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Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Laurna on February 16, 2018, 05:48:26 am »
Washburn truly wasn’t himself, not yet. The events were happening too fast. From inside the Ward, he was pleased to see Lord Jaxom Trillick ride up with the guard captain and a good contingent of men. For sometime, Washburn had thought he had seen a movement behind that near tree. It was none too surprising when Trillick’s men flushed Phyer out. Now, that snake was a surprise, a snake-in-the-grass to rat-out a snake from the village. It all seemed justice in Washburn’s mind.  The knight was rather pleased to see his sheathed short-sword still hanging on the man’s belt. That and the empty matching dagger sheath tied next to it. Washburn’s bare bladed dagger was in his hand. As soon as Trillick had the area secure, Washburn intended to retrieve his belongings. The trouble was there had been three assailants and only one man was accounted for.

His distraction was once again another of his bad lapses. He had seen Alister/Aliset use her fingers to make an opening in the ward, yet he had never imagined she would actually lean her body out beyond its protection. He wanted to tell her to come back into the safety of the ward. Then suddenly, Lord Jaxom’s squire was spurring his horse forward toward the big tree. Why? Washburn turned, that’s when he saw the second assailant with a crossbow. Damn the crossbow was aimed, the man’s finger on the release. He fired...

((02:02 Washburn disadvantage to use Telekinesis
02:09 Washburn !roll 1d6
02:09 derynibot 6 == 6))

Washburn’s instincts took over. With mind, not body, he pulled Lord Alister back from the door. The delicate control for handling a woman was overruled by his need to have Aliset out of danger. His abilities weren’t quite in full balance. His need had his mind pull just a little too hard. In an instant, Lady Aliset went from standing to falling backward. She yelled in astonishment, unable to save herself from the fall.

The crossbolt hit the ward and splintered just above where Alister had been standing. It wouldn't have hit her, but the splinters could have done some damage had they been near her face. Desperate to reversed his pull, Washburn tried to stop the lady’s fall with his abilities.

It seemed he needn’t have tried.

Darcy leaped forward, catching the nobleman around the waist and swinging him up to keep him from falling to the ground. He held Aliset close to his body assuring himself that she would not fall further. In that moment, she turned to look up at him with thanks. His gaze held her thankful eyes. Wash knew it wasn’t Alister that Darcy was seeing just then. Lady Aliset stared back at Darcy... neither seemed to move. Then Aliset was blushing, giggling in fact. “You can put me down now,” she said in a light attentive tone.

Master Darcy remembered himself then. He placed her feet on the ground. He stepped back making a deep bow, feeling a mix of gallantry and abashed impropriety.

Most of that little scene had happened inside the ward. Everyone outside was too occupied capturing the two assailants, to have noticed the small exchange within.

Embarrassed, Washburn walked passed them, “My apologies, my lady,” he said, ducking his head and then walking out of the dome to welcome the son of Lord Adam Trillick.

At the sight of Lord Morgan, Jaxom dismounted. In two steps he was grasping Washburn’s elbow in thankful comradely. “My father worried over your abrupt departure from the manor the other day. He had sent me to escort you to Arx Fidei. I had thought I had missed you, and that you would be well away from here by now!”

Wash nodded. “I knew I had not fooled Lord Adam.  Though I never thought he would send his son after me.” Washburn grasped the man’s shoulder. “Your timing is good enough. I would be ever grateful if you could complete the task given to you by your father. It would please me greatly if you could escort myself and my companions to Arx Fidei. I am to met my brother there.”

“It would be my honor, Sir Washburn,” Jaxom replied. He said nothing, but he did make note of the torn black tunic and the old blood dried on the knight's side.

Meanwhile, Morgan had his eyes on one of the captured men. “Phyer, I presume,” he said in a controlled low tone. Controlled because he wanted to strangle the man. “I will take back what is mine.” The captured guard’s hands were yet free, but with three arrows pointed at his chest, he daren’t try anything. Washburn almost wished he would, any excuse to take the man down. Instead, Phyer put his hands up, letting the knight unbelt the sword and dagger sheath.  Disappointed Washburn stepped back.  “Tell us, what is your real name?” Wash put force into the Truth Saying.

((03:15 Washburn Disadvantage TruthSaying. Washburn gets a 4,5,or 6 for success.
03:15 Washburn !roll 1d6
03:15 derynibot 2 == 2   Oh well, can’t win them all :D .))

