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KK Chat - 5 Feb 2012
« on: February 05, 2012, 10:04:11 pm »

18:08 -!- KK [] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:08 < jemler> hi bee, kk
18:08 < KK> Hi, guys!
18:08 < the_Bee> hello KK!
18:09 < BalanceTheEnergies> Sorry I haven't finished typi9ng my notes yet; hopefully this week. Should I simply start a new thread or what?
18:09 < jemler> Once upon a time isn't on tonight
18:09 < BalanceTheEnergies> Hello KK.
18:09 < KK> Ah, I just realied where everyone is: watching Super Bowl, I suspect.
18:09 < the_Bee> Looks like I got here just in time.  We've missed you, KK.
18:09 < jemler> guilty
18:09 < KK> realized
18:09 < Evie> hi
18:10 < KK> I've been helping my mother pack up and move here from San Francisco.  THe stuff arrived two weeks ago tomorrow, and we've been unpacking for every day but one since then.  Nearly done.
18:10 < Evie> We've missed you!
18:10 < the_Bee> I'm not watching TV.  I want the Pats to win, but I'm afraid to look.
18:10 < KK> Needless to say, I've not gotten much writing done.
18:11 < Evie> awwww!  But that's understandable
18:11 < Evie> It's very hard to type while packiing and unpacking
18:11 < the_Bee> Maybe your brain needed a break.
18:11 < Evie> Unless you're an octopus
18:11 < KK> True.  I think another two days will get things to the point that she can actually start sleeping over there.
18:13 < the_Bee> Will she be living with you or in her own place?
18:13 < KK> In her own place: two BR apartment in a senior residence.  No more cooking unless she wants to.
18:14 -!- derynifanatic64 [Mibbit@F8E647.70AEDE.F99969.D437C6] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:14 < the_Bee> hi DF
18:14 < derynifanatic64> hi all--i see KK is back!!
18:14 < Evie> Yep!
18:15 < KK> Yep, I've been helping my mother move.
18:15 < Evie> I put out new ice cream bait, DF. The old bowls had melted.
18:15 < derynifanatic64> that must have been fun
18:15 -!- Alkari [] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:15 < Alkari> Hello all.   Hi KK
18:15 < the_Bee> G'day, Alkari
18:16 < Alkari> Hello Bee
18:16 < Evie> KK, I went to Chattacon a few weekends back, and the dealers' room had a merchant with shoulder griffins that let you control head motion using a cable you can hide down your sleeve.  I ended up buying one and naming it "Corwyn."  :D
18:17 < Evie> Picture of me with Corwyn-->
18:17 < Evie> So now I know how poor Alaric feels, with the weight of Corwyn on his shoulders..... ;-)
18:18 < jemler> hi alkari
18:18  * Alkari waves at jemler
18:19 < KK> Cute picture!  I've seen those griffins before.
18:19 < Evie> As I predicted, Alkari, since everyone's afk due to our Superbowl, of course KK is here tonight. :D
18:19 < the_Bee> As long as Corwyn doesn't rebel, Evie...!
18:19 < derynifanatic64> but "once upon a time" isn't on tonight
18:19 < Evie> Corwyn got lots of attention, especially when he'd look around and people notice he was moving.
18:19 < Alkari> LOL.  Superbowl - what's that?!1
18:20 < derynifanatic64> US football championship
18:20 < KK> I just hope miniature griffins don't behave like pigeons and parrots and such, and leave a mess on your shoulder. 
18:21 < Evie> LOL!  Oh, he was well behaved.  He didn't try to steal from my plate at feast, either.
18:21 < derynifanatic64> :D
18:21 < the_Bee> My home team's playing for revenge.
18:21 < jemler> you can have mini-grifs, i want a fire lizard! :)
18:21 < Alkari> That would be cool, jemler
18:21 < jemler> i was reading the pern series
18:22 < Alkari> I've started to re-read them, in between other stuff
18:22 < jemler> right now i'm reading the song of fire and ice
18:22 < KK> A bit easier to manage than a Treecat.  They look formidable, perching on one's shoulder.
18:22 < Evie> Darker photo, but a better view of Corwyn:
18:22 < derynifanatic64> there he is!
18:23 < Evie> My DD has a shoulder cat.  I'll have to raise the possibility of it being a treecat; I hadn't thought of that
18:23 < jemler> can you order those somewhere?
18:23 < the_Bee> Cute.  Are gryphons all fuzzy lke that?
18:24 < Evie> I'll have to see if I have a business card for the merchant, jemler.  I don't remember off the top of my head if I do.  She also had firelizards.
18:24 < Evie> The griffins have furry bodies (from their "lion" half) and feathery wings.
18:24 < jemler> where were you when you got it?
