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Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Jerusha on Today at 03:19:09 pm »
"What now, my Lord?"

Startled, Darcy Cameron looked  at  Robert O'Malley.  He realised that he had been staring blindly at the preparations being made for Prince Javan's departure.  They were standing at the base of the castle steps.  Darcy knew what he needed to do next; he simply didn't want to. 

"I need to speak to Lady Aliset," he said finally.  "There's no point in putting it off."

Robert nodded and they crossed the courtyard to the Queen's Tower, giving way as required to those intently focused on their pieces of the puzzle that would be turned into the formidable force of men marching off to Meara.

The guard gave them permission to enter the hall.  Robert spoke to a young page, who bowed respectively to Darcy and left to deliver the lord's request to speak to the lady.  Darcy tried to gather his thoughts into some sense of order and decide how best he could tell Aliset what the king's verdict had been.

She came too soon, accompanied by the page and an older woman.  Darcy and Robert bowed, and Aliset nodded her acknowledgment.  She was looking intently at Darcy, not understanding the guarded look on his face.  Darcy spotted a padded window seat not too far away.  He motioned toward it and stood until she seated herself.  Robert, the page and the older woman remained a discreet distance away.

"Please sit, Lord Darcy," Aliset said.  "Tell me what the king decided."

Darcy took a deep breath; he wanted to speak carefully, perhaps dispassionately, to make this easier for Aliset.  "The king has removed me from your service," he blurted out, unable to contain his own despair.  "He's sending me away to escort Father Columcil back to Saint Melangell's."

"No!" Aliset exclaimed.  "That's not fair."  She held out her hand, not caring if they were being watched. "Show me."

Darcy hesitated, wondering what he was allowed to share and what he was not.  But Aliset deserved to know at least something of the mission he was leaving on.  He placed the palm of his calloused hand on hers and rolled back his shields.

(No dice roll required; Darcy has gained experience in this basic skill by now.)

Aliset said nothing as the images rolled across their rapport.  At the end, she squeezed his hand and then withdrew from his mind.

Aliset's mind was filled with a whirl of emotions: despair that Darcy would not be at her side, anger that what had happened to her and Jaxom's part in it had caused this, and finally fear for Darcy's safety.  He was no where near trained enough in magic to face someone like Valerian, or even Washburn.  She shuddered.

"My Lady, don't despair," Darcy said quickly.  "Father Columcil  and I will be fine, and Saint Nicholas willing, we'll bring Sir Washburn safely home."

"I know you will do your best, Lord Darcy," Aliset said, "but you are not skilled enough in magic to counter whatever you may face.  When do you leave?"

"Tomorrow, probably as early as possible, though I have not spoken to Father Columcil yet.  I don't know if he has been informed."

"That doesn't give us much time," Aliset's face looked determined.

"My Lady?" Darcy asked, uncertain what she intended.

"I'll need at least several hours with you this afternoon."

Darcy looked alarmed.

Despite the situation, Aliset giggled.  "To give you as much training in magic as possible.  I'll concentrate on what is likely to help you the most.  And I'll probably need to adjust your training controls a bit."

Darcy looked doubtful.  "Will it be allowed?"

"I'll speak to Duchess Grania.  And it's not like we'll be left unsupervised."  Aliset thrust her chin in the direction of the older woman, Robert and the page.  They stood watching the pair on the window seat, maintaining discreet vigilance.

Activity at the entrance to the hall drew everyone's attention.  King Kelson entered;  Darcy and Aliset quickly stood to bow and curtsey as did the rest of the people in the hall.

Kelson spoke to one of several pages who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.  "Please ask the queen and Duchess Richenda to join Us on the steps.  Prince Javan is about to depart."

The pages scurried off to deliver the message.

"We should also go to watch," Aliset said to Darcy.  "It is a most impressive ceremony."
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Laurna on Today at 11:45:05 am »
I did a tiny bit of research on ancient coding. I found this from Roman times

In cryptography, a Caesar Cipher, also known as Caesar's cipher, the shift cipher, Caesar's code or Caesar shift, is one of the simplest and most widely known encryption techniques. It is a type of substitution cipher in which each letter in the plaintext is replaced by a letter some fixed number of positions down the alphabet.

Trouble is I figured we are beyond the times of ancient Rum. and that the Caesar Cipher would be known and easily detected especial by Feyd and his family of black death. So I considered several different Ciphers. I finally made up my own. There is no specific notations for decoding the scroll. The only clue is that each paragraph adds a new exchanged letter. Therefore you have to read each paragraph, decipher the exchanged letters you already knew, and then learn the next letter exchange. Skipping to the bottom would be useless.

