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The Childe Morgan / Re: Women holding titles in their own right.
« Last post by Evie on October 14, 2018, 11:35:11 pm »

I may be male, but there are times the blatant 'sexism' regardless of time period, custom, tradition and law just galls me, and puts the bitter taste in the back of my throat. It goes without saying that my motto holds true 'Je promets et J'ose' (I promise and I dare). I would have equal rights all around, male of female, human or Deryni.

It was with surprise, relief and the feeling of 'about time, too', reading a FanFic story in 20th-21st century with Regnant Queens of Gwynnedd, the latest one being Sophia II Haldane.

Thank you; I'm glad you enjoyed reading Balance of Power!  Of course, Sophia did have the advantage of being born in the right century to be allowed to rule Gwynedd as a sovereign Queen. Even modern-day Britain, on which my modern-day Gwynedd was very loosely based, only recently (less than a decade ago) changed its inheritance laws to allow a princess to inherit the throne even if she has younger male siblings.

Of course, KK's laws of inheritance reflect the reality of medieval law in most places and periods. They were laws created during a time when land had to be won and held by right of arms, and since men were nearly always the warriors, men were the ones favored in the inheritance laws. Landed women were taught how to defend their castles or fortified manors, or at least how to lead such a defense (with their male guards and steward doing most of the actual defending), and there are a few women who went further and led their men into battle, but they were more the notable exception than the rule by the Middle Ages.  (There's a little more evidence for women warriors in earlier periods.) But by and large, it was the lord who had the feudal obligation to his king to protect the barony, earldom, or duchy entrusted to his keeping, and therefore his land would be expected to pass down through the male line, since his right to inherit was literally won by right of his sword arm, his warrior skills being promised to his liegelord's use in exchange for the privilege of land ownership.

It was only in later centuries that the link between being able to physically take up arms to defend the land and people became more tenuously linked to land ownership, and then not really linked to it at all, but of course by that time centuries of societal thinking that "Men own the land, women simply help tend to it" was pretty deeply entrenched. But to be fair, medieval women actually had more inheritance rights than their Victorian descendants in some ways. By the Victorian age, those rights had eroded to the point that a widow with no sons might be in dire straits indeed unless she had some male relative to care for her (you can see echoes of this in Jane Austen's novels), whereas a medieval woman would have had her dower to fall back on.  It was looked at as an early form of social security system, some money or property given to the bride upon her marriage that was hers and hers alone, and which she could invest, sell, and/or bequeath as she chose, so she would not be left destitute (at least in theory) if she was widowed, even if her husband turned out to be a wastrel and squandered the rest of the family income.

