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Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by DesertRose on Today at 05:04:21 pm »
There are quite a lot of canon characters who deserved better than they got.  In roughly but not perfectly chronological order, Cathan, Queen Megan, Rhys, Dom Emrys and a whole lot of unnamed Gabrilites, King Alroy, King Javan, Davin, King Rhys Michael, Queen Michaela, Simonn, Ahern, Marie, Zoe, Alyce, Se, Brion, Bronwyn and Kevin, Jorian, Denis Arilan, Maryse, Sidana (Caitrin's daughter, not the one in the game). . .
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by revanne on Today at 03:50:22 pm »
Columcil traced the sign of the cross on Washburn's forehead, aware as perhaps not before of just how hard it must have been to grow up as a hero's son. Running wild amongst the other lads at Transha, and though studious he had been as wild as any of the others, he had no-one to be constantly compared to and found lacking. His step-father had been kindly enough - and ready enough with his belt when Columcil's quick intelligence led him into more than acceptable mischief - and he had not felt the lack of a father or a name but until now he had not thought that perhaps he and not his noble kinsman was truly the privileged one.

"My Son, do not take too much upon yourself," - as he heard himself speak Columcil realised how quickly he was returning to the more cultured speech he had learnt at Seminary and which he believed he had all but lost in his years in the borders. Irritated with himself for his irrelevant self-absorption at such a time he continued, "if failing to take care of your belongings is a mortal sin then hell's going to be a mighty busy place."

Washburn gasped at such irreverent language from a priest and then as Columcil had hoped looked up and returned the priest's smile, albeit weakly.

"I could not fail but hear, linked as we were, but rest assured that I shall regard anything I heard as sacred as if it were in the confessional. That was her Grace the Duchess I take it?"

"My mother, yes, the Dowager Duchess," Washburn swallowed hard, willing no more tears to come.

"Well she has a son of which she can be very proud." Seeing that Washburn seemed inclined to debate the point Columcil turned away and mounted Spean, though not without giving a glance of wistful envy as Washburn in his turn mounted. It had been wonderful to ride Shadow even for such a short time. Again he rebuked himself and patted Spean's neck, "Truth is, my beastie, you're more suited to an old priest, take no notice of my haverings."

Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Laurna on Today at 03:18:01 pm »
12:22 Wash Wash contacting Kelric disadvantage roll of 4,5 or 6 success.
12:22 Wash !roll 1d6
12:22 derynibot 1 == 1
12:23 Wash There go those ones again. I get far more ones than 6, actually than anything else.

12:27 Wash second roll Washburn contacting Richanda. Richenda has already made contact and Washburn is in focus, therefore I am rolling standard 2d6 with success of 4,5 or 6.
12:27 Wash !roll 2d6
12:27 derynibot 5, 4 == 9
12:27 Wash better))

Sir Washburn had stood between his horse, Shadow, who looked once more like a big R'Kassi stallion, and Father Columcil's highland pony. They needed to be on their way, yet still, he needed to make contact with his brother. Everyone else except the good Father had mounted and was ready to move out. The route was chosen. Just a half mile ahead they would take the farm road west and not continue south to Ciulteine. With his hand cupped around his silver medallion, the young Morgan focused down. Finding a calmness he had not had experienced since leaving Droghera. A full day had past in the protection of the dome ward. A full day that Washburn recall but little of. He had thought the taint of Meresha gone from his body. Yet, he still could not contact his brother. Perhaps Kelric was already on the move, riding toward him. But would he be coming the wrong way, by the road and not the farm lands. Wash needed very much to contact him.

He centered down further. A hand touched his wrist. Father Columcil offered him a steadying source of energy. That was when Wash touched another. It was not Kelric. No indeed, the feminine sigh of relief was tangible in that first contact.

“Maman!” Washburn exclaimed, doubly surprised by the strength his mother used to tighten the link between them.

“You will be the death of me, young man!” was the first thing she claimed. “Are you all right?”

“Yes!” he knew she felt the lie the moment he said it. “Rather, I am now.” he said more correctly.
“I will tell you all when i get back, I hope that to be two days time.”

“Where are you now? Kelric should have met you at Arx Fidei last night, but he said you did not get there.”

“We are just on the road south of Droghera. Can you contract Kelric and tell him we will be taking the west pathways through the farm lands and will not be on the main road. Tell him to use the utmost caution. We do not know what is set between us to keep us from meeting.”

