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KK's News / Ebook Sale on 8/21/2017 (The Temple and the Stone)
« Last post by Evie on August 20, 2017, 07:30:16 pm »
KK asked me to pass this message along:

"I’m pleased to let you know that THE TEMPLE AND THE STONE will be featured in Early Bird Books (EBB), our daily deals newsletter with more than 500,000 subscribers, on August 21. The ebook will be downpriced to $1.99 across all US retailers on that day, and Open Road will promote the feature via social media."

You can subscribe to the Early Bird Books newsletter here: to see future sales.  The sale price should appear via your usual ebook sources (Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, etc.) on the sale date.  This promotion might be for US readers only, since usually if they're for international readers, the publisher's message will say so.
Chat Logs / KK Chat--20 August 2017
« Last post by Evie on August 20, 2017, 07:24:15 pm »
[06:16.08] * KK ( has joined channel #derynI_destinations
[06:16.18] <Jemler> hi kk
[06:16.20] <KK> Hi, guys.
[06:16.35] <Evie> Hi!
[06:16.36] <@TheDeryni> Hello, Katherine.
[06:16.38] <~bynw> Hi KK
[06:17.10] <The_Bee> some guy in the Midwest is planning to make a bundle selling eclipse stuff.
[06:17.15] <The_Bee> Hi KK
[06:17.19] * Kelric_ is now known as Kelric_the_exhausted
[06:18.22] * The_Bee offers Kelric-the-Exhausted a mug of expresso.
[06:18.49] <KK> What kind of eclipse stuff?  I don't know that we'll even be able to see anything tomorrow, because of weather taht's expected.
[06:19.21] <@TheDeryni> A MUG of espresso? WOW!
[06:19.43] <The_Bee> art work, among other things.  metal sculptures, t-shirts, stuff like that
[06:20.11] <@TheDeryni> Maybe cloud dispersing stuff?
[06:20.21] <The_Bee> LOL!
[06:20.50] <Evie> Dixie (as in the paper plates and cups company) has a craft project online which they meant for helping shield children's eyes from light getting around eclipse glasses that are too big for tiny faces, but it seems some people think the craft is meant to substitute for the proper glasses rather than supplement them. 
[06:21.12] <KK> I'm going to try to get a pair of the glasses in the AM, over at the library, but I won't bother if it's socked in.
[06:21.53] <The_Bee> I'm not counting on eclipse glasses being available this late.
[06:21.55] <Jemler> a lot of people may go blind tomorrow because people are dumb enough to believe them.
[06:22.02] <KK> I plan to use a pinole projector, even if we get some glasses.  It's an 85% coverage, if the clouds allow it.
[06:22.08] <Kelric_the_exhausted> That's what happens when you go to Gen Con ;)
[06:22.13] <Evie> So they are currently dodging scathing comments from people who are accusing them of endangering kids (with some justification for the accusations, although that's not what the company meant to do), and trying to correct people posting comments like "Oh great, I can't find the special glasses so I'll just make this!"
[06:23.23] <The_Bee> I may look at the shadows of a tree.  They say you can see tiny crescents in the spaces.
[06:24.08] <Evie> Yes, the leaves act sort of like multiple pinhole cameras
[06:24.13] <~bynw> Kelric_the_exhausted, well it was the 50th year for GenCon
[06:24.18] <KK> Yes.  Look on the ground under the tree.
[06:25.13] <Jemler> someone should write a short story about an eclipse in gwynedd.
[06:25.15] <The_Bee> Remind me--what's Gencon?
[06:26.04] <Evie> science fiction convention
[06:26.31] <~bynw> largest gaming convention held every year originally in Lake Geneva WI (Hence the name Gen Con), then moved to Milwaukee and now currently in Indianopolis
[06:26.51] <The_Bee> thanks for the info
[06:27.23] <KK> I went to that once.
[06:27.35] <~bynw> yes you did. i was there :)
[06:27.38] <The_Bee> Was it fun?
[06:28.02] <~bynw> tika and i picked you up at the airport too when you flew in
[06:29.05] <~bynw> back when DAG (Deryni Adventure Game) was first published and Anne had a booth in the dealers room there. ahhh memories
[06:29.11] <KK> With me not realy being a gamer, it interesting convention.
[06:29.34] <Evie> LOL!
[06:29.48] <The_Bee> I'm not much of a gamer either.
[06:29.50] <Evie> I would love to play DAG.  I have it, but no one to play it with me here
[06:30.03] <Evie> And no one consistent evening to be able to play it online
[06:30.18] <The_Bee> I've never gotten to play it.
[06:30.40] <KK> I failed as a game-master.  I was too hard on the players.
[06:30.42] <Evie> If there were a Deryni story-based game on Storium that I could add a scene to when time permits, I'd be all over that
[06:31.16] <Evie> There is a fine line between making a game challenging and killing off all your player characters.  :-D
[06:31.28] <The_Bee> I've played some on-line RPGs
[06:31.33] <~bynw> KK, yes you did try to kill off most of the player characters
[06:32.50] <KK> Well, I wasn't aware taht I was trying to kill them off; I was just trying to make it interesting for them.
[06:33.12] <Evie> Yes.  Player characters aren't like book characters. If you kill off the players, your story tends to end abruptly.  :-D
[06:33.21] <~bynw> KK, you should have a tab showing a PM on the CGI chat. And I did fix the Kiwi chat so it is now full screen too
[06:33.45] <The_Bee> I noticed.  Thanks, Bynw
[06:34.19] <~bynw> as a long time gamer both a player and GM, sometimes you do kill off those pesky player characters. usually because they do something ... stupid and the dice are not with them
[06:35.33] <Evie> Yes, death can be an appropriate natural consequence for irredeemable stupidity.  That said, I've been known to fudge a dice roll on occasion to allow for a narrow escape if it meant keeping the game going with players intact.
[06:35.41] <Evie> Well, maybe not intact.  :-D  But alive.
[06:35.52] <Evie> Even if just barely
[06:35.58] <~bynw> of course that happens too
[06:36.19] <The_Bee> Yup.  What's a lost limb or two among friends?
[06:36.54] <Evie> Especially if the course of action wasn't stupid, but the roll just ended up being exceptionally unlucky.  Or if someone took a risk, but it was in an effort to do something especially heroic
[06:37.10] <~bynw> i've had some of my own characters have bad rolls and managed to survive, barely, and by all accounts they should be just dead
[06:39.08] <~bynw> as an fyi, now that i have my evenings free again ... i'm open to doing some more gaming. even if its just a one-shot DAG or otherwise
[06:40.03] <Kelric_the_exhausted> that being said my Personal Cubical Randomization Projectiles (tm) were misbehaving VERY badly this weekend... I believe some discipline may be in order...
[06:40.36] <Evie> Have you ever looked at Storium, bynw?
[06:40.44] <~bynw> nope Evie
[06:40.52] <Evie>,,   
[06:41.25] <Evie> You should be able to check out some of the games that are open to the public, and perhaps participate in one or two without a paid membership
[06:42.06] <Evie> I think you can even lead one (but only one) without being a paid member, just to test it out, but you have to use one of their world templates. That said, the templates are very customizable
[06:43.04] <Evie> It's usually more worth your while to pay the fee (which is not a high one) once you are used to the game mechanics, which gives you more options to customize your world, set privacy, etc.
[06:43.44] <Evie> AnnieUK was running a Storium game for a while that was pretty fun. It was in a sort of Dresden Files sort of urban fantasy world.
