist. At least one in every major city. You need to go from Detroit to Chicago? There is a public portal in both locations. Learning them is very easy. And POOF you are there. Longer distances are better for more mundane means of travel. And of course cargo is better that way too. We have never seen a Transfer Portal with more than 3 persons, including the operator of the jump. So it is limited. But could be useful as a mine escape of course. But then you might have to have several in the mine as it grows. And that leads to the potential that someone uses it for personal gain, and robs the mine. Could be trapped of course since its a private portal, but non lethal.
General Information, Question, and/or Ideas / Re: Modern Day impact of Deryni
« Last post by whitelaughter on September 10, 2018, 04:11:26 am »
So many things to comment on!

Medically - Europe went back hard at the end of the Middle Ages; as other posters have mentioned, contrary to propaganda the Medievals valued cleanliness highly. The various plagues such as the Black Death (which was wasn't even called that until centuries later) seems to have wiped out the cream of healers. Interestingly, this seems to have ended 'the age of miracles' - presumably most miracle workers died fighting the plague, with the result that the abilities could not be passed on, or where they were they weren't taught properly.

Police work - Katherine uses the importance of seal of confession in some of the books; other privacy issues would bubble up later. The ability to change memories might result in the Russian rule of a confession no longer counting as proof - that you believe that you committed a crime may make you the victim not the criminal

Transport - a fascinating use here is to put transfer portals into mines, so that in the event of a collapse deryni can port in and rescue all of the miners. Similarly they would be great for moving patients in hospitals.
Chat Logs / KK Chat 9 September 2018
« Last post by Bynw on September 09, 2018, 06:41:31 pm »

Sep 09 16:25:35 * KK ( has joined
Sep 09 16:25:40 <bynw> hi KK
Sep 09 16:25:45 <drakensis> hi KK
Sep 09 16:25:45 <jemler> hi kk
Sep 09 16:25:46 <The_Bee> Hi KK!
Sep 09 16:25:59 <KK> Hi, guys.  Sorry I'm late.  Lost track of time.
Sep 09 16:26:03 <Derynifank> Hi KK. How was dragon con ?
Sep 09 16:26:04 <Revanne> Or how bored you are. I have known sermons where I lost the will to live.
Sep 09 16:26:15 <jemler> we were just talking about time.
Sep 09 16:26:19 <Jerusha> Alas, I must go fix dinner.  Hope everyone has a good week!
Sep 09 16:26:30 <jemler> nite jerusha
Sep 09 16:26:30 * Jerusha has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Sep 09 16:26:33 <Derynifank> You too.
Sep 09 16:26:35 <Revanne> Bye Jerusha
Sep 09 16:26:35 <The_Bee> good week to you Jerusha
Sep 09 16:26:39 <Revanne> Hi KK
Sep 09 16:26:50 <KK> Hi, Jerusha.  Bye, Jerusha.
Sep 09 16:27:13 <jemler> kk, did you get a link from evie?
Sep 09 16:28:03 <Shiral> Hello KK
Sep 09 16:28:05 <KK> Dragoncon ws good, but the heat REALLY got to me.  I think it may be my asthma flaring up.
Sep 09 16:28:25 <bynw> It is in Hotlanta after all :)
Sep 09 16:28:56 <bynw> when Tika and I lived there we ran the AC from March to November
Sep 09 16:28:59 * Revanne hands round hot chocolate with cream
Sep 09 16:29:09 <Derynifank> Yum
Sep 09 16:29:12 <The_Bee> We're having our first cool weekend in several months.
Sep 09 16:29:32 <KK> So are we.  Fall is definitely in the air, today and yesterday.
Sep 09 16:29:51 <Revanne> Sorry to hear that KK- Asthma is horrid.
Sep 09 16:29:56 <KK> And of course, we've got a hurricane on the way.
Sep 09 16:29:59 <Derynifank> It's a little cooler here but the humidity is awful, like a wet blanket
Sep 09 16:30:00 <bynw> its beautiful here this weekend. no rain for once and it was 71 yesterday and 73 today
Sep 09 16:30:09 <The_Bee> Is Florence a problem  where you are, KK?
Sep 09 16:30:11 <drakensis> being rained on but that in no way rules out it still being summer here in blighty
Sep 09 16:30:42 <Derynifank> I'M jealous bynw
Sep 09 16:30:56 <Shiral> Wish California was getting rained on.
Sep 09 16:31:18 <KK> It's been mostly in remission for years, but I think the heat and humidity this summer has triggered it this year.  The good news is that a pulmonary function test on Friday had a 21% improvement after an albutrol treatement.
Sep 09 16:31:22 <Shiral> Asthma and hot weather together are hard on anybody
Sep 09 16:31:28 <Derynifank> We really need a weather mage
Sep 09 16:31:45 <Revanne> Hope you get some soon. Are the fires still a problem?
Sep 09 16:31:50 <The_Bee> Are the fires still keeping their distance from you, Shiraaa?
