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Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by DerynifanK on August 16, 2018, 06:58:01 am »
Can I have more than one character?
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by DerynifanK on August 16, 2018, 06:15:38 am »
I did one but would be glad to add another if you want.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Laurna on August 16, 2018, 03:55:38 am »
“Very good to see the first volunteer is a guard from my company. Andrew, you have your bow and a fresh quiver of arrows? Good. I will need you to also carry that length of rope, down to the ruins.”   The captain of Droghera clapped his fellow guard upon the shoulder. Then he moved down the line to the young man standing before him. “And who do we have here?”

“Herdsman Remy, sir!”

“Good to have you with us, Remy. That axe is sharp?”

“Yes sir!” the young man said with a clip.

“And this next young man?” the captain inquired stepping before the third man.

“Darius, Sir, from the Finlay homestead down the valley. My dagger is sharp, Sir?”

“Good to know,” the captain said while turning back to include Remy. “I am entrusting both of you to carry one of our two ladders. This is an important task. Without the ladders we can not gain entrance to where we go. Understand?”     

“Yes, sir,” both youths said as one. 

Captain Stev turned to the empty space beyond Darius. “What is the hold up? Where are the rest of my men?”   
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Evie on August 15, 2018, 04:06:24 pm »
Oh, this could be fun. Let me know if you don't get enough volunteers. I'd be glad to name a few expendable NPCs after a gentle reader or three....   ;)  ;D
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Laurna on August 15, 2018, 03:47:08 pm »
Dear gracious readers,

If you want to participate in an act of futility, I am going to ask for some help in rolling dice. I don't want to roll that much dice my self. Know ahead of time that this is not going to go well, very slim slim chance of it going well.

Make up a man's name, tell me if he is a guard, a farmer, a herdsman, or a Merchant. Give him one weapon: bow, dagger, short sword, or axe. Then sign on the forum chat page with that name. I need you to roll three times. Roll like this, each one separately: !roll 1d6   !roll 1d6  !roll 2d6.

To keep your name free from others knowing which character is yours, just send me a private massage on the forum to Laurna with the name and the  three rolls. I will incorporate them in the story line tomorrow morning.  I will take the first twelve that I receive.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Jerusha on August 15, 2018, 02:35:14 pm »
Ah, the confidence of youth....
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Laurna on August 15, 2018, 02:02:29 pm »
Raft told his tale for the third time. The avid stare from Droghera’s Mayor who had arrived late to the questioning and who had demanded Raft repeat his story, caused Raft to have a small shiver in this last telling. When Raft’s words ran down and no more questions followed, the large number of men packed into the Mayor’s office held their breaths and their tongues, waiting to see if the mayor took this with some sort of seriousness. It was impossible to read the mayor’s face.

“That was this morning, just before Terce you say? Is there any proof the nobleman is still there?”

All were quite, there was no proof.   

“That is what I thought. I can’t afford to waist our efforts on prattle!” The men in the room raised their voices at that. The mayor’s hard stare turned from Raft to everyone else. “I have my orders!” the mayor’s gruff voice yelled out. “There is war in Meara, gentleman, and I mean to follow the king’s will and get this ragged lot of soldiers to Cuiltriene by noon tomorrow. There to meet up with the King’s army. Where we will travel over the Cloome mountains then on to Cloome Valley and to Laas. Hear me! I will not disobey the king’s orders. Not even for this… this...lordling!”

Shoots of disagreement filled the hall from behind the young man. Raft cowered standing there between their anger and the glare of the mayor. Then a hand was on his shoulders and the Watch Captain stood tall beside him, Captain Stev’s voice yelled louder than the others. “Lord Mayor, the man in question is no lordling, he is the brother of the Duke of Corwyn. Do you not see the honor this town would gain by rescuing such a man as he? He is worthy of our time and our lives.”