So I do have the code and I do have the entire last two paragraphs of the scroll written and coded. I thought if I posted that in whole, I would drive everyone mad. Trouble is it is going to take time for Wash to do the deciphering. His "helping hands" only showed him how with one paragraph, not the full scroll.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Jerusha on Today at 10:49:11 am »
Truly amazing, Laurna!  A stroke of pure genius.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Bynw on Today at 10:39:40 am »
She is brilliant. Excellent work.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by revanne on Today at 10:10:23 am »
Laurna, you are amazing.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by DerynifanK on Today at 09:40:55 am »
Laurna, your work in creating  the code in the second half of the scroll is truly amazing. You continue to astound with your creativity.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by judywward on Today at 08:24:45 am »
You were certainly right about eh calligraphy! Would hate to try to read that one! I hope Wash is getting something out of the scroll that will help him later. I think he is part of some revenge The Scholar is taking on Valerian. It's good that St. Camber is with the Morgans, but they are his descendents, so he should be. Awaiting more! Great writing, Laurna, on the recent pieces. Everyone is writing well!
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by DesertRose on Today at 07:31:11 am »
Good one, Laurna!

And as a calligrapher myself, I will say that it can be very easy to misinterpret older script styles and certain scripts have a lot of letters that look quite similar to each other.  My personal go-to script is Gothic Textura Quadrata, and when you get going in that script, words like "minimum" can look like the exact same pen stroke repeated over and over again.

Here is an example, from a 14th C. Bible (in Latin, and the text is from the Old Testament book of Numbers), just so you have an idea what I mean about the script.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Laurna on Today at 04:11:12 am »
A nofc kake arizicy, ome moc co re accenbceg ok cefceg xicwouc a Nafcek op Wealimq bkefemc, if cwe Weazimq arizicy op Boxek Rzovsimq. Cwe Rzovsimq op Gekymi Boxekf is refc zeakmeg pkon a Nafcek Weazek xwo vam imfckuvc amg ketekfe amy ganaqe cwac cwe fcugemc nay vaufe gukimq cwe zeakmimq bweaf….

Washburn had skipped down to the first two sentences of the last two paragraphs on his scroll.  The misplaced lettering made him feel dizzy and he wanted to be sick all over again. What was this monk who wrote this on; some hallucinatory drug for sure. Not just a mere alcohol. The reminded the Lendour knight that he would welcome a cool ale about this time.

Not trusting anything other than the water skin that Feyd carried with him, Wash at least let himself have a good swallow of the water.  He rubbed his eyes and he looked around him. The afternoon was getting on. He had just spent more time studying one writing than he had ever spent in one sitting before. But it beat the alternatives. Learning this scroll was a thousands times better than being drugged unconscious or thinking on his doomed future. Tomorrow, he would wish that he had killed himself today, there was no denying that he was headed for Hell, in this world and the hereafter. He should have jumped off that wall. Why had he hesitated? That had been his one moment, likely his only moment to escape his future. Yet as bad as he knew his future was to be, the more he had hope that something would change. He did not believe he was worthy of a Miracle, yet he could not give up Hope. Just the word alone was enough.

“Hope!” he said loud, before he took another swallow of water. Not to upset his captor, Wash purposely cowed a little from the man's gaze and went back to studying his scroll.

Back to the middle of the scroll he read a very brief description of medicines. The scroll did not elaborate, as these were covered in other non-Deryni writings. But it did stress one medicine that could only be made by a Deryni Healer.

“Talicil is the mainstay of the Healer’s pharmacopeia. It is a fever reducer and it cleans bad humours in places of open wounds in the skin. If ingested in wine, it controls fevers of the body.”

A recipe followed: listing several ingredients. Then it explained that the mixture was to be flash boiled by the skill of a Deryni. The layering to be separated, the upper portion discarded and the lower thicker portion to be flash cooled to a paste before the two layers could mix back together again.  Washburn gathered up his courage. “Do you have these five herbs listed here?” he asked the scholar.

The scholar Feyd looked at the recipe. Since it was his scroll, he already knew what it said. “I do, but I don’t want to waste my energy making that. We don’t need it right now.”

“What if we do need it? If I can not heal and something happens, this ointment is the best defense for staying well. You said you wanted me well for tomorrow.”