Sep 09 16:32:06 <KK> Never had it hit me this way before.  But of course, I've never been this old before, either.  ;-)
Sep 09 16:32:25 <Shiral> The two biggest are mostly contained or out, but now there's one on the Oregon/California border, and another started in the Napa area over the weekend
Sep 09 16:32:34 <jemler> age is just a state of time.
Sep 09 16:32:43 <Shiral> But at least the skies are more blue than beige, lately
Sep 09 16:33:21 <jemler> kk, did you know a new Nathaniel Cade book is out?
Sep 09 16:33:48 <Revanne> I have chronic asthma which is usually well controlled with meds but bad asthma is NOT nice so sympathy.
Sep 09 16:34:16 <The_Bee> Smoke from the western  fires was even reaching Massachusetts.
Sep 09 16:34:28 <Derynifank> Wow
Sep 09 16:34:29 <Revanne> Yikes
Sep 09 16:35:11 <Revanne> That's like from the UK to Russia!
Sep 09 16:35:11 <KK> Yes, I got that message, Jemler.  It looks like it's a novella, though, even though it's in separate packaging.  Think I'll wait a while.
Sep 09 16:35:30 <The_Bee> Nathaniel  Cade?  What has he written?
Sep 09 16:35:39 <jemler> it's really more of a short story.
Sep 09 16:36:13 <jemler> Nathaniel Cade is the President's Vampire.
Sep 09 16:36:24 <KK> Cade is a character, Bee: The President's Vampire.  Interesting premise.
Sep 09 16:36:30 <Shiral> It's pretty hard to concentrate on anything else when it's hard to breathe
Sep 09 16:36:43 <jemler> tell me abut it.
Sep 09 16:37:08 <Shiral> Breathing, or presidential vampires? =o)
Sep 09 16:37:21 <Revanne> Lol
Sep 09 16:37:23 <jemler> breathing.
Sep 09 16:37:24 <The_Bee> I'm currently reading a book aba vampire married to a wwwitch.
Sep 09 16:37:27 <KK> Yeah, the least exertion was wiping me out, making me feel fainty.  A wheelchair solved the immediate problem, but my docs need to get to the root of the problem and fix it.
Sep 09 16:37:28 <bynw> that does sounds interesting
Sep 09 16:37:46 <bynw> the vampire thing that is
Sep 09 16:38:03 <bynw> not horrible asthma issues :(
Sep 09 16:38:04 <Shiral> Glad a wheel chair was there when you needed it, KK
Sep 09 16:38:26 <jemler> Cade is bound by blood-oath to obey the President.
Sep 09 16:38:38 <KK> They're very good about wheelchair assistance for guests at Dragoncon.
Sep 09 16:38:54 <Shiral> Not to mention for visiting authors
Sep 09 16:39:04 * bynw gets sad thinking about bad ashtma issues
Sep 09 16:39:16 <Revanne> That's good about the wheelchair.
Sep 09 16:39:23 <The_Bee> MY downstair neeighbor is using a wheelchair for his   arthritis.
Sep 09 16:39:40 <bynw> how many books are there on this president's vampire ... and who is the author ... might have check them out. i like vampire stories.
Sep 09 16:39:48 <bynw> Scott needs to write another one :)
Sep 09 16:40:14 <jemler> Christopher Farnsworth. 5 stories so far.
Sep 09 16:40:16 <Revanne> 😕 Bynw. Virtual hug for a sad GM
Sep 09 16:40:26 <Derynifank> EPA
Sep 09 16:41:12 <bynw> thanks jemler ... he's got a good name, not that i'm biased about it :D
Sep 09 16:41:25 <bynw> thanks Revanne
Sep 09 16:42:31 <Revanne> I've never really got into vampires.
Sep 09 16:43:04 <Shiral> I like Vampires, but sometimes thing they're over used in literature.
Sep 09 16:43:06 <The_Bee> Just don't invite one into yoour house.
Sep 09 16:43:12 <Shiral> Think, not thing
Sep 09 16:43:35 <KK> Cade is not your typical vampire.
Sep 09 16:43:36 <jemler> he started with Andrew Johnson.
Sep 09 16:43:50 <Shiral> I foresee almost NO danger on that front, Bee. ;o)
Sep 09 16:44:02 <The_Bee> wwho needed all the help he could get
Sep 09 16:44:19 <KK> The pygmy panthers would keep one away.
Sep 09 16:44:38 <Revanne> Sorry but when was Andrew Johnson?
Sep 09 16:44:51 <jemler> the dedication reads: "To everyone who would not let Cade go quietly into the night."
Sep 09 16:44:57 <KK> Succeeded Lincoln.
Sep 09 16:45:06 <Derynifank> Right after Abraham Lincoln
Sep 09 16:45:08 <drakensis> 1860s
Sep 09 16:45:12 <The_Bee> Have aany of you seen the movie Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter?
Sep 09 16:45:13 <jemler> Cade was fir captured in 1867.
Sep 09 16:45:21 <Revanne> Thanks. Hard act to follow.
Sep 09 16:45:55 <Derynifank> Fir captured? He was caught by a tree?
Sep 09 16:46:21 <jemler> the blood oath mixed cade's blood with blood on the bullet taken from lincoln's skull.
Sep 09 16:46:42 <jemler> first captured.
