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Holiday Greetings / Re: Progressive Holiday
« Last post by DesertRose on Today at 09:04:16 am »
@judywward, sorry to hear of Caesar's passing.

@Laurna, she-crab soup is definitely A Thing; as @DerynifanK pointed out, crab roe figures prominently in the soup, which he-crabs will not have.  Also, at least in theory, the meat of female crabs is more tender than that of male crabs.  I don't actually like seafood, but she-crab soup is a big deal in the local cuisine of Charleston, SC, where I grew up; there's a fairly long discussion on how to cook it correctly in Charleston Receipts, the Junior League cookbook ("receipt" being an older term for "recipe") that is in many ways the local-cuisine Bible.  :D
Holiday Greetings / Re: Progressive Holiday
« Last post by Evie on Today at 08:47:56 am »
Very sorry for your loss, Judy!
Holiday Greetings / Re: Progressive Holiday
« Last post by Demercia on Today at 02:27:15 am »
Revanne  was a denizen of Rhemuth Castle a good while before me, so that makes her the original.  Plus she is much wilder (ducks and runs)
Holiday Greetings / Re: Progressive Holiday
« Last post by Shiral on December 18, 2018, 11:12:13 pm »
Oh, dear, I'm afraid I  have missed a couple of the portal signatures. Since such short notice, I would like to invite all to my humble abode. Please forgive our poor decorations. We have been terribly distracted by our dear hound Caesar's illness and departure Tuesday last. Therefore, our feast shall be on New Year's Eve. Our portal signature is a pair of Ridgeback hounds with their backs turned toward you so you can see their lovely ridges but they will be looking over their shoulders to see you. When you arrive, Tsin'tia will bark twice to make us aware of your arrival.  For appetizers we will have bacon wrapped roasted jalapenos, chips and hot sauce, and also cheese and crackers for those not up to the jalapenos. We'll be serving (buffet style) beef and chicken fajitas made by me, carne guisada (a Mexican beef stew,) cheese enchiladas, green enchiladas with chicken, two kinds of beans, refried and borracho along with Mexican rice. For desert we will have flan and Tres Leches cake.

Sounds like an excellent spread to welcome the new year, Judy!  But very sorry to hear of the loss of  your beloved Caesar.
Lammas Night / The "Sacred King" concept in Lammas Night
« Last post by DesertRose on December 18, 2018, 09:18:56 pm »
So I have long loved this book; it's probably my favorite of KK's works outside the Deryni-verse.  I re-read it recently (snapped up the e-book edition when it was on sale in October), and then the winter holiday season came along and I was reminded of first two lines of the fifth verse of "We Three Kings," which is as follows:

"Glorious now behold Him arise,
King and God and sacrifice."

Gray speaks of Jesus being one of the possible examples of a sacred king sacrificed for the good of the land/the people several times in Lammas Night, and I wonder if this particular bit of Christmas-song-lyric was at least in the back of KK's mind when she wrote the novel.

Holiday Greetings / Re: Progressive Holiday
« Last post by DerynifanK on December 18, 2018, 04:06:33 pm »
I am delighted to RSVP for all the various festivities. I am looking forward to all the merry making.

 Laurna, I will have extra warm cloaks for those from warm climes who do not have such things. However, keep in mind that it could just as easily be in the 60s as in the 40s. Around here, you never know. And yes it really is she-crab soup. The he-crabs do not have the orange crab roe which is the primary ingredient in traditional she-crab soup, along with heavy cream. I can feel my waistline expanding.

All the food sounds very enticing. However, I am sure I will need to alter a lot of my clothes after the feasts.

I look forward to celebrating with the handsome bishop and his even handsomer cousin. I would really love to have a dance with Alaric, if I don't faint being that close to him.

All of these revels will make for a really fun holiday.
Holiday Greetings / Re: Progressive Holiday
« Last post by judywward on December 18, 2018, 01:01:41 pm »
Thank you, Laurna. As we all know, the consequences of giving your heart to a kitty or pup is that someday they will leave you with a heart full of memories.
Holiday Greetings / Re: Progressive Holiday
« Last post by Laurna on December 18, 2018, 12:55:24 pm »
Evie I am honored  to be apprised of the Axillary Bishop's Private Portal Signature. I was thinking that since will all knew Rhemuth's Portal Signature, we would be arriving at the Cathedral and walking over to the feast.  This closer Portal will surely keep the affair jovial and intimate. Thank you.

Revanne and Demercia in Duplicate. The question is who is duplicate of who? LOL. I agree with Evie that the Archbishop Thomas will give you both a warm welcome. Of course, when he hears you both called Fierce Wild Priests, his eyebrows will raise up and he will becon both you ladies to sit to either side of him at table to hear the tales of gaining such titles.

JudyWWard, it is with a sad heart that I hear of your loss. I will be happy to attend your New Years Eve party. I look forward to many happy tales of your Ridgeback hounds. and would love to give Tsin'tia a good petting, if she will allow it. The Mexican feast sounds delicious. Though I admit I have never put honey on warm tortillas. Something new to try.

DeryniFanK. I am happy to RSVP for Boxing Day in Chesapeake bay. I hope you have an extra warm cloak on hand, I am not certain I have one warm enough for your climate. Is it really "She Crab Soup" as a opposed to He Crab Soup? Must give it a try. And Oster Stew, Yum. I will happily give out boxes with you for such a feast.

I am thinking after this holiday is through I will need a  larger sized wardrobe.  ;)
Holiday Greetings / Re: Progressive Holiday
« Last post by Evie on December 18, 2018, 10:20:45 am »
Oh dear! Duncan and I neglected to leave you his Portal signature! It's basically the rampant lion holding a crozier pictured on his Auxiliary Bishop of Rhemuth achievement of arms:

Not the full image, mind, just that lion holding the crozier, so hopefully a bit easier to remember.

The thought of our Fierce Wild Priests arriving in duplicate, not to mention both wearing cassocks, to give Cardiel heart failure was my giggle for the morning, although surely he's encountered enough female clergy from Llyr (or at least the late and dearly lamented first Duchess of Cassan) to be at least somewhat acquainted with the concept, if not fully accepting of it.

@judywward  Ooh, flan! I haven't had flan in ages, but that used to be my mom's special occasion dessert.  :)
Holiday Greetings / Re: Progressive Holiday
« Last post by judywward on December 18, 2018, 09:21:43 am »
Oh, my! I've forgotten to let you know there will be endless warm tortillas, butter and honey.
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