But going back to medieval Gwynedd and women's roles within it, I think KK does a good job in showing that despite the systemic inequalities in medieval society, women still found ways of being strong and exercising what power they did have despite not being in warrior roles. And of course women with Deryni powers would be even more formidable. And the men of that world generally sense and respect that strength when it is displayed. Arilan, even with his full-blood Deryni heritage and much higher training than Alaric and Duncan, seems to have no problem at all working in a magical ritual alongside Richenda, or recognizing her capabilities as a trained Deryni. Morgan's junior officers distrust Richenda's capability to lead them in his absence not because she is a woman, but because she used to be the wife of a known traitor and therefore her true loyalties are in doubt. Had she not been Bran's widow, it would have been accepted as a matter of course that the Duchess has the right to govern in the Duke's absence.  And Evaine had the respect of her male colleagues in the original Camberian Council because her knowledge and talents were clearly evident. There was no "Why don't you go home and tend to your hearth where you belong, little woman!" attitude there!
Chat Logs / KK Chat - 14 October 2018
« Last post by Evie on October 14, 2018, 10:36:32 pm »
[18:07.25] * KK (uid326197@8027A0.235D62.D39802.D32AEA) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[18:07.26] <+Laurna> good
[18:07.30] <jemler> hi kk
[18:07.31] <~bynw> hi KK
[18:07.33] <+derynifank> Hi KK
[18:07.37] <Evie> Just haven't had a chance to do anything else to repair the interior damage since then.
[18:07.40] <Evie> Hi KK
[18:07.45] <+Laurna> Hello KK
[18:08.06] <+derynifank> Are youe parents getting settled ok after the move?
[18:08.17] <+Laurna> I had a roof leak yesterday during our rain.  working on drying out the carpet with a fan and a heater right now
[18:08.35] <Evie> Yes, even though they picked the one day we had rain from being on the outer edge of the hurricane, but despite that the move went surprisingly well.
[18:08.36] <+Laurna> first rain in months
[18:09.12] <Evie> They still live in a sea of boxes right now, though, but they are making some progress in getting things put up.
[18:09.13] * KK is now known as cambersmother
[18:09.31] <Evie> Like the new nick, KK. :-D
[18:09.33] <+Laurna> I like that  Hello Cambersmother
[18:09.34] <MerchantDeryni> I am a member of the new roof club as well. Leak took out the ceiling in the bathroom, kitchen and back hall. yay!
[18:09.45] <+derynifank> How did that happen?
[18:09.48] <Evie> Let's hope that's Camber's Mother and not Camber Smother!  :-D
[18:10.08] <Evie> Oh no, MD!
[18:10.09] <+Laurna> no no Eive
[18:11.07] <MerchantDeryni> It's fixed now. I still have the back hall to finish. New drywall needs to go up.
[18:11.10] <+derynifank> We were lucky in Norfolk as we didn't get so much rain but some people still without power
[18:11.24] <~bynw> KK just type after your nick just like any other time at the bottom of the screen.
[18:11.41] <+Laurna> Does this mean we can get a short story about camber in his youth.  that would be awesome to see Deryni in their Prime.
[18:12.11] <~bynw> if you cant get it to work, jjust use the other chats
[18:12.14] <Evie> We were fortunate in that our roof leak was clearly caused by hail damage, so the insurance company paid for most of the expense of repairing the roof.
[18:12.36] <+derynifank> Yay
[18:12.48] * Bee ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[18:12.55] <~bynw> Hi Bee
[18:12.57] <+Laurna> Hello bee
[18:13.13] <Bee> Hi all!
[18:13.16] <Evie> Hi Bee
[18:13.20] <+derynifank> My roof was bombarded by pine cones. Noisy but no damage I could see.
[18:13.30] <+derynifank> Hi Bee
[18:13.40] <jemler> hi bee
[18:13.46] <+Laurna> pine cones? you must live inthe mountains
[18:14.03] <Evie> Or in the South
[18:14.17] <+Laurna> The south has pines?
[18:14.21] <+derynifank> No just have a lot of pine trees around
[18:14.24] <Bee> Hi guys.  DFK, who or what wass bombarding your roof? Was a squirrel mad at you?
[18:14.29] <Evie> Lots of them, Laurna
[18:14.47] <+derynifank> No the squirrels love me, they eat my birdseed
[18:14.57] * KK ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[18:14.58] <+Laurna> lol  Ok around here pine trees only grow over 5000 feet
[18:14.58] * derynifank ( Quit (Quit: +, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[18:15.01] <Evie> Hi KK
[18:15.05] <Bee> Hi KK
[18:15.12] <+Laurna> Hello KK
[18:15.27] <KK> OK, at least I know how to work this site.
[18:15.29] * derynifank ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[18:15.53] <Bee> wb dfk
[18:15.55] <+Laurna> Well we do have scotch pines so I guess that is not an accurate statement
[18:16.27] <derynifank> ok, not going to be a good night for connections. It was wind from Michael that caused thepine cone bambardment
[18:16.50] <Bee> cambersmother,, have you been here before, I ddon't recall seeing you before.
[18:16.54] <jemler> brb. sloppy joes and fries.
[18:17.04] <+Laurna> from the news reports, that looked like a lot of wind.
[18:17.13] <Evie> Check with your homeowner's insurance. They might cover roof damage due to storms, even if the pine cones were the direct cause of the damage.
[18:17.28] <derynifank> It was but not as bad as other places so no complaints
[18:17.30] <+Laurna> Bee Cambersmother is KK
[18:17.39] <Evie> Since they wouldn't have been pelting your roof if it weren't for the storm winds, presumably. At least not at high velocity.