Sep 09 16:47:01 <jemler> i saw it.
Sep 09 16:47:02 <Revanne> Sounds a bit gruesome
Sep 09 16:47:24 <Derynifank> What did that mix fo?
Sep 09 16:47:30 <Derynifank> Do
Sep 09 16:48:00 <jemler> it bound cades blood to the blood of presidents.
Sep 09 16:48:34 <Derynifank> Every president, not just Johnson?
Sep 09 16:48:42 <jemler> right.
Sep 09 16:49:14 <KK> Intention is everything.  The logic is a bit weak on this point, given that there's no blood succession for presidents, unlike kings.
Sep 09 16:49:34 <Derynifank> So once you're sworn in you have your own vampire?
Sep 09 16:49:41 <KK> Yep.
Sep 09 16:49:52 <bynw> yeah ... one would think that blood bond would have only worked on Lincoln using typical vampire stories
Sep 09 16:49:59 <Shiral> A house, a plane, Camp David and.....a vampire. Not bad!
Sep 09 16:50:06 <KK> And a handler, who's one of the only ones who knows what Cade is.
Sep 09 16:50:50 <Shiral> In that particular case, I think we can all be glad he doesn't, Derynifank
Sep 09 16:50:53 <Revanne> Glad we no longer live in our old house next to a churchyard or I might be getting freaked by this conversation.
Sep 09 16:51:18 <Shiral> Maybe the church yard was filled with placid spirits, Revanne?
Sep 09 16:51:24 <Derynifank> So what does he do for the president?
Sep 09 16:51:37 <jemler> can vampires enter holy ground?
Sep 09 16:51:50 <Revanne> Yes our neighbours were very quiet
Sep 09 16:52:03 <jemler> he goes after the things that go bump in the night.
Sep 09 16:52:07 <Derynifank> No loud parties?
Sep 09 16:52:31 <Revanne> No, nor drunken revelling
Sep 09 16:53:19 <Revanne> Which was more than could be Saud for some of the living locals
Sep 09 16:53:24 <jemler> some manefestations of what cade called the boogey man were taken from movies. like halloween, friday the 13th.
Sep 09 16:53:40 <Revanne> Said.
Sep 09 16:53:57 <Derynifank> Oh, would he go after Freddie ?
Sep 09 16:54:35 <The_Bee> if he threatened th president
Sep 09 16:55:17 <jemler> freddie was a dream, but the boogie man was a spirit that possessed a person.
Sep 09 16:55:42 <The_Bee> what about Jason?
Sep 09 16:55:46 <bynw> freddie kruger just makes me laugh (nightmare on elm street) and jason (friday the 13th) is just over done
Sep 09 16:55:52 <jemler> friday the 13th.
Sep 09 16:55:58 <bynw> not scary at all
Sep 09 16:56:04 <KK> If who threatened the President?  Freddie Kruger, or some other enemy?
Sep 09 16:56:47 <Revanne> As someone who finds DR Who scary...
Sep 09 16:56:54 <The_Bee> any supernatural enemy
Sep 09 16:57:08 <jemler> anything from the Other Side. werewolves, etc.
Sep 09 16:57:31 <Derynifank> Ah
Sep 09 16:57:35 <Revanne> As a child I always hid behind the sofa when it was on
Sep 09 16:58:00 <bynw> Revanne, I love that show and have for decades. Cant wait to see how Jodie does
Sep 09 16:58:01 <jemler> why was the sofa turned on?
Sep 09 16:58:09 * Eyikl ( has joined
Sep 09 16:58:15 <jemler> hi eyikl\
Sep 09 16:58:16 <bynw> hi Eyikl
Sep 09 16:58:18 <The_Bee> Hi Eyiki
Sep 09 16:58:24 <Derynifank> Hi Eyikl
Sep 09 16:58:29 <Shiral> Hi Eyikl
Sep 09 16:58:38 <Eyikl> hi everyone
Sep 09 16:58:42 <Revanne> Hi Eyikl
Sep 09 16:58:46 <KK> Have never gotten into Dr. Who, but I might give it a try now that there will be a female Doctor.
Sep 09 16:59:07 <KK> Does the Doctor have a name of his or her own?
Sep 09 16:59:14 <Shiral> Yeah, the phone booth kind of passed me by
Sep 09 16:59:34 <Derynifank> I hid  behind a chair when I was little and the Wizard of Oz was on, really scary witch
Sep 09 16:59:43 <Revanne> Doesn't seem to. Always just "The doctor
Sep 09 16:59:43 <bynw> Technically yes he/she has a name. But it has never been said. The Doctor took the title and ran with it
Sep 09 16:59:53 <Shiral> It was the flying monkeys that always did me in
Sep 09 17:00:10 <The_Bee> How many Doctors have there been? Theone I remember was Jon Pertwee
Sep 09 17:00:22 <drakensis> this'll be the 14th IIRC
Sep 09 17:00:23 <Derynifank> Yeah, I didn't  like them either
Sep 09 17:00:27 <bynw> Jon was the 3rd
Sep 09 17:01:10 <Eyikl> One of my friends claimed to be scared of how cutesy the munkins looked.
