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Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by judywward on December 09, 2018, 09:13:53 am »
Good writing all! Love the latest addition to the story, DFK! Very well written, indeed.  I assume that before a new piece is added you all discuss it among yourselves to be sure it will fit with the story line and no other characters are moved about in a manner that would not fit well with their own player's plans.

Hopefully, I will be able to remember to join in tonight, since I've forgotten the  last 2 Sundays!
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by revanne on December 09, 2018, 02:47:03 am »
Great addition DerynifanK. Poor Fiona, I think her head must be spinning.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Laurna on December 08, 2018, 10:48:09 pm »
Great job, DerynifanK. It is about time Jaxom found something worthwhile to do with his time.  :P
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by DerynifanK on December 08, 2018, 08:56:00 pm »
Fiona continued to sit near the area where she had put her bedroll and supplies. She stared ahead, chewing her lip and thinking intently. She considered the consequences of her flight from the manor to try to reach the King  with her information about the intention of the baron’s heir to join the rebels and to pledge all the assets of the manor to their cause. She was very concerned about what might be happening to the baron and his wife. Michael intended to confine his father in a distant part of the manor while he assumed his father’s position and duties as baron.

But what if the baron resisted, not only verbally but physically? Would Michael actually harm his father? She was afraid that he had become so deeply involved with the rebels that he might have less control than he thought, and that he might be forced to cooperate with them if they decided to physically occupy the manor. The rebels were known to be violent and power-hungry.

When her absence was discovered, what would they do? They would not know where she had gone, but they would suspect she had ridden for help. She was afraid that they would implement their plans more quickly to avoid interference. She was also afraid that this might lead to physical injury or even death for the baron.

She needed to return to find out what was happening and to help Uncle Mac and Aunt Olivia. But she needed help. She wouldn’t be much use alone, but who could she approach to assist her? She was still confused as to what exactly was happening here at the ruins, and she had no idea which of those present she should approach. Even though she had decided to trust Lord Darcy, her cousin, she didn’t really know him at all and could not be sure of his reaction to a request from her for a rescue mission to the manor. Also, Darcy had no men-at-arms to support such an effort. Lord Jaxom had men with him, but she did not trust him and felt that his main goal was his own advancement

She had been paying little attention to what was happening around her. She noticed that Darcy and Robert had gone aside and appeared to be testing a sling that the squire had made. Then she saw that arrogant young man, Lord Jaxom, walk over to them and heard him take Lord Darcy to task for his squire’s activity.  He then ordered Robert to come with him to help his squire in erecting a pavilion he had brought with him. Lord Darcy nodded permission when Robert appeared to ask his approval.

Fiona continued to watch, distracted by the scene before her. Once the pavilion was erected, Jaxom beckoned Robert to come inside. After a brief exchange, Robert left the pavilion, striding angrily back to Darcy. They spoke together in low tones, appearing very tense. She saw Darcy’s hand go to the hilt of his sword and Robert place a hand on his arm as if to restrain him.

Suddenly, both turned to look at her. She returned their look, asking, “Is anything wrong”?.

“We need to speak to Lord Jaxom, but I’m not sure about leaving you here alone while we do so” Darcy replied. 

Fiona glanced over toward the lake where she had seen Father Columcil earlier;  “I’ll be fine. See, there is the good father returning. I will remain in his company until you return.” Fiona had noticed that the priest was trusted by the others, and that they listened to his advice and counsel. He might be the best person to approach about her problem. She felt that, with his help, she might be able to convince others to ride with her to rescue the baron and free his land from rebel control.

As Fiona continued to gaze intently at Darcy and Robert, she saw what looked like a tremor in the air around Robert and his appearance seemed to change from that of a young man to a young lady. Fiona gasped. She had heard of the ability of some Deryni to shape shift and take on the appearance of another person, but she had never seen it done. Robert must surely be something more than a simple squire. Together the two of them stepped into Jaxom’s tent

Father Columcil came near and sat down beside her, beginning to speak and ask her what was happening. They both heard angry voices and saw Jaxom start up from his seat abruptly, turning over his stool. Suddenly, a tall, red haired man stood in front of Fiona and the priest. His approach had been masked by the angry confrontation taking place in front of them. He beckoned to them to follow. Columcil appeared to know him and stood promptly to accompany him, reaching back to help Fiona to her feet. Fiona didn’t know who the red haired man was, but he was obviously a person of rank and influence. When they entered the pavilion,  Darcy, Robert, and Jaxom bowed respectfully to him, and she heard Jaxom address him as Earl Brendan.

The Earl demanded a pledge from all of them that they would make peace among themselves, and there would be no more discussion of Darcy’s relationship with the young woman or Jaxom’s insistence that the young woman should have been under his protection. Fiona went to a knee with the others as they gave the required pledge, although she still did not understand the situation. As they rose and turned to leave the pavilion, she again noticed that tremor in the air as the lady again became the squire, Robert.  Darcy held back and said a quiet word to the Earl. The Earl nodded and Darcy followed him  away from the tent to a more private area.