18:24 < Evie> Chattacon
18:25 < Evie> They had a green one also, but it was a neon lime green, not a color I could envision as a proper "Corwyn green"
18:26 < Evie> Unless Corwyn has relocated to Key West. :D
18:26 < the_Bee> I think of Corwyn green as a deep emerald green.
18:26 < derynifanatic64>  9-3 Giants over Patriots
18:27 < Evie> So, is your mom mostly settled into her new home, KK?
18:27 < the_Bee> :( still early in the game
18:27 < derynifanatic64> almost halftime
18:28 < jemler> if both scores end in 4, i could win 1500 at the end
18:28 < the_Bee> only one Touchdown apart.
18:28 < KK> Not yet.  We're still unpacking boxes; still looking for her TV and the monitor for her computer.  And the bed isn't clear enough yet to make it up with clean sheets.  Maybe by Tuesday.
18:29 < derynifanatic64> moving takes time
18:30 < the_Bee> I still have some unpacked stuff, and I've been here nearly 5 years.
18:30 < Evie> Oh yes, I remember, DF.  I used to be a Navy brat.  We moved every 3 years or less.
18:31 < Evie> I think Duncan would be very comfortable in this room.  I forget which castle in Ireland it's in:
18:32 < Evie> But I've started using that picture as my computer wallpaper
18:32 < derynifanatic64> very nice
18:32 < Alkari> Love the carpet
18:33 < Evie> Yes, I like the colors in general
18:33 < KK> Yes, very nice.
18:33 < jemler> Duncan wouldn't like that room. No mattress! :)
18:33 < the_Bee> The statue on the right looks like it's wearing goggles.  or a blilndfold.
18:33 < Evie> LOL, jemler.  It's a CHAPEL!
18:34 < jemler> Bless me Father, for I am aboout to sin! :)
18:34 < the_Bee> Is that a prie-dieu?
18:34 < derynifanatic64> give me absolution or else
18:35 < Evie> I don't see a prie-dieu in the room
18:35 < the_Bee> I'm trying to identify that cushion with legs and handles.
18:35 < Evie> although I found a lovely miniature one I want to get if i ever get around to building a 1:12 scale box room of Duncan's study
18:35 < KK> No, they've got a stool to sit on while meditating.
18:36 < the_Bee> What is a prie-dieu?
18:36 < KK> A prie-dieu is for kneeling, with usually a narrow shelf on which to rest the hands.  Sometimes it's padded.
18:37 < the_Bee> That's what I thought it was for.  That padded stoll loks like you could kneel on it.
18:37 < the_Bee> stool too
18:37 < jemler> only if you have REALLY long legs
18:38 < the_Bee> brb
18:38 < KK> For that one, one might kneel in front of it and rest hands on the stool.
18:40 < Alkari>
18:40 < Evie> This might not give a direct link, but look in their furniture section, 1:12 scale, under chapel furniture:
18:40 < Alkari> They canbe more or less ornate, perhaps withcushions for kneeling
18:41 < Evie>  This doesn't show the kneeler pad, which is on the other side, but this is one of the miniatures
18:42 < derynifanatic64> very nice pieces
18:42 < Evie> Yes.  Now all I need is a bunch of extra cash, not to mention the free time to build a miniature Basilica study.  :D
18:43 < Evie> I had a question for KK, but of course now that she's here, I've forgotten it.  :D
18:43 < KK> Wow, neat miniatures!  It's tempting.  But who has time, much less cash?
18:44 < derynifanatic64> take your time, you'll remember
18:44 < BalanceTheEnergies> KK, can you clarify something for me?
18:44 < KK> Sure.
18:44 < Evie> I had this insane notion that it would be fun to do a scale model of Rhemuth Castle based on the map in the RPG. But then sanity returned. :D
18:45 < KK> Insane, indeed.  It was hard enough, working with Martine to work out the floor plans.
18:45 < jemler> you want me to drive you crazy again, evie?
18:45 < BalanceTheEnergies> I went to the geneology sitefor the Deryni works, and the list of Camber's descendants doesn't include Alaric Morgan. is tha an oversight, or is Morgan not a descendant of Camber's?
18:45 < derynifanatic64> better not
18:45 < Evie> No, thank you, jemler.  I'm already in the parkiing lot, so that would be a short trip anyway. ;-)
18:46 < KK> He is not.
18:46 < Alkari> Second that question KK - when / if Codex 3 gets published, can you possibly please include the genealogy chart for Alaric and Duncan? 
18:47 < jemler> are you sure? i could screw you up so that you don't come back! :)
18:47 < BalanceTheEnergies> Thank you.
18:47 < Alkari> I thought they were descendants of Rhys and Evaine?