Sep 09 17:01:19 <bynw> depending on who you ask ... the best is either Tom Baker or David Tennant. I like them both.
Sep 09 17:01:21 <The_Bee> PBS  had Jon
Sep 09 17:01:23 <drakensis> 7 old series, 2 in between, 5 new ones.
Sep 09 17:02:12 <Revanne> I wonder whether St Camvercwould count as a supernatural entity for Cade to go after?
Sep 09 17:02:16 <drakensis> although the War-Doctor doesn't get a number so he fits in between 8th and 9th, and the 14th actor is the 13th doctor
Sep 09 17:02:36 <drakensis> I thought Matt Smith was quite good
Sep 09 17:02:42 <Revanne> Sorry Camber.
Sep 09 17:03:40 <bynw> William Hartnell   First Doctor   1963–66
Sep 09 17:03:40 <bynw> Patrick Troughton   Second Doctor   1966–69
Sep 09 17:03:40 <bynw> Jon Pertwee   Third Doctor   1970–74
Sep 09 17:03:40 <bynw> Tom Baker   Fourth Doctor   1974–81
Sep 09 17:03:40 <bynw> Peter Davison   Fifth Doctor   1982–84
Sep 09 17:03:40 <bynw> Colin Baker   Sixth Doctor   1984–86
Sep 09 17:03:40 <bynw> Sylvester McCoy   Seventh Doctor   1987–89
Sep 09 17:03:40 <bynw> Paul McGann   Eighth Doctor   1996
Sep 09 17:03:40 <bynw> John Hurt   The War Doctor
Sep 09 17:03:40 <bynw> Christopher Eccleston   Ninth Doctor   2005
Sep 09 17:03:40 <bynw> David Tennant   Tenth Doctor   2005–10
Sep 09 17:03:40 <bynw> Matt Smith   Eleventh Doctor   2010–13
Sep 09 17:03:40 <bynw> Peter Capaldi   Twelfth Doctor   2014–17
Sep 09 17:03:40 <bynw> Jodie Whittaker   Thirteenth Doctor   
Sep 09 17:04:17 <KK> Good Lord, has it been going for that long?!
Sep 09 17:04:23 <bynw> yes it has
Sep 09 17:04:24 <Shiral> BRB, pygmy lions are hungry
Sep 09 17:04:42 <Derynifank> Wow, where did you find all that?
Sep 09 17:05:01 <drakensis> not quite continously, but it's been around a while
Sep 09 17:05:04 * BalanceTheEnergies ( has joined
Sep 09 17:05:16 <bynw> hi BalanceTheEnergies
Sep 09 17:05:22 <BalanceTheEnergies> Hello all sorry I'm late
Sep 09 17:05:22 <Derynifank> Hi BTW
Sep 09 17:05:33 <Derynifank> BTW
Sep 09 17:05:43 <Eyikl> hi BalanceTheEnergies
Sep 09 17:05:44 <The_Bee> When was the show that had all the Doctors?
Sep 09 17:05:46 <jemler> hi bte
Sep 09 17:05:54 <The_Bee> Hi BTE
Sep 09 17:06:11 <Derynifank> Sorry, stupid AC keeps changing my e to w
Sep 09 17:06:18 <Revanne> Getting too tired to see to Type. Thanks for early chat much appreciated. See you next month. Goodnight.
Sep 09 17:06:25 <jemler> i think that waseneral Hospital.
Sep 09 17:06:31 <The_Bee> nighters, Revanne
Sep 09 17:06:36 <Eyikl> Goodnight Revanne
Sep 09 17:06:36 <bynw> night Revanne
Sep 09 17:06:40 <Derynifank> Night revanne, slept well
Sep 09 17:06:40 <BalanceTheEnergies> Good night Revanne
Sep 09 17:06:41 <drakensis> night revanne
Sep 09 17:06:42 <jemler> nite revanne
Sep 09 17:06:53 * Revanne has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Sep 09 17:07:32 <The_Bee> Who is Oyarsa?
Sep 09 17:07:47 <drakensis> I don't think they've ever had all together - Hartnell was in too poor health to do much in the Three Doctors and the Five Doctors, and all the first three are dead now
Sep 09 17:08:21 <BalanceTheEnergies> Wasn't there one called The Five Doctors in the '80's?
Sep 09 17:08:22 <bynw> Hartnell was acutally already deceased for the 5 Doctors, that was a look a like
Sep 09 17:08:50 <The_Bee> I meant all the Doctors at the time
Sep 09 17:10:32 <KK> Well, since some of them really are dead....
