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Site Support / Re: Test Post
« Last post by Bynw on Today at 08:39:28 pm »
bynw8/20/2018, 7:19:29 PM

DesertRose8/20/2018, 7:26:58 PM
I see.

DesertRose8/20/2018, 7:27:01 PM
How did you do that?

bynw8/20/2018, 7:38:52 PM
that script, needed to be tweeked a bit

bynw8/20/2018, 7:39:37 PM
but there isnt a way to do it by any specific date

Goatmistress8/20/2018, 7:39:56 PM
Good evening

bynw8/20/2018, 7:41:29 PM
hi @Goatmistress

Goatmistress8/20/2018, 7:46:16 PM
I wonder if I can get Rainsong to come over here.  I'm not sure how to invite from chat to another.

Goatmistress8/20/2018, 7:47:13 PM
She knows you, of course.

DesertRose8/20/2018, 7:51:02 PM
Well crud

bynw8/20/2018, 7:54:06 PM
it wasnt rainsong that actually does it

Goatmistress8/20/2018, 7:56:01 PM

bynw8/20/2018, 7:57:24 PM
shadowrain does it and i've got a private message going about it

Goatmistress8/20/2018, 7:57:58 PM
shadowrain was who gave me the script link last night

bynw8/20/2018, 8:04:11 PM
its workable but not flawless

DesertRose8/20/2018, 8:07:33 PM
How much editing did you have to do, @bynw?

bynw8/20/2018, 8:08:53 PM
i didnt do any on that test post but some things to note are the date touches the names

bynw8/20/2018, 8:09:26 PM
and it was the complete log of this chat not just any specific time frame

DesertRose8/20/2018, 8:13:56 PM

DesertRose8/20/2018, 8:14:08 PM
You would really think that Discord would have an actual logging function.

bynw8/20/2018, 8:16:52 PM
yeah it is frustrating beyond words that something as simple as logging doesnt exist

bynw8/20/2018, 8:18:31 PM
this is a fun little diversion but i think IRC is going to be the main focus still

bynw8/20/2018, 8:19:33 PM
we might use this for some things but not everything

bynw8/20/2018, 8:24:08 PM
now we could do it if we destroyed the channel after every use ... but that is way too much work

DesertRose8/20/2018, 8:27:51 PM
Yeah, no.  That's a pain.

bynw8/20/2018, 8:31:13 PM
I'm testing out an experiment even now

bynw8/20/2018, 8:31:13 PM
I'm testing out an experiment even now

bynw8/20/2018, 8:31:23 PM
I wonder if this will work and I think it will

bynw8/20/2018, 8:31:28 PM
OMG I think I got it!!!

bynw8/20/2018, 8:31:28 PM
OMG I think I got it!!!

bynw8/20/2018, 8:32:04 PM
saY something .... so i get more tracking

DesertRose8/20/2018, 8:32:40 PM

DesertRose8/20/2018, 8:32:43 PM
I'm still here.

DesertRose8/20/2018, 8:33:00 PM
I'm actually pestering Festil, who has been using Discord longer than I have about a decent logging bot.

bynw8/20/2018, 8:33:21 PM
does he have a solution?

DesertRose8/20/2018, 8:33:35 PM
And a friend from middle school is pinging me every two seconds on Facebook Messenger.

bynw8/20/2018, 8:33:44 PM

bynw8/20/2018, 8:33:47 PM

bynw8/20/2018, 8:33:49 PM
ping 😃

DesertRose8/20/2018, 8:33:53 PM

bynw8/20/2018, 8:34:10 PM
middle school .... such silly name never went to "middle school"

DesertRose8/20/2018, 8:34:36 PM
She's a nice person, and she's been through a lot in recent months, but I really did not expect my message about not being able to get to Tennessee for her and her husband's renewal of wedding vows in October was going to open the floodgates.

DesertRose8/20/2018, 8:34:48 PM
Yeah, junior high was a thing when I was a kid, but not in my school district.

bynw8/20/2018, 8:35:23 PM
most of the time now days middle school starts with 6th graders and goes through 9th graders in some places

bynw8/20/2018, 8:35:23 PM
most of the time now days middle school starts with 6th graders and goes through 9th graders in some places

bynw8/20/2018, 8:35:40 PM
and 9th graders shouldnt be in the same place as 6th graders

DesertRose8/20/2018, 8:36:13 PM
No, not generally.

DesertRose8/20/2018, 8:36:45 PM
Where I went to middle and high school, elementary was K-4th, middle was 5th-8th, and high was 9th-12th.

bynw8/20/2018, 8:36:59 PM
no no no

bynw8/20/2018, 8:37:07 PM
k-6 is elementary

bynw8/20/2018, 8:37:15 PM
7-8 is junior high

bynw8/20/2018, 8:37:15 PM
7-8 is junior high

bynw8/20/2018, 8:37:20 PM
9-12 is high school

DesertRose8/20/2018, 8:37:47 PM
I think for my brothers, elementary was K-5, junior high was 6-9, and high was 10-12.

bynw8/20/2018, 8:37:56 PM
The Legends of Camber of Culdi / Re: Wow!!
« Last post by Lochiel on Today at 08:09:01 pm »
Enjoy as the Camber series and the Heirs series are my 2 favorites (Javan's Year is my all time fav Book).  I would take DR's advice and not read to much of this forum until you finish. Salutations my friend!
The Childe Morgan / Re: Brion's Haldane Empowerment
« Last post by Lochiel on Today at 07:25:03 pm »
I want to thank everyone for their contribution to my question. IMO I tend to agree with Laurna's thinking on that. I believe the Cynfyns have played a large role in assisting the Haldane's clandestinely
in arcane matters, and remaining outside the influence of the CC.   Can't wait for the new book.
Site Support / Test Post
« Last post by Bynw on Today at 07:18:45 pm »
bynw8/17/2018, 5:34:21 PM
/r 2d6

Sidekick8/17/2018, 5:34:22 PM
@bynw:  2d6  = (3+6) = 9

bynw8/17/2018, 5:34:38 PM
/r 4df

Sidekick8/17/2018, 5:34:38 PM
@bynw:  4df  = (+++b) = 3

bynw8/17/2018, 5:34:46 PM
/r 1d6-1d6

Sidekick8/17/2018, 5:34:46 PM
@bynw:  1d6-1d6  = (2)-(6) = -4

DesertRose8/17/2018, 6:43:06 PM

bynw8/17/2018, 6:43:21 PM

bynw8/17/2018, 6:43:43 PM
I think I gave you extra chat features

bynw8/17/2018, 6:43:52 PM
gonna drop some laundry out

bynw8/17/2018, 6:44:41 PM
and @Sidekick is a dicebot

bynw8/17/2018, 6:44:50 PM
/r 2d6

Sidekick8/17/2018, 6:44:50 PM
@bynw:  2d6  = (2+4) = 6

DesertRose8/17/2018, 6:45:55 PM
I figured from the Bot label beside Sidekick that that was the case.  😃

bynw8/17/2018, 6:46:07 PM

bynw8/17/2018, 6:53:27 PM
ok i'm back

bynw8/17/2018, 6:54:20 PM
i hope some others see the post i made about it

DesertRose8/17/2018, 7:18:27 PM

DesertRose8/17/2018, 7:18:35 PM
Sorry, went afk a few.

bynw8/17/2018, 7:20:01 PM
just waiting to see if any replies to the post or what not

DesertRose8/17/2018, 7:25:18 PM

DesertRose8/17/2018, 7:25:47 PM
I'm really sleepy and not feeling great today, so I may head for dreamland soonish.

bynw8/17/2018, 7:29:01 PM
ok ... thanks for coming back in

DesertRose8/17/2018, 7:32:36 PM
I'll probably start keeping a browser tab open for Discord, so I may be here more than I generally show up on IRC.