18:47 < the_Bee> That's right, BTE.  KK, you said you'd worked out how Alaric was descneded from Camber through Evaine and Rhys, but I don't know if you've ever elaborated on it.
18:47 < BalanceTheEnergies> Duncan and Dhugal are, and many Haldanes, among others.
18:48 < jemler> thast was stated in DEryni Archives
18:48 < Alkari> But as Alaric and Duncan are related on both maternal and paternal sides ....
18:48  * bynw is watching the superbowl
18:48 < jemler> but only Deryni on their mothers sides.
18:49 < Alkari> yes, but we don't know anything of the Corwyn maternal side
18:49 < KK> The descent would be so tenuous....  And I've not looked at the charts for that in a very long time.  But it could be.
18:49 <~bynw> KK did you see my email?
18:50 < Alkari> I am busy sorting out a list of whichbishops were appointed when and where!   The "tedious" ones especially  :)
18:50 < Evie> "Tedious" in this case = anti-Deryni
18:51 < derynifanatic64> :D
18:51 < KK> Yes, Bynw.  No time to even consider it until the book is done.
18:51 < Alkari> lol.  It's a wonder Alaric didn't end up an atheist!  :D
18:51 < KK> I've got lots of bishop lists; maybe can put some of them into Codex 3.
18:51 < Evie> Well, when Deryni are able to sense the Presence during Mass, it might be less likely for one to be, despite the errors of churchmen. :-)
18:52 < Alkari> Oh wonderful, KK.   I was interested to see according to Codex 2 that Cardiel had spent some time in Coroth as a youngpriest
18:52 < KK> Despite the negative example of Oliver de Nore, Alaric did have some positive clergy role models.
18:53 < Alkari> Yes.   It seems that Coroth at oleast was blessed with some moderate bishops
18:53 < Evie> and he's especially fond of a certain young clergyman who is a blood relative. ;-)
18:53 < Evie> though I can't imagine Duncan McLain is ever "tedious."  :D
18:53 < Alkari> though he and Brionmust have bveen treading VERY carefully at times, especially as Brion confirmed Alaric as duke at age 14
18:54 < Evie> any idea when Codex 3 comes out?
18:54 < BalanceTheEnergies> That alone must've gotten their knickers in a twist.
18:55 < Evie> and is the Atlas that the handout that came with my poster map assures me is "coming out soon in 2004" ever going to hit the press?  :D
18:55 < Alkari> KK, the church synods for election as bishops must have been interesting, as I imagine that with certain people as archbishops, any candidates with tendencies towards moderation for things Deryni must have had to suppress them
18:55 < KK> Not a clue, Evie.  I've not heard from ROb recently, and wouldn't have time to respond right now if I had.
18:55 <~bynw> kk, ok :)
18:56 < jemler> How is you rmom doing, KK?
18:56 < KK> Don't know about the Atlas.
18:57 < KK> Margaret is doing fine.  Just getting frustrated (and exhausted) that her apartment isn't yet ready to move into.  But it will only be another few days. 
18:58 < the_Bee> Alaric's own bishop, Tolliver, opposed the interdict; but hen, in was his won turf that was under attack.
18:59 < derynifanatic64> he was a better person that DeNore and Loris
18:59 < Alkari> OK folks, have to go - meeting about new kitchen.
18:59 < Alkari> By KK.  Bye everyone.
18:59  * Evie waves goodbye
18:59  * Alkari waves
18:59 < derynifanatic64> bye
18:59 < jemler> night alkari
18:59 -!- Alkari [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
18:59 < the_Bee> nighters, Alkari.  Hope the kitchen is to your liking.
18:59 < KK> Bye, Alkari.
19:00 < BalanceTheEnergies> g'night Alkari
19:00 < Evie> When she's done redecorating her house, she's welcome to come do mine. :D
19:00  * the_Bee gazes down the road at a vanishing Alkari.
19:02 < derynifanatic64>  10-9 Patriots over Giants
19:03 < the_Bee> :) still too close.
19:03 < jemler> i'm still losing.
19:03 < derynifanatic64> still 30 min left
19:03 < the_Bee> Just what is your bvet, Jemler?
19:04 < the_Bee> and bet
19:04 < KK> Well, I gotta go.  Starvation is setting in, after my day of hard work unloading boxes of crockery.
19:04 < KK> Hope to be back next week.
19:04 < derynifanatic64> nite and good eating
19:04 < jemler> i'm in a pool. if both teams scores end in 4 at the end of the game, i win $1500.00
19:04 < jemler> nite kk
19:04 < BalanceTheEnergies> good night KK.
19:04 < the_Bee> Dine well, kk. and say Hi to your mom for us.
19:04  * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
19:04 < Evie> bye!
19:05 < KK> Nighters!
19:05 -!- KK [] has quit [Quit: ]


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