But it was not enough, his energies weren’t yet back in balance. Not enough for that kind of interrogation, not against another Deryni with shields. “Never mind, don’t bother answering me. Your captain will surely have more appropriate means of interrogation than I have.” Washburn stepped back coming to level with Droghera’s Captain. “This is the man that ordered Kieran’s death.” He didn’t need to say more. The Captain would see that justice was done.

Washburn walked back to the dome, buckling his weapons to  his belt, back where they belonged. “Now, where did I drop that longbow,” he asked, while searching the ground. “Ah, there it is under the tree.” He reached down to pick up the bow and his quiver which had been resting in the tumbled grass. A silver glint caught his eye. A memory flashed. He reached down and picked up a boatman's whistle. “You need to be returned to you’re rightful owner, with much thanks for his ingenuity to use you.”
That's a cool mini- collection!
Cool daggers and swords!
Daggers for all occasions.  Love it!
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Jerusha on February 15, 2018, 06:16:36 pm »
Phyre surveyed the faintly glowing dome before him.  Sir Washburn Morgan had escaped their trap, and Phyre could feel his payment also slipping though his grasp.  His side hurt from Morgan’s desperate dagger slash; at least his wound was not as serious as the crossbowman’s.  He had had to leave him while he went after their horses.  He finally found the horses munching grass by the side of the road, now perfectly calm.  What had gotten into the beasts to make them so frantic earlier?

Now partly hidden behind a tree, Phyre watched the dome, looking for any sign the four protected inside were ready to make their break for freedom.  Despite being Deryni, Phyre had little knowledge of warding.  He could not see inside the dome, but he did not know if they could see out.  So Phyre kept himself at least partially hidden. 

The crossbowman sat propped against a tree where he could observe the dome from another angle.  Phrye had bandaged the wound in the man’s waist as best he could but had not spent a lot of time over it.  At least he had managed to stop the bleeding.  He needed the man to call out if there was any activity on the far side.  Phyre had left the man his crossbow.  Whether the man still had the strength to use it was another matter.

They continued to wait.  Eventually, when food or water ran out, or when they could no longer stand the confines of the dome, the four inside would leave.  Perhaps Lord Morgan and the other man had died from their wounds, increasing Phyre’s chances for success.  Either way, Phyre would be ready.


Lord Jaxom Trillick was impatient with the slower pace.  Although they left Droghera at a gallop, it soon become apparent that the farm horses could not keep up the pace.  While they could work in a field for hours, they were not bred to run for distance.  The group needed the farm guild masters to show them where the attack had occurred, so they must all stay together.  At least they were proceeding at a fast trot.

They rode two abreast.  One of the guild masters rode at the head of their small column with the Watch Captain.  Jaxom and one of his men-at-arms rode next, followed by his squire, the remaining guild masters and his other man-at-arms. His bowmen brought up the rear, placing them far enough back to have a little extra time to draw and fire.

They travelled several miles before the guild master in the lead pointed ahead and the Captain signalled them to slow their pace.  Jaxom looked ahead and saw a dimly shining dome in front of a large oak tree. 

Cautiously, the Captain led them forward.

Phyer signalled the crossbowman to keep still.  He could hear horses approaching; hopefully they would continue down the road.

They did not.  They turned into the woods to approach the dome.  Phyre recognized the Captain of the Watch and at least one of the farm guild masters.  Phyre had given him a hard time about one of the wagons he was bringing into Droghera; perhaps that had not been wise.  He counted the number of riders and the number that were armed.  If the crossbowman did not move and remained undetected long enough, Phyre could withdraw and make his own escape.

Roll 2d6 to see if Phyer escapes undetected
Jerusha   !roll 2d6
11:47   derynibot   1, 2 == 3

Phrye carefully began to inch backward, watching the riders.  He did not see what lay in the leaves as he set his hand on the ground.  The need for silence was forgotten at the sudden pain the snake’s fangs caused as they bit deeply into the back of his hand.  With a yelp, he sprang to his feet, shaking his hand to dislodge the creature.  It continued to hang on.

“Phyre!” the Captain called out.  “What in blazes are you doing here?”

Phyre thought desperately while trying to dislodge the snake.  Finally, it broke free, taking skin from his hand with it. 

“I was investigating the ward, I mean dome,” Phyre began.  “I thought it suspicious.”

“Investigating it from your arse?” The Captain motioned the rest of the column forward.

“Where is your horse?” Lord Jaxom asked. 

“I left him back there.”  Phyre waved vaguely toward the trees behind him.  “I’ll just go get him now.”

