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About This Site / Re: Membergroups and Rank
« Last post by Bynw on September 16, 2018, 04:45:29 pm »
Membergroup badges seen on posts depends on 2 factors. 1) Your primary member group. 2) Specific boards.

If you aren't a member of any special membergroup, then the badge will reflect the time spent on the forums. If you are a member of 1 membergroup, the badge will reflect for that membergroup instead of the time spent on the forums. Also if you are a moderator on a specific board, then you will show on that board only with the Moderator membergroup badge but everywhere else whichever membergroup (if any) is your primary membergroup.
MerchantDeryni's FanFic / Modern Era Deryni FanFic Adhan: Chapter 3
« Last post by MerchantDeryni on September 16, 2018, 12:38:55 pm »
Chapter 3

   The bomb had gone off at a crowded bus stop in the financial district. 11 dead and 23 injured. The bomber had been identified as a receptionist at one of the bond traders. Twenty-seven year old Kelly Armaugh was a bright, dedicated employee and in the training program to become a trader. She had no history of extremism or political views. Her friends and family all expressed shock at the notion of Kelly being a suicide bomber. Her backpack had been packed with explosives and ball bearings though. Surveillance video had been splashed across the news showing Kelly sitting on a bench in front of an office building and eating her lunch. As the crowd at the bus stop got larger she put her sandwich down and picked up her knapsack. She walked over to stand at the edge of the crowd. The bomb went off moments later. All this was public news, very public.
   Shortly after the bombing the spokesperson for the Rhemuth mosque announced they had been instructed to announce that the bombing was the responsibility of the Eternal Caliphate. The 11 kingdoms and Rhemuth had all been exposed to the Dawa of the truth of the Caliphate, and it was time to acknowledge that eternal truth. Since Rhemuth persisted in allowing decadence to run rampant in its streets then a lesson had been arranged. Such lessons would continue weekly until Rhemuth accepted the directives of the Caliphate and paid the jizya tax demanded of all dhimmi. In addition there would be an implementation of the proper code of conduct for all people. Gambling, alcohol and illicit behaviour would be banned. An Islamic court would be introduced, and Islamic leadership would control the land.
   Official condemnations from countries around the world followed. Memorials to the dead were created. All of this was done in the space of a few days.

   Mark did not watch much television. In the first couple of days he and Jim spent hours on emergency duty to cover for officers involved in the aftermath and investigation. Sadly the rise in terrorism over the years had resulted in a set policy and deployment routine that was well rehearsed. They returned to their regular duties, but kept an eye out for anything that could help the counter terrorism task force. Many terrorists used drugs as a means to finance their operations.

   Mark had made friends on the task force and he learned, unofficially and confidentially, that the investigation into Kelly had turned up absolutely no indication that she had been radicalized. There was nothing on her computer, no books, not even a Quran. She had simply carried a backpack full of explosives into a crowd.
   There was an interesting piece of news about the backpack. The bomb had been remote detonated by a cell phone. So Kelly had not activated it, she had just carried it. There was some speculation that she had not known what she had in her bag, but no way to prove it. Ted on the task force was at a loss as to how to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

   Not having answers to a puzzle was a feeling that was growing familiar to Mark. Dorian and Gavin seemed to have corrected their security mistake and no more incriminating texts appeared on their personal phones. They were seen carrying two phones, so a burned phone changeover was assumed. Mark was able to get warrants to try and capture texts.
   More research turned up some recent additions to their intelligence. Gavin turned out to be the more interesting of the pair. He was living a more affluent lifestyle and mingling with more celebrities. His personal texts were with an actress that Mark had actually heard of. She had appeared in a couple of well received Indie films. He had watched them and found her acting quite good. She'd also done several nude scenes he had appreciated as well. Jane spent time in Rhemuth with Gavin when she was not on set around the world, or following her brother, a rising tennis star and model, around the tennis circuit. The relationship was new, and it seemed her brother had introduced Gavin to his sister. Mark was not sure what the impetus for the close bond between a tennis player and a pig farmer with a veneer of green respectability was, but it was another oddly shaped piece in the puzzle.

