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Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by DerynifanK on Today at 01:48:54 pm »
Found it. I was looking at INC first  and saw the picture when I went back to GotP. Reminds me of William Bkake's poem about England  "that green and pleasant land" Just substitute  Gwynedd  for England
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Evie on Today at 12:26:46 pm »
Where is the picture ? I can't find it

The picture was in the Ghosts of the Past thread.  Laurna had posted a photo along with her latest scene.  The question had come up (here in the Out of Character thread) about how one goes about posting a photo in one's post, so I was explaining how that works.  I did not link to an actual photo link in the example I posted, since if I'd done so, all readers would see was the photo and not the explanation for how it works.

Or are you saying you are unable to see the photo of Gwynedd's grasslands in Laurna's last game scene?  If that's the case, that's a new problem entirely and one we need to look into.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by DerynifanK on Today at 12:24:11 pm »
Where is the picture ? I can't find it
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by revanne on Today at 12:03:15 pm »
His Majesty the King ran his hands through his hair until it stood up on end. Dhugal and he had been friends for over half a century and sometimes his blood-brother was as exasperating now as he had been as a hot-headed young man.

"Dhugal, do you really need me to spell out for you the difference between a topic for discussion and an order!" But the expression in those grey Haldane eyes was less anger than frustration."

"Jesus Christ, man! - Sorry Duncan- Think, will you! I need you to return to Ballymar. I agree the rebels, whoever they are, are most likely to attack Ratharkin while Rory is absent, but sooner or later Laas will be in their sights. And short of a full scale invasion of Meara the best way of getting reinforcements to Laas is by sea from Ballymar."

Kelson looked at his glowering blood brother. "So I am not asking you, as you put it "to skulk like an old man by the sea while others have a share in the action" but ordering you to return home and ready that northern fleet that you and Richard Kirby have worked so hard to assemble."

Dhugal put down the goblet which he had been clutching tightly for fear he might succumb to the temptation to throw it at the King and, reaching over the small table which separated them, brushed his lips across the back of Kelson's hand.

"I'm sorry, Kelson and, to give you the answer I should have given ten minutes ago: as you command, Sire. I suppose I didn't expect to have to face this again. The fleet Richard and I have built has really been for trade with the Northlands. As you should know, my lord king, given how much more you've been extracting from my duchy in taxes." The red flush of anger and then embarassment faded from his face and his voice took on his normal teasing tone. Then more seriously he turned to look at borh his father and his king.

"How did we get here again though. Do you have any more idea of who is behind this.?"

Both men shook their heads and looked as worried as Dhugal felt.

Finally the king spoke. "There must be something that I am missing -some focal point but whoever is behind this has been far too clever. One thing though," and he paused as though thinking aloud. "Whatever the Mearan rebels may claim to think of Deryni, there is a Deryni behind this somewhere."

Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Evie on Today at 10:10:20 am »
((09:24   Valerian   !roll 3d6
09:24   derynibot   3, 3, 2 == 8
09:24   Valerian   !roll 3d6
09:24   derynibot   1, 2, 4 == 7

09:25   Aliset   !roll 2d6
09:25   derynibot   3, 1 == 4
09:25   Aliset   !roll 2d6
09:25   derynibot   1, 6 == 7))

Valerian watched from a distance, scrying for the Morgan stripling and the runaway de Mariot chit.  As the image of the travelers resolved into crystal clarity before him, he bit back a curse.  There, stretched out before them, was the wide-open vista of the beginning of the Gwynedd lowlands.  His minions had failed him, and he was beginning to run out of options.  He could not afford to stretch out his resources too thinly, after all; he needed to hold some reserves back for the taking of Ratharkin and eventually Laas.

But he was far from powerless to stop them, even at this remove.  He had a contingency plan. 