“Don’t let him go!  He’s lying!”

They all turned to look at the young man who was standing in a doorway that had opened in the dome.

“He tried to kill Sir Washburn and Master Darcy!” 

Several things seemed to happen at once.  The crossbowman suddenly rose from where was sitting, raised his loaded crossbow and aimed for the young lord standing in the doorway.

(Rolling 2 dice (focused would be three but the man is injured, so rolling at a disadvantage) to see if the man fires the shot successfully.)
Jerusha   !roll 2d6
15:17   derynibot   6, 4 == 10

Lord Jaxom’s squire was already moving, spurring his horse to run down the man with the crossbow.

(Rolling 2 dice to see if the squire charging on his horse can spoil the crossbowman’s shot)

Jerusha   !roll 2d6
15:18   derynibot   5, 6 == 11
(Oh yeah!)

The crossbowman flinched at the sound of the horse charging straight at him. The bolt was shot high and shattered where it hit above the door in the dome.  Someone inside the dome knocked the man in the door to the ground.  Phyre tried to run but was forced to stop by Lord Jaxom’s bowman, whose drawn bow was pointing at his chest.  The squire’s horse knocked the crossbowman down, but the squire managed to maneuver it to avoid trampling the man.  The man did not try to rise.

Father Columcil, watching from inside the dome, fell to his knees and said a heartfelt prayer.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Jerusha on February 15, 2018, 06:07:50 pm »
Darcy Cameron sat very still.  The memories Lady Aliset had somehow released did not flood his consciousness.  Instead, they seemed to filter into appropriate corners of his mind.  Corners he could study in depth later. 

But on the surface, he remembered things that were long absent.  He had never questioned that his life before he was sold to sea was vague; it just was.  Now at last he remembered his parents; his father stern but readily forgiving, his mother an endless comfort.  He remembered the older brother he had practically worshipped. With an inward smile he remembered the pony he had inherited when his brother had moved on to a horse.  How many times had he been bucked off when he was riding it unsupervised when he was supposed to be in bed?  She had been named Sigrun; no wonder the name had come to mind when he purchased the horse grazing contently now within the dome.

Not all of the memories were happy ones.  The sadness he felt when his brother left for training at the court of Rhemuth.  Now Darcy remembered the small ring his brother had given him before he left.  The ring, far too small now to fit on his hand, which he wore on the chain around his neck.  He remembered his father’s death under circumstances so suspicious even the five year old Darcy had noticed.  He remembered the grief.

But it was good to know these things now.  He would study them more when his attention did not need to be focused on what needed to be dealt with today.

“Lady Aliset,” he said quietly.  “I am forever in your debt.”

The painting begins.   ;D
Holiday Greetings / Re: Happy Valentine's Day!
« Last post by DesertRose on February 15, 2018, 04:25:04 pm »
It's Valentine's Day again, so Happy Valentine's Day!

Also, blessed Ash Wednesday.

(May the chocolate clearance in the shops tomorrow not be too much of a temptation!  ;) )

With apologies to the Christian clergy for the blasphemy. . .

I saw someone refer to the aforementioned chocolate clearance as "the Feast of St. Markdown."  ROFL!

I should think that's more blessing than blasphemy.   ;D  Is St. Markdown's medallion a gold foil-covered chocolate coin?

Sounds good to me!  :D
Holiday Greetings / Re: Happy Valentine's Day!
« Last post by Evie on February 15, 2018, 04:11:48 pm »
It's Valentine's Day again, so Happy Valentine's Day!

Also, blessed Ash Wednesday.

(May the chocolate clearance in the shops tomorrow not be too much of a temptation!  ;) )

With apologies to the Christian clergy for the blasphemy. . .

I saw someone refer to the aforementioned chocolate clearance as "the Feast of St. Markdown."  ROFL!

I should think that's more blessing than blasphemy.   ;D  Is St. Markdown's medallion a gold foil-covered chocolate coin? 
Holiday Greetings / Re: Happy Valentine's Day!
« Last post by DesertRose on February 15, 2018, 04:04:28 pm »
It's Valentine's Day again, so Happy Valentine's Day!

Also, blessed Ash Wednesday.

(May the chocolate clearance in the shops tomorrow not be too much of a temptation!  ;) )

With apologies to the Christian clergy for the blasphemy. . .

I saw someone refer to the aforementioned chocolate clearance as "the Feast of St. Markdown."  ROFL!
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