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Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Laurna on Today at 05:36:50 am »
The afternoon steady ride continued on into the late daylight hours of summer. Washburn had forgone any prolong stops during the day, including Father Columcil’s afternoon office. This did nothing to ingratiate the noble knight/pretending-to-be-a-priest in the eyes of the true priest.  Had there been proper time for Sir Washburn Morgan to speak privately to Columcil he was sure they could find common ground. The young Morgan wasn’t exactly unused to the ways and habits of the clergy. He was family to the Archbishop of Rhemuth, after all. The trouble was, there were far more pertinent concerns weighing on his mind as they rode through the afternoon. Staying alive was a major one.

As for Aliset. To keep her protected, it was necessary that she stay with her companions in their sleeping arrangements. No more rooms for her alone. Far too dangerous for her to be out of Washburn’s protection. And for her reputation’s sack, better that she be with all three of them than with just Washburn. This meant they could not spend a night in a noble manor house where either Sir Washburn or Sir Alister were known. The host would take offense to the two noblemen wanting to sleep in the common room with their companions. It was never a good idea to offend any host who offered generous hospitality. There were rules of society that just should not be broken nor even bent. Under the circumstances, Washburn considered camping the night under the stars. Only as the sun nested into the branches of the western trees, the humidity rose and clouds gathered in the east. The summer months were no strangers to rain.  Even Darcy commented that by the next morning it would be raining. Sleeping in the wilderness was therefore, out of the question. And what to do about their pursuer?

Since the noon break, during a long portion of their afternoon journey, Lady Aliset ‘s riding posture had been one in a state of mediation. She barely caught her balance when her horse made a bad step. Washburn did not stray from her side, just encase her horse decided to side step out from under her. He probably needn’t have worried, but still, he felt responsible for her.  As to what ever it was she was concentrating on, it seemed to do the trick. There was no sign of anyone following them, at least not one Wash could sense. He did cast out  at two different times to locate if anyone followed them. Though he sensed no one, he wasn’t convinced they weren’t there. They rode on through the dinner hour nibbling on baked bread. Aliset’s exhaustion from her use of magic was evident in the way she took tiny bits and chewed slowly.

Not far ahead was the manor house Washburn had stayed at only two days ago. Nodding to himself,  he made up his mind what they needed to do.

“Follow me,” he said to Darcy, as he rode up alongside the two front horses. He took the lead, heading off the main road onto a smaller road that would end at that particular manor house. However, he really had another idea in mind. When the road turned around a clump of trees, it briefly passed alongside a slow moving creek. Washburn pulled his horse off the road and stepped him into the cool waters of the creek. The others looked at him hesitantly. Father Columcil may have even thought the knight’s tonsuring had caused the top of the man’s brains to have become sun-fried during their journey. Yet no one dared to question Washburn's hand signals for them to continue south, down the middle of the shallow creek.

As soon as the three other horses has moved into the water, Washburn turned his focus into the depths of the glistening surface. Just a little concentration to slash the water up on the bank to wipe away the evidence of the horse's hoof prints.

(( 2d6 roll 2 and 2, failed - Verification Number: 7ttbbwtjp7))

Damn, he must be more agitated than he thought. The water moved a little, but not enough to cover their passage. Frustrated with himself, he reached into the bushes at the sides of creak pulling out a few long branches with leaves on the ends. Back to the spot where they had walked off the road, he leaned over the neck of his horse and did his best to sweep the hoof prints away. When he was satisfied, he backed his horse into the water then turned to catch up with the others. For nearly a mile he had them walk through the shallow waters. About the time his companions were ready to complain about the unsure footing for their horses, Washburn turned and climbed the eastern bank of the river. They traveled a short distance through a tall ashwood forest, before they came upon the backside of a small country church and a village just beyond the parish gardens. The church was of thick stone walls and steep slate-tile roof lines. Washburn lead the way past a hedge row with a pen of sheep. On the far side of the pen was a shed row barn with one end for the sheep and the other end for two plow ponies and a half stack of loosely bailed oats and barley.  There was just enough room in the center for their four horses and plenty of fodder for them to nibble on through the night.