[06:45.43] <Evie> Annie is actually working on a book series now that she is co-writing with another writer she met via Storium. I've beta-read her first draft of Book 1, and it was very good.
[06:46.03] <The_Bee> Maybe we could do an adventure game in the forum, like the kind I've played elsewhere.
[06:46.27] <~bynw> play by post is always a possibility too
[06:46.51] <The_Bee> Yes, that's what I was thinking.
[06:47.29] <Evie> I tried to start one years ago on the Forum, but I think it was too open-ended a start, and no one else jumped in.
[06:48.16] <The_Bee> You need a plot and a goal.
[06:49.44] * KK ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[06:50.03] <The_Bee> A sign-up post is also helpful
[06:50.04] <~bynw> we lost KK
[06:50.14] <Jemler> where'd she go?
[06:50.18] * KK ( has joined channel #derynI_destinations
[06:50.25] <Evie> Rehi,  KK
[06:50.29] <The_Bee> rehi KK
[06:50.31] <~bynw> wb KK
[06:50.32] <KK> Whoops, hit the wrong button.
[06:50.42] <Jemler> portal malfunction because of the eclipse?
[06:50.58] <KK> Quite possibly.
[06:51.05] <Jemler> :)
[06:51.22] <Jemler> where is DR?
[06:52.10] <@TheDeryni>  “The star’s light emanates and shines briefly no more Foretold by the Keeper of the Old Scrolls of Ancient Lore. I hold The Colourga in stasis and through its own hesitation Bring forth the Crescent Lake’s gestation. With the power I now hold and command I summon the waters’ borne Stallion to defend and protect Him upon this darkened land!”
[06:52.21] <Evie> She is at a family get-together event that is also in the eclipse path, so it's sort of a combination celebration
[06:52.28] <@TheDeryni> Oops.
[06:52.49] <Evie> LOL, TD
[06:53.03] <Jemler> td, what was that?
[06:53.16] <@TheDeryni> I was looking for this, but didn't know I had copied it to my clipboard
[06:53.25] <Evie> LOL!
[06:53.55] <The_Bee> Where's it from?
[06:54.25] <@TheDeryni> A story I wrote seven years ago. Sorry about that
[06:55.50] <KK> Them there's pretty powerful words.
[06:56.19] <KK> I assume you have a cosmology to back them up?
[06:56.27] <Jemler> "The time has come," the Walrus said, "to talk of many things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings. and why the sea is boiling hot or whether pigs have wings."
[06:56.53] <@TheDeryni> May 19, 1007
[06:57.42] <The_Bee> You were writing srories more than a thousand years ago?!!
[06:57.57] <@TheDeryni> Lol
[06:58.34] <The_Bee> or is that when the story was set?
[06:58.34] <~bynw> maybe he's a TimeLord too
[06:58.35] <@TheDeryni> No,but that total eclipse was the one referenced in the passage
[06:59.08] <@TheDeryni> Yes, Bee, when it was set
[07:00.59] <KK> In ancient times, an eclipse must have been a truly terrifying thing.
[07:01.23] <The_Bee> a demon eating the sun!
[07:01.50] <@TheDeryni> An omen, for sure.
[07:01.51] <~bynw> animals and insects behave as if it was night
[07:02.21] <KK> Fortunately, it doesn't last long.
[07:02.43] <~bynw> yeah but still something terrifying
[07:03.09] <@TheDeryni> And comets. King Harold II bad omen was Hale's comet.
[07:03.14] <KK> I'm not sure how much light a 15% sun will project.  Sort of like twilight, I suspect.
[07:03.29] <~bynw> much like the first time any europeans saw a tornado rip through the open plains
[07:03.52] <KK> Yeah, Europe doesn't have anything euivalent.
[07:04.03] <KK> equivalent
[07:04.55] <@TheDeryni> Err, Haley's
[07:05.10] <~bynw> get an F4 ripping up country side and it's the wrath of god
[07:06.04] <Evie> I helped clean up some of the aftermath of the F5 that went through Tuscaloosa, AL several years ago.  It looked like nightmare country
[07:07.49] <KK> I can't imagine how it must feel to experience a tornado.  I grew up with hurricanes, but you get lots of advance warning when they're coming.
[07:08.18] <The_Bee> Isaw a comet one summer, but I don't know which one.
[07:10.25] <Evie> The closest a tornado has come to my house was within a couple of miles, but trust me, that is close enough!
[07:10.25] <~bynw> i've had some close calls in my life with tornadoes
[07:11.18] <~bynw> been in a car where rain becomes dirt ... that is frightening
[07:11.30] <Evie> Even at that distance, the sound can be pretty scary as you're sitting in the basement hoping it doesn't get any closer
[07:11.55] <Evie> Wow!
[07:12.23] <The_Bee> like a freight train, I've heard
[07:12.26] * Kelric_the_exhausted (~IceChat9@32F4F9.AFCB16.CAC8DB.A93869) Quit (Quit: Light travels faster then sound, which is why some people appear bright, until you hear them speak)
[07:13.02] <Evie> One of the freakiest storms I've been through was one that hit a few months ago. No tornado, but it was bright sunlight just minutes earlier, and I'd been outside on a walk. I went inside, and after about five minutes in my craft room, suddenly the sky outside went green and I heard hail.
[07:13.36] <Evie> So I ran down to the basement, and as I passed the front door, a gust of wind and a tree branch falling down knocked my front door wide open
[07:13.59] <KK> Wow, scary!
[07:14.00] <~bynw> green sky is a big sign of a possible tornado
[07:14.12] <Evie> Needless to stay, I didn't stop right there on the landing to close it! I was intent on getting into the basement since I thought there was a tornado nearby
[07:14.16] <The_Bee> It must have been the Incredible Hulk having a fight with the Jolly Green Giant.
[07:14.33] <Evie> But as it turned out, nope, it was a freak microburst, and we had bright skies and sunlight about 5 minutes later
[07:14.40] <Evie> And marble-sized hail on the ground
[07:14.44] <KK> Yes, moving the furniture around Upstairs.  ;-)
[07:16.32] <@TheDeryni> I must depart. I hope you have a great night and enjoy the eclipse if you can.
[07:16.38] <~bynw> cya TD
[07:16.59] <~bynw> i like a good hard thuderstorm minus any tornado
[07:17.12] <The_Bee> bye TD
[07:17.28] <Evie> bye Deer
[07:17.41] <KK> It's about time for me to head out as well.  See you guys next week, hopefulolyw ith all of us having good eclipse stories to tell.
[07:17.54] <~bynw> keep giving links to the chat to folks I see on FB who havent been in the chat a while but no takers yet
[07:17.58] * TheDeryni (~TheDeryni@Flirt.Storyteller.Wiseass) Quit (Quit: Then the Mare of Prophesy reared as a)
[07:18.06] <Evie> OK, havea good evening!
[07:18.11] <Jemler>  have fun tomorrow, but be safe.
[07:18.15] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[07:18.33] <Jemler> evie, you have\ the log?
[07:18.40] <KK> Nighters.
[07:18.43] * KK ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
Chat Logs / KK Chat -- 13 August 2017
« Last post by DesertRose on August 13, 2017, 07:40:18 pm »
Aug 13 19:23:50 *   KK has joined
Aug 13 19:23:52 <DesertRose>   Hi KK!
Aug 13 19:23:56 <bynw>   Hi KK
Aug 13 19:23:57 <DomMelchior>   Hi KK
Aug 13 19:24:06 <DesertRose>   The ice cream worked!
