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Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Jerusha on Today at 12:22:44 pm »
“Lord Jaxom,” Darcy yelled.  “Stop the man! Take him down!”

Lord Jaxom Trillick gave Darcy a startled look, not comprehending why Lord Alister’s man-at-arms had his sword drawn and was chasing after another man in the courtyard. “Sweet Jesu,” Jaxom muttered when he realized the priest was standing with a dagger to face the man, who was quickly closing the distance between them.  Lord Jaxom drew his own sword and moved forward.

Darcy saw Lord Jaxom finally react, but he feared it would be too late.  The man he was chasing stooped down and grabbed a dagger tucked into his boot.  It caused him to slow his pace, but would it be enough?

As the man raised the dagger to throw it at Father Columcil, Darcy put all his energy into a burst of speed.

Will Darcy catch Rayne in time to stop the throw
Jerusha   !roll 2d6
12:08   derynibot   5, 6 == 11

Darcy slashed the man’s side with his sword, cutting through the man’s tunic and into flesh and bone.  The man stumbled, and Darcy grabbed for his arm.

Will Darcy disarm him
12:09   Jerusha   !roll 2d6
12:09   derynibot   1, 2 == 3

Darcy grabbed the man’s arm and twisted, but Rayne did not release the knife.  Instead he twisted his own body, trying to trip the smaller man and send him to the ground.

Will Rayne trip Darcy
Jerusha   !roll 2d6
12:32   derynibot   2, 2 == 4

Darcy moved in closer to restrict the man’s movement, deliberately digging his elbow into Rayne’s injured side.  Lord Jaxom, reaching them at last, forced the dagger from Rayne’s grip.  Darcy twisted Rayne’s arm behind his back and forced him to his knees.

Darcy’s chest was heaving from the exertion.  He wanted to ask Lord Jaxom why it had taken him so bloody long to do something.  Instead, in between gasps, he said, “Lord Jaxom, much obliged; well done.”
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Laurna on Today at 12:19:24 pm »
I rolled for Rayne before I finished writing his part, so I knew he had missed when I went to work. So I wasn't worried myself over that. Sorry if I prolonged everyone else finding out. I had thought Wash could focus telekinesis the arrow away anyway, I rolled a 4 and I was thinking he had succeeded. only  trouble was, as I wrote it, I  figure out that he would have to see the arrow to do telekinesis and he had to turn to see the arrow which would brake his focus, Wash and I both learned something- bad plan to have your back turned to your enemy- and then suddenly the telekinesis roll didn't work.  I was only to glad for the failed roll that the arrow didn't hit any of the animals.  I hope I made it fun to read.
Can not wait to see what happens next.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by revanne on Today at 08:44:43 am »
Phew. Well done Frogzilla and glad those Torenthi dice can be fooled. I was desperately trying to think whether Columcil could touch Kelric’s mind being worried when Washburn failed to appear from the stable.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Laurna on Today at 04:02:46 am »
Sir Washburn may have had his back turned to his adversary, a thing every fighting master warned that one should never do, yet his mind’s eye was deliberately focused on every action the man behind him made.

((00:31 frogzilla (kind of a cool alias, don't you think?) Rolling for Washburn- focused sensitivity 2d6 4,5,6 success
00:32 frogzilla !roll 2d6
00:32 derynibot 3, 4 == 7  success))

The man behind him was most definitely the same man he had been sensing all afternoon as they had followed him down the valley. Wash had not seen the man in the trees, but he knew the man’s life force which was filled with purpose and hate. If only he could subdue the man’s mind from this distance, but the trapper’s hate was strong, almost like a shield. In his sharp focus, the knight felt rather than saw the ranged weapon drawn. Wash sucked in a breath knowing the bolt was already loaded and at close range. He had but a split second to turn. He daren’t duck down as then the horse would become the weapon’s victim. Yet, he had to see the arrow to deflect it with his powers. He turned, breaking his deep focus in the instant that the twange of the crossbow released it’s bolt.

((00:31 frogzilla Rolling for Washburn’s unfocused Telekansis 2d6 success on 5,6 
 00:32 frogzilla !roll 2d6
00:32 derynibot 3, 4 == 7, failure))

That split-second of turning stole his opportunity to Push the bolt away. The projectile was a blur as it flew toward the knight.

((13:47 frogzilla Laurna is rolling for Rayne using his crossbow on Washburn at close range 3d6 success on 5,6.
13:47 frogzilla !roll 3d6
13:47derynibot 4, 2, 4 == 10
13:48 frogzilla Rayne missed Washburn.))

It was only sheer luck that the projectile missed its mark. The mettle point skimmed the black tunic of his shoulder.

((00:34 frogzilla Does the bolt hit an animal? 5,6 hit
00:34 frogzilla !roll 2d6
00:34 derynibot 2, 2 == 4 failed))

The bolt Flew clear over Spean’s shorter back. It skimmed across the hairs on the rump of the black stallion, causing the war horse to jump and squeal like he had been bitten by an animal. With a thud, the arrowhead embedded itself in the partition between the horse stalls.