“Phuuff!” the mayor puffed up, then stared at Captain Stev, who did not back down from that stare. Too well, the mayor knew the determination of his watch captain and he reconsidered his next remark.  “I see you’re point in this. Very well, Captain. You may take 12 men with you. Guard the ruins; see that no one escapes there. Even attack it if you dare. Though the night is coming on, and we all know the hauntings that come from that place. When you give up this stupidity. Then you are to race your sorry behinds to Laas and rejoin our march to there. Do we understand each other.”

“Thank you, Lord Mayor. I understand, completely.”

Captain Stev pulled Raft with him as he left the room. He left before the mayor could change his mind. “I am going with you.” the young man Raft said to the captain.

“Aye, I need you to show me exactly where you were and what you saw.”   Back out in the barracks courtyard, Stev waved his second over. Get me 12 men, men who aren’t afraid of those old ruins. We have less than an hour before the sun goes down. Be at the gate in twenty minutes. We need several ropes and ladders. I want to see that ruins before it gets dark.”

“Aye sir!” said the man as he dashed off.

Raft hefted his bow back on his shoulders and tightened the belt that held his hand axe. He would be the one to save that Duke’s brother. He just knew that he would.

Edited to add the order for ropes and ladders
General / Re: Enjoying the books so far
« Last post by revanne on August 14, 2018, 02:26:46 pm »
Cinhil's original reluctance is understandable for the reasons Drakensis points out; on the other hand kingship in medieval understanding is a divine calling and Cinhil's hankering after his priesthood often seems to me to be more about self-indulgence than the self-denial demanded by the Gospel. What would it mean for Cinhil to "deny himself and take up his cross." (Mark 8:34)? It could be argued that the self-denial in Cinhil's case is accepting the burden of kingship and the loss of his protected, and in many ways comfortable though austere, life as a monastic priest.

Having said that I think Camber must bear a lot of the responsibility for Cinhil's anger and resentment, which I think he himself comes to acknowledge. Had he been less overbearing and more patient perhaps Cinhil could have adjusted better.
General / Re: Enjoying the books so far
« Last post by Shiral on August 14, 2018, 02:07:36 pm »
Cinhil is one of those characters for whom I feel intermittent sympathy combined with considerable impatience. I think Drakensis captured his religious perspective very well. I do have sympathy for Cinhil's having to leave the life he loved and for which he was well suited. I feel deep impatience with Cinhil for continuing to dwell on and sulk over what he lost rather than try to find the positives about what he gained by taking up his secular life. Lots of men can be priests, but only Cinhil  could be the rightful Haldane King and restore the rightful royal line in Gwynedd; a young wife who loved him (I wish KK had shown us WHY Megan loved him more often,) and their three sons. And the acumen Cinhil showed for ruling. And yes, Camber does not handle everything perfectly. It makes both of them more interesting. I believe Camber was strongly motivated by the urgency of getting Imre, whom he knew to be an unfit and uncaring king, off the throne. Yes it could be called Treason from Imre's point of view. I think Camber cared deeply about the people who would suffer under the rule of an unjust and unfit King. Clearly, the Michaelines felt the same way if they were so ready and willing to stake so much on Cinhil, an unknown quantity at the time. 

As for complexity of story line, you're right. In terms of pure plotting, Saint Camber is one of the best books in all the trilogies, IMO. But I don't want to give away any surprises.

Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by revanne on August 14, 2018, 01:42:36 pm »
I can understand  why she wanted to go but I am concerned that once they know it's Aliset, they will be distracted  trying to protect her. That could cause problems  for them and for Wash's rescue. Keeping my fingers crossed for all of them.

I think that they have learned to respect Aliset too much for that - and if Darcy starts trying to overprotect Aliset both she and Aliset will set him right. If anything the problem could be the other way round.

Both Aliset and Aliset will?  I know she's a shapeshifter, but does she have multiple personalities on top of that?  ;D

Hopefully not. Make that Columcil instead. :-D
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