The table before him on which his scrying crystal sat also held an open map and a bowl of water.  Murmuring the words of an incantation, he began to sprinkle water upon the map, focusing his working over the stretch of terrain where the travelers rode, even now beginning their descent into Gwynedd.  As he sprinkled the parchment, he began to blow, his hot, heavy breath sweeping over the increasingly wet display before him.


Aliset surveyed the lowlands before her with a worried frown. Something felt...wrong somehow, but she could not say exactly what or why.  Those storm clouds in the distance were vaguely disquieting, though.  Summer showers were hardly a rare thing in Gwynedd or Meara, but what had started off as fluffy white clouds gathering like sheep overhead had begun to turn gray and ominous.  Could a storm be brewing?  She tried to cast out with her senses, wondering if perhaps they ought to find shelter, though she was loath to stop before their party reached the relative safety of Arx Fidei, or at least met up with the Duke of Corwyn's reinforcements.  However, distracted as she was by her growing sense of urgency to reach safety as soon as possible, she failed to detect anything unnatural about the gathering storm.


Valerian frowned as he continued his weather working.  While the clouds looming above the escaping party grew darker and more ominous, large drops of rain beginning to fall upon them now and the grass bending under the winds he was creating, he had intended to wreak far more havoc upon them than that!  Slowly, never taking his eyes off the scene in the crystal before him, he stabbed one finger on the map above the unwary travelers, circling it above their heads, at first slowly but then with increasing fervor, attempting to create a vortex, a whirlwind to destroy all along its path.  But it was of no use.  With no one else at hand whose energies he might draw upon, the clouds in his view swirled uselessly above the escaping travelers, creating gusts and rain but little else.  All he had accomplished was a steadily more ruined map.  With a cry of fury, he hurled it across the room.


With a cry of horror, Aliset saw the swirling clouds and suddenly realized this was no ordinary storm. 

"Sir Washburn!" she called out, pointing to the vortex attempting to coalesce above them.  "We must seek shelter, now!"

The knight, casting his gaze skyward, noted her cause for alarm. Searching the landscape below them frantically for someplace their party could escape to, the only shelter that seemed adequate was a stone-walled barn on a farm in the near distance.  Signalling to Lord Jaxom and Darcy, he indicated that they should all ride for cover to wait out the storm, hopeful that they might arrive in time to set up wards for additional protection, yet just as suddenly as the storm had arisen, it dispersed, leaving behind a cloudless, sunny sky.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Evie on Today at 09:22:07 am »
Laurna that is a beautiful picture -typical of British uplands. How did you include it in your post?

You can link to nearly any photo found online using the icon above that looks like a framed picture.  (On my screen, it's the one under the B icon.)  The coding for it will look like this, except with regular BBCode square brackets where I'm using pointed ones.


You can either copy/paste the link to the online photo here and then highlight it and click the picture icon above, or you can click the picture icon and then copy/paste the link between the two bracket sets.  Just make sure you get it between the two bracketed codes, not inside them:

<img>Like this</img>

<img Not Like this></img>

<img><Not like this either /img>

Also, make sure it is the photo itself you are linking to rather than just the webpage it is on.  The URL should end with .jpg, .gif, or some other ending that indicates it is a photo file.  One way you can be sure you are linking just to the image and not the page it is on is to right click on the photo and select "View Image" from the menu that appears.  (It might say something slightly different in your browser; I am using Firefox right now.) Then when that photo appears on a page by itself, you can copy the URL in the webpage address and paste it into your post.  Depending on where you found your image, it might be set up to prevent it from being copy/pasted, in which case you might just need to find some other image or upload your own.

There is a way that you can upload your own photo as an attachment also, but the problem I've found with that method is that some people can see it and some people can't.  (I can always see attachments on another forum I'm on, but there have been times when I could tell there was an attachment to a post here but I couldn't see it.)  To use that feature, click on "Attachments and other options" below the edit window, and where it says "Attach:" you click on "Browse" and find the photo file on your computer to attach to your post.  A thumbnail is supposed to appear in the post (once it's posted) that others can click on to view the full sized photo, but as I said, this hasn't always worked for me in the past.  However, if you want to link to a photo that is on your personal hard drive rather than online, and you don't want to have to upload it to Flickr first or some other photo hosting website, then that's the way to go about doing that.