DesertRose8/17/2018, 7:33:17 PM
It looks like I have invite permission, so if you want to edit your post on the forum to indicate that people can PM me for an invite was well as you, go for it.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:38:45 AM

bynw8/18/2018, 8:49:21 AM
Good morning. At work today getting some OT in.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 9:01:30 AM

bynw8/18/2018, 9:02:44 AM
I sent Evie the invite. I'm hoping she hops on today.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 9:04:58 AM
She may not be awake yet.  Saturday is pretty much the only day of the week she can sleep until she damn well feels like getting out of bed.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 12:55:24 PM
There are sugar cookies cooling in my kitchen right now.  😄

(image attachment not found)
DesertRose8/18/2018, 12:56:01 PM
Baker's privilege:   I've eaten three, and they are yummy.  😉

bynw8/18/2018, 1:27:34 PM
no fair! i cant have any of those .... since they cant be sent over the internet yet

DesertRose8/18/2018, 1:45:18 PM
Sorry.  I'd CTCP some to you, if that were a possibility.  😄

Evie8/18/2018, 5:43:05 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 5:44:37 PM
/r 2d6

Sidekick8/18/2018, 5:44:37 PM
@Evie:  2d6  = (6+4) = 10

Evie8/18/2018, 5:44:46 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 5:49:52 PM
@DesertRose test

DesertRose8/18/2018, 5:50:01 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 5:50:06 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 5:50:31 PM
(image attachment not found)
Evie8/18/2018, 5:50:45 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 5:50:56 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 5:51:04 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 5:51:46 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 5:52:02 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 5:52:09 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 5:52:34 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 5:52:54 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 5:55:12 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 5:55:16 PM
Are you having fun?

Evie8/18/2018, 5:55:58 PM
I learn by doing, so I'm randomly poking crap to see what everything does. LOL

DesertRose8/18/2018, 5:56:30 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 5:56:38 PM
bynw, she showed up!  😛

DesertRose8/18/2018, 5:57:12 PM
A lot of the emojis in Discord are the same (not necessarily visually, but same concept) as in Quip.

Evie8/18/2018, 5:57:24 PM
BTW, I'm considering making the Ken up there into a mini -Morgan, since I ruined original Morgan's hair during his head swap

DesertRose8/18/2018, 5:57:24 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 5:57:43 PM
Which Morgan?  Alaric or the 21st C. Haldane?

Evie8/18/2018, 5:58:03 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 5:58:55 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 5:59:33 PM
A big patch of original Alaric's hair melted or got frizzy when I used Vicki 's hair drier for the head swap. Hers runs hotter than mine.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 5:59:49 PM
One of my new SCA friends (new to the area, not to the SCA) just shared with me the recipes she made for supper tonight.  Slow cooker Cuban pork with cilantro-lime rice and Cuban black beans.  Nom!

DesertRose8/18/2018, 5:59:52 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 6:00:13 PM
And he was a 90s model Ken, so expensive to replace

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:00:18 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 6:00:25 PM
Yum, sounds good

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:01:13 PM
It looks good, too.  She shared pics on Facebook, which was what provoked me to comment "Yum" and then ask if she were willing to share the recipes.

Evie8/18/2018, 6:01:24 PM
I had this one just sitting around because his body doesn't sit well, but I'm thinking I could just use the head on Alaric's action figure body

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:01:25 PM
They're in the Google Drive folder of Recipes.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:01:41 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 6:02:18 PM
DH wants sausage and cabbage tonight, so I need to start that in a short bit

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:02:41 PM
Sausage and cabbage?  I'm not sure I've ever heard of that as a combination.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:02:51 PM
Although it sounds German or German-adjacent, LOL.

Evie8/18/2018, 6:02:57 PM
Italian sausage

Evie8/18/2018, 6:03:13 PM
Which the cabbage absorbs flavor from

Evie8/18/2018, 6:03:47 PM
Often he'll toss carrots and potatoes in also

Evie8/18/2018, 6:03:51 PM
And onion

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:03:53 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:04:13 PM
Carrots and potatoes are always good.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:04:33 PM
My ginger female cat, Tessa, would eat the carrots that had cooked in the broth from pot roast.

Evie8/18/2018, 6:04:52 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:05:11 PM
Raw carrots were the only food I ever saw her refuse to eat.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:05:29 PM
And she did go sniff the bit of raw carrot that fell off the counter while I was slicing them for something, LOL.

Evie8/18/2018, 6:05:44 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:06:58 PM
Silly cat

Evie8/18/2018, 6:07:17 PM
Is there a desktop app for Discord?

Evie8/18/2018, 6:07:29 PM
Or a webpage?

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:07:54 PM
There is a desktop app, but I've had issues with it (although that may owe more to the age of my computer than to the app itself).

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:08:05 PM
And I am right now using it in the browser-based client.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:08:09 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 6:17:23 PM
It looks like you have to have an invitation to get in that way

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:17:43 PM

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:19:53 PM
Ah. I think the Portal worked that time.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:20:54 PM
LOL. good greeting, Your Grace.

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:21:15 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:22:18 PM
How's your evening?

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:22:53 PM
It goes well. I am giving Alaric the last rites in case he needs head replacement, but other than that, I can't complain.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:22:58 PM

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:23:11 PM
HE can, though.:-D

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:23:28 PM
And I imagine he is exercising that privilege most vigorously.  😃

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:23:30 PM

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:23:58 PM
I have never seen the contents of a garderobe or close-stool look quite like that.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:24:02 PM

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:24:17 PM
Though I suppose if one were facing the Long Drop....

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:24:32 PM
I think it's meant to look more like dog excrement than that of a human.

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:24:43 PM
/r 2d6

Sidekick8/18/2018, 6:24:43 PM
@Duncan:  2d6  = (2+5) = 7

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:25:01 PM
Hm. Think I'd make a gamer?

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:25:19 PM
I don't see why not, Your Grace.  Dicing and story-telling are time-honored traditions.  😃

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:26:07 PM
I have a bag of little dice somewhere.

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:26:31 PM
If Evie would ever clean her craft room, I might find them.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:26:53 PM
Well, with her parents moving closer, perhaps she will find the time.

Evie8/18/2018, 6:26:57 PM
I heard that

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:27:46 PM
Hey, I'm the person who resorted to (pardon the language, Your Grace) Un-Eff Your Habitat to make myself keep up with my housecleaning.  No stone being thrown from THIS direction!  🤣

Evie8/18/2018, 6:27:53 PM
I might find the time once I get around to all the other crap that needs doing first

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:28:16 PM

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:28:31 PM
Evie's other crap... 💩

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:28:34 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 6:28:45 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:28:57 PM
I'm glad I had my shower a couple of hours ago.  The heavens are giving quite a light show in Florida this evening.