[18:18.03] <KK> Hi, guys.  Anyone know of a software corruption that would make one's keyboard lock up?  Isn't the batteries.  And a new keyboard does the same thing as the old one.
[18:18.13] <~bynw> Bee: that is KK signed in from IRCCloud
[18:18.33] <Bee> aah, ok.  So we have 2 KKs?
[18:18.47] <Evie> Yes, so we can have twice as much fun. :-D
[18:18.56] <+Laurna> Double the fun
[18:19.04] <Evie> Or twice as much trouble. ;-)
[18:19.28] <KK> I exited the IRC one--I think.  Though I see the other name on the list of folks who are here.
[18:19.31] <+Laurna> I almost said that but corrected myself.  Not trouble
[18:19.51] * jerusha (~uid321239@8027A0.235D62.FE55A7.5BA8DC) has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[18:19.53] <Bee> Evie, did Michael come anywhere near you?
[18:19.55] <Evie> My nick list shows you still logged on there as Cambersmother
[18:19.57] <MerchantDeryni> Stories written twice as fast. One writes from page 1 forward, the other starts at the ending and writes backwards. They meet in the middle.
[18:20.02] <jemler> wb jerusha
[18:20.09] <jerusha> I think I am here
[18:20.11] <~bynw> its persistent connection it will time out after a while
[18:20.12] <KK> Serious keyboard issues here.  See above.
[18:20.14] <+Laurna> I was hoping it meant you were thinking of writing a camber story from his mother's point of view
[18:20.15] <~bynw> yes you are jerusha
[18:20.18] <+Laurna> hello Jerusha
[18:20.20] <derynifank> KK, I know you want to do the Killingford book but any chance of a sequel to King Kelsons Bride at some time to wrap up loose ends?
[18:20.30] <Evie> We only got light rain and drizzle, Bee. But since that was the day my parents were moving in, it was mildly annoying. But all things considered, I'm grateful that's all we had to deal with!
[18:20.36] <jerusha> Hi Everyone
[18:20.38] <Bee> Hi Jerusha.
[18:21.08] <KK> Maybe, derynifank.
[18:21.08] <Evie> Hi Jerusha
[18:21.16] <jerusha> Hi Evie
[18:21.32] <Evie> Dhugal needs a bride. Even though I do keep throwing women at him, I'm sure he'd like an official one. ;-)
[18:21.34] <~bynw> KK, I'm not sure what would cause that with the keyboard. I take it is a wireless keyboard
[18:21.48] <KK> Yes.
[18:22.15] <KK> Mouse also has issues.  Both talk to the same dongle.
[18:22.18] <derynifank> And official heirs for both Kelson and Dhugal
[18:22.19] <jerusha> I was going to eventually marry him to Jana, but that fizzled out
[18:22.40] <~bynw> are they bluetooth or just wireless
[18:22.49] <Evie> It could fizzle back in again if you'd keep writing that story arc, Jerusha. :-D
[18:23.08] <derynifank> I kind of thought JAna might marry Brendan at some point. think they  would make a good match
[18:23.12] <jerusha> She would be his second wife.  First marriage was to a coronet chaser
[18:23.25] <+Laurna> Jana will have many suitors when she comes of age.
[18:23.47] <jerusha> I thought about that, Derynifank, but the fact that her mother was Torenthi might have made that awkward
[18:23.50] <+Laurna> I like that
[18:24.01] <+Laurna> oh ok
[18:24.08] <derynifank> I didn't realiize Brendan had married. How did I miss that?
[18:24.09] <KK> Just wireless, so far as I know.  Logitech, which is what I had before.  Old ones started doing the same thing.  That's why I got the replacements.
[18:24.18] <jerusha> She would have been smitten by him though. 
[18:24.42] <Evie> It could be awkward either way, given that Dhugal is Duke of Cassan, and the Cassani would have little cause to love Torenth after the war against Wencit.
[18:24.46] <~bynw> ok that sounds like just wireless then. not bluetooth.
[18:24.55] <jerusha> Heartbroken when Alaric refused the match
[18:25.05] <Evie> Which, of course, is why I gave him a Torenthi bride, because I just love challenges....  LOL!
[18:25.15] <jerusha> Yep
[18:25.29] <Bee> How old is Brendan now in canon?
[18:25.36] <Evie> In canon, he's still a kid
[18:25.41] <derynifank> Seemed to turn out betterfor Dhugal than I originally thought it would
[18:25.50] <Evie> But since fanfic can happen in any year, he's whatever age you need him to be. :-D
[18:26.12] <Evie> I think he was, what, 11 in KKB?
[18:26.31] <derynifank> Yes, 11 in thatbook
[18:26.32] <jerusha> Does a squire need to be 14?
[18:26.54] <Bee> In canon, isssssn't Payne supposed to be betrothed to a torenthi princess?
[18:27.04] <jerusha> Stanisha
[18:27.06] <Evie> In the Codex, he is
[18:27.09] <derynifank> Not sure at what age a page moves up to squire
[18:27.37] <Evie> Trying to recall how old Morgan was when he became a squire
[18:27.57] <derynifank> Payne betrothed to Liam's sister and Eirian to Lima himself
[18:28.02] <Evie> TKD would probably mention the age
[18:28.11] <derynifank> Liam. He isn't a bean
[18:28.14] <Evie> LOL!
[18:28.25] <jerusha> Bean there, done that
[18:28.25] <Evie> he's a human bean of the Deryni subspecies
[18:28.33] <~bynw> KK, the keyboard and mouse just lock up and stop working? What restores them to a working condition/
[18:28.42] <KK> Pages officially are 6-8 when they start.  14 is approximate age for squire.  These are flexible, though, depending on maturity of the boy and political circumstances.
[18:28.52] <+Laurna> brb phone
[18:29.19] <Evie> Luke has just joined me from God alone knows where, trailing cobwebs onto my arm. Thanks, cat!
[18:29.30] <jerusha> It could be a mouse
[18:29.44] <KK> Clicking on the mouse, often several times.  And when one tries to click and drag, sometimes it doesn't pick up.
[18:29.47] <Evie> Well, true, I'd rather he not bring me a mouse in the middle of chat
[18:29.58] <derynifank> Was Liam a page for four years and never a squire as he went back to Torenth when he was 14
[18:30.27] <Evie> I think he was serving as a squire at the time he went back to Torenth