   Dorian remained a quieter mystery. He worked form his home most days, developing contacts and contracts in the waste business. He went to restaurants and spoke to the kitchen managers. All of this seemed legitimate. On the other hand it could be a way to develop a distribution network, like a bouncer at a club.  Mark asked for more information on the business and operations.

   Both Dorian and Gavin worked out several days a week at a high end gym. They also ran or biked regularly and were in excellent shape.

   So Mark had a few differently shaped pictures from the pieces he had gathered. Two businessmen trying to hustle their way into high society using eco cred and the green movement. They stay fit to look good for the fashionably famous. They supplement their income with pot sales to support their social climb.
   Another shuffle of the puzzles and they are new operators trying to develop a larger distribution network to sell their fancy pot. Mark wanted to take a close look at the properties they owned, and follow the money trail. He was sure something would break loose and open up more avenues for investigation.

   Mark got into the office a week after the bombing and he and Jim started drawing up a plan to present to their boss. They were presenting it when news of the second bombing came over the radio.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by DerynifanK on September 16, 2018, 11:47:44 am »
Education in diplomacy will be very  helpful, I think. And Columcil might need to work a bit on his temper. He has Dhugal's  temper which can get the better of him. Fascinating to see how they will change in their new circumstances.
General / Re: Searching for Mrs. Kurtz's book proposal for original trilogy
« Last post by dmweade on September 16, 2018, 11:17:55 am »
Dug out my old copy of Deryni Archives and it is in there. Not sure I read past the short stories and lists, but probably bought this long before taking up writing. Sadly, it doesn't appear the submission outline is available online so I can't share it with my writing group or list it as a resource.

Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Jerusha on September 16, 2018, 10:36:08 am »
Remember that Darcy, in spite of his new status, is still much a seaman at heart.  He spent 12 hard years at sea, worked his way up to ship's officer and master navigator.  Unfortunately, diplomacy is NOT a skill he learned.  Aliset will help him learn this over time, even when he is his most exasperating self.   ;)
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by DerynifanK on September 16, 2018, 07:05:22 am »
Maybe when they  reach the place where  the betrothal  is to take place they will be able  to take time to talk and get a better understanding  of each other's  feelings and wants and needs. Thanks Laurna for your insights and This is what they need.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by revanne on September 16, 2018, 03:28:06 am »
Thanks Laurna,

That's how I meant to write it and you have given a great insight into our characters.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Laurna on September 16, 2018, 02:25:12 am »
I didn't read it as Darcy being snooty. Not at all. I read it as Darcy being overwhelmed, concerned, and trying to take a back-step. Is this really what Aliset wants? Is this really the direction he had planned to take?
Up until now, Darcy and Aliset have had a few moments of deep attraction for each other, but those were mostly in the midst of life threatening encounters. Nothing before this moment has been said about a life time commitment of marriage. I think these two need to set down somewhere and hash out just what they each want out of their relationship. and realize that the each trusts each other's opinion, emphatically.

Columcil has to assert himself into a position of authority so that he can moderate that conversation. Marriage councilor per-say.  But I have to add, that I think Columcil is still not completely comfortable with his parentage and the higher rank that it gives him.  As the two love birds learn to talk to each other, I think they can also help Columcil learn to respect his higher status. Riding Shadow and being comfortable on the grand horse will also help him learn a new place for himself. He isn't just a humble country priest any more. Darcy isn't just a seaman anymore. and Aliset isn't just a humble maiden.  All of them are growing up.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by revanne on September 16, 2018, 01:36:18 am »
Oh dear.. Apologies to Jerusha and Darcy. I didn't mean to make Darcy sound snotty ( and certainly NOT like Jaxom). I meant for his words to be because he is torn between his love for Aliset and his fear that this all sounds too good to be true. And that made it sound wrong. If anyone is being snotty it is Columcil who enjoyed dumbfounding Darcy and taking off  past him on a splendid war horse just a little too much.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by judywward on September 15, 2018, 08:26:10 pm »
Darcy needed to be spurned by Columcil for being a snotty brat that's just found out recently that he's not a poor sailor at all. Can't wait to read the betrothal service!
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