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Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Jerusha on Today at 07:01:57 pm »
revanne, that was wonderful!  I was worried that Aliset would be left in the dark about Columcil.  Darcy would not want to hide the secret, but would not be comfortable in telling what was not his to tell.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Jerusha on Today at 06:55:11 pm »
The plot curdles...
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Bynw on Today at 06:21:17 pm »
Have to get to Washburn's evening and the King's plan to get Feyd's Ward cubes to the 3 clandestine riders before we find out what happened to Feyd himself :)
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by revanne on Today at 04:44:14 pm »
After the day he had had, and then the tussle with Shadow, a man surely deserved that what little sleep he could get should be undisturbed? That at least was Columcil's grumpy thought as he woke in the early morning light. He could not immediately remember what had woken him, but then he realised that his sleep had been disturbed by insistent dreams of his grandfather. Oh merciful heavens! He supposed that he would have been expected to contact him to report back on Darcy's reaction to Aliset's deception. God above! Did the man never sleep. Somewhat sheepishly, Columcil reminded himself that it was not unreasonable to suppose that the Archbishop of Rhemuth would be punctilious about his early morning devotions and neither was it unreasonable to suppose that he might expect the same of one of his priests.

His reasoning did not, however, make him feel any more good natured with himself or the world and it was with an ill grace that he reached into the neck of his cassock for the shiral crystal which lay against his chest, and sitting up focused his eyes as best he could on it, muttering the words which would enable him to enter into rapport with the Archbishop ((5+5+4 = 14 68006d4cpw)).

And a good morning to you.

If ye say, so yer Grace.

Is all not well?

Aye, if ye dinna count bein' kept awake half th' neet by that bloody randy stallion we're tekin wi' us whae doesn'a ken why he's no gettin' his share o' the action!

With utter horror Columcil woke up properly just too late to realise the thoughts he had just shared and with whom. Had the Archbishop been present in the flesh he would have fallen on his knees, even prostrated himself, the better to hide from the look of shocked disapproval that must surely being directed at him. As it was, all he could do was to mentally send a gabbled apology. He was relieved, if somewhat disconcerted, to sense nothing but laughter in return. And indeed Duncan, sitting in his study, was laughing so much that it was as well that, this early, none of his chaplains were yet present. Finally he got enough of a grip on himself to Send,

It's as well you have your father's way with beasts.  Though I've no doubt you're not finding it funny, especially since I then woke you at the crack of dawn. Forgive me for finding it so, there has been little to laugh at of late.

There was gentle sympathy in Duncan's tone, but his next question was sharper, though no means accusatory.

Am I to take it, then, that things have moved rapidly beyond a betrothal?

Being careful this time to censor his thoughts, or he would have replied, If I'd no wed them I'm no sure which o' them I'd 'a' bin buryin', Columcil replied,

Aye, ma lord, gi'en as they were both willin', and seein' as we dinna ken whae's ta happen ta ony o' us. I hope that I've no done wrong and tha' his Majesty will no' be angered wi' Darcy,

This time it was Duncan's turn to guard his thoughts, given that Kelson's decision to grant Darcy's request for her hand had been accompanied by a snort and the words, "I'm only grateful that it will be Javan who will have to deal with any children those two will produce."

They need have no fear of that, his Majesty will simply be grateful that Lady Aliset is being taken care of.

There was a short silence in which the words, "And no longer his responsibility," hung between them before Duncan continued.

Is there any thing else, or shall I leave you to continue your much interrupted sleep? I'll absolve you from saying any of the offices until Sext.

Best get it over with. Maybe one day he could converse with his grandfather without having to beg pardon.

There is one other thing, your Grace.

What have you done?

Duncan's mental tone was caught between amusement and exasperation. Columcil was downright alarmed at the thought that his Archbishop could Read beyond what he had offered in rapport, and his alarm gave an edge of anger to his thought.

"How did yer Grace ken tha' 'twas aught t' do wi'me when I didn'a say so?"

Now Duncan was simply amused.

Because you only call me, "your Grace", outside of formal occasions, if you are feeling angry or guilty.

Columcil had long respected the man who was both his Archbishop and his grandfather and was coming to love him, but did the man always have to be right?

Aye, well this time I'm askin' yer pardon agen. Darcy was worrit that he was no doin' th' reet thing in weddin' wi' Aliset. No for himself but in case his Majesty would be angered wi' Aliset and he didn'a want tha'. He douted tha' a wee country priest like ma'sen would ken as well as I claimed what the King's mind was in the matter. An' well I'm sorry ta say it but he got ma dander up and I up and tellit him that his Grace o' Cassan is me Da and ye me Grandsire. I'm sorry I lost ma temper wi' him, and I confess t'a lettin ma pride get the better o' me, but t' tell truth I'm no sorry tha' I was honest wi' him. He's a guid friend ta me.