Sep 09 17:10:48 <BalanceTheEnergies> I seem to recall a scene in the 50th anniversary special with video snippets of all of them involved in concealing the planet Gallifrey. I may be wrong
Sep 09 17:11:02 <Shiral> Darn, came back too late to say good bye to Revanne
Sep 09 17:11:11 <Shiral> Hi BTE
Sep 09 17:11:24 <BalanceTheEnergies> Capaldi wasn't in that one
Sep 09 17:11:29 <BalanceTheEnergies> Hi Shiral
Sep 09 17:11:34 <drakensis> he made a very tiny appearance actually
Sep 09 17:11:44 <drakensis> just a close up of his eyes and forehead
Sep 09 17:12:07 <bynw> There was the 3 Doctors, 5 Doctors, 2 Doctors ... and since then technically all of them were in Day of the Doctor near the end of Matt Smith's run
Sep 09 17:12:11 <drakensis> he'd been cast as the next Doctor but didn't take over officially for another month or so
Sep 09 17:12:12 <bynw> and the 50th anniversary
Sep 09 17:13:48 <BalanceTheEnergies> It's been a while since I've watched. Perhaps some bingeing is in order.
Sep 09 17:13:51 <The_Bee> 55550th?  That could be the   one I was thinking of.
Sep 09 17:14:07 <The_Bee> 50th
Sep 09 17:14:13 <bynw> way too many 5s there :)
Sep 09 17:14:51 <drakensis> Day of the Doctor was the 50th anniversary
Sep 09 17:15:06 <drakensis> almost 5 years ago, how time flies
Sep 09 17:15:59 <BalanceTheEnergies> That's what I thought. John Hurt was the War Doctor in that, right? With 10 & 11 and even Rose Tyler?
Sep 09 17:16:02 <The_Bee> "Time flies like an arrow.  Fruit flies like a banana."
Sep 09 17:16:07 <drakensis> yes, that's right
Sep 09 17:18:26 <BalanceTheEnergies> OK nice to know my memory isn't completely faulty.
Sep 09 17:20:21 <BalanceTheEnergies> Turned 49 yesterday.
Sep 09 17:20:58 <The_Bee> Happy belated Birthdaay
Sep 09 17:21:00 <Eyikl> Happy Birthday
Sep 09 17:21:05 <BalanceTheEnergies> Ta!
Sep 09 17:21:50 <jemler> happy birthday bte!
Sep 09 17:22:05 <BalanceTheEnergies> Am still routinely mistaken for older millennial (mid-30s).
Sep 09 17:22:19 <Derynifank> Happy birthday  To you🎂
Sep 09 17:22:23 <bynw> me too, and I'm 51
Sep 09 17:22:47 <The_Bee> pre-baby boomer. 75
Sep 09 17:22:51 <jemler> happy birthday bynw!
Sep 09 17:22:51 * JediMatt1000 ( has joined
Sep 09 17:22:53 <JediMatt1000> Hi guys!
Sep 09 17:23:02 <BalanceTheEnergies> Hello
Sep 09 17:23:08 <The_Bee> Hi JediMatt1000
Sep 09 17:23:17 <JediMatt1000> How are things going?
Sep 09 17:23:28 <Derynifank> Hi Jemima to
Sep 09 17:23:38 <bynw> jemler, my bday isnt until march
Sep 09 17:23:40 <The_Bee> okaay.  Have you been here before?
Sep 09 17:23:44 <jemler> hi jedimatt1000
Sep 09 17:23:47 <JediMatt1000> Working on laundry Ben
Sep 09 17:23:48 <bynw> Hi Matt
Sep 09 17:23:53 <JediMatt1000> yes it's Matt
Sep 09 17:23:56 <Derynifank> I hate ac.
Sep 09 17:24:19 <JediMatt1000> laundry lol
Sep 09 17:24:34 <Derynifank> Auto correct not air conditioning
Sep 09 17:24:42 <JediMatt1000> lol
Sep 09 17:24:48 <BalanceTheEnergies> As am I. Listening to dryer in background
Sep 09 17:25:29 <Derynifank> Have to put some dinner on the table, will be back
Sep 09 17:26:21 * Evie ( has joined
Sep 09 17:26:21 * derynibot gives channel operator status to Evie
Sep 09 17:26:33 <Shiral> Hi Evie
Sep 09 17:26:34 <BalanceTheEnergies> Hello. Evie
Sep 09 17:26:36 <jemler> hi evie
Sep 09 17:26:38 <@Evie> hi
Sep 09 17:26:44 <Shiral> Hi JediMatt
Sep 09 17:27:35 <@Evie> Sorry I'm late. Had something last minute come up
Sep 09 17:27:51 * Goatmistress ( has joined
Sep 09 17:27:52 <@Evie> How was Dragoncon, KK?
Sep 09 17:27:52 <The_Bee> h evie
Sep 09 17:27:58 <Shiral> Life is what happens when youhad other plans
Sep 09 17:28:04 <Shiral> Hi Goatmistress
Sep 09 17:28:10 <Goatmistress> Hi
Sep 09 17:28:16 <jemler> hi goatmistress
Sep 09 17:28:20 <BalanceTheEnergies> Hello Goatmistress
Sep 09 17:28:22 <The_Bee> Hi Goatmistress
Sep 09 17:28:33 <@Evie> I had a friend at church tell me she attended your "Christianity and Dark Fantasy" panel. Do you happen to know if anyone recorded it?
Sep 09 17:28:34 <bynw> hi Evie
Sep 09 17:28:42 <bynw> hi Goatmistress
Sep 09 17:29:34 <Eyikl> Hi Jedi Matt, Goatmistress
Sep 09 17:29:44 <@Evie> Although I'm not clear how you got lumped in with dark fantasy, unless that's a reference to your body count. LOL!
