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Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by DerynifanK on Today at 12:25:18 pm »
Wow, Revanne, I didn't see that coming either though I did think Richard was  up to something when he hugged Dhugal like that, something he would not ordinarily  do. I hope he survived the attack. Amazing writing 
Memorials / Re: Farewell, Cyndr
« Last post by Laurna on Today at 11:25:16 am »
The love of a good Pup will be dearly missed. :'(  Sorry for your loss, Jerusha. Cyndr and Scortch will be curled up in the clouds enjoying the rays of sunlight poking through.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by revanne on Today at 10:44:48 am »
Wow, revanne.  I didn't see that strategy coming.  Well done!

Nor did Dhugal😁

I have to confess I enjoyed writing it in such a suspenseful way.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Jerusha on Today at 10:42:08 am »
Darcy Cameron swished his razor in the bowl of water and then dried it on his towel.  Robert was rummaging through one of Iain’s chests, probably looking for additional clothing for Darcy.  According to Robert, he and his brother were very close to the same size.

The evening before had not been unpleasant.  Robert had unlocked Sir Iain’s apartment and handed Darcy the key.  While the squire had gone to arrange for water for a bath, Darcy had conducted a cursory exploration of the accommodation.  It was a single, large room, somewhat austerely furnished.  Darcy wondered how much time his brother spent here.  Across from the door was a single, shuttered window, which Darcy immediately opened to let in more light.  There was a curtained bed along the left wall.  A sturdy table and two chairs was positioned near the window to take advantage of the light; a rack of candles was ready to be used when the natural light faded.  A large, rectangular box was positioned along the back of the desk; an inkwell sat beside it and several quills.  Darcy wondered if his brother was naturally neat, or if he took care to leave nothing out to be seen.  Two large chests were positioned against the other wall on either side of the small hearth, their lids closed and secured with sturdy locks.  A tall wooden cupboard stood against the wall beside the door.  This had no lock and Darcy assumed it contained common items for everyday use.  A tub for bathing rested in the corner on the other side of the door.  There were no tapestries on the walls and no signs of any touches that might have been introduced by a woman.  Had Iain never married, or did his wife never come with him to Rhemuth?

The bath had been soothing, and Darcy emerged from the tub refreshed and very hungry.  Robert assured him there would still be food in the great hall and once dressed, Darcy followed the squire eagerly.  It was late, but during the long daylight hours of summer the evening meal was served later than in the winter months.  The high table was empty; Robert thought that the council meeting was either still in session, or the councillors were about implementing the king’s decisions.   They found spots at a table that had a nearly full platter.  At a signal from Robert, a jug of ale was brought and two tankards. 

As they ploughed their way through the food on the platter, Robert discreetly identified the various men around them.  The woman usually ate separately; Darcy thought wistfully of Aliset, but his attention was brought quickly back to the food.  When they had eaten their fill, three tarts remained on the platter.  They each grabbed one and then both hovered over the last one. 

“Help yourself, my Lord,” Robert said. 

Darcy grinned and drew his hand back.  “Nay, you’ve got more growing to do.”  Robert snatched up the tart before Darcy could change his mind.  Darcy chuckled and downed the last of his ale.

Upon return to Iain’s quarters, Darcy had turned down Robert’s offer of assistance in preparing for bed.  “I can manage to get my own boots off,” Darcy said.  “You have my word I won’t wear them in the bed.” Robert tried to hide a smile as he bowed and left, stating he would return in the morning.

The night had not been as kind.  Initially, Darcy slept well.  The bed was soft and comfortable; he could not remember sleeping in one so fine.  But sometime in the early morning hours, vivid dreams of roaring flames disturbed his sleep. Aliset was calling for him!  Aliset was trapped by the flames and was calling desperately for his help, and he could not reach her!  He was too far away in Meara and could not get there in time….

Darcy sat bolt upright, covered in sweat, gasping for breath.  Despite the warm night, he began to shiver.  His rational mind told him it was a dream brought on by the horror he had found in Desse and his guilt for not being in Rhemuth to protect Aliset.  He did feel the guilt; he could not deny it, even though he did not yet know if he could have prevented what had happened.  He needed to know so he could protect her now.  But what if the king commanded him to Meara?  Unable to return to sleep, he tossed restlessly until dawn.