[18:30.34] <Evie> Although probably just a junior squire
[18:30.38] <jerusha> Yes, I think so
[18:31.09] <jerusha> Didn' Brendan host a squires' party for him?
[18:31.36] <Evie> I could be misremembering, but I think when that party was discussed, it was a squires' party.
[18:31.51] <derynifank> Yes he did. Would that mean that Brendan was already a squire at 11?
[18:32.32] <Evie> Maybe, or maybe he was just in on the planning as the host for the party, since it was going to be at Coroth
[18:33.15] <Evie> It might not have been exclusively for squires. Could have been senior pages/junior squires, i.e. Liam's closest agemates.
[18:33.45] <jerusha> All playing pin the braid on the, oops, never mind
[18:33.46] <KK> Exactly, Evie.
[18:34.07] <Evie> LOL, Jerusha
[18:35.24] <Evie> I have a feeling Nigel would have squashed any obvious cliquishness in the ranks of pages and squires if it came to his notice, although of course they'd all have had friends among the ranks they felt more compatible with than others.
[18:36.06] <jerusha> Each would have his chance to prove his worth
[18:36.13] <Evie> And probably others they couldn't stand, but were at least civil to if the grown-ups were around. :-D
[18:36.32] <KK> I think all the boys would have been included.  It was partly intended to foster camaraderie among all the boys.
[18:36.42] <jerusha> Like Jaxom?
[18:36.58] * MerchantDeryni ( Quit (Quit: +, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[18:37.04] <jemler> Jaxom/ from Pern?
[18:37.09] <Evie> If I had any extra money right now, I'd be tempted to buy several of the articulated Harry Potter line of dolls and redress them as squires. :-D
[18:37.16] <jerusha> Nope, Ghosts of the Past
[18:37.23] <jemler> ah,
[18:37.55] <Evie> Or junior ladies of the Court, for the girl dolls. Or Schola students.
[18:37.58] <jerusha> Wands instead of squire's daggers?
[18:38.10] * Hamish ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[18:38.24] <jerusha> Hi Hamish
[18:38.30] <Evie> Maybe just daggers, since we don't see wands used in the books, although they could dress up as Hogwarts students for Halloween.... :-D
[18:38.36] <Evie> Hello, Hamish
[18:38.48] <Hamish> couldn't get back in as derynifank so now using Hamish
[18:38.50] <~bynw> hi Hamish aka derynifank
[18:38.50] <Bee> hi Hamish
[18:39.01] <~bynw> you are still connected as derynifank
[18:39.05] <Evie> That's because you are still here as derynifank
[18:39.21] <~bynw> if you have a registered nick you could ghost it
[18:39.25] <Hamish> So what do i do to use that/
[18:39.27] <Bee> another ssplit personaality
[18:39.31] <jerusha> Do you log out from this, or just go inactive?
[18:39.41] <Hamish> Yup, that's me
[18:39.51] <Evie> Bynw, is it possible to kick the ghost so she can change her nick back?
[18:40.03] <Hamish> the split personality
[18:40.13] <~bynw> jerusha: the IRCCloud will go inactive and disconnect unless you have an actual account with them.
[18:40.33] <jerusha> Kicking ghosts this close to Halloween?  Maybe not the best idea. :)
[18:40.38] <Evie> LOL!
[18:40.42] <~bynw> but Hamish aka derynifank was using kiwi or mibbit and the connection dropped for her
[18:40.47] <Hamish> I do have an account with thme, just can't seem to get it to work
[18:40.48] <Evie> They tend to be rather ephemeral anyway, jemler
[18:41.08] <Evie> jerusha, I mean
[18:41.18] <Evie> Sorry, you look so much alike. LOL!
[18:41.52] * derynifank was kicked by Evie(  - Reason (Evie)
[18:41.53] <~bynw> cant kick a ghost as it will still be on the server just not in the chat. it has to be dropped from the server. which is why having a registered nick is good because you can do that easily otherwise a server operator will have to kill the  dead connection
[18:42.01] <Hamish> Ouch
[18:42.10] <Evie> Oops,now you tell me. :-D
[18:42.50] <~bynw> Hamish: i killed it
[18:42.55] <~bynw> you can change nicks now
[18:43.05] <~bynw> just /nick derynifank or whatever you want to be
[18:43.24] <Evie> making sure the "/nick" part is at the beginning of the line
[18:43.39] <jerusha> Should we still register our names on this client?
[18:43.45] <~bynw> KK, maybe its the driver for the wireless dongle that isnt working and might need to be reinstalled
[18:44.06] * Hamish is now known as derynfank
[18:44.19] <~bynw> jerusha: it doesnt matter which client you use
[18:44.35] <jerusha> I'll have to look up your directions again
[18:45.24] <jerusha> And print them out
[18:45.47] <KK> How do I do that? I just plugged it in and it worked--sort of.  Don't remember what I did for the original one.  It's been years.
[18:46.00] <~bynw> ok just holler if you need help with it jerusha
[18:46.09] <jerusha> Thanks, Bynw
[18:46.37] <~bynw> KK, i have to think Windows here so bare with me ...
[18:47.01] <KK> Standing by.
[18:47.11] <Evie> Red Five, standing by
[18:47.26] <jerusha> Perhaps you need to sacrifice an old floppy disk first, KK
[18:47.27] <Bee> but not bare, please.
[18:47.37] <jemler> Star Wars reference!
[18:47.44] <Evie> Yeah, just bear with him. If you bare with him, Scott might object!
[18:47.53] <+Laurna>  Red six back online
[18:49.01] <Evie> Rogue One, ready for takeoff
[18:49.13] <+Laurna> I thought we would get some of those new people here today. I think DR told a lot anew poeple to come to chat.
[18:49.50] <~bynw> you might have to go hunting for it ... you could try start, control panel, (if there is a search function there it will help) but find the device manager ... then in it you would have to locate the logitech drivers for the keyboard/mouse. then right click and properties ... one of the tabs shoulud have either the option to update the driver or reinstall the drivers. since i dont run windows myself this is just from memory