Aug 13 19:24:09 <Laurna>   Hello KK
Aug 13 19:24:13 <Jemler>   hi kk
Aug 13 19:24:16 <The_Bee>   I'm using irc.cgi.  The new site leaves the lower part of the screen blank.
Aug 13 19:24:17 <DesertRose>   Oh, BTW, Shiral, I hope your mom had a nice birthday.  ;D
Aug 13 19:24:23 <The_Bee>   Hi KK
Aug 13 19:24:28 <Laurna>   DR that looks taster than I imagined
Aug 13 19:24:43 <DesertRose>   If one likes lobster, I'm sure.  :)
Aug 13 19:25:14 <DesertRose>   I can acknowledge that foods might be tasty to others whose food preferences/dislikes are different from mine.  :D
Aug 13 19:25:17 <KK>   Hi, guys.  Had to call for help.  My bookmark for chat has disappeared from my list of bookmarks.  Color me Helpless.
Aug 13 19:25:43 <Shiral>   Thanks, DR. She did. She had a cocktail party on her actual birthday, then spent most of the day yesterday with her longtime friend Ellen whose birthday is ALSO August 11th. Then we had dinner with my brother and sister yesterday evening,
Aug 13 19:25:56 *   bynw is free some sunday work bondage and is back in the chat
Aug 13 19:25:57 <DesertRose>   Technology can be a right pain sometimes, and it changes so flipping often, KK!
Aug 13 19:26:00 <Shiral>   Hope your mom enjoyed her birthday, too
Aug 13 19:26:02 <Shiral>   Hi KK
Aug 13 19:26:03 <bynw>   some=from
Aug 13 19:26:09 <Evie>   There you are!
Aug 13 19:26:14 <DesertRose>   I think so, Shiral.  I missed it because stuff.
Aug 13 19:26:19 <DomMelchior>   And even though I'm not really a lobster fan, a hotdog bun filled with lobster meat sounds way better than the opposite: a lobster shell filled with hotdog meat.
Aug 13 19:26:20 <DesertRose>   But she did like her birthday present.
Aug 13 19:26:36 <Laurna>   Yuck DM
Aug 13 19:26:57 <KK>   Yeah, I really feel like technology is rapidly leaving me behind, and I don't have the time to sit down and study it methodically..
Aug 13 19:26:58 <DesertRose>   Even though the presentation of said present that I'd planned didn't actually happen because almost none of the plans from the previous week actually happened.  :(
Aug 13 19:27:40 <The_Bee>   So what did happen?
Aug 13 19:27:48 <Laurna>   Always good to be flexable to change.  be it technology or just too much going on.
Aug 13 19:27:59 <Shiral>   I think the lobster roll sounds better to me, too
Aug 13 19:28:05 <DesertRose>   I had a horrible reaction to a medication and spent most of the week sedating myself to avoid the manifestations of said bad reactoin.
Aug 13 19:28:10 <DesertRose>   *reaction  Rented fingers.
Aug 13 19:28:12 <bynw>   tech constantly changes, if you understand it, it's obsolete
Aug 13 19:28:17 <KK>   Bynw, any way to drag the dialog boxes down closer to the bottom of the page?  I've tried to drag, but no luck.
Aug 13 19:28:29 <DesertRose>   If that ain't the truth, bynw!
Aug 13 19:29:04 *   bynw-kiwi ( has joined
Aug 13 19:29:17 *   Jerusha ( has joined
Aug 13 19:29:25 <Laurna>   Hello Jerusha
Aug 13 19:29:28 <Jemler>   hi jerusha
Aug 13 19:29:35 *   DR_test ( has joined
Aug 13 19:29:39 <The_Bee>   Hi jerusha and bynw-kiwi
Aug 13 19:29:40 <DesertRose>   Hi Jerusha
Aug 13 19:29:44 <Jerusha>   Hi Everyone
Aug 13 19:29:46 <bynw>   KK, i dont know for sure, but let me look into it
Aug 13 19:29:57 *   bynw-kiwi has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Aug 13 19:30:00 <DomMelchior>   I guess I've reached the point where I no longer really try to understand it.  I just want it to do what I tell it to, and so long as it does, well that's good enough for me.
Aug 13 19:30:02 *   DR_test has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Aug 13 19:30:07 <The_Bee>   I think I have the same problem, Bynw
Aug 13 19:30:17 <Shiral>   Hi Jerusha
Aug 13 19:30:24 <DesertRose>   I don't see a way to drag the Kiwi text box or change its size at all, no, KK.
Aug 13 19:30:27 <DomMelchior>   Hi Jerusha
Aug 13 19:30:29 <Jerusha>   Hi Shiral
Aug 13 19:30:38 <DesertRose>   But I'll let Bynw look into it in detail since he knows more about that sort of thing than I do.
Aug 13 19:30:41 *   Shiral snaps fingers and produces a laden tea table with sandwiches and cakes
Aug 13 19:30:46 <KK>   I saw that, Bee.  That's paratly why I asked Bynw about it.  A whole third of the screen blank.
Aug 13 19:30:46 <Laurna>   I liked the look of Kiwi  but I am still using Mibbit
Aug 13 19:31:13 <Shiral>   I have a new laptop and simply haven't downloaded mIRC yet.
Aug 13 19:31:17 <The_Bee>   me adds glasses of hard andfresh cider
Aug 13 19:31:27 <Jerusha>   Jerusha adds dark chocolate to the tea table
Aug 13 19:31:48 <DesertRose>   There's ice cream too.  I put it at the quarters before KK got here.  :)
Aug 13 19:31:57 <Jerusha>   Yum
Aug 13 19:32:02 <DesertRose>   And Victoria sponge, which is what my mom baked for her birthday dessert.
Aug 13 19:32:14 <DesertRose>   If my health weren't so [bleep], I wouldn
Aug 13 19:32:26 <DesertRose>   wouldn't have let her bake her own birthday dessert.
Aug 13 19:32:33 *   Jemler puts out cinnamon raisin monkey bread.
Aug 13 19:32:44 <Laurna>   Yum Jemler
Aug 13 19:32:46 <DesertRose>   Or I'd have tried, at least, but Leo women can be seriously strong-willed.
Aug 13 19:32:47 *   KKM ( has joined
Aug 13 19:32:57 <Shiral>   Raisin bread made by monkeys? =o)
Aug 13 19:33:01 <DesertRose>   Yum, Jemler!
Aug 13 19:33:24 *   The_Bee is pigging out on actual, non-virtual chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream,
Aug 13 19:33:28 <DesertRose>   My grandmother used to buy cinnamon monkey bread (sans raisins, usually) from the bakery of the supermarket she liked, and then she and I would eat it.
Aug 13 19:33:34 <DomMelchior>   DH just walked past.  Andy says "hi" to everyone.  And to please pass the dark chocolate.
Aug 13 19:33:47 <DesertRose>   Of course!  We share our chat chow!
Aug 13 19:33:50 <KKM>   OK, this is me via mibbit--I think.  I'll close the other one and change my ID.
Aug 13 19:33:51 <Shiral>   Well, your mother has excellent taste in birthday cakes, DR. Strawberries cream and cake--aren't many things better than that.
Aug 13 19:33:56 <Jerusha>   Sending it along
Aug 13 19:34:09 *   KK has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Aug 13 19:34:26 <Jemler>   hi andy.
Aug 13 19:34:34 <Shiral>   Hi Andy
Aug 13 19:34:41 <DesertRose>   She did the raspberry-jam option, since that's the British traditional version, but my stepdad suggested strawberries, and she is considering making the cake again, freezing one layer, and making, basically, strawberry shortcake out of the layer she doesn't freeze.