Darcy’s thoughts were returned to the present by a knock on the door.  Robert stood, and at Darcy’s nod, opened the door to admit another royal squire.

“Lord Darcy,” the new squire said after bowing.  “His Majesty, King Kelson, requires your presence in his withdrawing room.”

“I’ll dress and come at once,” Darcy replied.  The squire left, and Darcy reached for his tunic.

“Not that one,” Robert said quickly.  He shook out the tunic he had removed from the chest and held it out to Darcy.  The material was dyed a light blue, and the silver sea eagle volant of Isles was embroidered in white thread across the front. A sea green shirt was draped over the squire’s arm.

“Isn’t that a bit much?”  Darcy asked, recognizing the two colours as part of Isle’s tartan.

“My Lord, you have been summoned before the king.  You must dress appropriately.”

Darcy did not have the time to argue.  He shrugged into shirt and tunic.  He was relieved to be able to buckle his own sword and its serviceable belt around his waist, giving Robert little chance to pull and tweak before he strode out the door.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Jerusha on Today at 10:33:53 am »
Wow, revanne.  I didn't see that strategy coming.  Well done!
Memorials / Re: Farewell, Cyndr
« Last post by DesertRose on Today at 10:12:48 am »
I'm sorry for your loss, and I hope Cyndr and Scorch have found a lovely sun-puddle in which to relax and reunite.
Memorials / Re: Farewell, Cyndr
« Last post by revanne on Today at 10:10:42 am »
So sorry. She chose her own way but no easier for you.
Memorials / Farewell, Cyndr
« Last post by Jerusha on Today at 10:08:38 am »
Cyndr, our 16 year old whippet, decided to make her own way across the Rainbow Bridge.  On Tuesday, she escaped from the house when no one was looking as someone came to pick up an old wall unit we had sold.  Although we were out looking every day, she was not found until yesterday evening.  She had passed, probably earlier that day.

In spite of all of her health issues, she lived a long and comfortable life.  She is napping now in eternal sunlight curled up next to Scorch.
Tid Bits / A note on Forum Stats
« Last post by Bynw on Today at 09:51:54 am »
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Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by revanne on Today at 09:48:08 am »
Dhugal spoke first to the soldier, pre-empting what he was going to say.

"Captain General Kirby is not to be found in the castle, yes I know, since someone has finally condescended to tell me what has been going on."

He looked fiercely at Seamus but more in frustration than condemnation before continuing,

"Forgive me, friend, but go back as quickly as you can to the castle and put a stop to the manhunt which I have no doubt is in place. Tell any who argue that they can answer to me if they prefer. If her Grace has risen, tell her that I will be with her before long, I hope, and she will have as much explanation as I can give her. Tell Father Aidan that his Grace asks that he will say Mass as soon as possible for all those in peril on the sea. Have you got all that?"

"Aye, your Grace."

The soldier bowed once again as Dhugal added,

"And then take yourself off to the buttery and tell them that you are to be given a sergeant's rations to break your fast. You've earned them"

As the man went off yet again Dhugal turned to the other new arrival and, as he realised who he was, felt the anger rise in him again. The man hastened forward and fell at Dhugal's feet, still breathless from his haste but clearly desperate to explain himself.

"Forgi'e me Yer Grace, but I didna ken wha else ta do. I couldn'a light yon beacon afore I could spier wha' was afoot but I maun tell yer Grace some o'it."

Once again that morning Dhugal dug his nails into his palms, the pain helping subdue his wrath. He could hardly castigate one man for obeying orders and then bawl another out for having the wit to disobey them when the situation changed. God, if he could just get his hands on Richard, Captain General or no, friend or no he would be sorely tempted to put him on the ground with his bare fists. But O, God, if he could just know he still lived he would do no such thing, and he thought again of that final hurried embrace. Richard must have already known then what he was about to do.

Reaching down he pulled the watchman, for it was he, to his feet.

"No, you did well to come, but tell me what you saw."

"All nicht there were lights doun here on th'quayside. But nae surprise at that nor that there was naught to see in Loch Mhor. The moon was aye bricht but she set an hour or more afore daybreak. Then no' long after it was full dark, after the moon had set and afore there was a glimmer o' the sun's rising, there was fire in the loch. Fiery arrows that caught the sail cloths alight in the boats and spread gey quickly. You ken how the sound carries up in the stillness and there was clammerin' and greetin', though as fer wha' they were sayin' I couldn'a tell ye. Then a great bangin' and a sheet o'flame like hell itself had opened and I knew that I maun tell yer Grace."

