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Title: Liam is not amused
Post by: revanne on January 29, 2018, 12:23:52 pm
Bishop Jarom was perplexed by the message but could not imagine what had brought it about.

One of Denis Arilan's first Deryni priests he had maintained a strong love and loyalty towards his mentor and it had been to no-one's suprise, except perhaps his own, when he had been appointed auxiliary Bishop of Dhassa some twenty years previously. Bishop Arilan had then been in his late sixties and there had been an unspoken assumption that Jarom would be called to step into his mentor's shoes sooner rather than later. God and the good Bishop had had other ideas, although there were still some who muttered, albeit very carefully under their breaths, that a certain red gentleman with horns and a pitchfork, and more than a whiff of sulphur about him, had more to do with the Bishop's longevity.

As the years passed Jarom had taken over more of Arilan's more specialised duties including that of watching brief at the Court of Torenth. There were of course the usual full panoply of ambassadorial staff but both monarchs found a more discreet and individual presence to be helpful and a Torenthi Bishop fulfilled the same role at Kelson's Court. In practice in recent years it had involved little more than Jarom making the trip by portal to Torenth every month or so, letting it be known that he had arrived, and enjoying a cordial evening in King Liam's presence whilst conveying in a relaxed atmosphere anything that Kelson wished to share.

His perplexity on this occasion was caused by an interruption to this civilised pattern. Firstly a note was waiting for him as he arrived in his customary quarters, handed by a tight-lipped page who did not wait for an answer. Moreover he was commanded to present himself "as soon as conveniently possible before his Torenthi Majesty" and in the king's audience chamber. Perplexity gave way to disquiet. He did not like the sound of this, though he still had no inkling of what might be going on. For a moment he thought of returning to Dhassa to seek Bishop Denis's advice, but the page would have reported his presence and turning tail was not going to help matters. He paused only long enough to mutter a Pater Noster and an Ave then, then stepped out of his room, where he was not in the least surprised to find another page waiting, and followed obediently, though he hoped with dignity, in the pages's wake.

The page led him to the antechamber of the smaller of the palace's two audience chambers and with somewhat reassuring deference, asked him to wait. An hour later, as others came and went he was no longer reassured. Finally the page reappeared and with a "this way please, my Lord" led him into the chamber. Liam was seated on his throne, crowned and robed, with Matayas, equally formally clad, standing next to him. Neither smiled, neither did Liam, do as he often did and rise to greet Kelson's unofficial envoy. Nor did he offer him a seat and Jarom judged that it was best to make as low an obseisance as he could without compromising Kelson's authority.

"My Lord Bishop," - this was bad- "it is our disagreeable task to convey to you our displeasure." - worse still. It was years since he had been greeted so coldly, and the royal plural on the lips of kings was, in Jarom's limited though painful experience, always a bad sign. He bowed again and Liam continued. "It has been brought to our attention, that the good name of Torenth is being besmirched by those who, some time ago so we are reliably informed, sought the protection of our cousin of Gwynedd."

Jarom had no idea whatsoever what the king was talking about but he was not about to say so. He doubted that Torenthi punishments could be used on a Gwyneddian subject but he was not going to risk finding out. He did risk a quick glance at the normally affable Matayas but he was as stony faced as his sovereign. 'When in doubt bow' - the ever useful bit of ecclesiastical advice came into his head and he followed suit.

He schooled his expression carefully as he listened to the king's cold voice which continued - though it still made no sense.

"Our people stand accused of supplying cursed dice, but that is a mere trivia discommoding those who have nothing better to do than involve themselves in idle games. Our royal cousin perhaps does not expect enough hard work from his people, but that is not our concern. What is our concern, and we charge you to report it faithfully is that he should immediately take cognisence of the malicious rumours concerning our people's involvement in the affairs of that pestilential province of Meara.

Be it understood," and here Liam's voice had the very edge of the holy sword with which he had been empowered, "that the attainted line of Temuryaz is not recognised in Torenth. His name has not been spoken here this many years and we take it very ill that any association with our noble house and race should be permitted by our cousin of Gwynedd. We deem it advisable that you return forthwith to Gwynedd, and we trust that before you next return the matter will have been dealt with to our satisfaction."

Liam now stood but he and Matayas swept past Jarom and left the room without another glance in his direction, leaving the latter feeling both battered and foolish. There was nothing for it but to return to Dhassa, although he vowed inwardly that Denis could make the trip to Rhemuth. Kelson was unlikely to be pleased and two angry kings in one day was more than anyone should have to face.
Title: Re: Liam is not amused
Post by: Laurna on January 29, 2018, 01:12:39 pm
Here I was reading Bishop Jorum's serious venture into Torenth and his presence requested before King Liam. I was wondering if this had anything to do with our current ventures, then started to think 'No, it does not.' Then I read this.

"Our people stand accused of supplying cursed dice, but that is a mere trivia discommoding those who have nothing better to do than involve themselves in idle games.

I hadn't gotten past the words Cursed dice before I launched out in uproarious laughter, bringing my dad out of his room.

I could barely finish reading the rest, my giggling was so strong.

Poor Father Jorum for having to deal with these unforeseen consequences to our 'out of character' complaints. :o ;D
Title: Re: Liam is not amused
Post by: revanne on January 29, 2018, 01:18:49 pm
Glad you like it. The cursed dice rather give it away ;)
Title: Re: Liam is not amused
Post by: Demercia on January 29, 2018, 01:46:10 pm
And our little group want Kelson's help?
Title: Re: Liam is not amused
Post by: Jerusha on January 29, 2018, 02:02:13 pm
Loved this, revanne!

King Kelson may be even more inclined to assist in ridding Meara of its Torenthi Grand Duke so he can reassure King Liam that the source of the cursed dice has been eliminated.

I can think of four adventurers that would be happy with that as well.   ;D
Title: Re: Liam is not amused
Post by: DesertRose on January 29, 2018, 03:20:44 pm
This is great!   ;D