Aug 13 19:34:42 <DomMelchior>   He smiles and waves.
Aug 13 19:34:43 <The_Bee>   hi andy
Aug 13 19:34:46 <DesertRose>   Hi Andy!
Aug 13 19:34:47 *   KKM is now known as KK
Aug 13 19:35:02 <KK>   OK, got it!  Thanks, Bynw!
Aug 13 19:35:05 <Laurna>   Better KK?
Aug 13 19:35:10 <Jerusha>   Hi Andy
Aug 13 19:35:13 <KK>   Much better.
Aug 13 19:35:14 <Shiral>   I'm bereft now that the most recent season of British Baking is over.
Aug 13 19:35:37 <DesertRose>   That's actually why she chose Victoria sponge for her birthday dessert, Great British Bake-Off Masterclass.
Aug 13 19:35:47 <DomMelchior>   We watch it too.  Andy has most of the Master Classes taking up space on the DVR
Aug 13 19:35:49 <Jemler>   i saw a recipe for sweet potato bread.
Aug 13 19:35:56 <Shiral>   Mary Berry can make me a cake ANY time. =o)
Aug 13 19:35:58 <DesertRose>   That sounds intriguing, Jemler!
Aug 13 19:36:23 <DesertRose>   Is it meant to be a sweet quick-bread, like zucchini bread?
Aug 13 19:36:37 <Shiral>   In the technical challenge, half the time I hear what they're supposed to make and realize I've rarely ever HEARD of them
Aug 13 19:37:04 <DesertRose>   Yeah, a lot of the baked goods are not common this side of the Pond, to say the least!
Aug 13 19:37:06 <Jemler>   i don't know. there was an optional ingredient: Bourbon. :)
Aug 13 19:37:10 <DesertRose>   Yum!
Aug 13 19:37:33 <DesertRose>   If you run across the recipe for the sweet potato bread, send it my way if you think about it.  :)
Aug 13 19:37:55 <DesertRose>   There's one that I want to try and have been thinking about for easily twenty years and have yet to attempt: toasted tea cakes.
Aug 13 19:37:57 <Jerusha>   Not fond of sweet potatoes
Aug 13 19:38:17 *   bynw-testing ( has joined
Aug 13 19:38:22 <DomMelchior>   They yam what they yam, Jerusha.
Aug 13 19:38:25 <The_Bee>   The British often have different names for food, like vegetable marrow for summer squash
Aug 13 19:38:43 <Jerusha>   ☹️
Aug 13 19:38:46 <Evie>   Argh
Aug 13 19:38:48 <DesertRose>   I heard the term in the film "Shadowlands," (the 1993 one with Sir Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger), and I was intrigued, and then in more recent years, I found a recipe for them, but haven't had time/money to attempt baking them.
Aug 13 19:38:56 <DesertRose>   Yes, that's true, Bee.
Aug 13 19:39:01 *   bynw-testing has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Aug 13 19:39:14 <DesertRose>   Also there are some ingredients in the UK/Europe that aren't marketed in the US and can be hard to fudge.
Aug 13 19:39:31 <Jemler>   the only problem was that it called for "Holiday spices" see page 19. there was no picture for page 19. :(
Aug 13 19:39:37 <Jerusha>   But chocolate fudge is good
Aug 13 19:39:41 <DesertRose>   Mom had issues, with the Victoria sponge and the raspberry jam, was "jam sugar."
Aug 13 19:39:59 <DesertRose>   Jam sugar, in the UK, is mostly granulated sugar with a little bit of pectin added.
Aug 13 19:40:23 <KK>   Wow, never heard of jam sugar.
Aug 13 19:40:27 <Jerusha>   You might notice a chocolate theme here 😀
Aug 13 19:40:29 <DesertRose>   But you can't find that here, and she had to scour Google for a way to fake it with sugar and SureJell.
Aug 13 19:40:44 <DesertRose>   It's probably kind of a specialized ingredient, anyway, KK.
Aug 13 19:40:58 <DesertRose>   I mean, how many people bother to make jam/preserves at home?
Aug 13 19:41:09 <KK>   Vegetable marrow+summer squash=....zucchini, maybe?
Aug 13 19:41:09 <DesertRose>   Regardless of which side of the Atlantic!
Aug 13 19:41:15 <The_Bee>   sugar used in making jam?
Aug 13 19:41:25 <Shiral>   Wellll... I have made jam. Not recently, but I've made it
Aug 13 19:41:36 <Shiral>   LOTS of sugar, Bee
Aug 13 19:41:38 <DesertRose>   Zucchini are called courgettes over the Pond.
Aug 13 19:41:44 <The_Bee>   or the yellow squash, I forget the name
Aug 13 19:41:46 <KK>   My sistr makes it all the time, and very good it is, especially the plum.
Aug 13 19:42:13 <KK>   So, what is summer squash?  Same as crookneck/yellow, maybe?
Aug 13 19:42:15 <DesertRose>   I think Bee might have meant yellow crookneck squash when she said "summer squash."
Aug 13 19:42:48 <KK>   OK, I've got one of those sitting in my kitchen right now.  Its brother was very delicious, a couple of days ago.
Aug 13 19:42:58 <The_Bee>   I meant sugar especially for making  jam, Shiral
Aug 13 19:43:05 <DesertRose>   Well, re jam sugar, also, people who make jam/jelly/preserves in the US often make large batches of it to preserve summer produce for later use.
Aug 13 19:43:43 <DesertRose>   I don't think that large-scale type of canning is common in the UK, so jam sugar exists so one can make a small quantity of fruit preserves of whatever type for something like the filling in Victoria sponge.  ;)
Aug 13 19:44:02 <The_Bee>   KK, I think summer squash--is any squash that doesn't keep well over the winter.
Aug 13 19:44:37 <DesertRose>   When I had access to a charcoal grill, I took zucchini and yellow crookneck squash, cut them into long strips, tossed them with olive oil, garlic powder, salt, and pepper, and grilled them for a few minutes.  Yum!
Aug 13 19:44:42 <Laurna>   You are all making me hungrey
Aug 13 19:45:01 <Shiral>   I think I hear my mixer---it wants to bake!
Aug 13 19:45:13 <Jerusha>   We do what we can
Aug 13 19:45:17 <KK>   The two squashes do go together well, both flavor and color-wise.
Aug 13 19:45:21 <DesertRose>   Yup
Aug 13 19:45:33 <KK>   brb
Aug 13 19:45:46 <DesertRose>   And grilling over charcoal gives a nice summery touch to a lot of food!
Aug 13 19:45:49 *   Kelric (~IceChat9@32F4F9.AFCB16.CAC8DB.A93869) has joined
Aug 13 19:45:51 <DesertRose>   Hi Kelric
Aug 13 19:45:58 <The_Bee>   I've cooked zucchini in tomato sauce with onions, pepperm and whatever seasoning go with tomato
Aug 13 19:46:04 <Jerusha>   Hi Kelric
Aug 13 19:46:07 <The_Bee>   hi kelric
Aug 13 19:46:08 <DesertRose>   That sounds good, Bee.
Aug 13 19:46:59 <The_Bee>   oregano and something that starts with M, I think
Aug 13 19:47:02 <DesertRose>   I have a recipe for "zucchini boats," wherein one cuts the zucchini lengthwise, scoops out the seed area, and fills the scooped-out part with, basically, tomato-meat sauce (as for spaghetti) and cheese and bakes the "boats" until the cheese is melted.
Aug 13 19:47:07 <DesertRose>   Marjoram?