His mother was silent for a moment. Wash knew she was bravely putting aside her fears. He was doing his best to conceal his own concern from her. “Son,” she finally said. “Don’t be negligent. Pay attention to Everything that goes on around you. Do not do like you did, dropping your ward cubes and leaving them for Prince Kenneth to find. He did find them, you know. And he did try to use them. No harm, but you must be more diligent. I cannot stress this enough.”

Shamed, Washburn ducked his head. “Yes, maman. I will not make such a lapse happen again.”

“See that you don’t!”
With that his mother assured him she would contact Kelric.  She sent her love and he returned the sentiment and then the link ended.

Washburn had a tear in his eye. He looked up at Father Columcil. “It seems Father, that I deserve penitence. It was my fault that the ward cubes were left behind. Thankfully, Kenneth Brion was unharmed by such a lapse. I need to do much better than I have done up to this point in my life. Before anyone else becomes harmed. I must see us safely returned to Rhemuth. No more lapses on my part.” He held up his hand making it a valiant oath.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by revanne on Today at 03:18:00 pm »
I agree that Alaric deserved that but then so did Jared, and Bronwen and Kevin deserved the happiness they had waited for.  And I wonder if Alaric had had the choice would he not have chosen to die in defence of his beloved king?
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Laurna on Today at 01:58:08 pm »
DerynifanK, I can not disagree with you. It hurts not to have Alaric in the game. It is an unfortunate fact of life that not all things are bliss. What matters is that you do the best with what you have. Even in this game, we are all doing our best with what we are given... and with what we Roll. I  hope it is still worth while in the time it takes to read.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by DerynifanK on Today at 01:29:31 pm »
I like this game and all of the players are great but one thing still interferes with my enjoyment, no Alaric. Especially  when I am reading about his children  and grandchildren. Just seems that if anyone  deserved  a chance to see his grandchildren and be a part of their lives, it was Alaric and I wish he were still with them
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by revanne on Today at 07:32:30 am »
((Oh help Laurna! I nearly choked on my lunch fearing some tool of Valerian's had somehow got into the garden and had kidnapped Kenneth. I think Grandpapa Kelson is not going to be pleased with his grandson.))
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Laurna on Today at 05:31:24 am »
Arexelle yelled, “One!  Ready or not, here I come!”  She circled the vacant lawn once, pretending not to know where any of the other’s had gone.

There was some giggling coming from a rose bush to the right, but Arexelle was not inclined to catch her sister first. She ignored the giggle and veered left passing a hedge row.  “Now where could that little brother of mine be hiding.” She headed left around the bush scarring young Duncan out to the right. He was preparing to dash home when she instead veered right and cut off his run. “Tag you,” she called, as she touched his arm.

With a false cry of anguish, Duncan fell to the grass. “Why do you always get me first. Not fair.”

“Because you need to be more fair to our sister,” the older girl told him with a scolding.

“Oh, all right! Sorry Browen!” The boy yelled to the bush on the right, trying to give away his sister’s hiding place, even if he truly meant the apology.  Arexelle ignored the “Shhhsh!” she heard coming from her sister’s hiding place. Instead, she stalked to a tall hedge covered in lavender flowers. The hedge was wide. How to scare out Alain and still catch him if he ran? It wasn’t possible. As she went one way, he came out from the other. When she tried to cut him off, he disappeared behind again. They played at duck and dodge two more times. Before the older sister dove to catch Alain. But the six year old was fleet and fast. He darted out of her reach and raced for home. He called “Home Free” as he made it there. Declaring himself the winner of the game and getting a hug from his twin brother for his success. Yet two children were still hidden. It took but a reach and a touch to catch Browen. The girl pouted for just a minute before running home to join her brothers; Duncan give her a hug of forgiveness. That left Kenneth for last.

Richenda had watched the game with giddy pleasure. Her own children had never been this close together in age and had not played in this way. The pleasures of being a grandmother were so much greater than the worries of being a mother.  As Arexelle frowned after looking around a few bushes, that sense of worry crept into Richenda’s mind. She had not seen where Kenneth had gone hiding. She could not sense him, either. “Grania, where is Kenneth?” The boy’s mother looked up in astonishment. Her worry was apparent upon her face. She passed her youngest daughter to a nurse, stood and paced quickly out into the garden. Richenda following right behind. Fear filled Grania’s eyes as she wildly looked around the garden. “All ye, All ye, come in Free,” she yelled, calling for an end to the game.