When posting a photo from Flickr (at least if it's your own, since I'm not certain if Flickr will let you post other members' photos), there is a special process for doing that, which I would be glad to share if anyone here wants to do so and needs a tutorial, since Flickr doesn't make it as simple as just copy/pasting the image link.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Jerusha on Today at 06:00:26 am »
I love the picture, Laurna.  Nice way to set the scene for the road ahead.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by revanne on Today at 04:57:02 am »
Laurna that is a beautiful picture -typical of British uplands. How did you include it in your post?
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Laurna on Today at 04:31:08 am »
The riders turned off the main road onto the rutted county path.  They waded through two small streams and past a thick glen of trees which cleared suddenly to drop into a valley between two mountains; opening to an inspiring view of  Gwynedd’s grasslands.

As far as the eye could see, rolling green covered every inch of land. Tiny farmsteads dotted the countryside. Not a castle could be seen. This was the hidden heart of Gwynedd. This land belonged to the hard working common folk, who eked out a fair living by raising sheep and cows, and tilling small patches of land to grow their food.

Washburn had been tense through the denser tree cover as the narrow road ran through it. His senses were heightened as he look for any signs of the third man who had orchestrated the last attempt to capture him.

(( 1d6  success on 4, 5 or 6, rolled 3 Verification Number: gj2w728l5m))

He sensed no one, yet he didn’t trust his own powers at the moment to not have miss what might be hidden. Therefore, he kept a wary eye on their surroundings. Behind him, he noted that Lady Aliset was doing the same.  When they breasted the hillock and looked down over the valley, a small sense of relief swept through the party. Below was open country. A follower would have to keep a greater distance to not be detected by one of their group. Wash took a moment to slow Shadow and move back level to the two behind him.

“Master Darcy. You are probably thinking the same as I. I want it to be understood that if you are questioned about it later, what I say to you are my orders and if it comes to pass, you are doing as I requested.” Darcy’s lips pressed together, certain he was not going to like what he heard. “I believe there is safety in numbers, and I believe we need to stay together. However, there may be circumstances ahead where that may be an impossibility. Your priority is not to me. It is to Lord Alister.” Darcy was nodding with understanding, even while Alister/Aliset was preparing to argue the point against it. “Listen to me, Lord Alister. You and Darcy must escape whatever trap is laid before us. You must make it to the king.  Darcy will be certain that he gets you there. I have no doubt the man is a capable protector. If at all possible, take Columcil with you. He is a good man with more talent than one would expect from a borderland priest.  Lord Jaxom and I will fend off the best we can to be sure you get away.”

Even Darcy wanted to protest, even though he knew in his heart this was how it had to be. “I will be condemned for leaving you behind.”

“That is why I am enforcing that these orders come directly from me. I am not without my own defenses. I can handle myself. And it isn’t my intention to fall into the enemy's hands. Trust me! If I know the lady is safe, it will be far easier for me to do what needs to be done. Do we understand one another.”

“Aye, my lord, we do.”

“Lord Alister?”

She was none to happy, never-the-less she complied. “Aye.”

“Thank you,” Washburn said. “What I am counting on, is that we will meet the Duke of Corwyn at the base of this valley, before the end of this day.” Better assured Wash spurred Shadow to move back in line ahead.

Wash cast out his senses again. (( 1d6 success on 4,5,or 6  rolled 4 Verification Number: 7drh5lgr23))   This time, as they moved into the open farmland, he was more assured that if they were being watched, it was from a greater distance. One that could not do immediate harm.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by revanne on February 22, 2018, 11:35:09 pm »
By the middle of next week it is forecast to be 32F daytime and 21 nighttime with snow showers. What happened to Spring?
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