Evie8/18/2018, 6:29:22 PM
I need to take a shower

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:29:34 PM
Her showers don't involve magical spells

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:29:40 PM
Sadly, no.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:29:56 PM
Though some of the potions we use to cleanse ourselves might seem magical.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:30:30 PM
The shampoo I just ran out of (and I'm going to try using something else because it's expensive) does some fairly amazing things to the softness of my hair.  😃

Evie8/18/2018, 6:31:36 PM
That reminds me, though, I saw a Quota post from a historian talking about castles that show evidence of indoor plumbing, and that the Black Prince evidently had hot and cold running water from separate tanks, so she felt it was reasonable to suppose others might have also, at least among the royal family.

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:32:16 PM
They are simply soft soaps, are they not? We had soaps.Granted, not generally so fine.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:32:30 PM
The Romans had aqueducts and a sewage system, and the Islamic world had plumbing, so it's not entirely unreasonable to assume that the nobility/royalty might have such things, especially in a post-Crusades Europe.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:32:52 PM
Mostly, yes, Your Grace.

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:33:29 PM
Well, I should go. Richenda is quite anxious and in need of reassurance.

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:33:37 PM
About the possible head swap, you know.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:33:55 PM
Please reassure Her Grace that His Grace isn't meeting the business end of a guillotine. 😄

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:34:02 PM
I've survived half a dozen, but she's not used to them yet, poor dear, despite having had one herself.

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:34:46 PM
No, nothing so dire. Even if a neck prong breaks, it wouldn't be on the body he's keeping.

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:35:30 PM
What do the little green and gold circles mean under your portraits?

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:35:48 PM
And why do I have some bizarre Carnival mask?

Evie8/18/2018, 6:36:01 PM
that's a game control

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:36:24 PM
I thought a game control was two hands and a dice cup?

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:36:34 PM
Green means that that person is online and active., gold means they're online but not active at the moment (but I'm not sure why Your Grace's is gold since you are actively talking), and if it were gray, it would mean you were not logged into the chat application.

Evie8/18/2018, 6:37:10 PM
He's not active because he's been dead nearly a millennium

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:37:25 PM
I'm pretty spry for a dead guy, I'd say.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:37:30 PM
(I think the gray circle shows up only on a person's list of contacts and personal messages, not in a group chat such as this.)

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:37:31 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 6:38:13 PM
Hi all, sorry I wasnt paying attention

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:38:16 PM
And I'm perfectly alive and well. You just can't tell because plastic moves very, very slowly to human sight

bynw8/18/2018, 6:38:21 PM
who is using the name Duncan?

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:38:25 PM
My brain went to "Uno dos tres, quatro cinco cinco seis."

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:38:26 PM
Duncan is

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:39:05 PM
(The Offspring song)

Evie8/18/2018, 6:39:08 PM
Some strange bishop in miniaturized form has taken over my laptop

bynw8/18/2018, 6:39:29 PM
so evie on 2x

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:39:30 PM
I'm not strange, just a little random.

bynw8/18/2018, 6:39:36 PM
under two names

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:40:09 PM
Does Evie have two names?

bynw8/18/2018, 6:40:23 PM
You can be on with the same Nick under different devices

Evie8/18/2018, 6:40:40 PM
Of course!  Evie and Delacourt

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:40:54 PM
But what's the fun in that, Bynw?

bynw8/18/2018, 6:40:59 PM
i'm usually on with my desktop, laptop, and phone all under bynw

bynw8/18/2018, 6:41:05 PM
it makes my life easier

bynw8/18/2018, 6:41:13 PM
have to go help with dinner

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:41:18 PM
The current Art-Sci officer of my barony just posted a picture of one of her kids, who had lain down on a length of fabric for a garment she's piecing, with the comment: "Start rolling out fabric to cut out a pattern and this one promptly turns into a cat."

Evie8/18/2018, 6:41:33 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 6:41:35 PM
now we need some regular user person for their thoughts on this thing

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:42:14 PM
I am much amused, since the other night when I was messing with my old T-tunic I'm trying to turn into a workable pattern for a qamis, I had to fight that damn Carys for my stitch gauge.  I was literally chasing that silly cat around, while she held a little metal 6-inch-long ruler and played Keep Away with it and me.

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:42:35 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 6:43:01 PM

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:43:58 PM
I would invite Alaric, but I don't know if he counts as a regular person for your purposes

bynw8/18/2018, 6:44:24 PM
regular user = non forum or chat admin

Evie8/18/2018, 6:44:55 PM
Luke is here, but he lacks thumbs

Evie8/18/2018, 6:45:14 PM
And human vocabulary. And sense.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:45:41 PM
If it weren't Stupid O'Clock UK time, I'd try to talk Revanne and/or Demercia into trying it, but seeing as it's 12:45 am there, I doubt either of them is awake.

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:45:53 PM
Maybe tomorrow?

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:46:09 PM
Yes, I'll try tomorrow with our twin priests.

Evie8/18/2018, 6:46:48 PM
Do regular ORC Cubans like /quit work here?

Evie8/18/2018, 6:47:00 PM
IRC commands!

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:47:05 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:47:24 PM

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:47:35 PM
_pictures a gang of Orcs with Cuban accents_

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:47:39 PM
That is particularly funny in light of the Cuban recipes I mentioned earlier.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:47:49 PM
It could happen, in Shadowrun.

Evie8/18/2018, 6:48:21 PM
Hm, looks like Duncan answered that question, at least for the /me command

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:48:23 PM
I played a Chicana/Hopi shaman in Kagi's Shadowrun games, years ago.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:48:47 PM
Mostly so I could swear in Spanish, LOL.

Evie8/18/2018, 6:48:52 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:49:12 PM
There are some truly interesting NSFW idioms in Spanish.

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:50:07 PM
Probably not safe for my work, anyway, unless I want to raise Cardiel's eyebrows all the way to his retreating hairline.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:50:53 PM
I assume so, Your Grace, and not safe for a fair number of workplaces, although, in my experience, not food-service as long as no customers were near enough to witness.  😛

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:51:08 PM
All right, I'm leaving Her Grace waiting. I should go.  Evie can have the laptop back, if she can work out how to use the browser app.

Evie8/18/2018, 6:51:15 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:51:22 PM
Good evening, Your Grace.  Rest well.  😃

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:51:43 PM
Have a good evening also.

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:51:50 PM

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:51:56 PM
And that didn't work.

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:52:29 PM
Is there a log out link?

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:52:45 PM
Probably you need to log out.  Down in the lower left corner of your screen, there should be a little rectangle with your icon, username, and a couple of icons, including a small gear.  Click on the gear, and it should give you an option to log out.

Duncan8/18/2018, 6:53:04 PM
Ah.  I'll try that. Goodnight.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 6:53:11 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 7:04:22 PM
Didn't I just leave here?