[18:49.59] <Bee> Sssspeaking of DR, anyone know if the hurricane got her?
[18:50.08] <Evie> It sometimes is hard at first to remember when to come to chat until it becomes a habit to plan one's schedule around it.
[18:50.17] <~bynw> no it didnt Bee, she wasnt feeling well and left early
[18:50.33] <jerusha> Darn, I was hoping she was feeling better
[18:50.36] <+Laurna> She said it didn't get too bad at her place   she signed out about an hour ago
[18:50.54] <Evie> It went west of her and east of me
[18:50.56] <+Laurna> no tornados
[18:51.07] <jerusha> That is always good
[18:51.10] <~bynw> KK, and if that doesnt work. you might have to get the model number and go to logitechs website and look for the driver there and download it and install it that way.
[18:51.12] <Evie> Although she probably got a lot more rain and wind from it than we did here
[18:51.28] <derynfank> Sorry she is still not feeling well
[18:52.13] <KK> I can try that later, Bynw.  Thanks.
[18:52.30] <~bynw> your welcome :)
[18:52.32] * Bee sends healing woodgies to DesertRose.
[18:52.46] <Evie> The movers who loaded my parents' furniture into their Pod did a good job of wrapping it in plastic, so it came through the light rain and drizzle without any dampness getting inside the protective plastic.
[18:52.58] <jerusha> That's good
[18:53.05] * judyw ( Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[18:53.05] <derynfank> That's great!
[18:53.16] <Evie> I had wondered about how we were going to move mattresses in during a rain
[18:53.31] <+Laurna> Not without covering
[18:53.36] <Evie> Or wooden furniture, but I was more worried about the mattresses
[18:54.07] <jerusha> damp mattress = not good
[18:54.27] <Evie> especially since they have a brand new memory foam mattress
[18:54.52] <KK> Sounds like it went well, then.  When we moved to Ireland, our furniture arrived just ahead of a hurricane that came through that night.  It was a little tense, but all turned out well.
[18:55.03] <+Laurna> My mom ended up have all her stuff moved into storage, then she moved in with me for two days.  the house she was trying to buy had some techneical delays.  It might be a month before she gets it.
[18:55.07] <derynfank> Would hate to mess that up
[18:55.08] <Bee> Yes.  You don't want the mattress remembering the wrong thing.
[18:55.19] <Evie> LOL
[18:55.25] <+Laurna> lol
[18:55.37] <+Laurna> Hurricane in Ireland  wowo
[18:55.42] <~bynw> my son moved to Omaha last weekend after finally getting a job after college ... he moved Saturday, weather was great. And last sunday was wet and rainy
[18:56.08] <derynfank> So true. It might forget you and kick you out
[18:56.39] <Evie> I have a very attentive kitty on my left shoulder. He must think he's a firelizard.
[18:56.52] <KK> We got the big rain mostly Thrusday, but no wind to speak of.  Other parts of Virginia did not fare as well.
[18:57.01] <+Laurna> I always wanted a firelizard
[18:57.08] <jerusha> No flooding for you, KK?
[18:57.13] <~bynw> and of course today i'm getting snow mixed with rain
[18:57.20] <Evie> I did too, but I'm reconsidering now that I see how heavy Luke is on my shoulder. :-D
[18:57.28] <+Laurna> lol
[18:57.32] <Evie> Snow? Ack!
[18:57.40] <jerusha> Yes, but a firelizard!
[18:57.47] <+Laurna> firelizards have to fly so they would be lighter weight
[18:57.51] <derynfank> Not snow already!
[18:58.06] <jerusha> Hope it's just flurries, Bynw
[18:58.14] <KK> Well, this is too fiddly, having to retype half my comments.  Hopefully I'll have it resolved by next week.
[18:58.21] <~bynw> i dont think there will be any accumulation
[18:58.29] <jerusha> This is good
[18:58.41] <Evie> I have a friend who bought a firelizard with wings made from recycled umbrella spokes (the sort that fold up in the middle), so if you pulled some nylon cords, it would open and close its wings and flap them.
[18:58.49] <~bynw> but its way too early for snow
[18:58.54] <derynfank> Cool
[18:58.58] <Evie> He wore it on his shoulder into a restaurant, and our server asked him if it was alive. LOL!
[18:59.01] <jerusha> One would hope
[18:59.30] <+Laurna> KK, I hope you get it working well.
[18:59.38] <Evie> This after him telling her that it was "a firelizard, which is sort of like a miniature dragon," which you think might have been a clue that it wasn't
[18:59.53] <~bynw> yes this firelizard is alive
[19:00.09] <KK> Nighters, all.
[19:00.15] <Evie> Bye, KK!
[19:00.15] <jerusha> Nighters, KK
[19:00.16] <~bynw> night KK
[19:00.17] <+Laurna> I had friend who had one that moved, ti was cool
[19:00.18] <Bee> Is a firelizard the same as aa firedrake?
[19:00.20] <+Laurna> Good night KK
[19:00.23] <derynfank> Night KK
[19:00.31] * Bee ( Quit (Quit: +, - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:00.34] <~bynw> thanks for coming, and see you next week
[19:00.39] <Evie> "Yes, my miniature shoulder dragon is a living creature. I got him in Madagascar."  :-D
[19:00.44] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[19:00.49] <+Laurna> LOL
[19:00.52] * The_Bee ( has joined channel #deryni_destinations
[19:00.57] <KK> Nighters.
[19:01.12] <Evie> I can barely see the screen thanks to Gigi joining Luke now
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MerchantDeryni's FanFic / Re: Pepper and Lace: Chapter 7
« Last post by Jerusha on October 14, 2018, 03:43:57 pm »
I am still thoroughly enjoying this story!
Fan Projects / Re: Deryni Word Search
« Last post by Jerusha on October 14, 2018, 03:30:02 pm »
Woo hoo!  Thank you, Bynw!
MerchantDeryni's FanFic / Pepper and Lace: Chapter 7
« Last post by MerchantDeryni on October 14, 2018, 02:04:23 pm »
Chapter 7

