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Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Laurna on Today at 02:04:28 pm »
Judyward, that is so funny that you should say that.  Writing from a different point of view is exactly what worked.  I love Derry's story by the way.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by judywward on Today at 08:49:30 am »
DFK! Good writing!! Waiting for the plot to move along. Y'all are really reving it up!
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by judywward on Today at 08:20:17 am »
I was re-reading that short story by KK of how Derry went to work for Alaric. She said she was trying to write it and it just wouldn't flow. She gave up & next time she was going to work on it, she couldn't find it anywhere in the computer. So she had to start over, and this time told it from Derry's point of view, and it practically flew in the computer. Maybe tweak it a little?
My immediate response, without checking the books which sadly seem to have gone walkabout, is that this assumes that Imre is rational which I don't remember to be the case. Even without drink, and manipulation by Coel and Ariella, he is emotionally unstable and driven by impulse.

I also don't believe that Camber would be fooled.

Great discussion starter.

While I agree with the others that this idea isn't one that Imre could have come up with, it does sound like something that Ariella could have come up with, and, had she suggested it to her beloved brother, he may have gone along with it. Or would he? He was really, really devastated when he thought that his beloved Cathan had betrayed him, so I don't know if he would have been able to pull it off. Depends on how much control over him his sister had...
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Laurna on February 16, 2019, 10:08:58 pm »
Good boy Gavin, Go get some help! Good job Derynifank

Sorry, I have been drawing a blank when it comes to writing this last week, actually doing anything this week. I want to blame it on the rain and the cold weather, and sore buttocks too. Thinking a trying a different approach to a piece I have been working on. Maybe I can come up with something.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Jerusha on February 16, 2019, 04:02:39 pm »
Nice scene, DerynifanK!  Let's  hope Lord Peacock Jaxom does not muck things up.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by DerynifanK on February 16, 2019, 03:05:20 pm »
The light was fading as the rescue party approached the point at which they would leave the main road and take the narrower road leading to Baron Stuart’s manor. Fiona urged her horse forward to move up beside Lord Jaxom. Father Columcil also moved forward, remaining at her side. Jaxom turned his head to study the lady. “May I be of service, Lady Fiona?”

Fiona replied. “Pardon me, my lord, but do you not think we might stop soon to rest the men and horses?  If we bear to the right just ahead there is a smaller track that leads to a stream where we can water our mounts. I am sure the men would also appreciate the chance to refresh themselves.

Jaxom was silent for a moment then spoke brusquely, “ I am not ready to call a halt yet, Lady Fiona. I want to get closer to the manor before we stop. We will need time to study the lay of the land and determine our best approach.”

Fiona bit her lip then spoke, “Certainly you are wise to plan our course of action rather than to ride blindly up to the manor. But if we pause for rest, I can make you a map of the house and its surroundings including the stable and byres and other buildings where the servants would be found. I know that some of our servants had been replaced with men I didn’t know, and I strongly suspect that they are rebels. I do not know how many there are. But most of his retainers remain faithful to the baron.  I can help you determine the best  plan of attack.”

Jaxom looked doubtful, not immediately responding to Fiona’s proposal. Then he addressed her in his condescending way. “You are not trained in military matters, and I fail to see how you could be of much help in designing our plan for securing the manor and capturing the rebels. I think I need to see the manor house and its surroundings for myself before we proceed.”

Fiona responded, some frustration beginning to sound in her voice.  “I can help because I can show you the location of the manor and the various outbuildings as well as the lay of the land.” Then Fiona heard Aliset’s words of advice as they left. Maybe a little flattery would help smooth things, and he would be more likely to listen.

In a quieter voice, Fiona added, “You are a good leader, and the Earl has confidence in you. He sent me with you to provide you with the knowledge I possess about the manor and its surroundings as well as its people in order to give you an edge in the coming confrontation.  Jaxom preened a little, he would use what she knew and take credit for securing the manor with  the fewest possible losses.”