Evie8/18/2018, 7:04:51 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 7:05:48 PM
OK, I'm about to head offline for a bit

Evie8/18/2018, 7:06:41 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:07:21 PM
I think you logged out as Duncan.  😄

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:07:25 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 7:10:16 PM
well that was fun

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:10:25 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:11:01 PM
I'll be out of the house most of tomorrow afternoon at fighter practice (for which I baked the cookies), but I'll try to catch Revanne and/or Demercia before I leave, if I can.

bynw8/18/2018, 7:14:19 PM
ah so those fighters all get the cookies

bynw8/18/2018, 7:14:58 PM
good thing the SCA is for how it should have been or could have been otherwise some charming lass wouldnt be coming along with cookies

bynw8/18/2018, 7:15:01 PM
wb Evie

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:17:27 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:17:46 PM
Probably not those specific cookies, no, but there were small sweet pastries in period.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:18:21 PM
The word "cookie" comes from a Dutch word meaning "little cake," and the Dutch word at least is old enough to have referred to a small sweet baked good in the Middle Ages/Renaissance.

bynw8/18/2018, 7:19:13 PM
nope going to disbelieve that statement

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:19:17 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:20:37 PM
Okay, you're actually right, about the etymology.  The Dutch word didn't become a loanword into English until colonial-US times.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:21:01 PM
But the concept is apparently Persian, from the 7th C. CE, so I'm thinking that something similar existed, if not called specifically a cookie.  😄

Evie8/18/2018, 7:22:15 PM
W EIRD! Just checked Duncan's email inbox, and he has a bunch of mail from a newsletter called Alabama Pioneers that he allegedly subscribes to.

Evie8/18/2018, 7:22:36 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:22:53 PM
That's odd.

Evie8/18/2018, 7:23:14 PM
I was pretty flabbergasted!  LOL

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:23:25 PM
I bet!

Evie8/18/2018, 7:24:30 PM
I wonder if there is someone with a similar address who typed it wrong when they subscribed, but I can see that happening if the end was, not!

bynw8/18/2018, 7:24:54 PM
yeah that doesnt make sense. you cant get wrong

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:25:09 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 7:26:03 PM
I can't imagine anything i would have even done or looked up to accidentally subscribe Duncan to a newsletter

Evie8/18/2018, 7:26:29 PM
It's magic. LOL

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:26:30 PM
That also seems weirdly specific for spam.

bynw8/18/2018, 7:26:47 PM
in the oddities note ... i was watching a video on youtube and it seems that the space station Babylon 5 (from the TV show of the same name) comes online on my birthday in 2256

bynw8/18/2018, 7:26:58 PM
Hi @derynifank  welcome

Evie8/18/2018, 7:26:58 PM
Yes, it looks like an actual Alabama history newsletter

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:27:06 PM
Hi @derynifank

Evie8/18/2018, 7:27:36 PM
Hi dfk

bynw8/18/2018, 7:27:43 PM
so Duncan is interested in Alabama history ... better keep a closer eye on him Evie

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:27:46 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 7:27:52 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 7:28:08 PM
Ok off to make dinner

bynw8/18/2018, 7:28:17 PM
you can type/chat at the bottom of the screen @derynifank

Evie8/18/2018, 7:28:25 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 7:28:32 PM
cya @DesertRose

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:28:41 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 7:29:02 PM
oh I thought you said that about dinner not Evie 😃

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:29:06 PM
So your 289th birthday, huh, @bynw?

bynw8/18/2018, 7:29:12 PM

derynifank8/18/2018, 7:29:12 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 7:29:23 PM
I should be around to visit it

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:29:30 PM
No, I've eaten supper already.  😃

derynifank8/18/2018, 7:30:03 PM
At least it doesn't change my words like the regular chat does

bynw8/18/2018, 7:30:25 PM
that would be autocorrect on a tablet not the chat itself

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:30:27 PM
That might be more a function of auto-correct on the device, @derynifank

bynw8/18/2018, 7:30:48 PM
silly auto correct isnt very correct most of the time

derynifank8/18/2018, 7:30:59 PM
Well I decided that auto correct hates me. I think it's possessed

bynw8/18/2018, 7:31:41 PM
i should really charge my tablet up again, it's dead again because i always forget to charge it since i use the desktop or laptop more than anything else for the internet

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:31:49 PM
One of my friends refers to it as "auto-corrupt."

derynifank8/18/2018, 7:32:05 PM
I agree with your friend DR

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:32:20 PM
Which would be even funnier coming from someone less inclined to strong language than this specific person.  😛

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:33:18 PM
Although it's pretty amusing as is.

bynw8/18/2018, 7:33:25 PM
@derynifank if you are on your laptop still .... there is a little gear like icon on the lower left of the screen near where the input chat bar is located. it should say your nick there too. if you click on that gear it will pull up your profile where you can change your avatar from the default one to something you want to use insteade

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:34:24 PM
My profile pic is a selfie I took on 4 May 2017, wearing glitter on my face on Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you 😉 ) in memory of Carrie Fisher.

bynw8/18/2018, 7:35:13 PM
mine is selfie too 😃

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:35:23 PM

derynifank8/18/2018, 7:38:28 PM
Think I did something wrong, as usual. Clicked on it but didn't see where to change the avatar

bynw8/18/2018, 7:40:09 PM
when the profile page pops up there is just that yellow circle you can click on it to change your pic

bynw8/18/2018, 7:40:27 PM
you will have to hit edit first at the top right

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:42:10 PM
Click on the little gear that should be to the right of the icon itself.

derynifank8/18/2018, 7:42:30 PM
Well I changed the pic but it's sideways. How do I fix that

bynw8/18/2018, 7:43:36 PM
you would have to edit the picture on the computer first it must have been taken that way, PCs will sometimes auto rotate for viewing but dont change the actual file. you would need some photo editing software

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:44:20 PM
GIMP is a good free one.

bynw8/18/2018, 7:44:33 PM
of course it is  @DesertRose

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:44:39 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:45:03 PM
I'm listening to my Loreena McKennitt Pandora station, and one of my favorite songs in the history of music is playing.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:45:13 PM
"Smaointe," by Enya.  So pretty.

bynw8/18/2018, 7:45:38 PM
@derynifank so do you think this is easy?

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:46:15 PM
Holy cats!  The sky just LIT UP, big ol

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:46:27 PM
Big ol' multi-branch lightning strike.

derynifank8/18/2018, 7:46:27 PM
I looked at the pic on the computer and it is not rotated. I do think it is easy chatting this way. I like it

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:47:13 PM
GIMP has so many options that it can be overwhelming.  What operating system are you using, @derynifank ?

derynifank8/18/2018, 7:47:17 PM
Wow. Hope it didn't do any damage. I love Enya

derynifank8/18/2018, 7:47:35 PM
Windows 10

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:47:37 PM
(Because Paint, as much maligned as it is, will do simple things like reorient a photo.)

bynw8/18/2018, 7:48:19 PM
paint might do it but i dont use windows enough to notice

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:48:19 PM
Try opening the photo in Paint, then, and then ask it to rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise, save it with a slightly different file name if you want to preserve the original image, and then try using the rotated image as your profile pic.

bynw8/18/2018, 7:48:45 PM
/r 2d6

Sidekick8/18/2018, 7:48:45 PM
@bynw:  2d6  = (3+4) = 7

bynw8/18/2018, 7:48:58 PM
well that's a crappy roll for Tiny D6

derynifank8/18/2018, 7:49:58 PM
will play around with the pic tomorrow.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:50:01 PM
Carys says hi.

bynw8/18/2018, 7:50:26 PM
wooooo kitty!

bynw8/18/2018, 7:50:34 PM
_likes kitties_

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:50:38 PM
I think she is less than thrilled with the weather.

bynw8/18/2018, 7:50:52 PM
what is the weather doing in sunny FL?

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:50:57 PM
She doesn't seem fearful, just "Hey, who said it could be this loud?!"