“So what now? You are planning to attempt an escape, again; planning to hurt yourself and fail. Stupid! That is what that is.” Feyd glared at Wash with a flash of anger. “Of course I won't make the Talicil. So you had best not injure yourself in any way. Any wound in that dungeon will fester and rout. Better to stay healthy until you can take the Blue Fyre and escape? That is what you should be concentrating on, getting vengeance for your father’s murder and escaping with your life.”

Wash very much doubted that that opportunity would present itself. “Forgive me, beloved father,” he said under his breath and turned his back on his tormentor to continue his study of the scroll.

After the recipe, he started to notice the words began to be misspelled. He did his best to overlook the misspellings at first.  With each new paragraph the misslettering increased. 

“Calicil can be used boch copically and indjesced….”*

“Che ocher inporcamc Healing drugs are- sphagnun noss amd pemicia, a bluish powder chac is excracced fron nolds, amd Namdragora for sedaciom….”**

Washburn gave up on that paragraph, he had no experience with medicine. What good would that ever do him. He hoped the rest of the scroll explained more on how to Heal, how to find the proper balance. But all he read were more misspellings.

“Wamd placenemc is crucial to Wealing. ‘Cu es namus samacio nea--cwou are ny Wealing wamd upom chis world.’ Cwe placenemc of the wands closesc to che sice of Wealimg brimgs che balamce of good Wunours co che area meeded nosc...”***

Wash wanted to scream and throw the scroll away. What good did it do to study gibberish. In his frustration he felt light headed and dizzy.  He would have loved to ask for a slice of bread, but how could he dare it. Better to be sick than to be drugged. If it weren’t for the drugs he wouldn’t be sick, he corrected himself. He looked down at the scroll once more. An odd sensation of a hand covered his. Letters seemed to highlight on the sentence he was reading and change shape. Like in a dream he could read the words inscribed there.

“Hand placement is crucial to Healing. ‘Tu es manus sanatio mea--thou are my Healing hand upon this world.’ The placement of the hands closest to the site of Healing brings the balance of good Humours to the area needed most...”

Washburn read the whole paragraph on the using of hands in Healing and he was more than a little awed by the pair of hands that rested upon his own.

((*Does Wash recognize that all the letter "T" are misspelled as "C" in the second half of the scroll. This is disadvantage roll because he is drugged and one less pip than his usual 4,5,6 success, yet he is still intelligent and able to think well, so therefore success with a 5 or 6. Rolled = 4 - he would have figured it out if he had not been drugged - Verification Number: 4zd5kb260s, no luck))

((**Does Wash recognize that all the letter "M" and the letter "N" are swapped in the second half of the scroll. Same reasoning as above. Rolled 4 - again he would have figured this out if he had not been drugged- Verification Number: 2bnr5hr3bk, no luck))

((***Does Wash recognize that all the letter "H" is misspelled as the letter "W" in the second half of the scroll. Same reasoning as above. Honestly some misspelling has to trigger that there is a code. Fingers crossed. Rolled 5 Verification Number: tl753b9m20.  YES!  seen on the 3rd letter change in the second half of the scroll. ))

Shiral's FanFic / Kelric's Adventures Chapter 8: Down to the Beach
« Last post by Shiral on Today at 02:05:19 am »
Chapter 8 Down to The Beach

             "He was wearing a long grey cloak with a hood over his head. And he gave me this just before I fell asleep." Kelric fished his shiral bead from inside his tunic and held it up for Bishop Duncan to see.

           Bishop Duncan and Lord Dhugal stared at his bead with identical expressions of astonishment. Lord Dhugal recovered first and leaned in for a closer look, smiling at Kelric.

             "A saint who not only tells stories but leaves gifts? I wish he'd come visit me some night!"

          "He did come! Honest!" Kelric protested.

           But there was no mockery in Lord Dhugal's face as he looked more closely at Kelric's bead, then up at his father.

          "It's just like the one Kelson found on the beach on that day we saw that man three years ago, Father," he told Bishop Duncan softly. "Same size, same hole drilled through the center - everything."

         "May I take a closer look too, Kelric?" Bishop Duncan asked. He draped the green cord over his palm and stared intently at the little bead. "Amazing," he whispered. "Truly amazing. Kelric, what did this saint look like, can you tell us?"
           "He was tall," Kelric said promptly. "He looked a lot like Papa, but older. He was nice to Stripes, too, and she liked him. Usually she runs away from strangers. I couldn't see his feet, though."

              "And you weren't afraid of him? If a man without feet had come to see me in the middle of the night when I was only three, I would have been scared."

