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My thoughts are totally with you.  I feel the same way about driving in Toronto!
The Chronicles of the Deryni / Re: Saint Camber
« Last post by Lochiel on Today at 10:21:18 am »
I'm rereading the Deryni series and watching for Saint Camber vs Stefan Coram appearances. I'm in the beginning of DC (pg 38) and Alaric has a dream where he see Kelson, & Duncan talking with someone (Hugh de Berry) and Duncan's facial expressions are "drawn, troubled, and angry" "And than the ghostly , cowled visage he'd come to associate with legend last fall-Camber of Culdi, the renegade saint of Deryni magic"
Saint Camber or Stefan?
The Chronicles of the Deryni / Re: Warin De Gray question
« Last post by DesertRose on Today at 10:14:41 am »
Quite possible.

In mortal life, Camber was fascinated with the Healing gift, although he didn't himself have the evidently genetic trait that confers it upon people, so I would think that he'd be more than willing to guide a couple of descendants of his (since Morgan and Duncan are descended from Rhys and Evaine) in the use of their Healing abilities.
General / Re: KK's next book
« Last post by DesertRose on Today at 10:12:41 am »
You're very welcome, Lochiel.

And as Bynw said, I'll try to remember to ask for an update if one isn't forthcoming in this evening's chat.  :)
The Chronicles of the Deryni / Re: Warin De Gray question
« Last post by Lochiel on Today at 10:11:39 am »
So perhaps Saint Camber is guiding Alaric's & Duncan's untrained Healing abilities than.
General / Re: KK's next book
« Last post by Lochiel on Today at 10:08:01 am »
Thank you I appreciate the information. I'm really wanting to read new material and Killingford would be very interesting to read!
The Chronicles of the Deryni / Re: Saint Camber
« Last post by Bynw on Today at 08:37:28 am »
Kelson is special when it comes to the Haldane Kings. Not only is he a Haldane and can assume the powers associated with all of those in that line. He is also Deryni by his mother. In many ways he is like a Deryni version of King Javan. If Javan was able to do what he could have done. We would have a completely different 11 Kingdoms by the time. But that is why St. Camber appeared at Kelson's empowering. Did he show up at others? Maybe depending if they had the ability to impact the Deryni in a positive light.

Yes Ian Howell was brought to power by Charissa. Making him similar to the Haldanes in that respect. I'm sure he knew about the CC but had Charissa's viewpoint on them.
The Chronicles of the Deryni / Re: Warin De Gray question
« Last post by Bynw on Today at 08:27:51 am »
The Presence pouring through Alaric and Duncan is generally believed to be that of Saint Camber. Although Camber himself was not a Healer he did work closely with Rhys and other healers in his lifetime. But the source of Alaric and Duncan's healing is themselves. They are descendants of Rhys and have the recessive genetic talent of healing. But due to the destruction of the Healer schools it has been a dormant power for centuries in those who carry it. Alaric first healed Derry, is dear friend and aide.

Warin de Grey is something else. He was check by Dennis, a member of the CC and a fully trained Deryni. And determined not to be Deryni. But as Laurna pointed out. Nature will have a way of making something available.
General / Re: KK's next book
« Last post by Bynw on Today at 08:19:25 am »
We will need to get a progress report in today's chat! :)
I have to drive my DD2 across London today - she starts a new job tomorrow. I have only driven in London once before in my life. Prayers please.
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