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:51:00 PM
Storming like all hell.

derynifank8/18/2018, 7:51:26 PM
All I can find is Paint 3D

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:51:43 PM
Look under Accessories, I think.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:51:50 PM
It's been a while since I ran Windows.

derynifank8/18/2018, 7:52:08 PM
What op system do you use

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:52:12 PM
Linux Mint

bynw8/18/2018, 7:52:17 PM
ubuntu linux

bynw8/18/2018, 7:52:51 PM
i only use windows at work and that is still window 7

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:52:56 PM
Ubuntu got too big for its britches (or at least, my seven-year-old hard drive), so that's why Mint for me.  Takes up less space.

bynw8/18/2018, 7:53:24 PM
Linux Mint is part of the Ubuntu family since it's based off Ubuntu

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:53:26 PM
bynw, do you remember which version of Windows would give you the dialog box about "Attempting to [Do Whatever Task]"?

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:53:32 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 7:53:38 PM
and both of them are based off of Debian

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:53:42 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 7:53:45 PM
which just turned 25 the other day

derynifank8/18/2018, 7:54:19 PM
OK you guys lost me here. I've only used windows

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:54:23 PM
This is why I'm asking about the version of Windows.

(image attachment not found)
bynw8/18/2018, 7:54:27 PM
I think all that junk started with Vista which was after XP but before 7 ... it was the crappy 7

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:54:53 PM
I was thinking it was longer ago than Vista, but maybe I'm mistaken.

bynw8/18/2018, 7:54:55 PM
or it might have been something a lot earlier given that box

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:55:24 PM
You might have to open that image to see the whole gif play through, but it's amusing.

bynw8/18/2018, 7:55:34 PM
@derynifank i think the sideways avatar gives you character its unique 😃

derynifank8/18/2018, 7:56:01 PM
That's me. Unique and sideways

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:56:07 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 7:56:29 PM
yes @DesertRose you had to open the original to see the animated gif going

bynw8/18/2018, 7:56:35 PM
that is a riot

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:56:38 PM
So I noticed.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:56:59 PM
It's an old LiveJournal icon that I kept (along with a lot of other tiny pics/gifs) because it amused me.

derynifank8/18/2018, 7:58:04 PM
How will I know when we're chatting on here. I do really likes it

bynw8/18/2018, 7:58:18 PM
i used to have a ton of old wav files but lost them all in a multitude of time

DesertRose8/18/2018, 7:58:42 PM
Here's another silly one.

(image attachment not found)
bynw8/18/2018, 7:59:04 PM
i just leave myself connected.  right now if you scroll to the very bottom of the forum there is an info graph there but i dont know how long i will keep it

derynifank8/18/2018, 7:59:04 PM
I like that one

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:00:09 PM
One from Harry Potter fandom

(image attachment not found)
bynw8/18/2018, 8:01:09 PM
one of my fav wav files (thats a sound file) starts out with the sound of something being crunched on and eaten ... then a voice with a hispanic accent goes "this popcorn is *ucking terrible. it tastes like someone jizzed all over it"  .... then you hear more crunching sounds

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:01:35 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:01:46 PM
Ninth Doctor, for fun

(image attachment not found)
derynifank8/18/2018, 8:02:49 PM
Gotta go. My DH wants to get on. See you tomorrow night

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:02:51 PM
Star Wars, and seriously, who DIDN'T think that about Luke, especially early on?  😄

(image attachment not found)
DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:03:03 PM
Okay, g'night, @derynifank

bynw8/18/2018, 8:04:16 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 8:04:40 PM
now we need to see how some other users like this

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:04:45 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:05:05 PM
And Herself, particularly, because if KK doesn't like it, there isn't much point in having Deryni chat here.  😄

bynw8/18/2018, 8:06:11 PM
very true

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:06:15 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 8:07:24 PM
i wonder what the size limit is for imbedding a pic in the chat

bynw8/18/2018, 8:07:56 PM
its 8mb unless you pay for Nitro and then its 50

bynw8/18/2018, 8:09:06 PM
so i have to use this one as the JPG instead of the BMP

(image attachment not found)
bynw8/18/2018, 8:09:47 PM
there is a better selfie from 20+ years ago and the work of an artist i know (using permanent markers)

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:12:05 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:13:12 PM
I didn't figure it was a tattoo.  😃

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:13:25 PM
Although that would make a cool tat.

bynw8/18/2018, 8:13:29 PM
not a permanent one

bynw8/18/2018, 8:13:44 PM
that would be too painful

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:13:52 PM
Also expensive and time-consuming.

bynw8/18/2018, 8:14:16 PM
it took long enough for my friend to draw that on my back

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:14:20 PM
Back pieces that cover most of the person's back are neither cheap nor quick.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:15:07 PM
A local friend of mine has the Comedy/Tragedy masks on her back, with the "ribbon" being the sheet music for a song she likes, but I'm having trouble remembering which one at the moment.

bynw8/18/2018, 8:15:26 PM
thats neat

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:15:30 PM
It is.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:16:16 PM
It's a gorgeous piece of artwork, and the artist who tattooed it onto her passed away a few years ago, so it's also special for his memory.  (He was a close friend of her husband, and he roomed with her husband before they got married and then with both of them until his death.)

bynw8/18/2018, 8:16:35 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 8:17:02 PM
the dicebot does fudge dice too and can do dice modifiers with other dice

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:17:08 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 8:17:09 PM
/r 4df

Sidekick8/18/2018, 8:17:09 PM
@bynw:  4df  = (++--) = 0

bynw8/18/2018, 8:17:26 PM
/r d6+d12

Sidekick8/18/2018, 8:17:27 PM
@bynw:  d6+d12  = (2)+(4) = 6

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:17:37 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 8:17:59 PM
/r d6-d6

Sidekick8/18/2018, 8:17:59 PM
@bynw:  d6-d6  = (5)-(2) = 3

bynw8/18/2018, 8:18:47 PM
pretty cool huh

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:19:02 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 8:24:24 PM
/r deal 3

Sidekick8/18/2018, 8:24:24 PM
🂣🂥🃂   3♠, 5♠, 2♦

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:24:29 PM
Well then

bynw8/18/2018, 8:24:31 PM
it has cards too

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:24:35 PM
I see that. 😃

bynw8/18/2018, 8:24:52 PM
/r deal 5

Sidekick8/18/2018, 8:24:53 PM
🃄🂭🂨🂱🂪   4♦, Q♠, 8♠, A♥, 10♠

bynw8/18/2018, 8:25:19 PM
i like this bot

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:25:29 PM
I see that, too. 😉

bynw8/18/2018, 8:30:37 PM
hmmm laurna is on the forum maybe she will see the PM i sent her

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:32:13 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 8:33:35 PM
/r deal 2

Sidekick8/18/2018, 8:33:36 PM
🂸🂹   8♥, 9♥

bynw8/18/2018, 8:33:50 PM
well thats 17 i think i will stand

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:34:02 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 8:34:23 PM
dealer must hit on 15 or less so here goes for the dealer

bynw8/18/2018, 8:34:26 PM
/r deal 2

Sidekick8/18/2018, 8:34:27 PM
🃈🃕   8♦, 5♣

bynw8/18/2018, 8:34:39 PM
thats a 13 so must hit

bynw8/18/2018, 8:34:44 PM
/r deal 1

Sidekick8/18/2018, 8:34:44 PM
🂵   5♥

bynw8/18/2018, 8:34:54 PM
stands on 18 and i loose 😦

bynw8/18/2018, 8:36:48 PM
oh roll stats for a D&D character ....

bynw8/18/2018, 8:36:53 PM
/r repeat (4d6k3, 6)

Sidekick8/18/2018, 8:36:53 PM
@bynw:  repeat (4d6k3, 6)  = (6+4+2+6) = 16, (5+1+4+2) = 11, (5+5+3+6) = 16, (6+2+1+4) = 12, (2+6+2+2) = 10, (6+2+1+1) = 9

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:42:09 PM
Sorry, got distracted by  music, LOL.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:44:24 PM
Mediaeval Baebes singing "Scarborough Fair," now, but the previous song was "The Highwayman" (Loreena McKennitt).

bynw8/18/2018, 8:45:49 PM
gonna get a bite to eat

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:45:52 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:46:00 PM
I'm probably heading for bed soonish.