Tears forming in her eyes, Grania was close to panicking. She could not feel her son. Servants were sent to guard the gates and search deeper into the garden. Richenda grabbed the wrist of her daughter, “Lets do this together,” she said, “we will find him.” She touched Grania’s forehead and let her daughter rest her head on her shoulders. “Focus.” Together they concentrated on finding Kenneth Brion Anthony Haldane.

((02:25 Grania mentally searching for Kenneth. 2d6 as she is Ritual magic user with success of 4,5, and 6.
02:25-!roll 2d6
02:25 derynibot 3, 4 == 7))

After a moment, Grania wiped her tears and looked straight at low row of rosemary bushes.  She led her mother across the garden, both women looking over the plants at the boy sitting low with his eyes closed. Each of his palms were open downward over stacked black and white cubes, one pair under his right hand and one pair under his left hand. Behind him, to each side was a third and fourth pair of cubes. Richenda reached for the ward cubes, her own hands shacking; thankfully the cubes weren’t activated. A five year old should never be able to do that magic, let alone know how to place them. Kenneth was clearly copying what he had seen some adult do. There wasn’t magic from the cubes, yet the boy did have some magic that he was casting as a weak concealment type spell around himself, almost like what a ward could accomplish. Grania was astonished. “Kenneth, Don’t do that!”  she called out waking the boy up from his focus. “Mommy couldn’t find you.”

Kenneth smiled “I was hiding. Cousin Arexelle'ye didn’t find me, I win,” he said plainly like he had done nothing wrong. His mother picked him up in her arms with a worried look. She touched the boy’s forehead. Her training controls were there, in place, yet the Haldane blood somehow was manifesting its own tendencies to know how things were done. “Ever since His majesty set his potential, he has been showing small aptitudes like this.”

“I think His Majesty Kelson will be the best one to reset his grandson’s training controls. I would not presume to touch on the Haldane’s potential,” Richenda said with a touch of awe. With Haldane blood running in half her grandchildren’s blood, the dowager duchess had deferred their training to the highest source, even though she was considered one of the most adept Deryni in the kingdom.

“How did Kenneth get these?” Richenda asked gathering all eight ward cubes into one hand. There feel was so familiar, she should have been able to guess whose they belonged to, but she was thinking they were Javan’s even though they didn’t feel like his. Grania asked her son pointedly to tell mama where the cubes came from. The boy’s response was “Uncle Wash.”

“He gave them to you? Tell me the truth.” Grania said more sternly.

“He showed them to me, then he put them away but he didn’t, they fell under his bed instead. He left them there, so I took them for safekeeping.” Grania turned a serious look back to her mother. “My brother doesn’t have his ward cubes!” Seeing fear in Richenda’s features, Grania turned back to her son. “You should have given them to me, Kenneth love, next time any adult drops something, don’t you go picking it up. You come tell your mama about it. Can you do that for mama.”

“Yes!” The young prince said, suddenly he nested his head against his mother’s shoulder ashamed.

Washburn hadn’t contacted the family and he didn’t have his ward cubes. Richenda felt a shiver down her spine. The women returned to the garden covering, with a nervous sweet beading the elder lady’s brow. “Will you help me cast out for your brother, I need to know where Washburn is,” Richenda finally said.

“Maman, I will gladly help you.” The two women instructed the nurses to take the children indoors. They remained on the bench sitting shoulder to shoulder. Richenda cupping the ward cubes in one hand and her camber medallion in the other. They formed Rapport and sent out tendrils of energy searching for the missing son of Alaric Morgan.

((03:11Richenda searching for Washburn she is spell master so 3d6 with success of 4, 5, or 6.
03:11Richenda-l!roll 3d6
03:11derynibot4, 5, 2 == 11))

The distance was great, the energy surged into her from her youngest daughter. There, right there, focus tighter, was that the touch of her son’s mind?
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Demercia on Today at 01:21:38 am »
((Good to see Alain is not forgotten ))
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Laurna on February 21, 2018, 03:13:49 pm »
The plans for the summer royal progress to the Isle of Hort was now postponed and most likely cancelled. While His Majesty Kelson was in council determining the degree of concerns coming from their western province of Meara, Queen Araxie was in the queen’s solar in conference with her stewards and chatelaine cancelling the travel plans that had taken all spring to prepare. If the court intended now to remain in Rhemuth, all sorts of new plans and schedules had to be reorganized. Kelson was even considering a progress to Meara, which might be necessary. In his mind that would be the wisest solution to remind the Mearan people that he was their King. That plan, however, had many of his councilors offering objection. Until it was certain just what was the situation in Meara, it seemed prudent to hold firm in Rhemuth and wait to learn more. Kelson continued to stress that plans should be made ready for any contingent that might arrive.