Aug 13 19:47:32 <DesertRose>   Oregano, basil, and parsley make a good combination with tomatoes.
Aug 13 19:47:53 <The_Bee>   Marjoram sounds right.  I cut the zucchini into bite-size chunks.
Aug 13 19:48:13 <Shiral>   Hi Kelric
Aug 13 19:48:45 <The_Bee>   basil too.  many variations, depending what's handy
Aug 13 19:48:50 <DesertRose>   Yup
Aug 13 19:49:18 <KK>   back
Aug 13 19:49:20 <The_Bee>   Zucchini boats sounds yummy.
Aug 13 19:49:22 <DesertRose>   WB, KK!
Aug 13 19:49:32 <The_Bee>   rehi, KK
Aug 13 19:49:35 *   bynw-testing2 ( has joined
Aug 13 19:49:44 <Jerusha>   Reno LK
Aug 13 19:49:55 <DesertRose>   bynw, quit fiddling and chat.  You can tinker later!  ;)
Aug 13 19:50:00 <bynw-testing2>   ok you might have to clear your browser cache/temp files but kiwi is full screen now
Aug 13 19:50:15 <Jerusha>   I think I meant rehi
Aug 13 19:50:22 <DesertRose>   DYAC, Jerusha?
Aug 13 19:50:33 <bynw>   but. but. but ... I'm a techie!!! I must fiddle with techie stuff :)
Aug 13 19:50:35 <Jemler>   i found an image of the holiday spaces. i'll type out the recipe later.
Aug 13 19:50:43 <Jerusha>   Shack?
Aug 13 19:50:48 <DesertRose>   LOL, bynw!
Aug 13 19:51:45 *   bynw has this chat up, the web chat up, was on the kiwi help chat, and logged into the server that runs all this chat and RC too
Aug 13 19:51:56 <DesertRose>   Also, remind me later to beat you with a stick, bynw!  You've now made it so I have to retake all the [expletive deleted] screenshots!
Aug 13 19:51:59 <Jerusha>   Wow, that wasn't even close to what I thought I typed
Aug 13 19:52:13 <DesertRose>   DYAC: Damn you, autocorrect!
Aug 13 19:52:16 *   bynw-testing2 has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Aug 13 19:52:36 <Jerusha>   Yea verily
Aug 13 19:52:45 <bynw>   roger that DesertRose :)
Aug 13 19:53:16 <DesertRose>   There's even a website by that name, wherein people post the utter and absolute failures of autocorrect, some of which are truly hilarious (and some of which are REALLY not safe for work!).
Aug 13 19:53:38 <Jerusha>   😁
Aug 13 19:53:46 <DomMelchior>   I'm pretty sure AutoCorrect is some sort of higher level demon.
Aug 13 19:53:50 <bynw>   dont blame me I'm just bowing to the wishes of the user base ... KK and The_Bee wanted the chat full screen :) and now it is
Aug 13 19:54:04 <DesertRose>   And then there was the autocorrect function on a past phone that belonged to the Pod-Child (my daughter) that would NOT permit her to swear.  She called it "my ducking phone."
Aug 13 19:54:07 <Evie>   I still remember telling DR that my parents prefer a firm mistress, thanks to autocorrect.  We were talking about beds, and I had meant to say mattress, not mistress!
Aug 13 19:54:12 <DesertRose>   ROFL!
Aug 13 19:54:20 <The_Bee>   And we thank you, kind sir.
Aug 13 19:54:24 <Laurna>   Sister Disarray can attest to that.
Aug 13 19:54:37 <DesertRose>   I remember that conversation and the somewhat NSFW follow-up!
Aug 13 19:54:43 <Evie>   LOL @ the ducking phone
Aug 13 19:54:52 <Laurna>   LOL Evie
Aug 13 19:54:56 <Jerusha>   Mistresses should now waffle
Aug 13 19:54:58 <Shiral>   Why do I suddenly have a mental image of a phone with webbed feet?
Aug 13 19:55:24 <Laurna>   LO
Aug 13 19:55:24 <Jerusha>   Or not
Aug 13 19:55:30 <DesertRose>   It needed to duck, as in dodge, because she lost her temper with the censoring pretty badly a few times.
Aug 13 19:55:33 <DesertRose>   Yup, she's my kid.
Aug 13 19:55:44 <Shiral>   I guess they like that "Strict Nanny" aesthetic, Evie.=o)
Aug 13 19:55:46 <KK>   FOr a non-sentient entity,Autocorrect comes up with some doozies.
Aug 13 19:55:56 <DesertRose>   That's no lie, KK!  :D
Aug 13 19:56:24 <Laurna>   Are we certain of it's not sentience?
Aug 13 19:56:36 <Shiral>   Autocorrect often makes me say bad words when I'm typing text on my phone
Aug 13 19:56:40 <DesertRose>   Good point, Laurna!
Aug 13 19:56:50 <DomMelchior>   Are you SURE it's not sentient, KK?  It seems pretty self-aware to me sometimes...
Aug 13 19:56:55 <bynw>   maybe AutoCorrect is an AI and is plotting to take over the world
Aug 13 19:56:59 <Jemler>   that's one reason i don't test.
Aug 13 19:57:03 <DesertRose>   I've had my phone for long enough that it knows what I mean, most of the time.
Aug 13 19:57:07 <Jemler>   text, sorry.
Aug 13 19:57:23 <DesertRose>   And it knows that I don't ever mean "duck" anything.  :P
Aug 13 19:57:28 <Jerusha>   😊
Aug 13 19:58:33 <DesertRose>   Or "Holy shirt."
Aug 13 19:58:51 <Jerusha>   Tee hee
Aug 13 19:58:52 *   DesertRose straightens her halo, where it is slipping off her horns.
Aug 13 19:59:06 <Laurna>   LOL
Aug 13 19:59:54 <KK>   Maybe it's more sentient than we could possibly dream--or would want to.
Aug 13 19:59:58 <Jerusha>   The shirt has hit the fan
Aug 13 20:00:00 <bynw>   the only time one would use "Holy shirt" is following it with "batman"
Aug 13 20:00:02 <DesertRose>   LOL
Aug 13 20:00:18 <Shiral>   Wow... you'll nee a new shirt after that. =o)
Aug 13 20:00:24 <Shiral>   NEED
Aug 13 20:00:48 <DesertRose>   Carys says "Hi" and purrs at the chatters.
Aug 13 20:01:05 <Jerusha>   Unless you are partial to brown
Aug 13 20:01:09 <The_Bee>   Have any of you seen the TV show "The Good Place"? Swear words come out like "forked"
Aug 13 20:01:20 <DomMelchior>   Rory wags his tail back.
Aug 13 20:01:25 <Jerusha>   Nope
Aug 13 20:01:49 <Jerusha>   Hi Carys and Rory
Aug 13 20:02:10 *   Laurna gives a soft petting to Corys and Rory
Aug 13 20:02:54 <Jerusha>   And ear scritches
Aug 13 20:03:04 <KK>   Oh, interesting activity of the past week: I finally got to take Mother to the Green Bank Observatory in WV.  Quite awesome.
Aug 13 20:03:17 <Laurna>   Cool
Aug 13 20:03:18 <DomMelchior>   Awww, he likes that Laurna  Pharaoh hound tail now thumping the furniture.
Aug 13 20:03:25 <Jerusha>   Nice
Aug 13 20:03:31 <The_Bee>   "SNAFU--Situation Normal, All Forked Up
Aug 13 20:03:52 <Evie>   Sounds awesome, KK
Aug 13 20:03:54 <DesertRose>   Cool, KK!