Evie8/18/2018, 8:50:43 PM
DR, here's the cabbage and sausage recipe I'm somewhat following, though I made lots of changes.

Evie8/18/2018, 8:51:45 PM
The most important being using Greek seasoning instead of Cajun (Or was it Creole?), which I don't have.

Evie8/18/2018, 8:52:02 PM
And also added basil

Evie8/18/2018, 8:52:38 PM
And I'm using a frozen onion and bell pepper mix instead of fresh.

Evie8/18/2018, 8:53:01 PM
I think the rest is mostly the same. Maybe. LOL

Evie8/18/2018, 8:53:50 PM
Gigi is fascinated by the smell of spices on my hand

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:54:33 PM

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:54:59 PM
It looks like a recipe one of my friends from middle school recently posted to her Facebook.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:55:38 PM
I can't really do sausage any more though; my stomach rebels at the mere thought.  The closest I can get is eating red beans and rice, which is usually made with andouille sausage, as long as I eat around the sausage itself.

DesertRose8/18/2018, 8:55:55 PM
I miss my biscuits and gravy.  😦

Evie8/18/2018, 9:19:28 PM
Does turkey sausage also upset your tummy? That's what I used.

Evie8/18/2018, 9:21:12 PM
Basically this sort:

Evie8/18/2018, 9:22:15 PM
I chopped it up into little disk-shaped pieces.

bynw8/18/2018, 9:22:38 PM
Hi Evie

Evie8/18/2018, 9:25:00 PM

Evie8/18/2018, 9:27:19 PM
What I like about this is that I'm not a cabbage fan at all, but this absorbs so much of the sausage and other flavors that I don't really taste the cabbage. The cabbage just ends up being the bulk that makes this really filling

Evie8/18/2018, 9:34:52 PM
My MIL usually makes something similar, but in her version the cabbage is cooked all to Hell and gone. In this version, it's cooked to the point that it's tender enough to eat but still has a slight crunch left

Evie8/18/2018, 9:35:41 PM
Which may be another reason I prefer this recipe. I'm not a big fan of overcooked veggies in general.

bynw8/18/2018, 9:37:10 PM
to answer your earlier question in the #479827429658066946 channel. no i havent done anything with the voice yet. maybe try it tomorrow if someone wants to help with it.

Evie8/18/2018, 9:49:17 PM
OK. sounds good.

Evie8/18/2018, 9:49:28 PM
I didn't realize I'd asked that in general chat

Evie8/18/2018, 9:49:51 PM
DH is home, so I'm about to go feed him.  G'night!

bynw8/18/2018, 9:50:01 PM
good night

bynw8/18/2018, 10:46:49 PM
hi @Laurna

bynw8/18/2018, 10:47:10 PM
you figured out the avatar too 😃

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:47:20 PM
Hello Bynw

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:47:31 PM
No it must be automatic

bynw8/18/2018, 10:47:41 PM
everyone else has already gone to bed and i was just about to

bynw8/18/2018, 10:47:56 PM
it could be keyed to something unless you already had a discord account set up

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:48:00 PM
I notice that same avitar on another forum it joined a few months ago

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:49:26 PM
Whoa! went to some wierd page about gaming. I got lost for a minute

bynw8/18/2018, 10:49:32 PM
it might use Gravatar or something i would have to check

bynw8/18/2018, 10:50:14 PM
/r 2d6

Sidekick8/18/2018, 10:50:14 PM
@bynw:  2d6  = (6+4) = 10

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:50:36 PM
lots of stuff on here. I would have to look at  the side bars a bit before I fetl comfortable

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:50:43 PM
but I do like the look of it.

bynw8/18/2018, 10:50:53 PM
so noted

bynw8/18/2018, 10:51:06 PM
and we have a dicebot too

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:51:34 PM
the way chat goes by so fast this might take a little more scrolling to read what everyone writes

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:51:43 PM
Dice bot is good

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:52:16 PM
how did you roll?

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:52:31 PM
!roll 2d6

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:52:35 PM

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:52:46 PM
/roll  2d6

Sidekick8/18/2018, 10:52:46 PM
@Laurna:  2d6  = (6+2) = 8

bynw8/18/2018, 10:52:47 PM
it uses /r instead of !roll

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:53:17 PM
I like the picture of the dice

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:53:26 PM

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:54:18 PM

bynw8/18/2018, 10:54:25 PM
There is a good phone app for this as well

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:55:13 PM
I am not that phone savy to get on the internate with it. but I know others do.

bynw8/18/2018, 10:56:39 PM
I'm going to go to bed. I'll be in both chats tomorrow

Laurna8/18/2018, 10:59:50 PM
Sorry I went back to time of conception and am reading away.

Laurna8/18/2018, 11:00:05 PM
How far back does this hold the chat?

Laurna8/18/2018, 11:02:45 PM
Good night Bynw

Laurna8/18/2018, 11:18:57 PM
/r deal 5

Sidekick8/18/2018, 11:18:57 PM
🃉🃊🂡🃅🂧   9♦, 10♦, A♠, 5♦, 7♠

Laurna8/18/2018, 11:28:56 PM

Laurna8/18/2018, 11:29:13 PM

Laurna8/18/2018, 11:29:47 PM
🐡 🐟

Laurna8/18/2018, 11:30:10 PM

Laurna8/18/2018, 11:30:23 PM

Laurna8/18/2018, 11:31:46 PM
🐱 😇

Laurna8/18/2018, 11:33:33 PM

Laurna8/18/2018, 11:34:04 PM

Laurna8/18/2018, 11:34:38 PM

Laurna8/18/2018, 11:34:58 PM

bynw8/19/2018, 10:14:29 AM
good morning @DesertRose

bynw8/19/2018, 10:17:08 AM
good morning @Laurna

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:17:39 AM
Too funny. Can't even click on it in cognito

bynw8/19/2018, 10:18:59 AM
cant click on what in incognito?

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:20:50 AM
Can not look at the board with out being seen. but I guess you can't do that in the other chat either

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:21:57 AM
How did the others go offline.  do you put yourself offline. or does it go offline after some much time has elasped without chatting

bynw8/19/2018, 10:22:22 AM
they signed out, just as you where signed out earlier

bynw8/19/2018, 10:23:07 AM
if you close the browser tab or window or actually log out through your profile options you will show as offline

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:23:13 AM
I didn't sign out I just walked away.  How do you sign out. without turing it off.

bynw8/19/2018, 10:25:30 AM
you can log out through the gears in the profile (lower left)

bynw8/19/2018, 10:26:26 AM
if you are logged in and you leave the browser window or tab open on this you will just go idle like DR is now with that yellowish dot

bynw8/19/2018, 10:26:35 AM
instead of the green dot for someone who is active

bynw8/19/2018, 10:32:39 AM
/r 2d6

Sidekick8/19/2018, 10:32:40 AM
@bynw:  2d6  = (3+5) = 8

bynw8/19/2018, 10:32:51 AM
yes another successful roll 😃

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:34:31 AM
can i chat while I am in Invisable mode?