The tallest of the four monks, dismounted first. His head was uncovered, his wide tonsure among a bristle of short golden hair displaying his vocation. “Father Columcil, Father Alister, would you be so kind as to ingratiate our party to our hosts within.” He nodded toward the church. “If they have a room for us all to stay in would be ideal. Else wise we will be happy to sleep in the Nave.” Washburn turned to Darcy who was the only one to have his hood up. "Father Darcy, stay with me and help put the horses up for the night.” That duty did not seem to displease Darcy at all. Washburn briefly caught Aliset as she started to follow the priest inside. “Get yourself some dinner and some rest, we will rejoin you after compline.” Washburn noted how Father Columcil gave him a look, as if to say, you may be impersonating a priest, but you will never be one of us.

When the two were gone, Washburn and Darcy changed their horses bridles for halters, loosened their girths, but left the saddles on. Just on the bad chance, they would be leaving quickly. They feed the horses from the stack of barley and rubbed their horses wet legs down with straw. When this was done, Darcy’s eyes went wide as Washburn slipped off his monk’s attire, pulled his longbow and greatsword from the bed roll that had been tied under the right flap of his saddle. With ease he swung the long sword over his shoulder onto his back and he reached for the bow string. From years of practice, he had the bow strung in less than a minute. Grabbing last his quiver of arrows. He looked at Darcy with a smile. “How would you like to go hunting with me?  You can recognize our pursuer when you see him, yes?”

Darcy gave a half-look back at the church, then a half-smile to the knight in black. “Yes I can. Let us discourage him from his pursuit.”
Fan Projects / Re: The Hagios Project
« Last post by DerynifanK on December 11, 2017, 12:46:45 pm »
Your "Hagios"Iob is beautiful and most impressive. Enjoyed seeing the project come together  You are quite talented  and I am sure Liam was impressed with his coronation setting,.
That hard plastic haircut doesn't do him any favors. I'm hoping that the mohair wig I'm planning on making will help soften the overall look. Right now the slick plastic hair reminds me more of a stage villain than a hero!  LOL!
Handsome Devlin but looks a bit intimidating 
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Evie on December 11, 2017, 10:37:53 am »
As the party quickly remounted and headed further down the road towards Rhemuth, Aliset surreptitiously reached out with her senses, trying to detect the follower that Darcy had mentioned. She thought she could detect someone in the periphery of her senses. Hastily withdrawing that mental probe in case their pursuer might be able to detect it, she centered herself, focusing on her party's need for stealth. Could she use her Deryni gifts to help them pass unseen?  Concentrating her will upon that thought, she focused her energies on helping her party slip away from their pursuer unnoticed.  She knew she could not keep up the subtle cloaking of their passage indefinitely, but hopefully it would throw off the pursuit for a short while.

((Dice roll 4 + 5 [success!], Verification Number: z1vbxgr09h))
Playing with Prisma photo filters. I love how this picture of Devlin and Sophia turned out. It looks almost like a painting:

I have recently dyed some wavy/curly mohair that I am hoping to turn into a wig for Devlin, since Henry Cavill (the actor his appearance is based on) actually has some natural curl to his hair which is sadly missing on his Superman Ken mini stand-in. Not sure how well that is going to work out over his molded hair, but I'm willing to experiment and see if it looks good, and if not, wigs are always removable.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Jerusha on December 10, 2017, 04:18:08 pm »
Darcy Cameron glanced from Sir Washburn to Father Columcil.  He saw the momentary tension between the two.  The Deryni knight was accustomed to a position of authority, so no surprises there.  The good Father, on the other hand, was perhaps not as humble as one would expect from a simple country priest.

No matter to him either way as long as they reached their destination safely.   Darcy made his way to the trees a short distance away and took the opportunity to relieve himself.   Dratted robe was in his way.  How did ladies manage with their long dresses?  He smiled inwardly; that certainly was not one of his concerns!

He rearranged his habit and turned to return to the group but stopped.  He though he heard movement farther in among the trees.  Silently, he moved forward, staying hidden in the trees as much as possible.  Yes, there was a man and horse ahead; odd that he stopped within the trees with the animal.  Darcy studied him carefully; there was nothing remarkable about him.  Average height, plain clothes; had he seen him before?

((Results of dice roll:  6 + 3 = 9 verification zm0lcckph4))

He had seen him!  The man had been lingering outside the monastery courtyard as they had left.  But even more disturbing, he had seen the man on the road as he and Lord Alister had approached Culdi.  That was too much circumstance to suit Darcy.
Taking care to make no sound, Darcy returned to his small group, pulling his hood well up over his head. 