Aug 13 20:03:59 <Laurna>   Hello Rory the Pharaoh hound
Aug 13 20:04:31 <DomMelchior>   Is it open to the public, KK?
Aug 13 20:04:46 <DesertRose>   Also, to anyone who wasn't here when I mentioned this earlier, I will likely not be at chat next week.
Aug 13 20:04:46 <KK>   The big telescope is the largest of its kind in the world.  But the area is a radio-silence area, so there's no cell service, no wifi, microwaves must be put intofaraday cages to contain their energy.
Aug 13 20:04:49 <Jerusha>   Whippets wake up long enough to twitch tails in greeting
Aug 13 20:05:17 <DesertRose>   I will be in Charleston for a family party, and then we're (Mom, me, and possibly the Pod-Child, depending on her work schedule) staying to watch the eclipse.
Aug 13 20:05:19 <The_Bee>   What's up, DR?
Aug 13 20:05:21 <Laurna>   Hello Happy Whippets
Aug 13 20:05:25 <Jemler>   is one of the whippets named Devo?
Aug 13 20:05:35 <Evie>   And I'll be in Clarksville, TN watching it there
Aug 13 20:05:46 <DomMelchior>   Greetings sent to Rory's sighthound cousins.  Whippets are cool.
Aug 13 20:05:47 <Laurna>   I love Observatoryies KK.
Aug 13 20:05:50 <Jemler>   on the last train?
Aug 13 20:05:55 <Evie>   Or maybe Hopkinsville, KY, which is just 30 minutes from Clarksville and even more in the direct path
Aug 13 20:06:10 <Jerusha>   Nope , Cyndr and Scorch
Aug 13 20:06:11 <KK>   Yes, DM.  And there's a wonderful tour that takes you on a bus out to look at all 5 or 6 of the big radio telescopes on the site.  Can't even take igital cameras into the area close to the dishes, though, so it's disposable camera or nothing.
Aug 13 20:06:16 <The_Bee>   I'm not sure Boston will get to see any of the Eclipse.
Aug 13 20:06:32 <DesertRose>   The family party involves a rented beach house, so we will be watching the eclipse from either the beach house or the beach itself, which should be pretty freaking awesome.
Aug 13 20:07:04 <Shiral> library will be having a NASA livestream of the eclipse....
Aug 13 20:07:08 <bynw>   they still make disposable camaras?
Aug 13 20:07:12 <Jerusha>   Wow, DR, sounds cool
Aug 13 20:07:15 <DesertRose>   Yeah, NASA's filming on the campus of my uni.
Aug 13 20:07:18 <DomMelchior>   The path for partial is pretty wide, Bee.  GoogleEarth has a map.
Aug 13 20:07:22 <Evie>   I think it should be at least a partial eclipse throughout the US, if I remember correctly, but it will be a total eclipse to people along the eclipse path
Aug 13 20:07:24 <Shiral>   But I'm not planning to go camping in Oregon.
Aug 13 20:07:38 <The_Bee>   Every time we've had an eclipse around here, I think it's been overcast.
Aug 13 20:07:47 <KK>   We're supposed to get an 85% coverage, so I think we'll stay put and hope the weather is good.  Anyone know were to get real eclipse glasses?  There are lots of fakes out there, apparently, and no one locally has any real ones.
Aug 13 20:07:47 <bynw>   the eclipse is only a few hours drive for me this year
Aug 13 20:07:48 <Shiral>   Yes, the eclipse will be VISIBLE in the US. But it won't go completely dark
Aug 13 20:07:55 <Jerusha>   Nothing but partial up here
Aug 13 20:08:39 <DesertRose>   You might have to order them online, KK, and hope they get to you in time.  NASA has guidelines for what to look for in actual, useful eclipse glasses.
Aug 13 20:08:39 <Jerusha>   Best Buy has some
Aug 13 20:08:56 <Evie>   We got the last 4 pairs that one of the Walmarts had last week.  Libraries, science museums, and such have them, sometimes for free, but it's first come, first served.
Aug 13 20:09:10 <DomMelchior>   Just make a pinhole camera, KK.  It'll show the eclipse progress well enough, as you won't see any detail through the glasses anyway.
Aug 13 20:09:19 <DesertRose>
Aug 13 20:09:23 <The_Bee>   There's a town where totality will last longer than elsewhere. A guy thre plans to make a fortune seling  elclipse souvenir stuff
Aug 13 20:09:24 <Evie>   NASA put up guidelines online for how to tell legit ones from fakes and where to find the safe ones.
Aug 13 20:09:28 <DesertRose>   Link to the NASA article with the criteria for good ones.
Aug 13 20:09:32 <KK>   You can look at the eclipse through a pinhole camera, which is simply a pin hole poked in a card that's then held above a flat surface.  And even the light filtering through the trees will project lots of little crescents.  Pretty cool.  It must have totally mystified and terrified the ancients.
Aug 13 20:10:44 <DesertRose>   Not all of the ancients.
Aug 13 20:10:52 <DomMelchior>   Almost certainly, KK
Aug 13 20:10:53 <DesertRose>   Some of the ancient cultures were pretty darn good at astronomy.
Aug 13 20:11:15 <Jerusha>   Shades of Ladyhawke
Aug 13 20:11:45 <DesertRose>   The Maya had figured it out well enough that they knew when to expect lunar and solar eclipses, and I'm pretty sure they're not the only culture in the Americas who had.
Aug 13 20:11:45 <DomMelchior>   Maybe you could write a short story about an eclipse in Kelson's time...?
Aug 13 20:11:54 <The_Bee>   I've read you can also look at the shadow of a leafy tree. The ground will be speckled with tiny crescents.
Aug 13 20:12:00 <DesertRose>   Also the Egyptians, some of the Greek cultures, the Moors...
Aug 13 20:12:07 <KK>   Yes, eclipse phenomena have been used as plot devices in a number of stories.
Aug 13 20:12:20 <Shiral>   If any hawks turn into women and wolves turn into men on the 21st, that will be even more interesting to me than the actual eclipse. =o)
Aug 13 20:12:39 <Evie>   LOL!
Aug 13 20:12:41 <DesertRose>   Probably some of the cultures in India, also fairly sure that the Chinese had it sorted pretty early in their history...
Aug 13 20:12:48 <DesertRose>   LOL, Shiral
Aug 13 20:13:13 <Jerusha>   So long as it is the right man... 😊
Aug 13 20:13:13 *   DomMelchior has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Aug 13 20:13:21 <Shiral>   Had a friend who was absolutely obsessed with that movie.
Aug 13 20:13:25 <DesertRose>   There is the story that when Queen Anne (wife of Richard III) died, there was an eclipse almost simultaneous to her time of death.
Aug 13 20:13:33 <Shiral>   Well, yes. =o)
Aug 13 20:13:46 <KK>   Scott was quite intrigued by the big black Frisian.
Aug 13 20:14:01 <Shiral>   That was a gorgeous horse.
Aug 13 20:14:09 <Jerusha>   Yes
Aug 13 20:14:11 <Evie>   I was quite intrigued by its rider.  ;-)
Aug 13 20:14:15 <DesertRose>   LOL
Aug 13 20:14:16 <Shiral>   HIm too
Aug 13 20:14:36 <Jerusha>   I rather liked the wolf
Aug 13 20:14:38 <Evie>   My mental Alaric for years!
Aug 13 20:14:40 <DesertRose>   Yeah, but I hear tell Rutger Hauer is a real PITA to work with, as far as other actors' and directors' opinions of him.