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:34:33 AM

bynw8/19/2018, 10:34:44 AM
yes you can

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:35:01 AM
I can chat in "do not disturb mode too"

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:35:26 AM
and While Idle?

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:35:30 AM
Why yes

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:38:04 AM
There is not emoji for a catapult.  how can we catapult fish?  we need a catapult

bynw8/19/2018, 10:38:12 AM
you will go automatically idle after about 5 minutes

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:38:42 AM
It says if you choose Idle you stay that way and don't go offline

DesertRose8/19/2018, 10:40:30 AM

DesertRose8/19/2018, 10:40:48 AM
Sorry, I booted up my browser but just now got to this tab.

bynw8/19/2018, 10:41:02 AM
thats if you choose it not if the auto kicks in

bynw8/19/2018, 10:41:29 AM
you would have to get your own image somewhere for that one @Laurna

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:42:54 AM
good morning DR

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:52:14 AM
Bynw  turn on "invisible mode"  for yourself and let me see what happens.

bynw8/19/2018, 10:53:30 AM
i show as being offline

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:53:30 AM
OK  you just look OFFLINE to me. without the grey dot

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:54:48 AM
I do not have a mic so I can not test the Voice channels

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:55:03 AM
I would have to buy one

bynw8/19/2018, 10:58:15 AM
Here is the trout slap image, not an animated gif but it will do

(image attachment not found)
DesertRose8/19/2018, 10:58:33 AM

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:58:34 AM
DesertRose  Your rolling  is too funny.

DesertRose8/19/2018, 10:58:39 AM

DesertRose8/19/2018, 10:58:52 AM
Them Torenthi dice, I'm tellin' ya!  😛

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:58:53 AM
Like it bynw

Laurna8/19/2018, 10:59:23 AM
we need a catapult first and then that image and then someone frying fish in a pan

DesertRose8/19/2018, 10:59:58 AM

Laurna8/19/2018, 11:00:04 AM
That looks like it was from Astrixs

DesertRose8/19/2018, 11:00:08 AM
Or a trebuchet

DesertRose8/19/2018, 11:01:58 AM
Or better yet, a mangonel.

DesertRose8/19/2018, 11:02:46 AM
That way we could throw a whole, adult sturgeon.  😉

Laurna8/19/2018, 11:04:23 AM
good luck finding an emoji  or an image for that

DesertRose8/19/2018, 11:11:21 AM
Emoji, probably not.

DesertRose8/19/2018, 11:11:55 AM
Image:  Think of a REALLY FREAKING BIG catapult.  Mangonels could throw some seriously heavy projectiles.

bynw8/19/2018, 11:11:55 AM
image might be a bit difficult too

DesertRose8/19/2018, 11:12:13 AM
I was trying to find an image with the scale/dimensions of the dratted thing.

DesertRose8/19/2018, 11:12:31 AM
But it's basically a really large catapult.

bynw8/19/2018, 11:15:27 AM
@Laurna which of the players have given you NPCs for the ruins attack?

bynw8/19/2018, 11:15:40 AM
or are they all non players?

Laurna8/19/2018, 11:18:04 AM
Actually all the NPC' are players. The only non play is mine and that is Uncle John.  I am not telling who is who though. that his half the fun. so 7 NPC's left and 7 different people rolling for them.

Laurna8/19/2018, 11:18:50 AM
I am waiting for just one more person to give me their roll and then we shall see what happens

bynw8/19/2018, 11:22:42 AM
let me rephrase that question. Did Evie, Jerusha, or revanna give you dice rolls for any of those NPCs in this part of the game. I dont need to know which NPCs. Just a Yes or no for each of those ladies

Laurna8/19/2018, 11:23:19 AM
sending you a PM

bynw8/19/2018, 11:55:52 AM

Laurna8/19/2018, 12:07:40 PM
see new PM

Laurna8/19/2018, 12:07:52 PM
my bad

bynw8/19/2018, 12:24:22 PM
my breakfast I made

(image attachment not found)
bynw8/19/2018, 12:24:57 PM
are you on a laptop or a desktop computer @Laurna

Laurna8/19/2018, 12:25:25 PM
Yummy,  My desktop

bynw8/19/2018, 12:26:05 PM
that explains why there probably isnt a microphone built in to it ... a laptop would have it

bynw8/19/2018, 2:33:51 PM
hi again @Laurna

Laurna8/19/2018, 2:36:05 PM
hello, just checking in for lunch time . then I am out and about for the rest of the day.

Laurna8/19/2018, 2:36:09 PM
have a good chat

bynw8/19/2018, 2:47:04 PM
not much will happen in this one it's just an experement

bynw8/19/2018, 3:29:28 PM
some dice rolls coming your way soon i think

bynw8/19/2018, 4:48:07 PM
i sent KK an invite to here

DesertRose8/19/2018, 5:01:15 PM

Evie8/19/2018, 5:41:20 PM
Trying out the Windows download this time.

Evie8/19/2018, 5:42:27 PM
So is this a separate chat room from the one we can get to via Mibbit, Kiwi, etc., or is it the same one?

Evie8/19/2018, 5:42:45 PM
And if the same, can this client log chats?

bynw8/19/2018, 5:46:40 PM
it is completely separate and not related other than having the same name. at some point in time, if i can manage it ... i could get a bridge between the 2 locations. but right now this is totally separate and using a different protocol and service

Evie8/19/2018, 5:47:24 PM
/r 5d6

Sidekick8/19/2018, 5:47:24 PM
@Evie:  5d6  = (5+1+4+1+1) = 12

Evie8/19/2018, 5:48:48 PM
OK, in that case KK knows that, right? She won't respond to the invite and sit here all sad and lonely wondering where everyone else is?  😁

Evie8/19/2018, 5:50:17 PM
Heading over to the real chatroom.  later!

bynw8/19/2018, 5:50:37 PM
yes i said it was a testing thing

bynw8/19/2018, 5:51:15 PM
but you present a good question. i dont see any logging ability at least on the web interface. i dont know about the actual clients

bynw8/19/2018, 6:11:12 PM
Hi KK, dont forget to join the regular chat as normal. this is just an experiment

KK8/19/2018, 6:12:41 PM
Hi, I'm in.  This looks a bit busy, but it worked right away.

DesertRose8/19/2018, 6:13:44 PM

Evie8/19/2018, 6:14:32 PM
Waving briefly while chatting in real chatroom

bynw8/19/2018, 6:16:35 PM
I have a support question out to Discord about chat logs @Evie

bynw8/19/2018, 6:17:31 PM
this might be all for naught if there is no logs

Evie8/19/2018, 6:19:03 PM
I hope there's a way to log. I really like this so far.

bynw8/19/2018, 6:19:38 PM
i havent looked at the deskop clients do you see anything for logging text channels in that?

bynw8/19/2018, 6:54:33 PM
so far it looks like the only way to have chat logs is with a bot. but so many of them are bloated with other features that are useless

DesertRose8/19/2018, 7:30:47 PM
I don't.  😦

bynw8/19/2018, 7:45:15 PM
yeah i've done a lot of searches and all i can find is references to the API and using bots but so many bots have bloat on them

bynw8/19/2018, 7:45:21 PM
this may not be a good solution

DesertRose8/19/2018, 7:49:15 PM

bynw8/19/2018, 7:53:59 PM
logging is a basic functionality of any text based communication, where are my loggs

bynw8/19/2018, 7:54:19 PM
How do i get a log .... Discord support has been notified

DesertRose8/19/2018, 8:02:51 PM
Well, give them time to answer.  Maybe there is a way and we just haven't found it.

bynw8/19/2018, 8:12:28 PM
I will

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 8:25:38 PM
New chat?