“Curses!”  The trapper was getting away! Nothing for it until Shadow was calmed, else the great beast would splinter the stall apart in his panic to be free.  Wash dodged around Columcil’s pony, freed the lead rope tying Shadow to the railing.  He yanked the rope down stopping the stallion from a full rearing up. A hoof kicked out, missing Washburn’s chest. The knight yanked the rope again. This time he was able to touch a calming hand to the great black’s nose.

((01:36 frogzilla Washburn's Rapport with Shadow- does the horse calm instantly Advantage roll for the long time established report between rider and horse.
01:36 frogzilla !roll 3d6
01:36 derynibot 5, 4, 2 == 11))

The Lendour knight established the rapport he had long ago trained into his favored mount. Shadow settled with a knicker and a few backward steps and then willingly was led forward to be tied securely, once more.

There was noise in the courtyard. Anxiously , Wash ran after the fleeing trapper. He feared he would be too late to assist in the action sounding off ahead of him.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Jerusha on March 21, 2018, 06:55:33 pm »
Darcy Cameron ran forward and saw the horse and rider bursting forth from the stable.  The man’s hand was raised, and Darcy barely had time to see the moonlight flash off the dagger’s blade.

Roll to see if Rayne’s dagger injures Darcy
19:28   derynibot   4, 1 == 5
19:29   Jerusha   !roll 2d6
The uneven pace of the horse racing forward caused the dagger to go wide.  Darcy heard it singing past his shoulder.  Horse and rider were charging ahead; Darcy had no choice but to dive to the left.

Can Darcy avoid the charging horse?
19:29   Jerusha   !roll 2d6
19:29   derynibot   4, 2 == 6

The horse’s flank caught Darcy on his shoulder, but it was his left shoulder, and Darcy focused and swung his sword across the horse’s flank, aiming for the saddle girth, as he fell to the ground.

Darcy, precise attacker, focused attack; success on 3, 4. 5, 6
19:31   Jerusha   !roll 2d6
19:31   derynibot   1, 4 == 5

His sword struck true.  The saddle girth split, and rider and saddle spilled to the ground.  But the horse was between Darcy and the man.  Darcy rolled and gained his feet quickly, but the man was already up and running.  Darcy sprinted after him, and saw to his alarm that the man was heading straight toward Colmucil and Aliset.  Sweet Jesu, let him get the man before he could reach Aliset!

Father Columcil moved Aliset behind him and raised the dagger in defense. 

The noise in the courtyard had roused the guests within.  Lord Jaxom emerged, looking confused at the scene before him.

“Lord Jaxom,” Darcy yelled.  “Stop the man! Take him down!”
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Laurna on March 21, 2018, 03:55:15 pm »
Master Rayne was furious with himself. Where was that dagnabbit trinket Lord Oswald had given him? The lady was nearly within his grasp. He was certain to capture her tonight. The lady had remained in that poor disguise of her brother, whom Rayne knew full well was long dead these past weeks. She would find a way to sleep in a seperate room from the rest. Lord Buckley’s steward had already assured Rayne that he would give Lord Alister the corner room, the one with the passage into the secret stairs. Together the steward and he would slaughter that man-of-arms of hers and Rayne would be off with his conquest with none being the wiser until morning. Trouble was, without the drug, he would have a harder time with her. Well, he had handled feisty women before. He knew their weak points and he would use everything he knew to accomplish his task.

But then that man-at-arms walked right past him. Rayne cursed himself for being so careless as to think Lord Buckley would let one of his guests out of his sight from the main hall. Buckley was not a too brilliant fellow, even if he was a Mearan loyalist. When the man-at-arms left, he had encountered someone else outside, and then the two of them had walked away. Rayne was certain he had been compromised. He repacked his belongings in his bags fast, then he reached up to the saddle for his crossbow and loaded an arrow into it. He hung the loaded crossbow back on the off-side of his horse.  He tightened his horse's saddle girth back up and readied the horse to make a speedy get away, if need be. The gatekeeper already knew to open the gates for him when he was ready to leave. So that wasn’t a bar to his escaping. The man would be watching out for him. Grabbing two more throwing daggers, Rayne placed one in his belt and was bending down to put one in his boot, when that lord-ling knight entered the barn.

The man must have nine lives, like a devil cat, Rayne thought. He knew Master Feyd wanted the knight alive. Why? He was too much trouble alive, better dead and out of the way, so he could get to his lord’s future lady. Rayne considered his options as he hid behind his horse and watched the knight walk further down to the horses stabled there. The knight was so foolish as to turn his back on him. Foolish indeed.