The man looked long at Dhugal with the straight look of the borderer and said, "But I'm thinkin' that 'tis nae surprise ta yer Grace and I shouldn'a have left ma post after all."

The man looked fearful again but Dhugal spoke in reassurance,

"I have not long been told of what was afoot, but you could not know that and you have done well. How long did it take you to come down on your brave little pony? You must be some horseman to have done it in the dark on those slopes"

"As fer that, yer Grace, we borderers have aye a way wi' the beasts." The man shook of the compliment as if it was of no account then considered.

"I reckon it took me the best part of twa hours coming down, in the light I could maybes get back up in something o'er one hour."

"It's most likely too late, and certainly too late for the beacon but go back up anyway and be ready to report what you see. Seamus!"

"Aye, your Grace,"

"Can you get him some rations and quickly"

"Aye your Grace, but only seaman's biscuits."

The man bowed his thanks but shook his head,

"Thank ye, yer Grace, and sair, but I've bread wi' me and a slab o' cold parridge. An' nae weevils!"

Neither Dhugal nor Seamus could hide a smile as the watchman mounted his pony with ease and urged the beast into a canter along the track that led back from the quay towards the brae but Dhugal's face was solemn as he turned to Seamus.

"It sounds as though some at least of his plan worked but I dread at what cost. A terrible way to die, and unshriven too, he and those who went with him. They did so of their own choosing you said?"

There was little comfort Seamus could give his master, but that fear at least he could assuage.

"Aye, Yer Grace. And no' unshriven neither. Father Nicholas at the wee chapel ahint the sea wall shrived them all an' gave them the Holy Sacrament afore they set sail. All lads from the Rose, and glad to serve. As were those who loaded the arrows wrapped round wi' cloth and the barrels of pitch into the wee boat. He told us that His Majesty the King is sore beset and we should be glad to gi'e our lives for him. I would ha'e gone wi' him but he said that Yer Grace would ha'e need o'me once ..."

Seamus looked abashed and faltered to a stop.

"Once I had stopped shouting? Richard knows me well." - he hoped, most likely vainly, that the present tense still held - "All he said is true though I doubt the King will be happy to hear of men sacrificing themselves in this way. And yes I have need of you."

Dhugal turned and looked long and appraisingly at Seamus, though there was no compulsion in his gaze. Then he smiled,

"We got off to a bad start, you and I, but I have had no complaints since and I know that Richard has none, or he would not have asked you to captain his beloved Rose. I need someone to take command, will you do so?"

Seamus had spent so much of the early hours in dread of what the Duke might do and say, most of which even at the time he had admitted to himself was nonsense born out of distress, that he was taken totally by surprise. After his early attempts to curry favour had ended in the shame and pain of a flogging before the mast he had had little to do with the Duke, and even as the captain of his flagship their relationship had never developed beyond the formal. He should have known though that the Duke did not bear a grudge.

He dropped to his knees and put out his hands for the Duke to take between his own. Weren't there words that he was supposed to say? He supposed that they did not matter, the ritual of taking service was enough but there were words that he needed to say if it was not impertinent to say them. Before he could speak though Dhugal covered his outstretched hands with his own and put into words the thoughts they both shared.

"I receive your service as Captain General of the fleet, gladly, but I think we both understand and pray that it is only until Captain Kirby returns."

((I considered having Dhugal Mind Speak to Seamus but the dice were having none of it.
1 + 3 + 2 = 6 258xrn7ddm. Hopefully that means there will be some good throws for matters of life and death.))

Seamus bowed his head and kissed the Duke's hands. Dhugal raised him to his feet with a smile then said,

"Go and gather the captains of all the boats at once and assemble them before me here. Some need to sail round to Loch Mhor to see what you will find there" - he resisted the urge to cross himself - "but we cannot leave the sea passage open so some must stay here too."

Seamus bowed again and went leaving Dhugal standing on the quayside, no longer angry but more desolate than he could remember feeling since Alaric had died. In the space of less than twenty-four hours it seemed that he had lost both close kin and friend. Where would this end?"
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