“My dear daughter. Why would you want to work on the network? Dhyrucc did it to bring money into the family. As Miss Abranel has just explained we are wealthy now. Out future is assured.”

   “Is it? Is it really? We can pay off the creditors, we can restore the house, buy more paintings and furniture, more land perhaps. Are we really safe? We are still nervous about who we are, our bloodline. Our servants and tenants are happy and loyal enough, but it will take one drunken night muttering in the pub to have a mob at the door. Deryni are barely tolerated, and any reason is reason enough to attack, kill, steal from. We are an act away from being stripped of our land. It happened with the Ramos convention.”
Alicia turned to Dhyrucc. “You stayed at home all the time you were working on the network. Just carrying for money, not seeing the world, not straying away from the home. You wanted to be close in case something happened, correct?”

Dhyrucc shifted uncomfortably in his chair. That had been part of the reason. Learning to move more material through the portals had shown him he could help rescue his family if it was needed. Alicia continued.
“So we are rich now. So what? What are you going to do now? Your duty is done, the family has money. Will you stop? Or does the idea of being able to see the world have an appeal?
   And what about me? I am 17 years old. My future is marriage and children. Mother never stops about it. Everything is focused on me finding a suitable husband. With the decline in our fortunes the standards for a husband lowered. Even mother accepted that. I started getting lessons in taking care of clothes myself. In case I was forced to marry at the level of my ever declining station. It was a possibility.
   Now we are rich, richer than we have ever been. So the list of suitable husbands is now from a different list. Father can now pay a dowry to have a landed man marry me. Or perhaps we pull an old trick from the past and find a Deryni family with a need for a new name. It's been done before. Why not again? But any path for me leads to marriage and children.
   But now I have read about Deryni heritage and gifts. Now I see a woman who has walked the streets of far Byzantyum, has seen the God-Emperor and the Forbidden City of Wa. Travelled the lands of the Great Khan. Places that are almost legend here. She said no to her traditions and future and has carved one out for herself. She has been able to do that because she has an ability to use magic, an ability that nobody can take away from her. I want that freedom in my life Father.”