Like any good commander he would make use of all the information he could glean from her, so he listened as she continued. “It is getting late and the light is fading quickly. It will soon be full dark. How much will you be able to see if we arrive in full dark? I am also concerned, as I know you are, that the rebels hold at least two hostages, the baron and his wife, and I am sure that they would not hesitate to use them to secure their escape, even if you seize control of the manor. I know that one of your goals is that no harm come to them and that we do secure their release. We know from the fate of Ratharkin that these rebels are cruel and violent men who will not hesitate to kill if it suits their purpose. I am sure that you wish to seize every opportunity to gain the advantage over them.  Please allow me to assist you .” Fiona studied the young lord anxiously, hoping she had not said too much.

While they were speaking, the party had left the main road and gone a short way along the narrower road that led to the manor. Lord Jaxom held up his hand, signaling  a halt. He turned in his saddle to speak to the men, “ I think it wise if we pause here to briefly rest and water our mounts. I am told that just ahead on our right there is a small track that leads to a stream. Let us take that track to the stream that is to be found there and water and rest them. As she is familiar with this track,  Lady Fiona will point the way.”

Fiona moved ahead, guiding her horse a short way along the road, then turning right along a faint path that led through several tall trees and descended gradually. They could hear the sound of running water which quickly grew louder. They entered a clearing where the stream tumbled between banks covered with ferns and small bushes. There was also an area of soft, green grass suitable for grazing. At Jaxom’s gesture, the men began to dismount and lead their horses to the water. They were also drinking from their waterskins and refilling them.

Jaxom, Fiona, and Columcil moved a little apart  from the men to tend to their own horses. After the horses had drunk their fill, they were tethered loosely while the three sat down in the grass to talk.  Jaxom began, “ How much further is it to the manor? Does this path parallel the road to the house, and how difficult a ride is it?”

Fiona replied, “These are manor lands, but the main house sits about eight miles from the Cuilteine road. This path does mostly parallel the road leading to the house. It is rougher terrain than the road, but it also offers more cover. As the road gets near the house, it widens and the trees recede. The house sits on a slight rise, and those inside have an excellent view of any approaching riders. Uncle Mac situated it for protection, to make it difficult to get near without being seen. However, this path gradually bears to the right as  you near the open area, circling around to the rear of the mansion towards the stables and other outbuildings. There the trees and bushes crowd closer there, making detection of riders less likely.”

Jaxom stood and moved closer to the water where there was a small area of dirt free of grass. He motioned to Fiona to join him. She rose and she and Columcil moved closer. He had found a sturdy stick about 3 feet long that he used to draw a line in the dirt.” It will better inform my decisions about the best plan of attack if I have a better picture of the site. You can provide me that information. He pointed to the line he had drawn. “That’s the Cuilteine Road and here is the road leading to the manor. Show me where the house is situated, the path and the outbuildings. Include any other features that seem important for us to know.” He stood back to watch as she began to fill in the diagram.

Fiona quickly drew lines in the dirt. She continued the line indicating the main road to the house, with a large, rectangular shape at the end representing the manor house. Behind and to the left she drew two somewhat smaller rectangles, the stable and a byre, close to each other.
To the right and a short distance behind the house was a cluster of smaller buildings that included the wash house, bakery, and smithy. As the path curved around the big house, trees drew closer to the buildings. On either side of the house, a short distance away were the kitchen garden and a field for grazing.  Jaxom studied what she had drawn, then asked, “How long will it take us to reach the house using the smaller path?”

“At a steady trot, about an hour.” she replied.

Jaxom continued to study the diagram before him.  “If we were to leave now, we might surprise them, arriving just as the light goes. Thus, they would be unsure of our numbers or exact locations.”

Fiona started to object but then said, “ If I might make a suggestion, my Lord,  We would also be unsure of their numbers and locations and they would have the advantage of knowing the ground somewhat better as only I am really familiar with it. Do you not think it would be better to arrive just before dawn when the light is still uncertain and they are still sluggish with sleep?

Jaxom insisted, “I am the leader here, and I think I know what is best for our success.”

Father Columcil spoke up for the first time. “Aye, yere the leader but ye pledged tae listen to the ledy and heed her advice. Earl Brendan believed that her intimate knowledge of the estate would be gey impairtant to our success. Ye don’t want us to fail by not gien attention tae what she says.”