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 8:27:17 PM
I guess it's a good idea.  That way I can be too late for chat on two different systems.

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 8:31:30 PM
You know . . . whatever is worth doing is worth overdoing.

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 8:32:44 PM
That kinda sounds like it should be a Doctor Who quote, but it's actually Robert A Heinlein.

DesertRose8/19/2018, 8:34:43 PM

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 8:35:37 PM
Hi there

DesertRose8/19/2018, 8:38:11 PM

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 8:38:46 PM
Moving the chat to this place?

DesertRose8/19/2018, 8:38:57 PM
Don't know.

DesertRose8/19/2018, 8:39:20 PM
We have yet to find a logging feature.  That doesn't mean there isn't one, but if there isn't, Discord isn't a good option.

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 8:43:01 PM
A friiend who is an admin on another chat tat moved here from the IRC server says you get logs with something called stalk

bynw8/19/2018, 8:44:00 PM
hmmm i'll check into that

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 8:45:15 PM
You know her.  It's Rainsong from the PSC group

bynw8/19/2018, 8:45:33 PM
sounds like a bot can you get the link for it?

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 8:45:49 PM
lemme see

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 8:46:35 PM
Here's another one

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 8:46:39 PM
This works decently, it's what I use
Discord History Tracker
Discord History Tracker - Browser script to save history of Discord servers and private conversations

DesertRose8/19/2018, 8:47:57 PM
I think I'm done for today.  Catch y'all tomorrow!  😃

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 8:48:06 PM
Take care

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 8:48:33 PM
and that was a copy/paste.  I don't use anything to do logs, but the person who shared it with me does

bynw8/19/2018, 8:50:26 PM
see if you can get that link to stalk so i can see more on it

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 8:50:59 PM
Funny thing, they've been over here like for a while, but I didn't know about it till a couple weeks ago.  Rain was like "Raven wants to know why you won't join the discord group", and I was like "what discord group??"

bynw8/19/2018, 8:51:57 PM
i was just going through our channels the other day on IRC and noticed theirs were unregistered

bynw8/19/2018, 8:52:16 PM
but their website still says OtherWorlders is their chat home

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 8:52:38 PM
That is probably why.  I miss it being on IRC, but they're here and not going anywhere, so . . .

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 8:53:59 PM
Rain seems to be afk or maybe gone for the night now.  but if I can get her, I'll get stalk info

bynw8/19/2018, 8:56:17 PM
i just joined their server

bynw8/19/2018, 8:56:44 PM
looks like the PSC spun off from the guild and took off on its own

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 9:02:15 PM
from psion guild?  like 10 years ago maybe

bynw8/19/2018, 9:03:25 PM
that is why psion guild even though its channel is unregistered as well , still shows otherworlders irc as its chat home but PSC isnt

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 9:03:56 PM
yes, they've been independent ever since PSC was created

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 9:04:54 PM
at the beginning, psion guild thought psc was a rival, but then they got along.  but always inderpenddent of each other

bynw8/19/2018, 9:09:47 PM
that discord history tracker is OK but not really usable

bynw8/19/2018, 9:11:14 PM
there are good logs on the PSC website though

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 9:29:46 PM
Next time I see Rain, I'll get more info for you.  I'm on here several evenings during the week usually.

bynw8/19/2018, 9:39:50 PM
i leave myself signed in to Discord and IRC too

bynw8/19/2018, 9:40:14 PM
i'm usually on IRC on my desktop and laptop hence the 2 nicks and discord on everything

Goatmistress8/19/2018, 9:52:35 PM
I don't stay signed into anything, not even Facebook.  I'll stay logged in if I go to the store, but if I leave for the day or go to bed, I log out of everything.

bynw8/19/2018, 9:54:39 PM
most of my 3 computers are on 24/7

bynw8/19/2018, 9:54:51 PM
not counting my phone which is also a computer

DesertRose8/20/2018, 11:20:38 AM

DesertRose8/20/2018, 11:58:06 AM
Sent Gilreth an invitation code for Discord, since he mentioned in the thread that he is an experienced Discord user.

bynw8/20/2018, 12:02:11 PM

bynw8/20/2018, 12:02:35 PM
logging isnt available without a bot or some kind of script so i'm checking on those options

DesertRose8/20/2018, 12:08:55 PM
Well phooey

gilreth8/20/2018, 1:35:29 PM
Thanks for invite - I am a 'she' BTW .....

gilreth8/20/2018, 1:35:51 PM
You will find me logged in a lot as I also use this for gaming and talking to friends.

DesertRose8/20/2018, 1:38:36 PM
Oh, oops!  Sorry!

DesertRose8/20/2018, 3:27:43 PM
I think my brain went to Gilrae d' Eirial from the story "Vocation."

bynw8/20/2018, 4:31:09 PM
its incredible that no one has created a simple logging method on Discord

DesertRose8/20/2018, 4:37:18 PM
Yeah, that is weird.

bynw8/20/2018, 4:38:02 PM
the only thing i have found so far itsnt that friendly to use

bynw8/20/2018, 4:39:35 PM
it would require massive manual edits to make it readable and post worthy

DesertRose8/20/2018, 4:48:00 PM

bynw8/20/2018, 5:02:06 PM
there i will post to Facebook about it too. maybe someone there knows more than Discord does

bynw8/20/2018, 5:02:24 PM
but if that's the case and there is no logging . this is a moot point

DesertRose8/20/2018, 5:03:47 PM

bynw8/20/2018, 5:58:18 PM
well that script that Ghostmistress's other Discord chat uses (and a past channel of OtherWorlders) would require a lot of manual copy, paste, edit before posting it to the forums or anywhere else for that matter.

DesertRose8/20/2018, 6:10:59 PM
I love the new head!  The hair looks SO much better.  Much better suited as the dashing Duke of Corwyn!
His Grace looks very good with his new head.
Site Support / Re: Discord Trial
« Last post by Gilreth on Today at 10:58:04 am »
Pretty experienced Discord user here is that is any use?
Your right, Alaric has the more chiseled chin and jaw. Like a warrior should.
I like the new Alaric very much and the "eye shadow" looks like deep set eyes in the picture you show here.
Actually, Alaric (the new version) and Duncan have very different face shapes in addition to their hair styles being different. Duncan's features (like most Kens) are less angular. That was one of the things I liked about the Harley Ken headsculpt, actually. It's so different from the other Ken headsculpts I have that it stands out in the crowd.

Here's a shot of Duncan for comparison:

Awww, doesn't he look like he'd make a great "Uncle Duncan"?   ;D
Alaric looks great, Evie!  I was afraid he was going to look too much like Duncan. I mean identical twins.  Although now I see Alaric properly dressed in Duke of Corwyn attire I don't see Duncan anymore, I see Alaric.  Good Job!
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