Fiona returned to her previous seat by her bedroll. Father Columcil again sat down beside her  as he noted that she still looked somewhat distracted. He decided that it was important that she be told the story of what lay behind the discord.

 “I’m sure you are findin’ all o’ this confusin’. I think I need to try to explain things a wee bit. The lady who is posin’ as the squire, is the Lady Aliset de Mariot. She first assumed the form o’ a young man when she was trying ta escape t’ Rhemuth after her kinsfolk were done ta death by a cousin who wanted ta tek their land and title. He speired ta force her to marry him ta strengthen his claim. She was tryin’ ta reach the King ta ask his protection and fer justice fer her kin.  Sir Washburn Morgan was escorting her at the request of his brother, the Duke o Corwyn. Darcy was escortin’ the young lord as a man-at arms fer protection. I was also traveling to Rhemuth and became the fourth member of the party. We didna find out the young lord was really a lass until we had gone some way on our journey. Lord Jaxom and his men joined us later in the journey at the direction of the Duke.”

“It’s a gey lang tale  but we did reach Rhemuth, and the lass was able to tell her story to the King who took her under his protection. However, a wee bit o’ time after our arrival in Rhemuth, Sir Washburn was kidnapped, we think by an agent for the rebels, and there was a attempt to kidnap the lady which didna work, thanks be ta God. We’re here noo ta support the search fer Sir Washburn. Earl Brendan is his brother and is directin’ the search here. We know he was held here for a time, and they are searchin’ for clues as to where he was maybes taken from here.”

Columcil continued, “Lord Darcy and the lass came ta care for each other on the long and hazardous trip ta Rhemuth. Then the king decided ta send the both o’ us, along with Darcy’s squire Robert, on a mission ta advance the search by findin a hidden fortress in Meara, a stronghold of the rebels.  Because o’ his experience as a navigator of ships, Darcy would ken how ta to find its location. However, one o’ the men behind the rebellion is a powerful and ruthless Deryni. Our Lady de Mariot was afraid for Lord Darcy when or if he did locate the fortress and had to confront this man. In an act of real courage, she decided to replace the real Robert and accompany us so she would know what was happening.. Of course, as soon as it was known that she was ridin with us, her reputation would be in ruins.. Once it was known what she had done, the king directed that it was best that they be betrothed to protect her. They  were committed to each other, and in view o’ all the present uncertainties due to the rebellion, I advised that they should go ahead and marry. They agreed, and I wed them. Jaxom had been insistent that she was ruined because she had traveled with us to Rhemuth. Jaxom was arrogant and condescending and insisted he would marry her to save her reputation, but she refused him. His behavior led to the lass nearly being kidnapped by an agent of her family’s murderer. Hence, the the bad blood between the two men.”

Fiona was quiet as she considered the story she had heard.  “I do understand what is going on a little better. I do know the danger to all of us as a result of the rebellion. I would do anything to help. But as I told Darcy earlier, I am really worried about what is happening at the manor. Baron Stuart is well respected in the area. Having his heir join  the rebels and try to give them the manor would be a big loss for Gwynedd. The loss of the baron himself would be a big blow to those still loyal to the King.”

She looked at Columcil appealingly. “I don’t know which of those here I should approach to ask for help. Do you think I should try to approach Earl Brendan?  Do you think he might help?” “Freeing the baron and his manor would prevent the rebels from getting a toehold in Gwynedd itself. “

“Dinna fash yoursel, Lassie,” replied Columcil. “Gi me a bit o time to think it over and consider what’s best ta do. I’ll need to talk it over with Darcy too, once he comes back. ”  Fiona nodded and sat quietly beside the priest, trying to be patient while she waited for Darcy to return. But patience is not one of her strong points.

After a short time, Darcy reappeared and walked over to them.  Father Columcil drew him aside and they spoke together quietly.  Darcy glanced over at Fiona then beckoned to her to join them. “I understand your concern for the baron. I do think Earl Brendan is the best person to talk to. However, his focus at this time is finding and freeing Sir Washburn, not only because he cares for his brother, but also of the great concern over what his captor intends to do with him. We are sure that the rebels are behind the kidnapping and they intend to use him in some way against the King and Gwynedd. Finding him has to be a priority. I’m not sure he can spare men to rescue the baron and free the manor of rebels. However, I think you should present your case to him and let him judge. Wait here with Father Columcil and let me see if he will hear you.”  With that Darcy turned and retraced his steps toward the Earl’s tent.

After several minutes that seemed to last forever, Darcy stepped out of the entrance to the tent and beckoned to Fiona. Fiona walked up to the tent and Darcy ushered her in. The Earl was seated at a table but stood as she entered. Fiona curtsied. The Earl spoke to her: “ Mistress McIntyre, I understand from Lord Darcy that you have some important information for the King concerning what has been happening at the manor where you have been living and danger to the Baron whose manor it is. Please take a seat and tell me your concerns.”