“Sir Washburn, Lord Alister, a word if I might,” Darcy said.  Washburn looked at him with interest. “We are being followed,” Darcy said briefly.  “I think we may want to pick up our pace a bit.  Not too much to draw interest, but we might want to reach Rhemuth sooner than later.”
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Characters
« Last post by Bynw on December 09, 2017, 02:10:48 pm »
This thread is currently locked for replies as there are no more slots open for the Ghosts of the Past game.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by revanne on December 09, 2017, 10:23:50 am »
Columcil knew what was in the young lord's mind - Let the old priest set a gentle pace, but not what lay behind it. He'd rather gained the impression that there was some urgency. He found his temper, normally held well in check, begin  to rise. He didna do much riding that was true, but the life of a country priest was hardly one of idleness, with the need to tend his own wee bit garden and help out betimes wi' the harvest. Not to mention walking between some of the further flung holdings of his hilly parish. He'd had a good seven days of riding to harden him to the saddle before entering Culdi and though Spéan was a good solid work horse, with no nobility about him, he could give these fancy-bred mounts a run for their money. He was sorely tempted to try. Biting his lips to restrain his temper, he bethought himself of a way to gain a subtle revenge for the well-meaning patronage.

After a few hours travel he judged by the sun that it must be midday and gently easing Spèan to a halt he made to dismount. Darcy pulled up too, and enquired, "Is there anything wrong, Father?"

"Nay lad, but 'tis time for the midday office, and gi'en that I'm setting the pace, best do it properly It'll not take long." So saying, he reached in the breast of his habit, pulled out a leather bound book and sank to his knees.

"Lord, have mercy!", ejaculated Darcy, then muttered a hasty apology. He was relieved to see that the priest was suppressing a smile, though he spoke gruffly enough. "Let's hope he does, lad, for all our sakes."

As Alistair and Washburn drew level they both looked enquiringly at Darcy who explained, "The good Father is saying his office. He says he won't be long. Shall we make a halt here, My Lord?"

"We've may as well get down and stretch our legs" agreed Washburn equably,  but as we're all meant to be monks...." His words tailed off as he bowed his head but Darcy caught his meaning and he and Alister swiftly followed suit. Washburn's prayers were genuine enough, they could certainly use some help, but he couldn't  help noticing with curiousity the prayer book which the priest was using. The book he was using for his prayers was small, but covered with finely tooled leather. Surely few country priests had such treasures. As Columcil finished his prayers, crossed himself and rose to his feet, Washburn  reached out his hand and said courteously, "That's a fine bit of workmanship you have there, mind if I take a look.?"

Columcil knew a command when he heard one and handed the book over, though  he could not prevent his dutifully lowered eyes flashing with an anger he was otherwise careful to shield. Something in the other's silence warned Washburn that he had overstepped a boundary, though even laymen were surely allowed to handle prayerbooks, so he forebore to open the pages but contented  himself with feeling the leather before handing it back with a muttered "Thank you, Father,". Something nagged at him, though. The book had a feel, almost a mental aroma, that reminded him of someone, someone he knew well, though he could not think of whom, and the priest's shuttered face denied further questions.
Amended because I forgot they were all dressed as monks
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Bynw on December 09, 2017, 09:34:35 am »
Lord Oswald sat on his horse thinking as they rode towards Culdi. From there his query could be in Rhemuth within a week or sooner if they are not stopped. Time is not on his side and his men should have made sure everyone was dead at the manor before claiming victory. He is only one of many self-styled Mearan Freedom fighters. They are loosely banned together with the common goal of rekindling the Mearan independence movement. And as long as their are Mearans in Meara there will be Freedom fighters willing to take up the sword against the Gwynedd usurpers. The previous generation of Mearan Freedom fighters made a mistake that cost them dearly when Kelson of Gwynedd came to press his false claim on the Mearan throne. They had allied themselves with the ousted anti-Deryni Bishop, Edmund Loris and that allegiance cost many Mearan lives. So now that the new generation of Freedom fighters has arrived. It is time to rethink the Mearan position. And it will need Deryni help to combat the Deryni King of Gwynedd and his Deryni allies. Oswald knows he may have to move up other plans if the baron's heir reaches Rhemuth. The pursuit will have to be abandoned if the brat is not delt with soon. Riders are already well under way carrying messages to various Deryni Lords outside of Gwynedd.
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