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Unfortunately,  in Revanne's case that is also true when DS stands for Dear Sister, except for the few months when her DD2 lived with me when she was in college!
Unfortunately, "DS" and "efficient housekeeper" cannot normally be used in the same sentence.  Trust me.
Sounds fun Laurna. Our long summer evenings are great - the down side is that in the winter it is dark by 4pm.

Yes DD2 is now working in London, and is looking for somewhere permanent to live. Rents are horrendously expensive in London (about 700 per month for a shared flat/apartment) but she has a few options to check out in reasonable locations. DS lives in London too and DD1 lives and works in Cambridge so now that we have moved south we can see quite a lot of them.

I shall miss having DD2 living with us though as she is the most efficient housekeeper that I have ever met, as well as being fun to be with.
I somehow managed not to see the "Twelve Days of Christmas" collaborative story when I looked under that heading.  It's added now, along with everything else that didn't seem to be in the database already.  (Hopefully.)
This is wonderful DR.  Thank you for your time and effort.
The other story I would live to see added here is Revanne's "The Twelve Days of Christmas". Most of the stories are Revanne's, yet this is not listed under her author's name since there are a few entries from other people.
I have now added the collaborative stories to the database.  They have their own tab, cleverly labeled "Collaborative Stories," and they have all also been added to the "Alpha By Title" tab. 

In the field that would normally hold the name of the author of any given story, I have placed the username of the person who started the topic, and the author of any given entry in a collaborative story is identified in parentheses in the field with the story's title, and if there is a number after the author's name, that number indicates the sequence of entries, i.e. if UserA made three contributions to a collaborative story, their name will be listed as ("UserA 1" on their first entry, "UserA 2" on their second entry, etc.)

On the collaborative stories, the "Chapter" field generally contains a short description of the entry rather than a chapter number as would be done with stories composed by a single user.

I know there are other stories that need to be added to the database, and I (or someone) will hopefully get around to adding them soon.
The Chronicles of the Deryni / Re: Saint Camber
« Last post by Laurna on July 25, 2017, 01:37:18 am »
Hello Locheil,  I tend to think of the real Saint Camber as the moments when a positive, guiding hand is needed. Moments that are spiritual - such as a blessing or an empowering, or ethereal- his hand upon your hand- giving the Healer the Knowledge necessary to use his untrained talents, or guiding-a pointing to find that information which you seek such as a book in a library.

The more physical contacts would be those from Stefan, anytime there is conversation or events pertinent to the political atmosphere. What we do not know is exactly how Stefan's spell works and if it has been used by other members of the CC over the course of their history. Has the spell been used before to manipulate others to follow the paths the CC dictates? 

My personal belief is that the spirit of the real Camber can be witnessed by his Deryni blood descendants when he brings himself into the earthly plane. Being a blood relative is an important factor. There may also be very special circumstances, such as Kelson's crowning, where Camber's presence can be seen by all Deryni who have opened their senses enough to detect him. At least that is what is implied at the very end of DR. But I often wonder about what those members of the CC who are not descendants think of Camber's sightings? Do they think that all sightings of Camber in the past are attributed to this spell that can be used by CC members. What does Denis Arilan think when he hears of Alaric or Duncan's spiritual encounters with the saint? I don't believe Alaric ever told Denis about the other pair of hands over his hands when he Heals.

I heartily agree with drakensis about the family lines.

The Chronicles of the Deryni / Re: Saint Camber
« Last post by drakensis on July 24, 2017, 02:45:42 am »
Kelson isn't the first Haldane king to have Deryni blood - his great-great grandfather Urien's mother Swynbeth was half-Deryni (to the extent it's a distinction) through the female line. In fact, she was a descendant of Camber - one of Rhys and Evaine's great-grandchildren.

Alaric and Duncan are cousins twice over - Kenneth Morgan was Jared McLain's first cousin IIRC - and the applicable great-grand-parents (Arnall McLain and Adelicia FitzArthur-Quinnell) were each descended from one of Swynbeth's siblings.

Kelson does have the distinction of being descended from Camber AND from Lewys ap Norfal.

**scratch, knock, scratch***

"Honey, did you buy so much at the store that you can not get your keys into the lock?"
**scratch, scratch***

" Oh, all right, I'm coming!  I'll get the door for you?"
Door opens
**chomp, chomp!**
Dinner served
Glad to hear your travels were a success. Good luck go out to DD2 for continued success in her new job. Does this mean she has moved into London?

I was in a taxi once traveling from the down town London bus depot to what ever hotel I had reservations for all the way across town.  Just the driving on the left side of the road had me in a daze, LOL. It was 9pm, still day light, and I was alone, but thankfully, the taxi driver was nice and I got where I needed to go without mishap. Fun times.
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