For the non-militant members of court, all thoughts turned to how best to confront and tolerated the upcoming hottest month of the year while remaining within the main castle walls. Whatever forms of keeping the castle cool would need to be implemented. Not truly a pleasant prospect as the humidity was already threatening to make for some blistering days and unbearably warm nights.

Dowager Duchess Richenda, at an age where she found herself more susceptible to extreme temperature changes, would have preferred an easy summer spent in Coroth with its light sea breezes and afternoon rains. She had been the first, however, to implement the gathering of the Haldane/Morgan families under the protection of Rhemuth’s secure walls and their loyal retainers. There was strength in the bonding of their two families. Strength that was recognized throughout the Eleven Kingdoms. A challenge had not come in over twenty years, not since the death of Teymuraz at the hand of her husband, Duke Alaric Morgan. May his soul ever rest in peace. Richenda whispered over her hands that clutched a needle and gold metal threads which were embroidered on an exquisite set of lions and gryphons Quartered on a tunic for Prince Rhys-Alaric Haldane's coming birthday of fourteen years

The two families tight bonding came from two marriages between daughters and sons. Not only had her eldest son Kelric married the strong and vivacious Princess Araxandra back in the summer of eleven hundred and forty-five, now with six strong, healthy children to pass on Alaric Morgan’s legacy. A second surprising and equally joyful marriage occurred a few years following between Richenda’s youngest daughter, the Lady Grania, and non other than the Crown Prince of Gwynedd, Prince Javan Uthyr Richard Urien Haldane. Their marriage had occurred upon Prince Javan’s Nineteenth right-of-birth on the fifth of May in the year of our lord eleven hundred and forty- nine. Their marriage had been bound under full splendor and regalia which the proud Royal parents, Kelson and Araxie, had arranged. With four children to blessed the royal couple, Grania was again to be seen in the fullness of begetting a fifth child, a third boy by all promise of the Healers who cared for her.

So it was in the late morning hours as the castle walls warmed and the king and queen were busy with business that Richenda was grateful for the time spent with her youngest daughter Grania. Both ladies sat under the trellises covered in blossoming wisteria vines and climbing roses. The fragrances of the garden were lavish and the colors divine. Children's joyous calls and screams were pleasant to listen too here in the great outdoors, where the sound was free to escape and not reverberate as they did within the indoor rooms.

Kelric’s middle daughter, Araxelle Jehane, sat under the lattice with Grania's oldest daughter beside the other women. Their fine fingers embroidering the small flourishes around the Morgan shield and The Haldane balzon. Delicate work that Richanda was all too happy to pass on to her granddaughters. Grania's youngest daughter of three was balanced upon her moma's knee. The only girl to play with the boys was Araxelle’s younger sister, Brownwen Alyce; she was running fast circles around her younger brothers and keeping them in line, so at least Richenda hoped. Duncan Sean and Alain Anthony were in rare form, whooping it up and playing stick fighting with soft twigs they had broken out of a bush. Prince Kenneth Brion, Grania’s second boy of just five years, was right there with his cousins as the third adversary. Richenda laughed as all three boys took to chasing each other. Alian running the fastest and dodging the others attacks the quickest. Just as her youngest son had done when he was that age.

Richenda sighed. Where was that youngest son of hers now. Kelric had sent that he had not been able to make contact the night prior, after the duke had arrived at Arx Fidei. There was no word of Washburn’s contingent arriving there. Kelric had said he would turn westward in the morning to go in search of them. That youngest son of hers, was giving Richenda new worry wrinkles about her eyes. That young man knew the importance of making contact. Why had he missed it?  Richenda did not want to think of the possible reasons that could have prevented him from doing so.

“Let's play hide and seek,” Duncan Sean yelled. “Bronwenie, your it.”

“Why am I it?” the girl called with a cry.

“Because your a girl.” Duncan answered. At that Araxelle jumped up to her sister’s defense. “I’m a girl and you better all hide good, because when I find you, your going to get it.” Richenda and Grania were both shaking their heads as they watched the older girl stomp to the middle of the grass, turn her back and started counting backward from ten. The younger kids scattered to the bushes and behind the rows of blooming roses. Richenda laughed. Kelric’s middle daughter of eleven had had her Deryni training controls mostly removed and the girl knew full well how to use her senses to find her siblings and cousins, but they did not know that.

((this story bit is only half done, I will post the rest later tonight. Not enough time now as I must get ready for work.))

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