Rayne brought the cross bow up and balanced it over the saddle. That wide back was an easy target. His finger pulled the trigger. Then he was moving. Horses were nayying, but he didn’t look to see if he had hit his mark. He mounted up quickly and spurred his horse for the barn entrance. A throwing dagger was readily in his hand when that damned man-at-arms ran up and tried to block his path.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by Evie on March 21, 2018, 01:16:02 pm »
Glad Columcil had the sense to pack his mint leaves.

But did he pack his basil and oregano?  He sounds pretty Italian to me!   ;D

"But I am nat’a sure I can’a walk that far myself."
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Jerusha on March 21, 2018, 12:09:21 pm »
“I don’t know that Sir Washburn walking into a possible trap by himself was such a good idea,” Darcy Cameron muttered as he stood beside the much-recovered priest.  He looked at Aliset and asked, “Did you bring your dagger?”

Aliset nodded.  “I picked it up as we left.”

“But you don’t have your staff, Father.”  Darcy unsheathed his dagger and passed it to Columcil, who took it with some reluctance.  “Just in case, Father Columcil.  I hope you don’t need to use it.”

“So do I,” Columcil replied, “but I will if I must.”

Darcy stood at the ready, uncertain whether he should stay with his companions or go after Sir Washburn.  After all, Washburn had said “Let me go first,” not “Wait here.”

The sound of a startled horse made up his mind.  “Keep her safe, Father,” Darcy said as he drew his sword and darted toward the barn.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Out of Character (OOC) Thread
« Last post by revanne on March 21, 2018, 10:33:46 am »
Glad Columcil had the sense to pack his mint leaves.
Semi Free-Form Deryni Gaming / Re: Ghosts of the Past
« Last post by Laurna on March 21, 2018, 05:14:49 am »
The figure of a priest was standing in the shadows of the stable wall. He held one hand to his belly as if it hurt and one hand to the wall as if to hold himself from falling. A stable boy was standing next to him looking concerned, but uncertain if he could even touch the priest and lend a helping hand. For the priest did look ill.  When Washburn saw him, he almost believed Columcil’s act. Forced to playing the part before the stable boy, Washburn paced over to Columcil’s side and put his hand under the good priest’s elbow. “You don’t look well, Father.”

Columcil gave a belch that could turn the stomach of anyone in hearing range. The boy turned pale, not knowing  how to help the master’s guests. Washburn sympathized. “Lad, go on, go back to taking care of the horses, I can see to the good Father.”

The boy appeared to not have heard, “I can get you water to drink,” he offered trying to be helpful.

“Nay, laddy,” Columcil said while scrunching his shoulders high and squeezing his eyes shut for a moment. “Wha’ I nee’ is sa’ peppermint leaves for boilin’ w’t a wine in my wine skin. Both wil’ a be found in me’ saddle bags. But I am nat’a sure I can’a walk that far myself.”

“I will get them for you.” The knight turned to the boy, handing over a half cent. “Thank you, lad, we got it from here.”  The boy didn’t question; once the coin was in his hand, he ran off. Washburn turned to Darcy and Aliset. “Stay here with Columcil. I will retrieve that which Darcy saw inside.” Washburn’s hand brushed Darcy’s wrist. “Can you show me what he looks like,” he asked very calmly, not wanting to frighten the seaman’s fledgling use of powers.

((02:23 Wash Shallow rapport between darcy and wash 1d6 4,5,6 success.
02:23 Wash-darcy!roll 1d6
02:23derynibot1 == 1))

Unfortunately Darcy had not been prepared to drop his shields in order to share the information so readily. Apologetically Darcy instead whispered, “Same man we saw yesterday riding hard. He’s wearing brown leathers, has black hair and mustache, a heavy belt over his jerkin with several daggers and a long cleaving knife.”

Wash nodded, “Our trapper then.” Wash scowled. “He is human and very dangerous. Lets not all walk into his traps, let me go first.” The knight stepped toward the stable entrance.

((02:28 Wash, Wash sees Rayne when he walks in the stable 2d6 5,6 yes.
02:29 Wash-darcy!roll 2d6
02:29 derynibot 6, 5 == 11))

Half way down the stable yard, Wash was certain he saw the man Darcy had seen. The man was bent down tucking a dagger in his boot. When Washburn started walking his way, the trapper made the pretense of tying his saddle bag on his horse’s far side. Hiding himself behind his mount while keeping an eye on the entering knight.  Washburn paid the trapper no mind as he walked passed him down the aisle, looking for his and Columcil’s mounts. When he reach Spean, he pretended to look into the Priest’s belongings bag. All the while trying to make contact with the Trapper’s mind.

((02:56 Wash Opening his senses to make contact with Rayne 2d6 success 5,6
02:56 Wash-darcy !roll 2d6
02:56 derynibot 1, 1 == 2))

After a moment that seemed useless. He was going to need physical contact to read the man or to influence his actions. All of Washburn’s senses were focused. One hand pulled his own dagger free, hiding it well between the horse and himself, while his other hand seemed to rummage through the bag on the saddle.
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