Fiona took a deep breath and repeated to Earl Brendan  what she had overheard Michael, the baron’s heir, say of his intention to confine his father, assume his father’s position and join the rebellion, committing the men and resources of the manor to them. She expressed her fears of what would happen if the baron resisted as she was sure he would. She emphasized her belief that losing the baron and his assets to the rebels would be a significant blow to the kingdom, giving the Mearans a toehold in Gwynedd itself.

 The Earl heard her out in silence. When she had finished, he sat quietly for a few moments. Then he spoke: “I understand your concern and agree that the situation needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, I cannot turn aside from my current mission to deal with it. I will communicate what you have told me to the King, and consider what is best to do.  It is possible that I can send a small force under the command of one of the other nobles here.” Earl Brendan stood. “Mistress McIntyre, I understand your concern and rest assured that I will address it as expeditiously as possible.” He glanced past her to Darcy who had been standing quietly beside the tent entrance while Fiona told her story. ‘Lord Darcy, will you please escort Mistress McIntyre back to your camp. I will make my decision known as soon as possible.”

Not long after Darcy and Fiona had returned to their camp, they saw Lord Jaxom enter the Earl’s tent. Earl Brendan had summoned Jaxom to discuss the situation as he had knowledge of the area and its people. Lord Jaxom entered the tent and bowed  deeply. “You sent for me my lord?”

“I did,” Brendan replied. “Please take a seat,” he indicated the stool across from his own seat. “Tell me what you know of a Baron Stuart whose manor is not far from here. I understand that he is much respected in this part of the kingdom, and that he is known to be fiercely loyal to the King. But I have been told that there is a conflict with his heir who favors the rebels.”

“I do know the baron and I have visited his manor with my father. It is true that he is highly respected in this part of the kingdom. I have met Michael, his heir, but I do not know him well. I am appalled to hear that he plans to join the rebels. It would be a disaster if he joins the rebels and invites them to occupy the manor. I am willing to do whatever you need to prevent this, my lord.” Jaxom stood, holding himself erect.

Lord Brendan addressed Jaxom: “Thank you,  I want you to prepare your men and be ready to ride to Baron Stuart’s manor. I have been told that it is possible that the baron has been confined by his son who is giving out that the baron is ill and he is acting in his stead. I have also heard that there are an unknown number of rebels at the manor hidden among the servants. I will have more precise orders for you when it’s time for you to leave, Return to your men and be ready to ride at my order.”

Jaxom bowed. Yes, my lord. We will be ready at your command.” Jaxom exited the tent and strode back toward his camp
Birthday Wishes / Re: Happy Birthday, Evie!
« Last post by TheDeryni on December 08, 2018, 03:18:29 pm »
Happy B-day, My Deerest!
Birthday Wishes / Re: Happy Birthday, Evie!
« Last post by Laurna on December 08, 2018, 12:29:17 pm »
Balance one little on each shoulder, don't you know.  Kind of the opposite to a parrot on the shoulder.  Duncan and Helena getting a lift up on sweet Pudgekin. That must be why he looks so unhappy. :P  ;D
Birthday Wishes / Re: Happy Birthday, Evie!
« Last post by Shiral on December 08, 2018, 11:44:01 am »
I had a lovely dinner party with family and friends, thank you! And here at the office I have a stuffed Porg wearing a party hat and two of my littles, so I guess that counts for a second celebration.  :)

Your Porg is wearing your littles as well as a party hat???  Musta been SOME PARTY!!  ;D :o ;)
Birthday Wishes / Re: Happy Birthday JediMatt1000
« Last post by judywward on December 07, 2018, 11:27:45 pm »
Happy Birthday, JediMatt!
Tid Bits / Re: Bedbugs
« Last post by Jerusha on December 07, 2018, 06:28:51 pm »
Good news, Elkhound.  Hope all goes well.
Tid Bits / Re: Bedbugs
« Last post by Elkhound on December 07, 2018, 05:04:29 pm »
Thanks.  I talked to the exterminator--he's scheduled to come on Tuesday morning, and he says that it should be safe to bring Roberta back by afternoon.  My vet's office confirms it.  I'm going to take Roberta n her kitty-stroller with my tablet down to the vet's office and hang out in their waiting room.  (The office is less than a quarter mile away, so I always use the stroller.  That way she gets exposure to new sights and smells and sounds on the way--makes it a bit of an adventure.)

The things I can't launder, I've been packing in black plastic bags and putting in the deep freee; the cold should kill the bugs and the eggs.  The books and my washable clothes I'm putting in the unheated garage; fortunately, it is cold enough here that most nights it drops well below freezing, so that should put paid to the critters.
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