   Victoria stirred in her chair. “Careful what you wish for dear heart. All gifts have a cost, some higher than others. My freedom comes at great cost. I am shunned by many in my family. They think I should be a wife and mother. I bring shame to the family.”

“But you've made them wealthy surely! Like what you did for us?” cried Alicia.

“Indeed. I have earned a fortune. I bring them shame, and gold. They accept the gold, but do not accept me.”

“The network does, or those who run it. You are allowed to use it, even as a woman.” argued Alicia.

“This is true. I make them money as well. Adepts can be of either gender. One of the strongest portal users in the beginning was a woman. She made a lot of money smuggling salt. Moved tons of it over the years. But there are some on the network who will not work with me, will not accept instruction from me because I am a woman and should not teach nor have authority over a man as in First Timothy, or simply because I am a Jew. Either reason is reason enough for some people.
The network just wants money and faith and gender play no part. Cargo moved is cargo paid. No distinctions.”

Alicia turned to her father. “Father I do not want to married right now. I know there have been offers. I know you and Mother have argued. You put the suitors off. I want my own future. I want my own path.”

“My dear daughter. I have always longed for a safe and happy path in life for you. Portals are not entirely safe you know. There are risks.”

“To use portals recklessly and untrained I accept that caution. Dhyrucc makes 4 transfers a day I understand it. Here to Longwyn, Longwyn to somewhere else, then back to Longwyn and then home. Hundreds of jumps in the last few months. He is still here. He uses his training, his discipline to use the portals safely and earn money. I know I can do the same.”

“It takes discipline, if you jump tired you take risks.” offered Dhyrucc.

“I know that, I've read the same books you have. Victoria would teach me. Why should I not have the same opportunity and the same options you have had? Is it because I am a woman?”

“Well we don't really need the money anymore now. We are rich.” Dhyrucc gestured to the bag on the corner of the desk.

Victoria interrupted. “Does this mean you will no longer be carrying goods for the network? For Longwyn? Are you ending your relationship with the Merchant House?”

Dhyrucc paused, “Well, that is to say,.... I mean...”

“We lose many that way.” Victoria continued, speaking to all of them. “ They make enough money to see to their needs, their future and they just stop. They arrange a safe place to live perhaps, a cover business to have an appearance of income. Then they do nothing the rest of their days. Well, nothing out of the ordinary. They live long happy lives, and are happy for it. They just do not do anything of import. Is that what you want Dhyrucc?” She looked steadily at Dhyrucc and he flushed and looked away.

“In truth I am floundering. I did not realize that the return on my labours would be so rapid. The merchant venture we invested in that broke us took almost two years before we received work it had been lost.” Dhyrucc stammered.

“Ah, well, the network does change how fast these things can be done. A single jump is a week's ride. It is why the contracts were backdated. We cheat time as well as geography with portals. The boat manifest and journal of travels is a fiction from start to finish. It was loaded on a small island and sailed a week upriver to Rhemuth. And thus your fortune was made. But the question remains, what will you do now?”