Aug 13 20:14:54 <Shiral>   Our minds work along a similar path, Evie. =o)
Aug 13 20:15:01 <KK>   I believe Scott's exact words were to the effect of, "Bugger my boots, I want that horse!"
Aug 13 20:15:05 <Jerusha>   Must go, have guests
Aug 13 20:15:10 <DesertRose>   KK, LOL!
Aug 13 20:15:11 <Shiral>   Bye, Jerusha
Aug 13 20:15:11 *   Jerusha has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
Aug 13 20:15:13 <Evie>   LOL!
Aug 13 20:15:21 <Shiral>   LOL
Aug 13 20:15:30 <DesertRose>   Well, shucks.  Jerusha left before I got a chance to say "G'night" to her.
Aug 13 20:15:36 <Jemler>   me too.
Aug 13 20:15:44 <Shiral>   I imagine feeding a Frisian would not come cheap Especially if you wanted him to look that glossy
Aug 13 20:15:47 <KK>   By all accounts, RH is a very diffiicult person to work with.
Aug 13 20:16:05 <DesertRose>   Probably not.  Horses are big critters to begin with, and Frisians are big even as horses go!
Aug 13 20:16:23 <Shiral>   Well... I just had to watch the movie. I didn't say Bugger my boots, but I did say "THAT looks like Alaric Morgan!"
Aug 13 20:16:25 <The_Bee>   bigger than Shires?
Aug 13 20:16:46 <KK>   Different build from Shires, Bee.
Aug 13 20:16:56 <Shiral>   No, because Frisians aren't the big draft horses. But they're larger than the average saddle horse
Aug 13 20:17:21 <DesertRose>   IIRC, Frisians were bred to be war horses, as in, to carry a knight in armor.
Aug 13 20:17:29 <KK>   I love their feathery feet--both Frisians and Shires, and Clydesdales.
Aug 13 20:17:39 <Laurna>   My three Half Frisians eat a lot less then my Thourghbred
Aug 13 20:17:44 <DesertRose>   So they wouldn't be quite as large as a draught horse, but bigger than your ordinary saddle horse.
Aug 13 20:18:03 <Shiral>   I imagine trying to keep those shaggy feet clean in wet, muddy weather.
Aug 13 20:18:07 <KK>   Half Frisians?  Wow.  What do they look like?
Aug 13 20:18:11 <DesertRose>   Ugh, Shiral!
Aug 13 20:18:16 <Laurna>   Shadow Dancer is a gorgeous black mare
Aug 13 20:18:24 <The_Bee>   I thought all draft horse breeds began as knights' mounts.
Aug 13 20:18:34 <Laurna>   With half the feathering on the feet that her sire had
Aug 13 20:18:34 <DesertRose>   Especially Clydesdale feet, since their feathers are white/cream!
Aug 13 20:18:40 <Shiral>   I think they were. But they were also bred for work
Aug 13 20:19:20 <DesertRose>   No, I think draft/draught horses mostly were bred specifically to haul heavy stuff, like wagons full of market goods/food/building supplies/whatever.
Aug 13 20:19:29 <KK>   I think the work came before the warhorse.
Aug 13 20:19:34 <DesertRose>   Probably.
Aug 13 20:19:37 <Laurna>   I will have to take some pics.  Two are black and one is grey like her mother
Aug 13 20:19:57 <DesertRose>   Possibly some of the war horses were originally crosses between draft breeds and smaller saddle breeds.
Aug 13 20:20:13 <KK>   Of course, most horses have somewhat feathery feet, if they aren't clipped.
Aug 13 20:20:21 <DesertRose>   Yes, please do, Laurna.  You can upload them to the Fur Kids gallery on the forum, if you like.
Aug 13 20:20:38 <DesertRose>   JastaElf uploaded one of Jasper (her horsie).
Aug 13 20:20:41 <KK>   Warhorses got bigger as armor got heavier.
Aug 13 20:20:45 <Shiral>   Your fur kids are just a lot bigger than everyone else's  =o)
Aug 13 20:21:02 <Laurna>   Some time when they are all cleaned up. Right now they like rolling and getting dirty
Aug 13 20:21:05 <DesertRose>   Laurna has a menagerie.  Horses and dogs that I know for sure, and possibly also a cat?
Aug 13 20:21:29 <Laurna>   Add peacocks and cockiteals and Koi fish
Aug 13 20:21:42 <DesertRose>   For a while before I was born, my parents had several dogs, several cats, and a saddle horse named Cricket.
Aug 13 20:21:47 <KK>   Good heavens, menagerie, indeed!
Aug 13 20:21:53 <Shiral>   Wow.... a muddy Frisian would be a heck of a cleanup job
Aug 13 20:22:13 <DesertRose>   My mom took to signing her letters to my grandmother, "[Mom's name], [Dad's name], and the menagerie."
Aug 13 20:22:20 <KK>   Any muddy horse is a cleanup job, but some are more work than others.
Aug 13 20:22:33 <DesertRose>   Muddy dogs, too, if on a significantly smaller scale.  :)
Aug 13 20:22:34 <The_Bee>   IIRC, Jasper is a 17-hands high "pony."
Aug 13 20:22:37 <Laurna>   Smaller managerie than it used to be . When my sister moved in with me 20 years ago she brought 8 horses.  we now have 4. some got sold
Aug 13 20:22:54 <Shiral>   Every spring my horse would shed all over me. It was like grooming a furry house
Aug 13 20:23:07 <DesertRose>   LOL, Shiral
Aug 13 20:23:21 <KK>   I don't think Jasper is quite that big, Bee.  Maybe 15 hands or so?  But I've not seen him in person for quit a while.
Aug 13 20:23:28 <Shiral>   I was often a sneezing mess
Aug 13 20:23:48 <DesertRose>   Someone I know online has a mixed breed dog, and one of the breeds of which Zelda [the dog] is a mix is one of the types that "blow" their coat every spring.
Aug 13 20:23:51 <The_Bee>   a giant for a pony, anyway
Aug 13 20:23:55 <KK>   It's amazing how hairy they can get in the winter.
Aug 13 20:23:55 <DesertRose>   Translation:  Dog hair everywhere.
Aug 13 20:24:02 <Shiral>   I think he's a little over 15 hands, so he's horse sized, but either his sire or his damn was a Connemara Pony
Aug 13 20:24:26 <The_Bee>   Shiral!  Language!
Aug 13 20:24:26 <DesertRose>   His damn?  Maybe when Jasper annoys Jasta?  :P
Aug 13 20:24:28 <Shiral>   I can't remember which
Aug 13 20:24:35 <Laurna>   15 hands is no longer a pony
Aug 13 20:24:36 <Jemler>   dam in this context is not speller with an 'n'.
Aug 13 20:24:38 <Shiral>   Dam. Stupid auto correct
Aug 13 20:24:48 <DesertRose>   DAMN you, autocorrect!  :D
Aug 13 20:25:00 <Shiral>   Yes, appropos of our earlier conversation
Aug 13 20:25:31 <Shiral>   Actually maybe that should have been "Dam  you Autocorrect!"
Aug 13 20:26:02 *   KK has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
Aug 13 20:26:21 <DesertRose>   I saw a funny photo online wherein someone had given their long-haired cat a good thorough grooming with brushes, and they had taken the resultant cat hair and arranged it in the shape of their cat reclining, and captioned the pair of photos, "I combed another cat out of my cat!"
Aug 13 20:26:25 <The_Bee>   I'm guessing his sire was the Connemara. The dam's size determines the foal's size.