Sep 09 17:30:25 <JediMatt1000> everyone have a good weekend?
Sep 09 17:30:38 <jemler> rainy.
Sep 09 17:31:13 <@Evie> It looks like it might rain soon here too. Good thing DH got our dead tree felled and cut up yesterday instead of waiting until today!
Sep 09 17:31:15 <The_Bee> not bad. My apartment is even messiert han usual.
Sep 09 17:31:19 <Eyikl> It could also be that a bunch of the books are about a genocide, Evie
Sep 09 17:31:35 <@Evie> Yeah, that could be it, Eyikl
Sep 09 17:32:01 <@Evie> King Javan's Year isn't all fluffy lightness and bunnies.  :-D
Sep 09 17:32:01 <Shiral> Pretty nice weekend so far
Sep 09 17:32:22 <@Evie> Or TBP
Sep 09 17:32:33 <Shiral> No, Javan didn't seem like a fluffy bunny kind of king. =o)
Sep 09 17:32:39 <BalanceTheEnergies> Weather OK here, but minor financial crisis requiring payday loan. Made for a subdued birthday. No cake or wine. Still, I'm not homeless or facing eviction. :)
Sep 09 17:32:53 * Derynifank has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Sep 09 17:33:15 <drakensis> night
Sep 09 17:33:18 <Shiral> That kind of thing would definitely put a crimp in your birthday, BTE
Sep 09 17:33:23 * drakensis has quit (Quit: Nettalk6 -
Sep 09 17:33:37 * Shiral snaps fingers and produces at least a virtual birthday cake for BTE
Sep 09 17:34:20 * Derynifank ( has joined
Sep 09 17:34:40 * The_Bee adds ice cream in any flavor anyone wants.
Sep 09 17:34:59 <BalanceTheEnergies> Yeah. Basic problem is my lease requires payment no later than the 5th, but company moved pay day to the 7th. Sometimes (including the time) rent cheque hits before paycheque does.
Sep 09 17:35:03 <@Evie> My/Mo Green Tea Mochi ice cream
Sep 09 17:35:07 <The_Bee> WB DFK
Sep 09 17:35:45 * Derynifank has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Sep 09 17:36:08 <BalanceTheEnergies> Ta for the cake and ice cream. Talenti's Black raspberry chocolate chip will do nicely.
Sep 09 17:36:08 <The_Bee> Mibbit strikes  again
Sep 09 17:36:45 <BalanceTheEnergies> Uh oh.
Sep 09 17:36:51 * jemler prefers butter pecan.
Sep 09 17:37:09 <The_Bee> Peppermint with chocolate fudge sauce for me.
Sep 09 17:37:40 <BalanceTheEnergies> Yep, a good mint chip is also a winner in my book.
Sep 09 17:38:02 <@Evie> Publix has a cherry ice cream with chocolate in it that is really good also
Sep 09 17:38:17 * Derynifank ( has joined
Sep 09 17:38:24 <@Evie> rehi
Sep 09 17:38:26 <BalanceTheEnergies> Like Cherry Garcia?
Sep 09 17:38:42 <The_Bee> green mint choccolate  available all year.  peppermint only around Christmas
Sep 09 17:38:46 <JediMatt1000> I wish we would get more rain here
Sep 09 17:38:57 <@Evie> It's called "Chocolate Cherish Passion," I think
Sep 09 17:39:21 <The_Bee> Where are you?, JediMatt?
Sep 09 17:39:41 <@Evie> marachino cherry flavored ice cream with chocolate chunks, shavings, and tiny cherry-syrup filled chocolate hearts
Sep 09 17:39:42 * Derynifank has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Sep 09 17:40:07 <Shiral> BTE, LOVE black raspberry and chocolate! But can't keep it in the house, or I just eat it all!
Sep 09 17:40:20 <BalanceTheEnergies> Sounds interesting. Occasionally I miss Ben & Jerry's Cool Britannia (strawberry ice cream with fudge-covered shortbread pieces).
Sep 09 17:40:52 * Derynifank ( has joined
Sep 09 17:40:53 <The_Bee> I finished four 48-ounce cartons in less than a week.
Sep 09 17:41:16 <Shiral> Mibbit is doubling as the Grim Reaper of Chat
Sep 09 17:41:23 <BalanceTheEnergies> Yeah Shiral, I only buy Talenti if it's on sale or I'll eat a whole container in a sitting.
Sep 09 17:41:51 <Evie> It wouldn't be Mibbit. I think Bynw took that link off the board.
Sep 09 17:41:55 <Shiral> I start with small amounts....but it never lasts more than 24 hours!
Sep 09 17:42:18 <The_Bee> I can esist 2 ffor $5, but not $1.99
Sep 09 17:42:29 <bynw> no one is using mibbit, it's too unstable. Derynifank uses a mobile device which are notorious for dropping chat connections if they arent the front application
Sep 09 17:42:32 <The_Bee> resist
Sep 09 17:43:24 <Derynifank> Trying to switch to my laptop which is more reliable
Sep 09 17:43:51 <Derynifank> For chat
Sep 09 17:44:16 <The_Bee> I'm using Kiwi.