There was a silence which no doubt seemed longer than it actually was, but when Duncan's reply came it sounded resigned rather than angry.

It's a pity you and your father both are not as good at calming your own tempers as you are at soothing fractious beasts, but I think that I and your mother were wrong and it is for you to tell who you chose. But Lady Aliset should be told too, either by you or Darcy, I would not have you be the cause of a secret that cuts between husband and wife. Ego te absolvo.

Columcil crossed himself at the words of absolution as his grandfather continued

I rather think I gave you your penance already by waking you at such an hour. before breaking the contact.

Columcil tucked the shiral slowly back into the neck of his cassock then wrapped himself back in his cloak and lay back down. They could not afford to linger on this journey but he was not about to be the one who woke a newly married couple after their wedding night. Soon he was sleeping again.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Laurna on Today at 04:06:05 pm »
Here is an idea. Adding a second storyline of two - four characters who are part of  loyal nobility who support Liam, his queen, and his young son. They need to discover and survive the Rebellious happenings that is coming from Talon. They could encounter Valerian's middle brother trying the same coup in Tolan as Valerian is in Meara. Only on the Torneth side. I wonder if Drakensis or others might be interested in showing us the Torenthi side of the rebellion. Just a thought for the future.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by revanne on Today at 04:00:20 pm »
That is indeed true, although my mind reels at further complications. Although I think the Pax Kelsona which Bynw says has been mostly peaceful would likely have come under threat earlier if Liam was gone especially if Matyas was no longer around.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Evie on Today at 03:48:32 pm »
You know, we are assuming Liam managed to keep hold of the throne in Torenth.  But what if somewhere along the way, something happened to him and Ronal-Rurik ended up on the throne? Who knows where Ronal's allegiances might lie?  Or even if Liam's son was the next heir, there would have been a long delay between Liam coming into his kingdom and his marriage to Princess Eirian once she grew old enough to marry. If Liam later fell prey to some political plot against him, that might have put a minor on the throne, and Liam's Gwyneddan Queen would be in a very precarious position as his (presumed) regent. If Matyas is still around, he would presumably remain true to Liam's policies as another royal advisor, but would Liam have managed to weed out all of the more corrupt influences in his court during his reign? Who knows?

Of course, this is all sheer speculation. As far as we know, Liam is still healthy and hale, and seriously hacked off at Teymuraz' brood of vipers. I honestly can't recall if we have said anything previously in the game about who is currently on Torenth's throne, just that Iskander ho Phourstanos would like that someone to be himself instead of the actual Furstan incumbent.  ;D
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by revanne on Today at 03:29:20 pm »
I think that Kelson and Liam are in very similar positions with potential threats to the stability of their kingdoms and I am sure that very close contact is being kept between the two of them. Kelson will not want to appear in any way to be blaming Liam's regime - he cannot afford a war on two fronts, quite apart from his own personal friendship with Liam. I imagine Liam would be very happy if the Tolan fleet never returns, what will worry him more is who is raising troops in Tolan, and have they all departed for Laas or is he about to face an armed rising in Tolan?
MerchantDeryni's FanFic / Re: Not quite fanfic
« Last post by DesertRose on Today at 02:59:22 pm »
If you know about what you are scanning for. Know what it is and what it looks like magically, Than  yes, a Deryni can scan himself or his partner for vermin and then find magical ways of  de-lousing or de-fleeing oneself. If you don't know, you won't think about it.   So the first few merchants coming from Norway might pick up a few flees and take them home. Causing small pockets of outbreak of disease. Once the vector is figured out, which could take some time, then yes the Deryni would rid themselves of such things before and after each portal jump.  Just a little more expended energy, which might slow them down in their jump times, but in the long run, it would keep them and their families healthy.

Now there's a modern application of Deryni magic that would be useful to parents of school-aged children and school administrations!  A Deryni Healer for a school's nurse, who, upon discovering lice on a student, just magically delouses the student and the whole school.  No more nit combing and godawful lice shampoo!  :D
MerchantDeryni's FanFic / Re: Not quite fanfic
« Last post by Evie on Today at 02:46:46 pm »
There is a rudimentary world map (or at least their equivalent of the Old World) in the back pages of the Codex Derynianus.  But by rudimentary, I mean the countries further out from the Eleven Kingdoms are so roughly penciled into their locations as to merely suggest where they might be in relation to each other, with little to no attempt made at creating geographically believable borders. It's enough of a map to give you some idea of what other lands might exist out there well beyond the canonical Kingdoms, though.
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