Aug 13 20:26:53 <DesertRose>   BRB
Aug 13 20:26:59 <Shiral>   Oops, we lost our GOH
Aug 13 20:27:03 *   KK has joined
Aug 13 20:27:09 <The_Bee>   WB KK
Aug 13 20:27:10 <Laurna>    WB KK
Aug 13 20:27:15 <Shiral>   Oh, there she is.
Aug 13 20:27:17 <Evie>   wb
Aug 13 20:27:25 <KK>   Whoops, kicked myself out of chat.
Aug 13 20:27:32 <Evie>   Oops!
Aug 13 20:28:04 <KK>   Fortunately, I now know where my bookmarks live.
Aug 13 20:28:41 <bynw>   yay!
Aug 13 20:28:42 <Laurna>   Thats good
Aug 13 20:29:35 <KK>   But alas, on that note, I probably ought to boogie.  I hear movement in the kitchen, which means that my best-beloved has finally woken up from his nap,, and is probably looking for dinner.
Aug 13 20:29:53 <Shiral>   Bye, KK Good to see you
Aug 13 20:29:55 <KK>   See you guys next week.
Aug 13 20:29:58 <Laurna>   Find something good to eat
Aug 13 20:30:09 <Laurna>   I need to think about the same thing
Aug 13 20:30:12 *   KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
Aug 13 20:30:13 <Jemler>   nite kk
Aug 13 20:30:16 <The_Bee>   Go feed the Scoott, KK. Thanks for coming and see you next wek?
Aug 13 20:30:17 <Laurna>   Good Night KK
Aug 13 20:30:23 <bynw>   night KK
Aug 13 20:30:27 <KK>   Nighters, all.
Aug 13 20:30:31 *   KK has quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
I just discovered something. If I start the charts with Ballard MacRorie, Camber's father. I then can include Camber's sister Aislinn MacRorie who married Iain MacLean. This then puts all the MacLeans into the Descendants chart, Including all the McLains after  Charles MacLean (Who was full Deryni by the way) changed his last name to McLain. This makes my wonder just at what point the McLains lost their Deryni heritage. Was Charles one of the people Blocked by the Healers? There are seven generations between Charles MacLean (McLain) and Duncan McLain. Did they never really lose their family history? Was their Deryni history in the family stories or was it discarded with time?

P.S. Charles McLain was the Laird of Leanshire from 904 - 960 and was not part of the atrocities that happened at Trurill to his cousins, the MacLean family.

I think it's entirely possible, given that Charles MacLean/McLain and his family, being cousin(s) to Joram, Evaine, Evaine's and Rhys' children, and Ansel (him being Cathan's only surviving child), could very well have been early "members" of Revan's baptizer cult and could easily have been Blocked for their own safety, with perhaps Charles himself (assuming he was married and/or had children) being the only one to be left unBlocked so he'd know why the spelling/name change was necessary.

And KK said, I think in Deryni Magic, that it is entirely possible and even probable that there are a lot of people who have Deryni heritage and just don't know (or are at least not sure or unable to verify it), because of both the baptizer cult and the centuries of anti-Deryni persecution making it an element of one's ancestry best not known about or at least not advertised.

Hence a fair few Deryni moving to the Borders area, where their abilities could be pawned off as the long-known "Second Sight," which is likely why the McLains, post-spelling-change, wound up where they did, in Kierney and Cassan.

Just my thoughts.  :)

Edited to undo a formatting snafu.  Oops.
Codex Derynianus / Re: Descendants of Camber MacRorie- Deryni Genealogies Master Post
« Last post by Laurna on August 10, 2017, 01:13:54 pm »
I just discovered something. If I start the charts with Ballard MacRorie, Camber's father. I then can include Camber's sister Aislinn MacRorie who married Iain MacLean. This then puts all the MacLeans into the Descendants chart, Including all the McLains after  Charles MacLean (Who was full Deryni by the way) changed his last name to McLain. This makes my wonder just at what point the McLains lost their Deryni heritage. Was Charles one of the people Blocked by the Healers? There are seven generations between Charles MacLean (McLain) and Duncan McLain. Did they never really lose their family history? Was their Deryni history in the family stories or was it discarded with time?

P.S. Charles McLain was the Laird of Leanshire from 904 - 960 and was not part of the atrocities that happened at Trurill to his cousins, the MacLean family.
Codex Derynianus / Re: Descendants of Camber MacRorie- Deryni Genealogies Master Post
« Last post by Laurna on August 10, 2017, 03:02:37 am »
HaHa! "On a Good Day" Love it, Jerusha!
"On a Bad Day" the Camberian Council might call me the divulger of family secrets. They might not want the mystery of Who is Who so out in the open.   ;)
This all started several weeks back when one of the chat ladies said she could not fallow the hand-done charts on the website. That made me want to find a way to do it better.
Amazing work, Laurna! 

Perhaps the Camberian Council (on a good day) would be inclined to bestow the position of "Deryni Genealogist" or other suitable accolade for your dedicated work.

But if they won't, I'd be willing to.   ;D
Codex Derynianus / Re: Descendants of Camber MacRorie- Deryni Genealogies Master Post
« Last post by Laurna on August 09, 2017, 03:40:06 pm »
Woops! DR, now I understand what you meant. LOL. Please be well, my-lady.   I played with the above in the original program and made it fit better on this page. I am using Roots Magic for the listings and then I put that info in Charting Companion to make the final charts.
I'll ask Bwyn if there is a way to add a thumbnail to the other lists. or I will start up a new thread to put them all up together. But I am not quiet ready for that yet.
Hello DR. I exchanged the first image with a cleaned up version. How did you "Clip" it so that it fit into the page?
As in all things, this charting has taken me so much longer than I had original thought it would. As I get the detail on each chart cleaned up, I was thinking of posting them under each thread listed above.  Or do you think I should list them all here on this master post? There will be likely about 15 charts, give or take.
My greatest hope will be to print a Master Chart and mail it to our Beloved KK as a gift.

I'm sorry, I used a confusing turn of phrase.  By "clip," I meant that I had edited out the chart entirely, just because the image is so large that I didn't want to take up half the page by including the chart in my reply.

I don't know if there IS a way to resize the charts so they both fit on the page AND are legible (because if you resize the image so that it's small enough to fit without requiring a scroll bar across the horizontal aspect of the chart, the print in the boxes for each person on each chart is going to be so small, people will need a microscope to read it).  There might be a way to put a "clickable" image of each chart in your posts so that the image in the post is small, but if a reader clicks on the image, it expands to a size wherein the writing in each entry is legible, but I'm not sure how to engineer that (or if the forum supports that type of coding, for that matter), and right now I'm sick and probably couldn't call up the right Google search terms for how to do it, not to save my immortal soul.

As to posting the charts as you make them, it might make more sense to post each chart in the same post or thread with the original genealogy/characters it covers, and the charts will still show up when someone comes to the master post and clicks on any given chart.  But it's your work, so it's your call.
Codex Derynianus / Re: Descendants of Camber MacRorie- Deryni Genealogies Master Post
« Last post by Laurna on August 09, 2017, 01:59:13 pm »
Hello DR. I exchanged the first image with a cleaned up version. How did you "Clip" it so that it fit into the page?
As in all things, this charting has taken me so much longer than I had original thought it would. As I get the detail on each chart cleaned up, I was thinking of posting them under each thread listed above.  Or do you think I should list them all here on this master post? There will be likely about 15 charts, give or take.
My greatest hope will be to print a Master Chart and mail it to our Beloved KK as a gift.
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