Sep 09 17:44:27 <Derynifank> Using kiwi when I use my tablet
Sep 09 17:44:36 <@Evie> My laptop hasn't had any major connection issues lately, knock on wood. *knocks on my head*
Sep 09 17:44:46 <JediMatt1000> I need to run some errands but I will try to be back on when I get back
Sep 09 17:45:06 * JediMatt1000 has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Sep 09 17:45:53 <BalanceTheEnergies> I'm on Kiwi too
Sep 09 17:47:17 <@Evie> OK, it's starting to rain here too now
Sep 09 17:47:50 * Shiral sprinkles more water on her California maps, but the sun still shines
Sep 09 17:48:13 <bynw> Shiral needs all the rain out there instead of getting it in our parts of the country
Sep 09 17:48:17 <BalanceTheEnergies> Pity we can't export rain to CA.
Sep 09 17:48:19 <The_Bee> rain good or bad for you , evie?
Sep 09 17:48:20 <bynw> rain for a few days and put out some fires
Sep 09 17:48:38 <Derynifank> We need an experienced  weather worker. Anybody know one?
Sep 09 17:48:38 <Shiral> Indeed! We'll be thrilled with some wet stuff.
Sep 09 17:48:44 <@Evie> It will cool things down, so that's good
Sep 09 17:49:24 <@Evie> But at least it held off long enough for us to get the extension cord and electric chain saw back inside
Sep 09 17:50:37 <@Evie> Did KK happen to mention con news yet before I arrived?
Sep 09 17:50:57 <The_Bee> briefly
Sep 09 17:50:58 <Shiral> ONly that Dragon con was good, but the heat packed a wallop
Sep 09 17:51:36 <@Evie> Yeah, they don't call the city Hotlanta for nothing
Sep 09 17:51:38 <Derynifank> Dragon con good but heat triggered asthma  and made it hard for her
Sep 09 17:51:45 <@Evie> :-(
Sep 09 17:52:06 <BalanceTheEnergies> Oh dear.
Sep 09 17:52:20 <@Evie> Fortunately her panels are usually all in the same building, so she doesn't have to go out in the heat. Hopefully that was the same this year.
Sep 09 17:53:28 <Derynifank> Did have problem with faintness and had to use a wheelchair. Fortunately  they had obe available for her
Sep 09 17:54:42 <@Evie> Oh dear
Sep 09 17:54:58 <The_Bee> Are you still here, KK?
Sep 09 17:55:50 <@Evie> She seems to have been afk since I got here. Maybe she got a phone call.
Sep 09 17:56:47 <@Evie> Wow, it's coming down big, heavy drops now
Sep 09 17:58:40 <Derynifank> We'very been having off and on downpours  sibce about 3pm. Wish I could send some your way Shiral
Sep 09 17:59:09 <@Evie> And it just stopped.
Sep 09 17:59:19 <The_Bee> I couldn't remember if KK said she had asthma, amnesia or altzheimer's.
Sep 09 17:59:30 <@Evie> Went from pouring down to just the occasional drip of water from our surrounding trees.
Sep 09 17:59:49 <@Evie> Those are VERY different things, Bee!
Sep 09 18:00:08 <bynw> asthma
Sep 09 18:00:12 <Derynifank> She said she had asthma but it had been in remission  for a number of years.
Sep 09 18:00:14 <The_Bee> All begin with A
Sep 09 18:00:14 <Shiral> Thanks, Derynifank
Sep 09 18:00:17 <@Evie> But since heat wouldn't trigger the last two, I'm gonna go with asthma
Sep 09 18:00:26 <Shiral> Asthma
Sep 09 18:00:39 <The_Bee> LOL I know
Sep 09 18:00:46 <Shiral> REALLY hope Alzheimer's passes her by!
Sep 09 18:00:53 <BalanceTheEnergies> yeah, especially high humidity heat sets mine off.
Sep 09 18:01:03 <@Evie> Though maybe she has amnesia and has forgotten she logged onto chat. ;-)
Sep 09 18:01:24 <Eyikl> maybw
Sep 09 18:01:38 <@Evie> You definitely don't want to live here, BTE. High humidity heat is pretty much the only sort we get!
Sep 09 18:01:41 * Shiral sets author traps with ice cream
Sep 09 18:01:42 <Derynifank> Must have gotten distracted. That happens to me too
Sep 09 18:01:55 <@Evie> (Well, not really, but more often than not.)
Sep 09 18:02:12 <@Evie> (MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more often than not.)
Sep 09 18:02:39 <The_Bee> I hope LBM is okay.
Sep 09 18:02:43 <Shiral> I would not be  good for much in a hot humid climate, so I think I'll stay where I am
Sep 09 18:02:48 <BalanceTheEnergies> Yeah, I remember NOLA well.
Sep 09 18:04:49 <Derynifank> We get triple h in the summer; hazy,hot,and humid
Sep 09 18:06:05 <Eyikl> Does hazy refer to the weather, or the state of your brains in that weather?