“Well I must admit now that my family is taken care of, I would like to travel on the network and see more of the wonders of the world. I had thought I would be working for a year before we were saved. Is it possible to establish a relationship with the network with a broadened range of activities on my part?”

“Indeed it is.” said Victoria.

“I still want to create a relationship with Longwyn House, and the network, and your bank if I can make money from my abilities.” said Alicia.. “I have not given up on that goal, nor will I.” She turned to her father. “Please Father, I do not wish to be married off to a fortune hunter of some country boy. I want to exlore my gifts, my potential, and the world.”

“My dear daughter,” Daniel said, pride shining in his eyes. “I have always feared what path circumstance and fate might force you down. In truth the risky venture I backed that shattered us was taken, in part, to provide the funds and fortune needed so that you might never be forced into anything not of your choosing. To see you choose your own path, and your own heritage fills me with so much pride as well as fear for the risks you could be exposed to. I am so proud of you, but fear for your safety.”

“Thank you Father.” Alicia turned to Victoria again. “Victoria, I wish to ask you for training, and an introduction to the Longwyn House or any other network House that might wish to employ me. Or can I simply pay a fee and use the network for myself and sell cargo to the Houses I pass through?”

“I am sure Terrel would be very interested in entering into a business arrangement with you, of whatever type you desire. I will  train you myself and assure him of your skills. I will speak with Terrel tomorrow if he is available.”

“Why do I feel that my family's direction is about to take a turn for the interesting?” remarked Daniel. “and I fear I shall never hear the end of it.” He looked at both his children with a significant glance. They both froze and said in unison.

“Just so. She is glad of the money coming in and the restoration of the family fortune. The less socially acceptable aspects of the arrangements are a never ending cause for long discourses and soliloquies with myself as the sole audience. Once she learns her daughter is delaying an opportunity for decoration, celebration and social advancement, I fear for my nerves. Dhyrucc, please be a good son and remember to bring a bottle, no, two, of the good cognac. I will need fortifying.”

   They all laughed and Victoria reached again into the satchel next to her chair. She brought out a bottle of wine. “I did bring this to celebrate your good fortune and the conclusion of the contract.” She presented the bottle to Daniel. He looked at the label and smiled warmly.

“You honour our table with such a bottle. Surely it is too fine for the children. I will serve them a local vintage so that you and I can have more of this to appreciate. They lack the palate to fully appreciate such a fine wine.” His children voiced their protests and he waved them away. “Let us go to dinner and I will let Mother know of our good fortune. The future will take care of itself.”
Fan Projects / Re: Deryni Word Search
« Last post by Bynw on October 14, 2018, 11:38:28 am »
Here is the Ghosts of the Pasts word search.
Alkari's FanFic / Re: Forgiveness - Chapter 7
« Last post by Kareina on October 14, 2018, 06:27:02 am »
Oh, I am glad you commented on this story, I wouldn't have noticed it otherwise. I really enjoyed it, but would have dearly loved to have seen it continue all the way to her wedding with Barrett, I would love to see at what point they admit to one another that the attachment is more than just pupil to student, and how the details and implications for the court are arranged...
The Childe Morgan / Re: Women holding titles in their own right.
« Last post by drakensis on October 14, 2018, 03:25:28 am »
It is historically accurate to the history of Europe, alas.

It's good to see that fanfiction in later eras opens up more equal succession.
The Childe Morgan / Re: Women holding titles in their own right.
« Last post by Laurna on October 14, 2018, 01:11:50 am »
Bravo, LaDuc! Bravo for you're standing up to equal rights. I am glad our modern world has men who respect women's rights as strongly as their own rights. As an independent woman, I say thank you.
Imagine a medieval world where men and women are equal. That would be a good change. I think KK gives us strong women with out making them warriors types,  and she does show us women in their rolls as protectors and guardians of their families and their homes. Many ruling their castles and lands in their husband's absence.  Yet, even our beloved Alyce never ruled Corwyn. She was well educated and intelligent, Had she lived to an older age, she and her husband would have taken the reins of Corwyn and become it's regent for her son, just as they were starting to do for Lendour. But unfortunately that was not to be.
The Childe Morgan / Re: Women holding titles in their own right.
« Last post by Bynw on October 13, 2018, 11:55:02 pm »

This is still a practice in our own world as well. There are titles that cannot be held by women to this day. Across Europe where titles are still recognized and across Asia as well.
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