              "Don't you believe me?" Kelric bristled a little.

             "I have more reason to believe you than not to believe you," Duncan soothed. "He didn't frighten you, even a tiny bit?"

              Kelric shook his head. "His face was too kind.  An' he reminded me of you."

              He just caught Dhugal's grin at his father and Duncan's answering roll of his eyes.

              "I'm flattered," Duncan said simply and smiled at Kelric. "I've been called much worse in my life. I don't suppose this saint told you who he was?"

              "He was a little strange," Kelric admitted. "He said that in life he' d been Camber MacRorie, the Earl of..Earl of.?" Kelric scowled in annoyance at having forgotten the name.

            "Culdi, I think it was," Bishop Duncan supplied. "What else did he say?"

            "He said that his becoming a saint had been an accident. Bishop Duncan, do you know how somebody can get sainted by accident?"

           "I don't even know that Camber was sainted 'by accident' as you put it, Kel" Bishop Duncan answered, frowning a little in his puzzlement. "What I've been able to read about that was Camber was sainted almost unanimously by the Gwynedd Curia of the time. King Cinhil I supported it, too, and he had been a priest before he was a King."

          "Did the story he told you have anything to do with your bead?" Lord Dhugal asked.

           Kelric shook his head. "He told me about when his sons were young."

           "Did he name his sons?"

           "Cathan," Kelric said after a pause to think. "Ballard, and Jor-Jor-something."

           "Joram, maybe?" Bishop Duncan's voice was mild as it always was, but sitting right next to the bishop, Kelric couldn't miss his keen interest. Interest so keen that Kelric could have sworn he was as excited as adults ever got.

            "Yes!" Kelric nodded vigorously.

           "Do you know who this Joram was, Father?" Lord Dhugal asked.

             "Yes. Joram MacRorie was Saint Camber's son," Duncan said quietly. "I've read about him in the account of Camber's canonization. According to the little I've been able to worm out of Arilan,  Joram MacRorie was also one of the founding members of the Camberian Council just after the Restoration. He was also a Michaeline Knight, and the Michaelines were instrumental in the Haldane Restoration. I've tried to find out more about him, but references to the man beyond what I've already found are just about non-existent. I must have gone through every book and scroll in Kelson's library annexe by now. I expect the scarcity is due to the backlash after King Cinhil’s death."

           He glanced over at Kelric's  shiral bead again, and his eyes narrowed. "It's on a green cord," he said slowly. "The color green was significant to Deryni in St. Camber's time too, but I can't remember precisely why."

             "You could ask Prince Azim," Dhugal suggested. "I'll bet he knows at least as much as Arilan, and he's usually more willing to talk to us about these things."

               Kelric gave an impatient bounce. The conversation seemed to be getting very far away from him. Why were adults so easily distracted?
              Bishop Duncan caught his impatience and grinned at him.  "Well Kel, it seems as if you've had your first Camberian visit," he said in a much more cheerful voice.

          "My first?"

          "It's a little hard to explain, but Camber is very sociable for a saint," Duncan chuckled. "Your father and I have both had encounters with him, and he's come to talk to your Godfather a time or two, and now it appears that he likes you, too. He may come back to see you again, someday."

               Kelric looked around the Great Hall, wondering if Saint Camber might be invisibly standing about watching and listening to his conversation this minute. Instead he saw Mummy coming toward them, smiling.

              Lord Dhugal and Bishop Duncan stood at once when they saw her.

               "We're ready to leave, now," Mummy said smiling. She held out her arms to Kelric to jump into from his window seat."Why darling, where did that pretty bead come from?" Mummy asked after she'd caught him and given him a hug.

             "Saint Camber," Kelric answered, now thinking much more about getting to the beach than about beads or saints.

Mummy's blue eyes went wide and she stared up at Bishop Duncan for corroboration. He smiled down at her and nodded.

               "Alaric?" Mummy called, setting Kelric down on the floor.
In a moment, Kelric found himself surrounded by the King and Queen, by Mummy and Papa, Bishop Duncan and Lord Dhugal. Bishop Duncan quickly told them what Kelric had said. After all of them had leaned down to examine the shiral bead Kelric wore, they began to talk at a ferocious rate in low voices. To Kelric's disappointment, all of them seemed to have entirely forgotten about going to the beach; they didn't even look toward the great hall door. They even seemed to have forgotten about him.
             He slipped away from Mummy and went over to the hall door. Grooms stood about holding the saddled horses in the courtyard below and the carriage was waiting, too. It was warm and the gentle breeze made the banners flap above the gatehouse leading out of the castle. The sky was bright  blue and Kelric could see a flock of white gulls wheeling in the distant air above Coroth Bay. The breeze was filled with the scent of water and clean, salty air. Looking back over his shoulder, Kelric could see the grownups all talking away as if they planned to keep doing it for the rest of the day.  He felt a pang of despair.