Sep 09 18:06:15 <Derynifank> Both
Sep 09 18:06:16 <The_Bee> bboth
Sep 09 18:09:01 * Derynifank has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Sep 09 18:09:48 * Derynifank ( has joined
Sep 09 18:09:51 <@Evie> Yes, Eyikl
Sep 09 18:09:54 <BalanceTheEnergies> rehi
Sep 09 18:10:16 <The_Bee> wb dfk
Sep 09 18:10:38 <Derynifank> Getting late so going to sign off for today. See you next week. Nite everyone
Sep 09 18:10:47 <Shiral> Bye, DFK
Sep 09 18:10:50 <The_Bee> bye DFK
Sep 09 18:10:52 * Derynifank has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Sep 09 18:10:54 <bynw> good night DFK
Sep 09 18:10:55 <BalanceTheEnergies> Good night
Sep 09 18:11:47 <@Evie> goodnight
Sep 09 18:15:42 <BalanceTheEnergies> I should get on with dinner. The butternut squash won't cut itself.
Sep 09 18:15:55 <@Evie> Too bad. That would be great
Sep 09 18:16:13 <@Evie> I would love self-preparing food
Sep 09 18:16:32 <BalanceTheEnergies> Right! My hands and wrists wouldn't hurt so much.
Sep 09 18:17:35 <BalanceTheEnergies> Thanks for the good wishes and the virtual cake and ice cream. Good night and have a good week!
Sep 09 18:17:39 * BalanceTheEnergies has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Sep 09 18:17:42 <@Evie> Goodnight!
Sep 09 18:17:52 <Shiral> but then, what if the foods in your refrigerator couldn't decide what to prepare, that night? Or if your refrigerator started behaving like your personal trainer? =o)
Sep 09 18:18:14 <Shiral> "We're putting you on a diet--no more ice cream!"
Sep 09 18:18:18 <@Evie> LOL!  Well, I'd love that, actually, but I can see how that might be a problem for others. :-D
Sep 09 18:18:40 <Shiral> I'd hate being scolded by an appliance, myself. =o)
Sep 09 18:19:35 <@Evie> That's what I love about my diet. Nothing is strictly off limits. It's just that if I decide to have a high calorie treat, I either have it in a sensible sized portion or decide what I'll cut out that day to make up for it.
Sep 09 18:19:48 <Shiral> I'd have to call it the Way Too Smart For It's Own Good Refrigerator
Sep 09 18:19:54 <@Evie> LOL!
Sep 09 18:20:17 <@Evie> I want a fridge that will order groceries for me and have them waiting when I get home
Sep 09 18:20:32 <@Evie> And pay for them. :-D
Sep 09 18:20:34 <Shiral> Well THAT would definitely be a time saver
Sep 09 18:20:34 <Eyikl> And could you choose what to put in it, or would it decide what to buy too?
Sep 09 18:20:39 <bynw> that sounds great
Sep 09 18:20:48 <@Evie> I'd choose.
Sep 09 18:21:28 <@Evie> And one that can take email commands, so if I get a craving for something in particular, I can email it to stock that item, and have it for dinner that night
Sep 09 18:21:29 <Eyikl> Yeah, I think I would to, in order not to end up with a  week's worth of artichokes or something.
Sep 09 18:22:38 <@Evie> It needs to be self cleaning too. Toss out expired items so I don't have to.
Sep 09 18:23:07 * Laurna ( has joined
Sep 09 18:23:18 <Laurna> People!  Hello!
Sep 09 18:23:18 <Shiral> Hi Laurna
Sep 09 18:23:19 <bynw> hi Laurna
Sep 09 18:23:36 <Laurna> long chat then.
Sep 09 18:23:56 <The_Bee> hi laurna
Sep 09 18:24:10 <Laurna> hello Shiral, Bynw and bee
Sep 09 18:24:12 <jemler> hi laurna
Sep 09 18:24:13 <Laurna> Hello KK
Sep 09 18:24:21 <@Evie> hi
Sep 09 18:24:22 <Laurna> OH Jemler, hello
Sep 09 18:24:28 <Laurna> hehe Evie
Sep 09 18:24:33 <Eyikl> hi Laurna
Sep 09 18:24:43 <Laurna> Hello Eyiki
Sep 09 18:25:32 <Laurna> Drove to a hair dressing Salon. only to have her tell us. Sorry we don't do victorian hair updoes.  That after 3 emails about what my sister wants for her wedding.
Sep 09 18:26:37 <Eyikl> ugh
Sep 09 18:26:43 <The_Bee> :(
Sep 09 18:26:53 <jemler> brb dinner.
Sep 09 18:27:14 <Laurna> that is the way. Is everyone having a good week.
Sep 09 18:27:17 <Shiral> Now THAT is bad service
Sep 09 18:27:28 <@Evie> I just got a text from KK. She had a call earlier and forgot that she hadn't logged off here, but she's asked me to pass on her goodbye and said she'll see everyone next week.
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If he survives this with his mind and memories restored, I can see him becoming a much respected and beloved healer and advocate for those  who suffer abuse. Hope this is the outcone.
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