Jaxom was silent for several minutes. He greatly wanted to succeed in this mission and to gain favor with the king. He was the one giving the orders. The credit for the mission’s success would certainly go to him, and he intended to make every effort to secure that outcome. There was no need for the company to know how much advice from Fiona he actually took. He nodded agreement to Fiona and Columcil, then walked over to the men, “After further thought, I have decided that we will rest here for part of the night. Tether your horses to allow them to graze. We are too near the manor to light fires, so eat the cold rations we brought. Check your horses and weapons. We will leave an hour before first light, using the darkness and the foliage along the path to mask our approach. Every man will be told exactly where he is to be when we attack. Our orders are to find and free the baron and his family, secure the manor, and capture the rebels there and that is what I intend to do.” 

The company moved to carry out their leader’s orders, gradually making themselves as comfortable as possible for the rest of the night.  Sentries were posted to prevent any premature discovery of their presence.

Jaxom did return to the map Fiona had drawn, considering the best disposition of his men when they reached the manor. Fiona  pointed out where most of the retainers slept and where they would most likely be found so early in the morning. One main disadvantage was that they did not know exactly where the baron was being held. Fiona went over again what she had heard Michael and his friends say about their plans. The most likely location for his imprisonment would be the most distant attics, and she described their location and how best to reach them once they were inside. Once Jaxom had determined their disposition and given their assignment to each of his soldiers, he was ready to rest. His squire tended to the young lord’s horse, laid out his bedroll and served him the rations they had packed.

Fiona and Columcil carried out their own duties and made themselves as comfortable as possible. They talked quietly together. Fiona gritted her teeth as she referred to Jaxom. “He is the most infuriating man, so cocky and sure of himself. I just hope, in his arrogance, that he doesn’t cause the mission to fail!”

“Yere doin’ well handlin’ him, lass. He’ll follow yere advice as long as he can mek it look like his own idea. He’s after glory, we’re after success. We just need to mek sure we keep our goals in mind.” The priest lay down on the soft grass. The camp grew quiet.

In the meantime, Gavin heard no sound from beyond the attic door where the baron lay. Was he badly hurt?  Surely not dead!. The page had managed to remove the key to the attic door from the housekeeper’s large bunch of keys which she had left unattended in the kitchen while having a  quick gossip with the cook. The part of the manor where the attcis were situated was rarely visited, and surely she would not miss that one key. But what use was the key now? Even if he unlocked the door, he thought the baron was too badly hurt to be able to get out of the attic unassisted, and Gavin was certainly too small to be of much help.

He considered confiding in a couple of the baron‘s most faithful retainers to help him carry Mac from the attic room. But with Michael giving the orders now, would they be willing to help? And even if they were, where could they conceal him from the rebels? Also, who could care for whatever injuries he might have after Drago attacked him? The more he thought about it, the more it seemed to Gavin that his best chance was to slip away and ride for help. He certainly could not ride all the way to his father’s estate. There was not enough time. But Lord Graham’s manor was only a matter of five miles to the east and he was a friend of the baron’s. If Gavin could reach Lord Graham, he surely would come to his friend’s aid.

It was very late, probably only a few hours until dawn. If he was going, he must leave now. Gavin took a deep breath, listened carefully, and hearing no sound, slipped down the back stairs, through the kitchen and, softly easing the outer door open, tiptoed toward the stables.
In the stable, he quickly saddled one of the ponies and led him out toward the back pathway that would take him to the Cuilteine road. He had to avoid the main track because he might be too easily seen from the house if anyone happened to look out.  When he felt he was far enough away not to be heard, he mounted the pony and trotted down the path..
Revanne.  I can tell you where you books have walked to😀
Thought provoking there @whitelaughter . But as @revanne stated, Imre would have to be rational to come up with that idea. And Imre is nothing but irrational impulses of the here and now. He is quite insane.
My immediate response, without checking the books which sadly seem to have gone walkabout, is that this assumes that Imre is rational which I don't remember to be the case. Even without drink, and manipulation by Coel and Ariella, he is emotionally unstable and driven by impulse.

I also don't believe that Camber would be fooled.

Great discussion starter.

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