          Briony saw him by the doors and came to join him, although she scowled at him. "Why did you have to tell them Saint Camber visited you last night?" she complained. "And just before we were ready to leave, too. Now we'll never  get to the beach!"

         "Why do grownups talk so much?" Kelric mourned.

         "Where'd you get that bead?" Briony demanded pointing to his shiral crystal, her eyes bright with interest.

          "Saint Camber gave it to me. THAT'S why they're all talking."

           "He did not!" Briony shook her head emphatically.

            "He did too!" Kelric closed his fist around his bead protectively. He liked his older sister most of the time, but Briony was very good at talking him into giving her things. He wanted to keep his shiral crystal.

          She noticed and half turned away from him, her nose turned in the air. "I don't want your silly old bead," she told him in a lofty voice. "I have the pearl Papa gave me for my birthday.
"It's not fair though," she continued, pouting. "Boys don't wear jewelry. Why didn't St. Camber bring me a shiral crystal, too?"

             "Maybe Saint Camber doesn't like girls."

             Briony's blue eyes went narrow, and her lips went all thin as they always did when he annoyed her.  "I'll bet he does too like girls," she growled.

             "No he doesn't, or he would visit you."

          "He does too!" Briony doubled up her fists and stuck out her chin and lower lip. "I'm sure he'll come visit me tonight."

          "Bet he won't! An' anyway, he already visited me first!"

           "Oh yes, he will!"

          Kelric just stuck his thumbs in his ears and wiggled his fingers while sticking out his tongue at Briony. Then he ran back inside, feeling well pleased at having made his sister jealous over St. Camber's visit. All at once, he stopped and put his finger in his mouth. If St. Camber was watching him for God to make sure he behaved, Kelric didn't think either the saint or God would be pleased at the way he'd just treated his own sister. Bishop Duncan didn't seem to think his soul was in danger, but what if Father Tagas was right about mortal sin and Nurse and Bishop Duncan were wrong?

  But he's a Bishop, and that's more important than just being a priest, Kelric thought. Surely, that meant Bishop Duncan was right, since a bishop must know a lot more about God than ordinary priests just as priests knew more than ordinary people.

        He headed back to the grownups again, though at a slower pace, and tugged at the first sleeve he could reach which happened to be Lord Dhugal' s.

         "What is it, Kericl?" Lord Dhugal asked. He tousled Kelric's hair.

         "Aren't we going to the beach at all?" Kelric pleaded.

         All the solemn talk ended as soon as the King laughed. "Yes we are Kelric, and we 're leaving immediately," the King said firmly. "I daresay we can talk about St. Camber with our toes in the sand just as easily as we can talk about him here."

        He offered his right arm to the queen and took Kelric's hand in his left. The queen's little greyhound puppy trotted after them with everyone else falling in behind at their backs.

        Kelric couldn't help giving a happy skip at his godfather's side. The King really was one of the nicest sorts of adults. He didn't say tiresome things like "we'll leave presently" or "just a moment" and then go right on talking. When he said "we're leaving now," he  actually meant it.

        Out in the courtyard, the King helped Queen Araxie up the step into the carriage, and kissed her hand before releasing it and turning to help Mummy in after her. Kelric was bundled in next and last of all, the King lifted in the greyhound puppy handing him to the Queen. Kelric craned his neck out the carriage window, watching as Papa, the King, Bishop Duncan and Lord Dhugal mounted their horses. He did feel a momentary pang of envy when he saw Uncle Seandry lift Briony up to ride before the King on his horse, however. It would be very pleasant to ride in the open air in front of Papa or Bishop Duncan rather than having to ride inside the carriage with the ladies as if he were still a baby.

            Mummy must have felt it for she leaned down and kissed the top of his head then rested her cheek against his hair. Afraid that he had hurt her feelings, Kelric leaned against her and hugged her tightly. There were far worse ways to ride to the beach than being enthroned on Mummy's lap with her arms clasped around him. Especially when the carriage gave its first lurch into motion.

          "We're leaving!" Kelric crowed in delight.

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